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Irish History 101: John Lattner, 1953 Heisman Winner

July 14, 2014Comments (0)

In 1953 Johnny Lattner became the 4th Notre Dame player to win the Heisman Trophy. Read about his journey from a small town outside Pittsburgh to Heisman glory.

Irish History 101: Leon Hart, 1949 Heisman Winner

July 9, 2014Comments (0)

Hart was born in Pittsburgh, and was recruited to Notre Dame from Turtle Creek, PA, just Southeast of Pittsburgh.  Hart’s recruiting had some drama. Leahy had assigned the wonderful Moose Krause to recruit Hart and he had been on him like basmati on rice. Hart had not yet visited Notre Dame.  Read more about how Hart ended up […]

Irish History 101: Johnny Lujack, 1947 Heisman Winner

June 19, 2014Comments (0)

Last week we profiled Angelo Bertelli.  This week we move on to Notre Dame’s 2nd Heisman Winner, Johnny Lujack.  Read about how this high school valedictorian took home college football’s most coveted award.

Irish History 101: Angelo Bertelli, Notre Dame’s 1st Heisman Winner

June 13, 2014Comments (0)

During the 2014 off-season, UHND will be profiling all seven Notre Dame Heisman Trophy winners starting with the 1st member of the Fighting Irish to win the award, Angelo Bertelli. Learn more about the Springfield Rifle.

Notre Dame’s 1943 National Championship

August 8, 2013Comments (4)

Notre Dame’s 1943 National Championship

Frank Leahy replaced the beloved Elmer Layden as Irish head coach in 1941. Leahy had, as a schoolboy in Winner, South Dakota, written a letter to Knute Rockne talking about his love for Notre Dame and respect for Coach Rockne, and talked about wanting to play for the Irish.

Notre Dame’s 1949 National Championship

August 6, 2013Comments (5)

Notre Dame’s 1949 National Championship

Weren’t the Irish unbeaten in 1948? Well, yes, but wtih a tie against USC in the last game. The 1948 Irish were 9-0-1 and outscored opponents by a total of 320-93, or an average scort of 32-9.

Notre Dame’s 1947 National Championship – Its Best Ever?

July 18, 2013Comments (5)

Notre Dame's 1947 National Championship - Its Best Ever?

We continue our summer trip down memory lane by looking back at Notre Dame’s 1947 National Championship – the third won under the guidance of Frank Leahy and the program’s seven overall. Notre Dame’s Loaded Roster in 1947 Lujack was back for his inevitable run for the Heisman. Creighton Miller had graduated, but Terry Brennan […]

Notre Dame’s 1946 National Championship

July 11, 2013Comments (10)

Notre Dame's 1946 National Championship

1946 was morning in America. After making Japanese rubble bounce with a Fat Man and a Little Boy, victory was assured. Japan had followed Italy and Germany to defeat. Frank Leahy was, after having been promoted to Lieutenant in the Navy, a civilian, and back behind his desk as Head Coach of Notre Dame. Mckeever […]

Notre Dame’s 1930 National Championship

July 3, 2013Comments (8)

Notre Dame's 1930 National Championship

The Irish had won it all in ’29, and unlike ’24, there were many key veterans returning for the 1930 campaign. All-Americas Carideo and Schwartz were returning, joined in the backfield by Jumpin’ Joe Savoldi, with Marty Brill rounding out the best backfield quartet since the Four Horsemen. Rock was determined to increase offensive production […]

Notre Dame’s 1929 National Championship

June 24, 2013Comments (3)

Notre Dame's 1929 National Championship

As the never-ending off-season finally draws close to ending, we continue to look back at great moments in Notre Dame football history to get everyone through the final few weeks until the Irish kick off the 2013 season.  Last week we took a look back at the famed Four Horsemen of Notre Dame.  Today, we […]

History 101: Notre Dame’s Four Horsemen

June 17, 2013Comments (9)

History 101: Notre Dame's Four Horsemen

Notre Dame’s preeminence in the history of college football is no accident. But it has been accelerated by the confluence of great coaching, great players and fertile circumstance. If the yang of Notre Dame folklore is “Win one for the Gipper,” a blend of a great coach, a great player on a hospital bed and great players […]

Duranko’s Digest: The #3 Jersey at Notre Dame

February 26, 2013Comments (8)

Duranko's Digest: The #3 Jersey at Notre Dame

It seems that the number “3,” that number of Ruthian power and strength, has always been the number of the “chosen one” at Notre Dame.

Irish History: Notre Dame Ends Oklahoma’s Streak

October 24, 2012Comments (6)

Irish History: Notre Dame Ends Oklahoma's Streak

With Notre Dame set to travel to Norman, Oklahoma to take on the Sooners this weekend for the first time since 1966, we will stroll down memory lane today with a look back at one of Notre Dame’s most famous wins – the 1957 victory over Oklahoma in Norman that ended the Sooners record long […]

Irish History: Notre Dame and ESPN Gameday

October 11, 2012Comments (14)

Irish History: Notre Dame and ESPN Gameday

With ESPN set to broadcast live from Notre Dame’s campus on Saturday for this weekend’s showdown wit #17 Stanford, we take a look back at Notre Dame’s history of playing in contests where ESPN has set up shop. Overall, Notre Dame has been in contests in front of the Gameday crew 20 times since the […]

Where Are They Now: Marv Russell

October 10, 2012Comments (7)

Where Are They Now: Marv Russell

Growing up in a Methodist family and wanting to become a minister, Marv Russell’s early path did not seem to include a later stop as a football player at Notre Dame. A young man who dealt with adversity many times and at one point was diagnosed with dyslexia, Russell put his strong work ethic and determination to good […]


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