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Cover Boys

August 16, 2006Comments (2)

Notre Dame seniors Brady Quinn, Tom Zbikowski and Travis Thomas are on one of the covers of this year’s Sports Illustrated College Football Preview.  SI ranks the Irish as their #2 team overall behind Ohio State.  The print version should be on most news stands already. Other teams on the cover are Ohio State, USC, [...]

Here Come the Irish: 2006

August 16, 2006Comments (0)

Here Comes the Irish is a brand new Notre Dame Football preview magazine put together by 1999 Notre Dame grad Jim Walsh. A lot of different writers and site owners from the ND community have written for this including yours truely. It started shipping yesterday and is really a good read and is over 100 [...]

Preseason Top 25

August 16, 2006Comments (0)

For the second year, I will be participating in the Top 25 poll. For those of you unfamiliar with the poll, it is voted on by a number of site owners and writers such as myself who run individial team websites. The voters are almost like a who’s who of independant site owners as [...]

How Fast Can The Irish Defense Improve, Pt. IV

August 15, 2006Comments (0)

Last time we highlighted some of the reasons why sevens teams (Tennessee, Florida, Kansas, South Florida, TCU, Middle Tennessee State, and Texas Tech) dramatically improved their defense statistical rankings from 2004 to 2005, using factors such as returning starters, returning defensive coaches, and strength of schedule. This time we’ll take a similar look at the [...]

(Scoring) Defense (Still) Wins Championships

August 14, 2006Comments (0)

Why are we so worried about how the pass defense will stack up in 2006? According to the past five years of college football national championships, scoring defense still seems to be the most important category, with total defense, rush defense, and then pass defense ranked by overall importance. USC won a national title with [...]

Practice Update: 8/13/06

August 13, 2006Comments (0)

NFL Connection Charlie Weis let the media know that senior punter Geoff Price spent time working in the off-season with former Notre Dame and current Indianapolis Colts punter Hunter Smith.  Smith, as most fans remember, had an outstanding career at Notre Dame and has spent his entire career with the Colts.  Price, a senior, will [...]

Practice Update: 8/12/06

August 12, 2006Comments (0)

Saturday was the first day of two-a-days for the Irish this year and Weis made the entire practice open to the media so the video footage from UND All Access was quite good for today.  Weis’s entire meeting with the media was also made available as well.  Here are a few observations and some quotes [...]

Weighing in on the Notre Dame/Michigan Series

August 11, 2006Comments (4)

In case you missed it, earlier this week former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler was quoted in the Detroit Free Press saying Michigan should end… Asked whether Michigan should continue its series with Notre Dame, Schembechler said: “We don’t need Notre Dame. They need us more than we need them. “Hell, we’re playing all these Big [...]

Early Practice Thoughts

August 11, 2006Comments (0)

Here are some early thought based on the videos from the All Access clips on and various articles from around the web. First off, kudos to Notre Dame for making all of the All Access content free. Last year you had to pay to see pretty much any of the media from the official [...]

UHND Blog Take 2

August 10, 2006Comments (0)

Ok, so we tried this blog a couple months ago but it didn’t catch on for a number of reasons. Mainly, we didn’t have a way to alert the board that there was a new post on the blog so people rarely checked the blog which led to us contributors to stop posting. To fix [...]

How Fast Can The Defense Improve? (Part III)

April 11, 2006Comments (0)

Last time, we looked at teams with Top 20 Defenses for 2005 who finished outside of the Top 20 on Defense the year before (2004). We highlighted dramatic improvements made by seven teams (Tennessee, Florida, Kansas, South Florida, TCU, Middle Tennessee State, and Texas Tech), and now I’ll look at the possible reasons why or [...]

Stovall to Visit with Eagles, Seahawks Show Interest in Mays

April 7, 2006Comments (0)

From today’s Philadelphia Inquirer… “In other news, a source close to the situation said that the Eagles would be bringing in Notre Dame wide receiver Maurice Stovall to meet with their personnel staff. The graduate of Archbishop Carroll High School is projected to be drafted in the second or third round.” The Patriots are also [...]

How Fast Can The Irish Defense Improve? (Part II)

March 20, 2006Comments (1)

Going back to an earlier post and UHND blog entry of mine, I thought I’d look at some of the top defenses of 2005, but only focusing on the defenses that made the biggest improvements from 2004 to 2005, to see what’s in the range of possibilities to expect from our own Irish defense in [...]

What if? 1995 season with Powlus, Mayes and … Moss?

March 3, 2006Comments (1)

Building off of a recent B&G article on Mayes (which, though I don’t recommend B&G, I thought it was interesting), what if Randy Moss had not been an idiot and actually played for the Irish as a freshman in 1995? [The key here being: Randy Moss = not an idiot] I. Actual 1995 Statistics: leaders [...]

How quickly can the Irish defense improve?

February 21, 2006Comments (0)

Defensive Benchmarks: 2005 vs. 2004 I. 2005 Top Ten Total Defense (Total Records: 88-31) vs. same team in 2004 1. Virginia Tech (11-2): 247.6 ypg – [vs. #4 Virginia Tech (10-3): 268.0 ypg] 2. Alabama (10-2): 255.1 ypg – [vs. #2 Alabama (6-6): 245.5 ypg] 3. LSU (11-2): 266.9 ypg – [vs. #3 LSU (9-3): [...]


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