January 29, 2007 // General Recruiting

Another D-Line Prospect Bites the Dust

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Jason Peters came back from LSU this past weekend and committed to Georgia Tech after leaving Baton Rouge unsure of whether or not he would have an offer.  Rumors circulated over the weekend that Peters still intended to commit to LSU even if he had to gray shirt in 2007, but according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Just hours after Georgia Tech was disappointed to learn it won’t get one of the final two recruits the Yellow Jackets sought, coach Chan Gailey learned that he’ll get another as Baton Rouge (La.) defensive end Jason Peters committed to Tech.

Peters visited LSU over the weekend, and also visited Nebraska and national champion Florida.

Peters hasn’t been seriously considering Notre Dame for weeks and never officially visited Notre Dame, but he may have been Notre Dame’s last hope at defensive tackle this year.

After Notre Dame stopped recruiting Joseph Barksdale, they made a strong push for Peters, but projected him at defensive tackle rather than end.  Despite a real lack of depth along the defensive line, however, the Irish were unable to even persuade Peters to visit.

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