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Watch: Notre Dame Fans Storm Court After UNC Upset

Notre Dame fans stormed the court after the Irish upset second-ranked UNC, 80-76. Mike Brey’s teams have now beaten a top 10 opponent at home 7 of the last 8 seasons.


  1. I’m pretty sure coaching ND football is Gregg Popovich’s dream job

  2. I’m tracking with you. If the plan is to fire the football coach and replace him with a basketball coach, shouldn’t we set our sights a little higher though??? And why not Muffet??
    You’re an outside the box thinker and I admire that, you’ve gotta lot of spunk and zeal. You’re going places!

    Btw, is your 1966 football still for sale? If so, I’ve got a signed picture of me having dinner with Elvis and Bigfoot at Area 51 that I’ll trade you straight up for it.

  3. Fire bk and hire Brey
    He knows how to inspire
    He knows how to beat the best
    A true domer
    Kelly doesn’t even have the balls to fire bvg

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