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Wake Up the Echoes – Ready to Rumble Edition

2013 BCS National Championship

Miami FL, USA; A general view of the exterior of Sun Life Stadium during media day for the 2013 BCS Championship game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Alabama Crimson Tide. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The wait is over.  Notre Dame vs. Alabama for the National Championship is a mere hours away.  All of the talk, all of the hype, all of build up is finished.  It’s time to play the game.  This is our last scheduled post before kick-off so sit back and enjoy our pre-game video hype up before tonight’s showdown.

Tonight’s game has the feeling of a heavy weight title bout so why not…

Watched this about 100 times this week…

The best Manti Te’o highlight reel I’ve seen…

The rest of the Notre Dame ain’t too shabby either…

The Turning Point ND had some great videos this year. This was my favorite. Watch the goal line stand repeatedly today.

If we played Alabama 10 times, they might win 9. But not this one. Tonight we play with the them. Tonight we shut them down because we can.

Let’s see. Coach who had a rocky relationship with his team at first took them to new heights and were a major underdog. Sorry, I am a sucker for inspirational movie clips.

This video has 205,000 views on YouTube. I may account for 200,000 of them. You knew this was coming, right?

Another hype up video.

Good luck getting work done this afternoon.



  1. Our O and D lines were really exposed last night. Our O line is soft and small. Golic is a joke. Cave is over-rated. The entire O line is also not very athletic. As for the D line, where was Tuitt last night?

    I’ll tell you what. He might not have made a difference in the outcome, I don’t know, but Aaron Lynch would’ve punched the Bama QB in the face long before B. Jones the center did! Don’t underestimate the importance of swagger and nastiness in college football. These are kids after all and they feed off that stuff. God only knows ND needed some nastiness last night!

  2. You are correct Damian!
    IN every way, correct.
    Bama ran to the right, left and we attempted to run up the middle with that size of Bama. ND will be there in the thick of things. I have noticed one thing in life. EVERYONE has an opinion on
    1-How you should buy a car
    2-How or where you should get the car fixed when it breaks down
    3-Where to get a Mortgage
    4-What the State of Israel should not do when their towns are hit by Hamas
    5-What NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL SHOULD DO -expressed by those who are either rivals, haters, Big 10 folks who think we should join them –as if they have the right to tell US.
    That sums it up!
    WE ARE ND!!!

  3. The good, the bad and the ugly.

    The bad is obvious, they lost. Based on the score, ND just wasn’t going to win. But that leads to the ugly. It didn’t have to be a blowout. The defense was missing tackles right and left. Had they wrapped guys up but couldn’t stop them, that’s a size issue and I could live with that (at least it meant they tried). You can’t fix size in game. But that was not the same defense we saw all year. Not by a long shot. They were stopping every type of offense and quarterback.

    Also, I the playcalling. What was that? They were calling plays in the first quarter as if they were already down 28-0. No running plays? Really. I am a big BK supporter, but that was poor playcalling at the worse possible time.

    The good. They are poised for improvement. There is a reason BK and his staff are looking at the SEC type of play for ND. Except last night, defense was the focus. Good ole fashioned smash mouth defense wins games and for 12 games, ND did just that. They were scared of no one. And size. If Alabama proved anything your OL and DL need size. What has Kelly been recruiting with skills, size. Big guys.

    ND is not there yet. But the tools are being put in place to get there. If he keeps recruiting the type of players he is, and if the defense continues to play smash mouth football like they did in 12 games this year, they will have an SEC caliber team. There is hope for the future. I would even say expectation. This team is going to get better.

    • You’re absolutely right Damian. We all hurt from yesterday. All of us. But did anyone think ND was capable of 13-0 this year? No. We thought maybe next year.

      What last night proved is this. Notre Dame is better than any team on their schedules moving forward. But to win the championship, they need more speed. And more size on the lines. The offense needs to progress a bit as well. Golson played well, considering the circumstances. But a running game would have helped tremendously.

      Lastly, mentally they need to be prepared. They weren’t in the game last night, from start to finish. You could see it. In Teo. In Nix. On offense. Mentally they weren’t ready.

      • Patrick,

        Speed kills!

        Size mauls!

        Bama and the SEC know that. This game was over almost before it started!

        I’ll tell you guys this, that Bama O line is better than 3/4s of O lines in the NFL. A lot better than the Steelers line, that’s for sure.

        ND needs to recruit more size and speed. Bottom line. BK is doing that. Let’s hope this set back on the field doesn’t set us back in recruiting. That needs to be our focus.

        Please, Frank, keep us up to date on recruiting. That’s the only thing that matters until the Spring game.

        One piece of advice. Don’t listen to sports radio or go to ESPN or other sports sites. It’s ugly! ND is getting beat up and we have few arguments left on our side. Even more important that Frank et al. keep us up to date here. This has to be our refuge for a few weeks until the Super Bowl rolls around and this game is forgotten.

        Question for the rest of you: Should ND have taken the ball to start the game? I thought that ND needed to score first. I would’ve prefered to receive. But hindsight is always 20/20.

      • Hopefully recruits ignore the noise too. ND was embarrassed, no doubt. But to a recruit I would just remind them how far ND has come. They are 1 step away from hoisting that trophy, and that recruit could make the difference. Also, you can’t beat the national TV week in and week out. What other team can say that. And they are on NBC, CBS, ESPN every week. Every year they are featured at least once on every major college sports network. You can’t put a price on how valuable that is. They play all across the country, East, West, North and South. And they are uniquely situated for the new 4 team playoff. While SEC, Big 10, Pac 12, etc. have to revise their schedules to increase their strength, ND is already playing those schedules. They never stopped.

        All the intangibles are in place for a long run. BK is doing the right things. The SEC shows why it’s teams win championships year in and year out, and BK is trying to build that type of team at ND. If they keep heading down that road (stong defense, big guys on the defensive and offensive lines), they will be competing right there with the SEC. If you look at the recruits to this point, he is recruiting SEC level talent, the exact players we need for national championships. That combined with EG’s elusiveness and additonal experience, along with many of the great players already on the team, makes for a great couple of years, or more I hope.

        This loss stings. There is no way around that. Had it been closer, I still would have been disappointed, but I could live with that. Alabama just did what they wanted. They played ND like it was Little Sisters of the Poor. THere is very little good I can pull out of last nights game. But the future is bright.

  4. One last thing, my father always told me this after every game win or lose, “You are never as good as your are on your best day or as bad as you are on your worst.” This team is a good team that played a bad game against an inferior opponent. Lets take pride in what they accomplished and hope they continue to build on what was started.

  5. I would like to put this into perspective for everyone. This program is headed in the right direction. They went from an unranked team to a top ten team this year. They will have a QB for the next three years that can run the true spread. They have an offensive line class coming in that is going to be good. They have a good D-coordinator. Alabama was able to watch film and expose ND’s true weakness which was the secondary. ND had to commit 8 in the box putting the young corners on an island. Diaco did a good job hiding those corners this year. Alabama’s offensive line was as adverstised. Everyone talks about Georgia, but fail to remember an ass kicking they took from South Caronlina. This program is trending to be a top ten program. BK’s plan is working, I didn’t think they had a chance because of a weak offense. This offense will only get stronger with Golson getting more experience. I also believe that Saban out coached BK, but that is not something to be ashamed of when that coach won 3 NC’s in 4 years. ND needs to get better on the offensive side of the ball and and get better on the back end of the defense. Let’s not disregard the program BK is setting up. He got a lesson and he usually learns from his lessons. My faith has been restored that ND can compete for a NC and do it the right way. I also think the SEC’s run will end eventually. Alabama was the first balanced offense the Irish had seen. I tip my hat to them and now lets get back to work.

  6. i never saw any brilliant coaching or motivation from kelly this year, it was an amazing team effort this year, kelly failed to motivate or do anything outside the box, he needs some different coaches, special teams, offensive coordinator, he is not lou holtz. but thanks for a great year!

    • It was a great team effort. However, BJ, this team is far from the vanilla era of Bob Davie, the pompous era of Charlie Weiss, the over his head era of Willingham and the lie of O’Leary. Kelly was the man at the right time and still is. Please give the man credit. Didn’t see motivation? Really? Things just don’t happen in a classroom or a football field. Kelly lead these men and his recruiting for future years will be top 10 or higher and then some and there WILL be results! Please give the man credit. I agree about special teams but things are coming. We are 12-0 in this regular season with a tough schedule! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT WOULD HAPPEN? I’m proud of the Blue and Gold and wearing of the Green and all things ND! Go Irish! Great Job Manti, Great Job student body, fans and band and Irish Guard and all things traditional and fine graduation rate and—great job Coach Kelly!!!

  7. We have the talent! It’s the coaching and gameplan. Diaco didn’t know what to do last night and either did Kelly. I wish Urban Meyer was our coach.

  8. No use of the slant pass on offense and having a db on defense lined up ten yards off of a Alabama reciever cannot happen!

  9. You can’t allow a team to almost walk in for td’s. You can’t allow wr to run free. You can’t allow a decent qb to have a career day by not putting any pressure on him. And you can’t look as if you’re a mid tier team in the biggest game of the year. I have to think that Michigan State would have played a better game, or possibly Boise State. I know that Bama is > ND, but not multiples times better. If so, then we’ll probably never get to the point where we can challenge the SEC.

    But that may be a good thing. We don’t oversign, pay for play, or make little attempt at an education. But for me to post that is nothing but griping and denigrating an opponent. That aint classy. Short of that what can ND do? Get much bigger on the oline, when you play the Bama’s of the world, you probably can’t get away with guards who are less than 300 lbs. You have to have a punishing back, if you don’t run a true spread. And you have to develop some deep ball threat which our receivers are not. Can that be done? I don’t know but that’s what needs to be done.

  10. When the preseason polls come out next season Notre Dame will be a Top 10, maybe a Top 5 team.

    1. Alabama
    2. Ohio State
    3. Texas A&M
    4. Georgia
    5. Oregon, Notre Dame or Stanford.

  11. 42-14 is not the way any fan wanted the season to end. It is too bad to see the seniors walk off the field this embarrassed. If things keep getting better for Notre Dame, we will look at this group of seniors as the reason for starting the resurgence. Hearing Brian Kelly claim that Notre Dame still has a lot of work to do makes me know that things are still going to get better for this football program. I’m excited for the future. By looking at the schedule I think Notre Dame has another great opportunity to go 12-0 and get back to the BCS Title Game.

  12. “next to the pope getting assassinated this is the worst thing that could have happened”

    LOL classic!! i love the hyperbole
    although slightly insane, i (sort of) cosign this feeling

  13. Next to the Pope getting assassinated this is the worst thing that could have happened. The D didnt show up. I never thought we would get man handled like this on the grandest stage. However, i never thought coming into this year with this schedule that we would go undefeated. Im thankful for that but it seems like this loss almost sets us back YEARS in terms of perception. The media was waiting for this and i agree with other posters about the bias in the commentating today. No excuses but there were a few bad calls in the begining and as Urban Meyer pointed out, they MAY, and not for sure, but may have changed the momentum of the game (ie the Eifert catch and the fair catch call). We have a much softer schedule next year.

  14. I feel bad for Manti Teo and all the seniors. Still they should be proud of how far they came. They also get ND degrees, and truly earned. They can hang their heads high. I’d like to see more of ND, Stanford, Northwestern, etc. and I do hope the teams with student athletes can compete. And of course, hopefully ND can compete in years to come.

  15. The failure to commit to the run destroyed any chance ND had to win – Irish coaching and play calling fell right into Bamas hands.
    The utter domination on Alabamas part and lack of fire on ND’s part made and otherwise unforgettable season very forgetable. Poor preparation and poor game plan! It begins and ends right there.

    The most miserable aspect of this game was ND never even played to its potential. I simply did not recognize the team that failed to show up tonight. Very sad and yes I feel bad for the players but they simply were not prepared to play after having 40 days to do so. Bama was by far the superior team in absolutely all aspects of the game. The pundits were right.

  16. Well, first give credit where it’s due, the Crimson Tide have a great team and they certainly showed it in the ass kicking they put on tonight. Of course, ND looked very unprepared, which didn’t help matters. It’s a very disheartening way to end the season and it will be a long 8 months to think about. It seems in bowl games (and in particular BCS games) we show the sport pundits why there’s good reason to say we don’t belong. Obviously we still have a long ways to go get the personnel we need to compete with the powerhouses. Is recruiting going to take a hit b/c of tonight, yeah, maybe a few decommit. Many will come and may be the nucleus of great future teams for ND. There was no way back in August I would have said this team would be in a NC game this year. 12-0 regular season is still an accomplishment, so I’m not going to belittle that. I’m not about yapping about stupid “moral” victories because there was nothing moral about this game tonight. BK will have to get these returning guys focused for next fall. It starts tonight when this game is concluded. C-Dog, I agree with you, back to work and it starts right away. I do think there is some fair hard criticsm to the coaching staff. game planning and calls were questionable out there tonight. I don’t think this team was focused or prepared. Again, a lot of that also had to do that Bama has a good team and had a big role, so, I’m not going to pretend they didn’t have a big reason for ND’s performance. There’s a reason why they are getting their 3 NC in 4 years.I guess the other irritating thing is the TV announcers were just so fricking gleeful in ND’s ass getting handed to them, it pisses me off.

    Hopefully, something will be learned from this debacle tonight for next fall.

    I love Notre Dame, in the good, the bad, and like tonight, the ugly.
    Go Irish.

    • storespook,

      That’s my fear that we lose even a few recruits. As we saw tonight, ND needs all the talent it can get.

      The talent gap between ND and Bama is great. I don’t know if we could beat Bama if we played them 100 times.

      But if we’re looking for positives then we need to look at the young talent ND has. But we need a lot more.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean and I wouldn’t be happy even if 1 decommit happens but,that is out of our hands at this point. As much as I hate the SEC and some of their “standards,” set forth by teams in that conference the NCAA allows those so called student athletes they get (and I use the term “student athlete very loosely) and if we are to compete, we need good players that at least fit the football system being utilized by the current coaching staff. We still have a ways to go to be with the powerhouses if you’re talking personnel. A positive may be these players being recruited wanting to come in to prove something, to win quickly. Attitude will certainly help. this wasn’t the way I envisioned the game to end up tonight and I hate an ass kicking being the last game of the season. I saw a quick interview of Teo and he was quite gracious in defeat and complimenting Alabama. What character he has. I hope he does well on Sunday’s next year. I agree Rob, we need a lot more talent to be infused into our program. I’m glad this site is here to vent otherwise I think I’d be putting holes in my TV and walls, hahaha. The world will not come to an end because of this game and hopefully, something will be taken away positive regarding the players & coaches from this debacle in Miami tonight.

        Go Notre Dame, until next fall when opening kickoff occurs.

      • I hear you, storespook, I hear you!

        The SEC will continue to dominate until such a time as someone can match their speed and athleticism.

        I hate to say it, but it doesn’t seem that can be ND any time soon.

        Perhaps Ohio St. might be able to match the SEC. They have a top coach and recruiter. They have about the same “standards” for their recruits as the SEC, by which I mean they don’t have to worry about recruiting too many students. Just some real fast, athletic players.

        If ND doesn’t do something soon, it will fall behind not only the SEC but also Ohio St.

        I mean we lost out on stud DE A. Muhammad apparently because of a few credits, not GPA or test scores.

  17. We were getting held a lot tonight. Still, poor coaching, unprepared team and poor tackling is the reason we lost.

  18. ND was out everything!

    There’s no silver lining here.

    I don’t know if we will be able to compete any time soon with Saban’s Bama.

  19. We were outcoached, and this time Kelly can’t be bailed out by his players!

  20. No throws to Chris Brown or Toma!

  21. Well, there’s only looking to next year to see if next year’s squad can get it done or come close. The coaches do need to step up their game. It just doesn’t look like they were as prepared. Back to work.

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