August 13, 2010 // Notre Dame Football

Mike Ragone Released from Hospital

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Senior tight end Mike Ragone was released from the hospital Thursday morning after being treated for heat illness. (Photo - IconSMI)

Senior tight end Mike Ragone was released from the hospital on Thursday after spending the night due to heat illness suffered after Notre Dame’s first day in full pads.  The New Jersey native was treated by the Notre Dame medical staff before being taken to the hospital for observation.

Reports have stated that the Notre Dame medical staff treated Ragone immediately after noticing signs of heat illness and brought his body temperature down before taking him to the hospital for observation.

Ragone was held out of Thursday’s practices and won’t return to the field until the Notre Dame medical staff clears him to play.  At a minimum, Ragone will be held out of Friday’s two-a-days practices.

While Ragone is out, Bobby Burger and Tyler Eifert will see more reps in practice.

Comments to this Article

  • Justin commented on August 15th, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    whoa. Heat sickness can be a very serious condition. Its scary to think about how bad it might have been if no one caught it. This sort of thing happens a lot more often than you would think. I’m glad he is ok.


  • sonofadomer commented on August 16th, 2010 at 5:46 am

    Very true, Justin. I nearly died of a heat stroke as a kid. And every year, it seems, we hear of a football player dying from it. Luckily, rebounding from it doesn’t take too long. So I wonder if there might not have been something else bothering Ragone. Let’s hope he sees the field again soon.



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