September 27, 2012 // Recruiting

Torii Hunter Jr Scouting Video

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Notre Dame picked up its 21st verbal commitment for this year’s class over the weekend when wide receiver Torii Hunter Jr, selected Notre Dame during his official visit. ┬áHere is some scouting video of the son current MLB star Torii Hunter in action during his junior year.

Torii Hunter Junior Year Highlights

Torii Hunter Senior Year Highlights (Max Preps)

Image for MaxPreps Video.

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  • Lucas commented on November 27th, 2012 at 11:59 am

    1.) Doesn’t look good. Myers had a career year and won’t do it again (Astros = No oesfnfe). Volquez has had control problems this spring + the fact he is coming back from Tommy John surgery (unless your a god, your never as good as you use to be)2.) TAKE IT AND RUN!!! Micheal Young wants out of Texas because he won’t be playing 3rd so if he gets traded, does he land on a terrible offensive team meaning all his offensive #’s dip? Hunter is almost always around .280 with 20 HR’s, and 85 RBI and Bruce is finally going to get the chance to start everyday in RF which means more numbers across the board (and look what he did last year!) +27Was this answer helpful?



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