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Turkovich Injury Update

October 4, 2008Comments (0)

Charlie Weis didn’t have much to say regarding the injury suffered by Michael Turkovich during the second half of today’s game against Stanford. Q. Any Turkovich update? COACH WEIS: I saw him hobbling around in there. I also saw Olsen going at halftime. Thought he was done. He ended up playing the second half. So […]

Harbaugh Complaining About a “Fumble”

October 4, 2008Comments (9)

Jim Harbaugh opened his post game comments on Saturday night whinning and complaining about the interference call on the punt at the end of the first half.  Here’s what Harbaugh had to say. The punt, maybe I’ll be swayed to think differently after I see a replay, but from what I saw on the field, […]

Stanford at Notre Dame – 4th Quarter Thoughts

October 4, 2008Comments (3)

Absolutley LOVE seeing Olsen and Robinson getting in the face of Stanford’s #44 for his late shove on Clausen.  That didn’t happen last year. Walker is now 1 of 7 on field goal attempts on the season after missing a 46 yarder.  A 46 yarder isn’t a gimme, but 1 of 7 is not going […]

Stanford at Notre Dame – 3rd Quarter Thoughts

October 4, 2008Comments (3)

Did Golden Tate and Michael Floyd both just drop passes which hit them squarely in the hands?  I don’t remember either doing that at all at any point this season, let alone on back to back plays.  Very disappointing start to the second half there.  A scoure would have made this a three score game […]

Stanford at Notre Dame – 2nd Quarter Thoughts

October 4, 2008Comments (0)

Stanford’s offensive line is completely controlling the line of scrimmage against the Irish defense.  The Cardinal is getting a great push up front and are running all over us to start the second quarter.  They aren’t even trying to pass on this drive an right now we have no answer. Stanford just capped off a […]

Stanford at Notre Dame – 1st Quarter Thoughts

October 4, 2008Comments (0)

Great start for the Irish offense and opportunistic play by the defense, but Stanford is moving the ball much to easily for my liking at the end of the first quarter. We deffered against Stanford?  I am all for Weis deferring against teams like Michigan and USC, but Stanford? How do we give up 10 […]

What to Watch For – Stanford at Notre Dame

October 4, 2008Comments (3)

Weighing in a little late this week, but here’s what to watch for later today when Stanford and Notre Dame kick off around 2:30 pm et. Armando Allen. After his breakout performance last week against Purdue, Allen is listed on the depth chart as the #1 running back all by himself for the first time […]

Anthony Barr Visiting Unofficially Today

October 4, 2008Comments (3)

Anthony Barr, the son of Tony Brooks and nephew of Reggie Brooks, will be visting unofficially today for the Stanford game.  Barr will be one of the most sought after recruits next year as either a running back or possibly even as a defensive end. From Greg Biggins Pac 10 Blog on ESPN… With a […]

Season 2: Episode 14 with Autry Denson

October 2, 2008Comments (1)

This week’s guest on Spanning the Dome was Notre Dame’s All Time Leading Rusher – Autry Denson.  We spoke with Atury for roughly an hour on topics ranging from the transition form Lou Holtz to Bob Davie to his thoughts on last weekend’s win over Purdue.  Autry is as passionate a Notre Dame fan as […]

Happy Birthday Victory March, Thank You Shea Brothers

October 2, 2008Comments (4)

Here is an ode to the victory march by none other than Beano Cook.  Seriously, how has this guy been labeled a Notre Dame homer? And here is a nice background video produced by the University.

That’s What We Call a Sack Lunch

October 2, 2008Comments (1)

Despite blitzing with great frequency this year, the Notre Dame under has just one sack so far this season.  With our relative lack of depth and playmaking ability along the defensive line I am not too surprised that we’ve struggled in this department.  I am, however, surprised that we do have just one sack four […]

Stanford Apologizes for Bulletin Board Material

October 2, 2008Comments (5)

In an article published today on the Stanford Rivals site, Cardinal, Stanford right tackle Chris Marinelli made plenty of bulletin board worthy comments about Notre Dame, its field, its fans, and the South Bend area. Later today Stanford issues an apology in Marinelli’s name or wait, I think they are saying it was his […]

Zeke Motta Visiting This Weekend

October 1, 2008Comments (0)

Notre Dame will be hosting safety/linebacker prospect Zeke Motta this weekend when Stanford comes to town accroding to Irish Eyes. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Motta will travel to South Bend on Friday, ready to take in all of Notre Dame’s weekend football festivities. His father Bill, who happens to be Motta’s defensive coordinator at Vero Beach […]

Rueland Probably Won’t Travel This Weekend, May Redshirt

October 1, 2008Comments (0)

Former Notre Dame tight end Konrad Reuland is eligible to play for Stanford after sitting out the first four games of the season after his transfer from Notre Dame last fall, but he probably won’t be making the trip to South Bend with Stanford this weekend as the #4 tight end for the Cardinal.  In […]

Nyshier Oliver Makes it 15

October 1, 2008Comments (0)

Notre Dame picked up commitment #15 on Wednesday in the form of wide receiver/defensive back Nyshier Oliver – another of New Jersey’s top recruits.   Oliver was recruited as a defensive back by a lot of schools, but Notre Dame recruited the speedy New Jersey native as a wide receiver.  Both Rivals and Scout list him […]


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