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Duranko’s Digest: What did we see in Tallahassee?

October 20, 2014Comments (57)

Duranko's Digest: What did we see in Tallahassee?

Jameis Winston led three excruciating, Heisman-quality drives of 70 yards or more to lead Florida State to a comeback 31-27 victory over the Fighting Irish, extending the Seminole win streak to 23 games and leaving them as one of just four unbeaten major college teams. The Fighting Irish, big enough for the potentially unforgiving moment [...]

Duranko’s Digest: What Did We See Against North Carolina?

October 13, 2014Comments (52)

Duranko's Digest: What Did We See Against North Carolina?

Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish overcame potentially fatal offensive turnovers and the first signs of vulnerability from the hitherto impregnable defense to survive North Carolina 50 -43. Though the tilt was a textbook demonstration of the perils of a sandwich game, the Irish moved to GOLSON’S TURNOVERS Ev continues to confound us. As a sophomore, albeit RUNNING LESS [...]

Duranko’s Digest: What did we see against Stanford?

October 6, 2014Comments (39)

Duranko's Digest: What did we see against Stanford?

The FIGHTING IRISH validated their nickname in a tense 17-14 win over Stanford. Everett “Two Minute Drill” Golson floated a sweet 23 yard pass to the steadfast Ben Koyack to give the Irish a 17-14 lead with 1:01 left in the fourth stanza.

Duranko’s Digest: What Did We See Against Syracuse?

September 29, 2014Comments (59)

Duranko's Digest: What Did We See Against Syracuse?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was a display of genius, it was a display of foolishness- for Everett Golson. (Apologies to Dickens) Four touchdown passes, 25 consecutive completion, spreading the passes to 8 different receivers? Wonderful! Four turnovers? Who is this guy? The fumble at the end [...]

Notre Dame Football First Quarter Report

September 24, 2014Comments (7)

With three games behind us it’s time for a quarterly report, even if qualitative. ASSETS/LIMITATIONS: THE UNITS We rank the units according to three categories: (1) FINAL FOUR (2) MAJOR BOWL (3) BOWL This is primarily an evaluation of asset potential and value in the future, albeit based on past results along with other factors that [...]

Notre Dame Defense – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

September 17, 2014Comments (13)

As Notre Dame enters its first bye week of the season, we take a close look at the revitalized Notre Dame defense led by a ground of talented youngsters who give the Irish defense hope for years to come.   We’ll analyse the switch to Brian Van Gorder 4-3 defense, the impact thus far, what to expect [...]

Duranko’s Digest: What Did We See Against Purdue?

September 15, 2014Comments (7)

Duranko's Digest: What Did We See Against Purdue?

Rallying from the season’s first deficit, the Irish tightened the screws defensively and scored the Shamrock Classic’s games last 20 points to beat Purdue 30-14, moving to 3-0 before the very welcomed Saturday off. Purdue led Notre Dame for only 2:47, as Everett Golson led the Irish to their third consecutive half-ending touchdown drive, as [...]

Duranko’s Digest – What Did We See Against Michigan?

September 8, 2014Comments (13)

Duranko's Digest - What Did We See Against Michigan?

31-0. You seek eloquence? This is eloquence: 31-0. Analysis? Analyze this: 31-0. You desire numbers? Try ZERO. Notre Dame ZEROED in on Michigan , won 31-ZERO, has ZERO losses, committed ZERO turnovers and has ZERO turnovers for the season. Au Revoir, Bleu! And don’t call us, we’ll call you. But don’t wait by the phone…. [...]

The Notre Dame and Michigan Rivalry – A Full History

September 3, 2014Comments (15)

Notre Dame and Michigan’s football histories are inexorably intertwined, however inconvenient that truth seems to some folks in South Bend and Ann Arbor. IN THE BEGINNING….. Notre Dame’s first football game EVER (partisans mark this rather than the Rutgers-Princeton game as the TRUE commencement of College Football) was on the day before Thanksgiving in 1887. [...]

Duranko’s Diget: What did we see vs. Rice?

August 31, 2014Comments (15)

Duranko's Diget:  What did we see vs. Rice?

After a brief acclimatizing warmup with two 3-and-outs, the Irish offense exploded early and often, the refurbished Notre Dame defense held down the refurbished Rice offense, and the Irish nicely plucked, stuffed and and mounted the Owls of Rice 48-17. First games are usually fraught, unless played in Dublin, with mistakes of timing, coordination and ball security. [...]

Irish History 101: Leon Hart, 1949 Heisman Winner

July 9, 2014Comments (0)

Hart was born in Pittsburgh, and was recruited to Notre Dame from Turtle Creek, PA, just Southeast of Pittsburgh.  Hart’s recruiting had some drama. Leahy had assigned the wonderful Moose Krause to recruit Hart and he had been on him like basmati on rice. Hart had not yet visited Notre Dame.  Read more about how Hart ended up [...]

Irish History 101: Johnny Lujack, 1947 Heisman Winner

June 19, 2014Comments (0)

Last week we profiled Angelo Bertelli.  This week we move on to Notre Dame’s 2nd Heisman Winner, Johnny Lujack.  Read about how this high school valedictorian took home college football’s most coveted award.

Irish History 101: Angelo Bertelli, Notre Dame’s 1st Heisman Winner

June 13, 2014Comments (0)

During the 2014 off-season, UHND will be profiling all seven Notre Dame Heisman Trophy winners starting with the 1st member of the Fighting Irish to win the award, Angelo Bertelli. Learn more about the Springfield Rifle.

4 Pivotal Notre Dame Players for 2014

June 9, 2014Comments (21)

4 Pivotal Notre Dame Players for 2014

There are many players who will be important for Notre Dame in 2014, but today we identify four Irish players who, individually and together, may well determine the Irish success and final record in 2014. We here use pivotal based on the root word “Pivot:” something on which an event turns or depends. Certain players are, pretty [...]

Duranko’s Digest: Coaching Matters, Notre Dame’s 2014 Faculty

May 6, 2014Comments (9)

It is timely to examine the reconstituted coaching staff or “Football Faculty” as their primary function is to teach. Ah yes, we love our mantra “it’s not the X’s and the O’s but the Jimmies and the Joes” Certainly, talent is a sine qua and recruiting a constant and high priority. But coaching matters.

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