November 6, 2008 // Recruiting

Seantrel Henderson Visiting Minn Unofficially This Weekend

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One of the biggest names to keep an eye on for next season on the recruiting trail for Notre Dame is offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson.  Henderson is almost a sure bet to be a 5 star prospect next year and hails from Cretin-Derhman HS in Minneapolis – the same high school which sent Ryan Harris, Trevor Laws, Michael Floyd, and Matt Carufel to Notre Dame. This weekend he’ll trip unofficially to upstart Minnesota as they host Michigan according to ESPN.

The state of Minnesota’s top junior, offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson (Minneapolis/Cretin-Derham), will make an unofficial visit to Minnesota this weekend. The 6-foot-8, 310-pound Henderson reports scholarship offers from: Minnesota, Florida, Ohio State, LSU, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Georgia, Michigan, Iowa, UCLA, Oklahoma, North Carolina and others.

“Minnesota has a nice coaching staff,” Henderson said. “They have a pretty good team. And I know some of the players there.”

Minnesota could really offer a lot of competition here – much more so than they did for Michael Floyd since Brewster has the Golden Golphers on the upswing.  Henderson very well could be the #1 recruit on our recruiting board next year because we didn’t do as well at offensive tackle as we needed to this year barring some sort of drastic change over the final three months of recruiting.

Let’s hope Seantrel is closer with Michael Floyd than Matt Carufel who left Notre Dame rather uncherimoniously and hasn’t had much nice to say about his time in South Bend.

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  • Luke commented on July 30th, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    Trevor Laws went to Apple Valley High School, not Cretin-Durham Hall



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