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Notre Dame’s Bowl Options

Lost in all of the Charlie Weis buyout rumors from the past few days is the fact that Notre Dame is still bowl eligible and according to Weis last week, the Irish will go to a bowl if they are invited this year.  That said, I came across a post over on the ESPN College Football Blog defining the bowl options for the Irish this year.

Here are the bowl games which will have an at large spot available to them.

Guaranteed Open At-Large Bids

  • (1) Texas Bowl – 12/30 – (vs. Conf USA)
  • (1) Poinsettia Bowl – 12/23 – (vs. Mountain West) (Update: The Poinsettia Bowl is not an option for ND)
  • (1) Papajohns.com Bowl – 12/29 – (vs. Big East)
  • (2) Independence Bowl – 12/28
  • (1) Emerald Bowl – 12/27 – (vs. ACC)

Possible Open At-Large Bids

  • (1) Motor City Bowl – 12/26  (vs. MAC)
  • (1) Hawaii Bowl – 12/24 – (vs. Hawaii)

So there you have it.  We could be in a bowl game anywhere from December 23-December 30.  Of these bowls, the only one the Irish have ever been to is the Independance Bowl.  Notre Dame lost to LSU 27-9 in Bob Davie’s first season as head coach for the Irish in 1997.

Not exactly the big name bowls most were hoping for before the season started, but as the infamous Bob Davie used to say, “it is what it is”.


  1. Notre Dame is a quasi-member of the Big East (they belong for all other sports), and my impression was that they were entitled to take any of the Big East’s bowls. I think this has been a subject of controversy for Big East fans for quite some time, allowing ND the benefits of Big East affiliations without actually having to commit to joining the conference for football. Allowing ND to take a bowl game when there are many other 7 win teams out there is another travesty of college football. All hail the TV revenue. Make ND join a football conference and play by the rules like every other school has to, or else be totally ineligible for post season bowl games.

  2. I think OSU fan should be more concerned with spelling if he’s going to toss words like ignorant around.

  3. osu fan,
    My apologies for identifying you with a disreputable Ohio State program. That said, why have you intruded on our blog site. This is meant for ND fans, not outsiders. There are several blog sites for that and I’m sure you are welcome there.
    I grew up in Pennsylvania and I know they were licking their chops at a probable double victory over OSU. As long as we’re talking about the PAC-10, can any of the PAC-10 teams that still maintain the “student” in student athlete compete? Didn’t the PAC-10 for 1-6 against the lowly Mountain West this year? And you have the gall to come into a Notre Dame chat room which has nothing to do with you? Who is arrogant and ignorant? Look in the mirror, take care of your own house by actually winning the PAC-10, and talk about your conference’s general mediocrity, both in performance and in officiating.

    You aren’t invited here.

  4. Actually you ignorant and arrogant ND fans I am not an Ohio State fan. There is more than 1 OSU and if you read my first thread it talked about beating you in BOWL games. Where it hurts you the most. That’s right the lowly Beavers have beat you in two bowls this decade and if the Irish had only done well enough for the Sun bowl to choose them then the Beavers would have a chance to take their frustrations of missing out on the Rose Bowl by kicking your butts all the way back to South Bend again (Just like 2000 and 2004). By the way maybe one of these days you should schedule us in the regular season, we could use an easy win! Nothing better than watching the Irish loose and since you will be keeping Charlie around for 1 more year that is another 3 years of loosing to look forward to.

  5. with you on that c-dog. OSU stinks they are overrated every year

  6. Count me in C-Dog. Lets include Ivan Maisel and Mark May too.


    Further, I am sure OSU’s 10 wins encapsulates numerous signature wins in their extremely difficult conference.

    Just like OSU’s academics…Hmm…Oh yeah, Football – 1.9 GPA and probation carries the day there. Phys-Ed anyone?

  7. @osu fan,
    If we settled into the Big Ten Conference we might not do worse. But ND will never join the Big Ten because they support embryonic stem cell research. That’s no joke. It’s why as an alum I voted against it in 1998. But unless you violate NCAA rules or have low standards like THE Ohio state does, being an independent allows you to chart your own course. I laugh at OSU and their lack of academic excellence. Maurice Clarett, enough said.
    Speaking of so called BCS conferences, how about the MAC instead of the Big Ten, or the Mountain West instead of the PAC-10? Since folks are picking on ND it’s all fair game now.
    I hope ND goes to any bowl and Weis or no Weis, puts up 70 points on an opponent.
    ESPN and all the other so called journalists can stick it. I’d like to take everyone one of you on this fan blog and challenge Pat Forde, Gene Wojechowski, etc, at ESPN, and Dennis Dodd at CBS, and any of these other bar hoppers to a football game. Tackle, no pads. I know I’ll put a few lights out. Anyone interested?

  8. I could care less if we lose a “second tier bowl” as well. As Justin said people are already “done” with CW and are writing him off. I think his job is safe. Its another game that we didnt have the opportunity to play in last year. Its more practice, more games and the most important thing to end the season on a high not and 7-6.

    So I ask what would mean more: another ND loss or a ND win in a bowl game?

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