March 20, 2007 // Site News

About the Lack of Updates Lately…

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You may have noticed there’s been a lack of updates on the blog and main site lately – in fact my previous post on Clausen was my first post in a week.  There is a perfectly good explanation for this… namely, the NCAA Tournament started last week and I tend to be a tournament junky and watch every game that is one.  Add into the mix an all day pub crawl on St. Patrick’s Day, and well, you get the drift there.

Anyway, good news is that I’ll be back to updating frequently – especially with Spring football starting up tomorrow.  I will try to make as many news/notes type posts as I can between now and the Spring game and Spanning the Dome should be back in full force as well.

On the main site we will have plenty of opinion and analysis articles throughout the course of Spring as well.

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