April 7, 2008 // Basketball

Adrian Dantley Hall of Fame Bound

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Former Notre Dame great Adrian Dantley was finally elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame Monday.

Dantley will finally be named as an inductee for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame at ceremonies in San Antonio in conjunction with the NCAA championship game tonight, according to the Rocky Mountain News and Chris Tomasson on Sunday night.

Dantley, an assistant coach with the Denver Nuggets, missed Sunday’s Nuggets game at Seattle to fly to San Antonio after receiving a call from the Hall of Fame.

Late Sunday night, Dantley confirmed in a phone call to the Deseret Morning News that he has indeed made the grade. “Finally got in. Feel pretty good,” he said from San Antonio, where he’d spent the day talking with coaches and other Hall of Fame inductees who will be announced today.

This is long over due for Dantley. Congratulations on a distinction well earned Adrian.

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