February 4, 2009 // Recruiting

Signing Day Predictions

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Here’s a quick look at my predictions of where the remaining ND prospects will end up today.

  • Byron Moore - Notre Dame.  Late news on Tuesday was he was heading to USC, but I think he ends up at Notre Dame.  Why would he decommit so recently only to recommit a week later?
  • Manti Te’o – USC.  Unfortunately I think we’ll come in second place here.
  • Jawanza Starling - USC. This is the prediction I am the least sure of.  It would be awful to lose both safeties to USC on Signing Day so hopefully we get at least one of the two.
  • Damien Thigpen – UCLA.  Tough to get a kid to sign a LOI without ever visiting.

This wouldn’t be a particularly great Signing Day and my prediction of Moore to Notre Dame could be more of blind faith at this point since there are a lot of recruiting sites out there reporting that Moore likely ends up at USC.

Let’s pray for a little luck this morning.  We might need it.

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  • Justin Edwards commented on February 4th, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    We got Te’o!


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