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Another New Helmet for Notre Dame

Notre Dame will wear its 4th different helmet of the season on Saturday when they square off against Maryland at FedEx Field in Washington. (Photo – Notre Dame Athletics Facebook)

Look out Oregon, Notre Dame will be wearing its 4th different helmet of the season this weekend when the Irish travel to Washington, DC to host the Maryland Terrapins at FedEx Field.

Notre Dame announced earlier Monday that they will be wearing another new helmet this weekend for the “Shamrock Series” – the new name for Notre Dame’s yearly prime-time neutral site home game. From the official release:

This marks the first in a series of uniform features that will be utilized for Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series contests. After the 2011 game at FedExField, the Shamrock Series in 2012 moves to Soldier Field in Chicago for a game against Miami. In 2013 the Shamrock Series matchup against Arizona State will be played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Irish will showcase uniform variations in their annual Shamrock Series games but otherwise will wear their standard uniforms the rest of the season.

Notre Dame’s full uniform for this weekend will feature the old standard green jerseys that Notre Dame last wore against Army a season ago but made popular with the classic 2005 USC game along with white cleats and new gloves.

Notre Dame previously wore the standard gold helmets for five games this season, one game with the standard gold helmet featuring a similar shamrock for the Michigan game, and then the new gold helmets that were introduced for the USC game before unveiling the latest.  Purest will undoubtedly hate the latest rendition of the Irish helmet because it strays from tradition (even though Notre Dame had previously worn helmets with shamrocks on them many years ago) while many younger fans are bound to like them for their “cool” factor.

Honestly, I can see both sides of the debate and personally, I don’t have much of a problem with these.  I do think they are kind of sharp, but after just unveiling the new every game helmets a few weeks back (which I love) I can see why some will not like the introduction of these new helmets at the same time.

One thing I will point out to those who are quick to criticize these helmets is that recruits are bound to love these and for as much as some don’t want to admit that things like this effect recruits (or for those who use the argument that “if a player is effected by uniforms/helmets/etc then we don’t want them”) remember that you are talking about 17 and 18 year old kids and these are precisely the kinds of things they take notice to.

Now, will introducing new helmets like this help Notre Dame secure a commitment on the spot?  Absolutely not.  At the same time, doing things like this to make Notre Dame a little more hip to recruits will help Notre Dame get noticed by a few more recruits down the road.

Can’t wait to see the debate that takes place in the comments over these.  Fire away.


  1. yes, i have a problem but can live with a ‘new’ helmet if just featured in Shamrock Series game…once a year…interesting, different, to look forward to…just once a year…and Golden Dome helmet is sweet…that’s our helmet…

    Now…years ago…Irish wore a helmet with a cross over the top…was our helmet, every week…please bring that one back … and if it looks good…why not on the new Dome helmet each week…once, and check the comments…please…

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