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Watch Notre Dame Stadium’s Turf be Removed

For some, this will be a very bittersweet video.  For others, it will be a welcomed changed.  Regardless of how you feel about FieldTurf coming to Notre Dame Stadium, here is a video of the current turf being removed as Notre Dame prepares for the installation of FieldTurf for the 2014 season.

And, in case you haven’t been paying close attention this off-season, check out what Jack Swarbrick had to say about FieldTurf coming to Notre Dame a few months ago.


  1. I can’t help but feel a little piece of bj dies as I watch that video.

  2. Toulmin H. Brown

    Turf can be replaced.

  3. I wish mine would arrive. 10 sq ft. where of where?

  4. a weekend decision to abort 80 years of nd history, give me back the GRASS

  5. ND football history, and the history of the Irish playing on GRASS, dates back to 1887.

    That’s a 127 years of nd history old wise one, not 80.

    Now you’ll get nothing and like it!

  6. Somebody call the waaaaambulance for bj.

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