March 20, 2007 // Notre Dame Football

Jimmy Clausen’s Arm Injured?

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A Chicago Sun Times article on Tuesday implied that uber-recruit Jimmy Clausen’s arm is injured and may limit what he can and cannot do this Spring.

Jim Clausen Sr. said his son’s injury was discovered last summer.

”We’ve been aware that this was an issue,” the elder Clausen said. ”He played 15 games with the problem this past season, so you know he’s a competitor. But I think at the end of the season, he started to lose some velocity.

”At some point, if it’s causing that much discomfort, we’ll see what other option is best.”

Should the injury limit Clausen this Spring, it would throw a huge monkey wrench into the highly anticipated quarterback race.  The Sun Times is the only article I could find discussing the injury, but one thing is for sure, Weis is sure to get plenty of questions about it at tomorrow’s initial Spring press conference.

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