November 21, 2007 // podcast

Episode 5 – Fred Leahy Interview & Stanford Preview

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This week’s show featured Fred Leahy, son of legendary Notre Dame head coach Frank Leahy.  Fred talked to us about the current state of the program and how it was when his dad roamed the sidelines.  We covered a lot of topics including the leadership of this years squad, the game day atmosphere in Notre Dame Stadium, what practices were like under Frank Leahy, and what it was like growing up with Frank Leahy as a father.

We also made our weekly picks.  This week Frank inched back into the race after his disastrous 0-6 performance two weeks ago with a solid 6-1 showing this past weekend.  Of the 8 games we picked this week, Frank and Jeff only had2 picks the same so things should shake out pretty well this week.  Our next broadcast will be Saturday evening after the Stanford game so join us then as we hopefully toast and Irish victory.

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