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Standing Watch Michigan State Style

Best photo of the year so far…..

Fortunately for these Michigan State players the Notre Dame team was more concerned with singing their alma mater with their fans instead of desecrating their opponents field. Maybe if the Spartans were as concerned with protecting their lead in the fourth quarter as they were with protecting their field they wouldn’t have had to be out there.

I must say, as a Notre Dame fan, I am really pleased that our team didn’t try anything stupid after the win especially after seeing the John L Smith inteview on the flag planting from last year during the game. For those of you who missed it, Smith, with that stupid grin he always has on his face, basically was laughing while saying his biggest concern was with the fact that his players missed mid-field.

You stay classy East Lansing.


  1. The movie Rudy. PRICELESS!

    The Golden Dome. PRICELESS!

    Touchdown Jesus. PRICELESS!

    A wharehouse full of “return to glory” T-shirts CHEAP!

  2. I love the picture. The flag-planting incident seems funny now, but in the back of my mind and dreams, the ND logo would have looked great against that big S at mid-field. But it is hard to plant a flag in composite turf. I was at the USC game last year and Reggie (dollar) Bush planted the USC flag in the end-zone after warm-ups in front of USC section. In coincidence, it was very close to the same area where Matt L. scored the final TD. I thought that flag incident was just as bad.

  3. This picture of Larry, Moe and Curley will be with me forever. I still miss Shemp, though. Excuse me while a chortle awhile.

  4. Why didn’t the Irish do us all a favor and plant there flag through John L. Smith’s heart.

  5. Roger that Frank.

    Notre Dame showed class and a lot of leadership for the entire NCAA just simply singing with the band.

    Let the other fools embarrass themselves with this Miamism.

    GO IRISH!!!!!!

  6. Great post Frank. I saw the interview you were talking about with John L and it made my blood boil. Nice to see our team has more class than Sparty…they can talk about their flag planting all they want…but the fact of the matter is that this loss is going to kill them for the next year…whereas most of us have already moved past what happened in 2005.

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