April 27, 2008 // NFL Fighting Irish

Trevor Laws on Getting Picked by Philly

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The Eagles have posted some quotes from Trevor from his conference call with the local media last night.  Here are some highlights – you can read the full release here.

On whether he plays defensive end or defensive tackle: “I would definitely say I’m a tackle.”

On whether he has played any defensive end: “I played end in a 3-4 scheme, but in Philadelphia, who plays a 4-3, I’m definitely an inside guy.”

On who he talked to the most when he visited with the Eagles: “The whole staff. We sat down for a little bit and talked to a few people. They were some pretty positive meetings.”

On how close he is with DE Victor Abiamiri: “We’re real close friends. We were roommates for over a year. I talk to him on a weekly basis almost. It’s really exciting to go to the same team as him.”

On whether he was worried that his stock would drop in the draft after Notre Dame struggled: “Yes, definitely. But, I think with my strong Senior Bowl and combine performances, teams kind of looked through the season and saw the player I really was.”

Again, it’s great to see Laws land in Philly where I’ll get to watch his NFL career take off.

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  • Paul commented on April 27th, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Congrats Trevor!!! Boy was I choked when my Niners Passed on you. Their Loss. Your going to be amazing. Good luck.


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