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Is Notre Dame’s Malik Zaire’s Time Now?

February 26, 2015Comments (1)

Is Notre Dame's Malik Zaire's Time Now?

Watching him from the sideline, Notre Dame quarterback Malik Zaire seemingly was a picture of patience and understanding – a true student of the game. From the inside though, the quarterback from Kettering, Ohio, tells a different story. A story that would include angst, lack of maturity, preparedness, and mental engagement. It’s not a story […]

Notre Dame Recruiting ’16 Needs: Defense

February 24, 2015Comments (7)

Notre Dame Recruiting '16 Needs: Defense

Notre Dame added a lot of depth on defense with the class of 2015. With the class of 2016 the Irish coaching staff needs to add some playmakers.

The Growing Game of Corey Robinson

February 19, 2015Comments (8)

The Growing Game of Corey Robinson

He checks in at 6’4” 215lbs, and is a menacing figure to look at on the field. It’s not uncommon for him to tower above opposing defenders by two to three inches, if not more, and he is in the process of learning how to utilize that height to his advantage. The son of NBA […]

Notre Dame Recruiting ’16 Needs: Offense

February 13, 2015Comments (1)

Notre Dame Recruiting '16 Needs: Offense

With the Notre Dame class of 2015 signed, sealed, and delivered, we shift our focus towards the recruiting year of 2016.

Notre Dame Recruiting ’15: The Ones That Got Away

February 9, 2015Comments (14)

Now that all the smoke has cleared and dust has settled from signing day, it is time for staffs and fans alike, to evaluate the final group of commitments. As with any post-signing day scenario, some programs are very happy, while others need to evaluate their approach and efforts.  For the Irish, it’s probably a bit […]

How Notre Dame’s 2015 Class Hit and Missed on Needs

February 6, 2015Comments (54)

As Brian Kelly and staff started forming the recruiting parameters for 2015, there were obvious needs that had to be addressed, followed by what we would classify as great additions to the class, but not a necessity. There were a number of factors that played into specific target areas for the Notre Dame program, including […]

Josh Adams & Dexter Williams – An A&W RB Combo for Notre Dame?

January 29, 2015Comments (8)

Josh Adams & Dexter Williams - An A&W RB Combo for Notre Dame?

The Notre Dame football program has seen their fair share of great running backs during their long and storied history, and they are hoping to add to that with the class of 2015. Choosing to not make the backfield position an area of focus in 2014, Kelly and his staff knew that an impact had to […]

5 Burning Questions for Notre Dame Leading to Signing Day ’15

January 27, 2015Comments (27)

5 Burning Questions for Notre Dame Leading to Signing Day '15

With just over a week left until signing day, the Irish coaching staff are on full alert. Even though they are feeling good about the collective talent assembled so far, the staff at Notre Dame knows there is still a chance to turn this into an elite class on a national level. Although the opportunity […]

Notre Dame Gearing Up for Final Recruiting Push

January 23, 2015Comments (25)

As college fans eagerly await signing day, with their technological side-kick a mere inches away, college coaching staffs have no such luxury. Most are busy scurrying around the country, making the final rounds for 2015, while also checking out 2016 targets. Brian Kelly and his staff are no different. The last 2 weeks of recruiting […]

Notre Dame Football Recruiting – Weekend Update 1/19

January 19, 2015Comments (13)

With just two weeks left until signing day, Brian Kelly and his staff hosted, what most considered, a very important recruiting weekend these past few days. There were some very important targets on campus, and this past weekend could be the deciding factor in whether the Irish finish with a solid 2015 recruiting class, or […]

Notre Dame Recruiting Weekend Visit Preview 1/16

January 16, 2015Comments (22)

A very important weekend lies ahead for the Notre Dame football program. Brian Kelly and staff are set to host four recruits on Friday, and one on Saturday, and are hoping to make some legitimate headway, as they make their final push towards signing day. While the Irish have secured some important pieces in regards […]

Is Good Recruiting Good Enough for Notre Dame, Brian Kelly?

January 14, 2015Comments (104)

With a record of 45-20 during his tenure at Notre Dame,  it would seem that Brian Kelly has proven he(and his staff) can recruit talented athletes, and more importantly, develop them while in his program – it would seem. Kelly runs a specific offense, that requires a specific type of athlete. Over the last three […]

A Rundown of Remaining Notre Dame RB Prospects

January 9, 2015Comments (13)

A Rundown of Remaining Notre Dame RB Prospects

While It’s no secret the Irish have a duo of talented running backs who will contribute in 2015, one has to question the depth for next year, and beyond. With the departure of Cam McDaniel, that leaves Greg Bryant and Tarean Folston, and although there is no questioning what Folston brings to the table, Bryant […]

College Football Season is Upon Us

August 29, 2013Comments (3)

College Football Season is Upon Us

This year’s college football season is here, and football fans couldn’t be more excited(and relieved). The BCS championship game feels light years away, and seeing how the Spring and Summer have brought nothing but grief to Irish fans, and are happily ready to move forward. The NBA and NHL seasons are long gone, and Major […]

Get Ready to Know ’13: Elijah Shumate

August 24, 2013Comments (2)

Get Ready to Know '13: Elijah Shumate

Seeing the field in all 13 games in 2012, but with extremely limited action, the young man out of Jersey spent most of his time at the nickel position. This year though Elijah Shumate is hoping a stronger fall practice and a better understanding of the defensive scheme will earn him a promotion and a […]


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