January 23, 2009 // Notre Dame Recruiting

Committed to USC No Moore

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Byron Moore has officially decommited from USC and appears to be favoring Notre Dame according to the USC site WeAreSC.com.

“Yeah, I went ahead and decommitted today,” said Moore. “I just felt USC wasn’t the place I wanted to be and I want to look at some other options out of state. Right now it’s pretty much Notre dame and LSU, with Notre Dame in the lead. I’ll probably take a trip down to LSU next week.

We desparately needed some good recruiting news as things have gotten pretty slow on that front this month.  Moore visited Notre Dame for the Syracuse game and amazingly the staff has managed to keep him interested in the Irish after that debacle.

This would be a huge coup for Notre Dame at this point.  Marlon Pollard’s decommitment earlier this month has pushed this class down in the high teens/low 20’s in the recruiting rankings as we could definitely use some momentum right now with a few more prospects left on the board.

Moore is a 4 star safety prospect on both Rivals and Scout and would be an excellent addition to this class.  Signing Day is just around the corner and Weis could really use some positive momentum to close out this class heading into next year’s.  With the uncertainty surrounding his job status after this year’s 7-6 record, picking up early commitments might be tougher than usual for Notre Dame so any help we can get heading into next season would be big.

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