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Boston College Game Live Blog

Jeff will be live blogging today’s Boston College game for UHND.  Follow along with the action below.


  1. Our world is too damn PC
    Just remember that Dr. what’s his name with the self-esteem crap
    ( Spock?) had a son who KILLED himself
    so much for self-esteem

    the world in the West is too full of spineless cowards
    who can’t show emotion lest they ‘offend” somebody
    that’s the truth
    to hell with that

  2. I remember those days well. I used to LOOOVE to see little, skinny Lou grab a player that was twice his size and COMMAND respect. After he ripped the player a new one, he’d wait a little while, then have that same player come over. He’d be smiling, building that player right back up.

    Totally different kind of coach than CW…

    • JDH,

      Today’s modern coach has to be politcally correct. Heaven forbid he should chew a player out on national TV and hurt the precious snowflakes’ feelings.
      Bo, Woody, even Ara
      would pop their cork every now and then. I wounder if that had anything to do with their winning records?
      Hell, even my 5th grade football coach used to wack us one in earhole on our helmet every now and agian. That would always get our attenion.
      But Did it help us to play better?
      You’re damn right it did!

      • Our PC world most certainly has something to do with it. My coaches used to rip our faces off. Hell, my TEACHERS used to do the same thing, as I went to a Catholic all-male school. Guess what- it was good for us and I loved most of my coaches and teachers.

  3. We all know about the stuggles of our secondary. Sometimes I think back and say to myself “What would Lou Do?” ND is extremely deep at wide receiver. Perhaps you take someone like Toma, Gallup, Walker, or Goodman and line him up man on man agianst the opposing teams best receiver and tell him to just stay on him all over the field. Very simple. I know that their tackling
    might be suspect but these guys are good athletes. And they are just sitting on the bench, not being utilized.They know route running and pass formations. They know when to turn their head around and look for the ball, and I’d bet that any one of them would love to get on the field and help their team. If you have good, fast, tall, bright players why wouldn’t you try to get a few plays out of them? I bet Lou would.

    • Lou was really good at converting players to play other positions to utilize their skills:

      Stams comes to mind
      Wasn’t Chris Zorich originally a linebacker?

      • Yeah. Similar to this current team, they had no dominate defensive tackle, so they beefed up Zorich and turned him loose inside. Talk about disruptive. It was a move that put us over the top.
        We do have a young tackle but he’s just s freshmen and a little undersized at this point. But I could see one of our wide outs man up at saftie on obvious pass plays.
        At least they know what a pass route looks like and have the speed to stick with their man.

    • Shazam-
      I think that’s a great idea. Our secondary already is having major problems with coverage and tackling. Why not give those other athletes a shot? I think you put one guy in at a time and replace H. Smith. Give them the look and see what happens. The Wash State game could be a great time to “experiment”….

      • Most of the players, played both ways in high school.
        Who better to cover a receiver than another receiver. Maybe start out in obvious passing downs. Instead of bring in another corner or nickle back, bring in John Goodman. Tall, fast, athletic. Play him man to man on the opposing teams best receiver and have him stick to him all over the field. Nice and simple. Maybe just taking away the other teams go to guy would be enought. Put him in the defensive huddle. K-MAC tells him “you guard this guy”. Simple enough

      • Hey I’m all for it. Let’s get a petition email going and send it to Tenuta! : )

      • JDH,

        I know Lou Holtz is in the past, and modern day coaching has evolved (remember when Lou used to grab a player by his face mask and get his point accross?). But when things weren’t working out he used go through his roster and find players who could give him some plays. I also remember him getting pissed off and taking away the play calling duties from some poor offensive coordinator. But in todays game, I think Tenuta is safe from Charlie Weis.

  4. “JDH – Fair enough. I was surprised that he received as much playing time as he did after his atrocious performance in the USC game. I think he would be more successful if he was put in at LB because he is actually a tough guy but he definitely lacks the speed of a DB. Nothing personal. I just that Harrison is playing in the wrong position. Period.”

    Pachuco- I agree with you 100% about being suprised here. Obviously I feel the same way. And you know I agree with you regarding his lack of speed. If he can contribute to our LB corp., I’m all for it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed bro because clearly it ain’t working right now at DB….

  5. the person who said the irish play without any emotion hit the nail on the head. charlie weis’s teams dont play with emotion because he doesn’t believe in it, all they need are his x’s and o’s. ever hear him speak? he’s completely taken the PEP out of the pep rally. that’s why they have never beaten a team that’s better than them in his almost five years. the closest they have ever come is twice against USC. about the only times the team has played with real emotion durin the weis era.

    • Not true. Used to be true but not true this year. I’ve had that same criticism of Weis for years. He did not have the ability to instill emotion and killer instinct into his players. In years past, their cluelessness/laziness on the field and inability to put games away were proof.

      This year they have come from behind and/or won close games week after week. You don’t do that if you “have no emotion”. They lost the Michigan game because of poor clock management, some poor play calling, and horrendous officiating. USC game became a battle to the very end.

      I am no fan of Weis because I have never / do not like his coaching style, for the same reasons that you are pointing out. But something has changed in him and with this team. The emotion and swagger is there and he must be doing something right behind closed doors.

      What is missing is proper coaching (from Tenuta) and execution in the secondary. Most of our DBs are impotent.

      This is a top-ten, and maybe top-5 team if we had a pass defense.

  6. Didn’t see the game so I can’t comment. Was with the family on volunteer weekend.

    I’d like to ask a couple things though:

    1. Is Notre Dame just the team any of you picked for your favorite or is anyone aware ( truly aware ) of the magic that once was Notre Dame football?

    2. Do any alums remember when these were our guys not just 5 star recruits we argued about purely for their talent?

    3. Does anyone remember when Notre Dame played close games against the best ( like last week’s game ) and took care of the non-ranked in short order?

    4. Does anyone think Notre Dame can pull off some magical seasons like 1989, 1977, 1973, 1966? Those seasons weren’t just about winning a national championship. There was something extra going on.

    I read criticism of play calling and then I hear people defending Coach Weis or criticizing him. I don’t hear talk of confidence in our boys or the program. Does Notre Dame still have what made us different?

    • Totally agree C-Dog. Lead,Follow or get out of the way! ND is still and always will be one of the most respected programs in the nation. Everybody brings their ‘A” game when they face the Irish.
      GO IRISH!!

    • C-Dog,
      Maybe the answer you seek lies here:
      I recently read a national poll and the question asked was:
      “In college football, who do you consider to be America’s team?”
      The overwhelming answer:
      Notre Dame

      • I just heard the Michigan is under investigation for violating the alotted practice time rules. Anything for a win.
        DT “Mount Cody” from Alabama saved his team’s season by blocking a field goal. He was a Junior College Transfer.
        Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow were pushed into service by their coaches. Two coaches who, in my opinion, played Russian Roulette with the health and future of these two kids. Uncalled for.
        We might not have posted the best records of late or won a national championship, but we haven’t compromised our principals ether. ND stands for a lot of things. Football is just one of them.
        I see some “special things” about this team. An undefeated season obviously isn’t one of them, but they are out there if you know where to look.

      • “I just heard the Michigan is under investigation for violating the alotted practice time rules.”

        You mean aside from what news came out about this 2 months ago? Is there something new here? Not being a smarass- I’m asking honest questions.

      • They sent them the official letter of inquiry. They even put a investigation completion date of Dec.31 2009. Makes you wonder why we didn’t a completion date for the “Reggie Bush, who’s parents get a free condo and cadilac escalade if he plays for USC” investigation.
        Speaking of USC, even with all the personal fouls calls they drew agianst ND, I still thought they got away with murder. According to this story the Pac 10 seems to agree:
        The Pacific 10 Conference on Monday suspended an official for not calling a facemask penalty against the two-time All-American.(Taylor Mays) The conference did not identify the official who made no call when Mays hit Oregon State receiver James Rodgers after a touchdown catch in the Trojans’ 42-36 victory over the Beavers on Saturday at the Coliseum. Rodgers’ helmet came off as a result of the hit. “We have taken this action in light of the blatant and dangerous nature of the missed call,” Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott said in a statement. “We have full confidence in our highly trained and qualified staff of football officials, but they, like the coaches and players, are accountable and must meet the high expectations placed upon them.” — LA Times
        Gives me the all warm and fuzzies knowing we still have Stanford (and another Pac-10 crew) remaining on our schedule.

  7. Breaking in a new QB will not help. But like I said: NO EXCUSES! ND needs to win 10 games at least with or w/out Clausen. BTW: I trust Clausen will want to play for a chance at a national title or Heisman. With Clausen ND needs to go to LA with a chance to play for a national championship or BCS bowl at least.

  8. What are the chances we have both Clausen and Tate back next year? Anyone think Clausen has a chance for the Heisman and if he wins it comes back? I really think the time is now and that next year might be too late considering who might not return and that we lose McCarthy on defense (yikes).

  9. Well the excuse next season will be Clausen is playing in the NFL and Teo is on a Mormon mission.

  10. Jack brings up some good points. CW is going nowhere after this year, baring a total disaster. No matter who likes it or not. Here’s what all ND fans need to get behind: 1) finish strong (preferably undefeated in the second half plus win the bowl game); 2) finish recruiting season with a bang (land S. Henderson, to replace Sam “underwhelming” Young and land some D talent); 3) CW and his staff do some real soul searching (forget about schematic advantages, don’t take anyone lightly, and play with more heart every game). Next year is make or break for CW, however. I don’t want to hear excuses next year.

    • The only problem is we heard that last year….hummm..maybe next year..

    • Steelfan,

      Exactly what I am saying. It is important for everyone to realize that stability in a program is what makes a program. Look at the great years at ND a stable coach for at least 10yrs. One more year and I will not make excuses next year.

  11. yeah, anyone that wants to fire cw right now must be a masochist. there are many exceptions, but the majority of successful programs have stability in the coaching staff. USC, OK, TX, Ohio state, Penn state, and look to NE and FL St in the 90s. trying to find the ‘hot’ coach that will lead us to the promise land (urban meyer) is a huge gamble and will most-likely lead to turmoil and more losing seasons

  12. Mike,

    Why wait lets fire him tomorrow. Who do you want to get. ND sucks. Weis sucks. Swarbrick sucks. Fire all of them dig up Knute Rockne to be the AD with Lou coaching. Better yet why don’t you become the AD I bet you will run the program better. I didn’t like Willingham, but he should have been able to finish his contract like every other coach before him. Now everytime you people think the program isn’t where it should be the rumors of firing the coach will come and the only thing that will hurt is recruiting, but lets have another fiasco like our attempt to get Urban Meyer. Bang up job by our previous AD who was horrible. Lets get Brian Kelly and throw money at him or the guy from Boise State. We are ND we can get whoever we want when we want. I bet you Brian Kelly will quit right now and just coach the rest of the season.

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