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Notre Dame’s Defense Protects with Triple Action

Saw the following ad in this week’s ESPN The Magazine – it’s been floating around a couple of the ND sites the past couple of days so I figured I would scan a high res version of it.

Notre Dame Adidas Ad


  1. Boy – watching the games of glory years gone by I am reminded of a very very good point and observation over time – as the Notre Dame offensive line goes so goes Notre Dame. The offensive line was the primary force and factor which contributed ultimately to the biggest wins and great seasons of ND football past!

    I truly hope the line wakes up and realizes their tremendous responsibility and mission – Joe Moore is watching – make him proud in 08′ the man deserves it!

  2. Sure hope no copyright notice was missed. Large Corporations sometimes get real testy about stuff like this. And especially when they indeed have a royality contract with the University concerning proprietary matters. Just some food for thought.

  3. Trademark infringement? Or is the University getting royalties??

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