July 22, 2009 // Notre Dame Football

DT Bruce Gaston Visiting Notre Dame This Week

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Recent DT offer Bruce Gaston, Jr. will be unofficially visiting Notre Dame this week according to ESPN’s Bill Kuerlic.

“I’m making preparations to visit Iowa and Notre Dame this weekend,” Gaston said. “Iowa is Thursday and Notre Dame is Friday.

“I’ll talk to the Notre Dame coaches and look at the school. I plan to get a tour. Iowa should be about the same. As far as I know, Charlie Weis and Kirk Ferentz will be there.”

Gaston picked up an offer after a strong showing at Notre Dame’s camp at the beginning of the month and hails from the same high school as current outside linebacker/defensive end Darius Fleming.  According to the report, Gaston plans to take all five of his official visits and will decide on his college decision after his senior year.

Currently Notre Dame is the biggest school pursuing Gaston followed by Wisconsin and most of the mid-tier Big 10 schools like Iowa, Mchigan State, Minnestoa, Illinois, etc.

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