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Reality Check for Notre Dame Fans

It was ugly. It was hard to watch and even harder to stomach, and it’s abundantly clear adjustments have to be made moving forward. Based on Notre Dame’s triple overtime victory over Pittsburgh, it would be easy to assume the above descriptors are attached to the poor showing of Notre Dame’s football program. Wrong. It was Notre Dame’s fan base that was the embarrassment on Saturday and is in need of a new direction.

As the Irish team stormed the field to celebrate its come-from-behind victory, the ND fan base had a much different tone. If a college football enthusiast was looking for an argument to be had that Notre Dame does not belong in the upper tier of college football, there was no need to turn on ESPN – strolling through the plethora of Fighting Irish online media would more than suffice.

“I will never root for him [Kelly] again,” one fan opined. Another agreed, acknowledging that though the Irish had prevailed, Kelly proved against Pitt he’s not an elite coach.

Those are tough, force-fed criticisms as Notre Dame’s football team moved to 9-0 for the first time in 19 years. And in another sign of just how difficult it is to coach at the University of Notre Dame, no one bothered to ask Brian Kelly in his post-game Q&A how he felt about becoming only the fifth coach in Notre Dame history to start a season 9-0. Kelly now joins a list of former coaches spoken in only the deepest of Irish reverence and lore, with names such as Knute Rockne, Frank Leahy, Ara Parseghian and Lou Holtz (all national championship winners). Not even the great Dan Devine, who won a national title with the Fighting Irish in 1977, ever managed a 9-0 start. But there was no time for such trivialities. The true question on many Irish fans’ minds was how Brian Kelly was going to fix his offense when Notre Dame quarterback, Everett Golson, is “clearly not there yet” as a leader, as another Irish fan lamented.

Indeed, the Irish offense flat lined throughout a great portion of Notre Dame’s tough-fought victory over Pittsburgh. But when the game, and ND’s BCS-capable season, was on the verge of collapse and the Irish defense finally needed the offense to carry them, Golson’s golden helmet shone as bright as his future. The Irish signal caller threw for 2 TDs and 105 yards in the air, and chipped in another 66 yards, 5 first downs, one touchdown and a 2-point conversion with his legs. All told, Golson racked up 171 yards, 3 TDs (including the game-winner) and one must- have 2-point conversation in just a little over a quarter. Perhaps, as is the case in life, some would rather focus on the three quarters of lethargy rather than the clutch offensive firepower shown by a freshman quarterback when his team needed him most.

At ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut, former Notre Dame coaching legend Lou Holtz was no-doubt offering a knowing smile as Brian Kelly, instead of celebrating another Irish milestone achieved this season, was answering tough questions about the Irish’s lackluster performance. Holtz has been under the glaring lights of the national media and brutal expectations of Notre Dame fans, and his description of the pressure, in his always-witty manner, is fitting.

“The expectations here at Notre Dame can change a little bit as you go along. When I first started, everybody said they just wanted us to be competitive. That first season in 1986 we went 5-6 and lost five games by a total of 14 points. But people said, ‘No, when we said competitive, we meant we want you to win.’ So the next year we went 8-4 and played in a New Year’s Day bowl. But they said, ‘No, when we said we want you to win, we meant win them all.’ So the next year we did win them all. We went 12-0 and won the national championship. But they said, ‘No, you don’t understand, we meant we want you to win big.’ That’s the way it goes at Notre Dame.”

In the every-move-you-make-is-watched-and-judged environment that goes along with Notre Dame football, many relevant stories go unnoticed. Like the fact #7 LSU, after falling moments short of beating #1 Alabama, only held a 17-9 lead against Division I FCS Townson earlier in the season. Or that #2 Kansas State had a similar bout of sleepiness earlier in the year with a 9-6 halftime lead against Division I FCS, Missouri State. The angry outbursts didn’t reach a boiling point when the #5 Georgia Bulldogs squeaked by a one-win Kentucky Wildcat team, 29-24. And no one questioned whether Urban Meyer was the right hire at Ohio State when the undefeated Buckeyes trailed the University of Alabama-Birmingham, 12-7, deep into the second quarter.

Winning at the collegiate level isn’t easy, and while the Irish eked out a win over Pitt that failed to meet the expectations of many Notre Dame fans, the fact is Notre Dame and Brian Kelly did something this past Saturday that only 0.05% of the college football landscape has been able to accomplish: they remained undefeated.

Brian Kelly has a 24-hour rule after victories. The players and coaches spend 24-hours enjoying their win and then immediately get back to work to see where they can improve the following week. Perhaps the ND fan base should take a page from their “non-elite” head coach to see how they can improve for this week’s night game against Boston College.


  1. “It was ugly. It was hard to watch and even harder to stomach, and it’s abundantly clear adjustments have to be made moving forward. Based on Notre Dame’s triple overtime victory over Pittsburgh, it would be easy to assume the above descriptors are attached to the poor showing of Notre Dame’s football program. Wrong. It was Notre Dame’s fan base that was the embarrassment on Saturday and is in need of a new direction.”

    They’re looking at Southern Cal. I have a hard time believing Boston College or Wake Forest can up-end ND. Being a LSU (North Louisiana boy) I tend to be conservative to a fault. ND will meet SC in L.A. undefeated IMO.

  2. I agree about the fan base! I myself watching the game with my son, was so excited about the 3 OT win evidently didn’t even notice the fan base reaction!! Hey .. It SURE DOESN’T take me time to look back over the last 15, 20 years and “APPRECIATE” what’s going on now with Irish football. The BEST defense since the Holtz era AND someone smart enough to recruit heavily on that side of the ball FINALLY!! An offense (with Golson) growing, with Kiel in the background and a very impressive Malick Zaire coming in!! Also recruiting very good skilled players and shoring up the offense line in recruiting too!! OMG WHAT DO “SOME” WANT????? LOL .. “YES” I’m bad at looking at things and criticizing Kelly and even way back at Lou (when he walked the sidelines) and coaches before and since! “BUT” let’s be a little intelligent and have a LOT MORE CLASS as a fan .. to appreciate Kelly and his staff, what he’s building here and the recruiting their doing to KEEP our beloved Irish near the top of college football consistently! IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME WAITING!!!!!

  3. Great article. I’ve been an Irish fan for more than 60 years, so I’ve seen some hard times along with a lot of good times. I don’t hang around these boards too much, mostly because there is so much negativity. After the last 18 years, who could possibly find anything to complain about this year? Sure, this team is not perfect but who is? We have a more-than-competent staff that is making the team better every year. All of Kelly’s teams have been a big improvement over his predecessor, regardless what the W/L record says. His recruiting is head and shoulders over Charlie’s and 2013 may be the best yet. There are guys sitting on the bench who would be starting at many major programs. Things haven’t looked this good at ND in a very long time. Even if we miss out on a NC shot, it’s been a very good year.

  4. Well said Dave!
    Well said indeed!

    Unfortunetly, all some fans want to do is comeplain.
    Sadly, that’s all they know.
    (Even when the team is 9-0!)

    I think it’s sad that when they finally get a great team, that they, for some reason, can’t find a way to fully enjoy it.

    I guess after 20 plus years of not winning a national Championship, some of that is to be exspected. After all, old habits are hard to break.

    It’s a free country and that’s their perogitive, but they do sometimes end up looking rediculous.

    “Kelly now joins a list of former coaches spoken in only the deepest of Irish reverence and lore, with names such as Knute Rockne, Frank Leahy, Ara Parseghian and Lou Holtz (all national championship winners). Not even the great Dan Devine, who won a national title with the Fighting Irish in 1977, ever managed a 9-0 start”.

    While they can complain all they want, it’s the numbers that don’t lie. Facts are Facts!

    But at some point (hopefully not this year!) ND is going to drop a game.

    And you think it’s bad when we are 9-0, just wait until that happends!

  5. A fan for 60 years!
    That is awesome!

    Frank Leahly’s final year was 1953. And you were around for that!
    I bet there is many a ND tale you could tell.

    Hope the lads give you another memorable season this year!

  6. Shaz,

    Do you really believe that this ND team is a “great” (your word) team? If so, given our horrendous O, redzone inefficiency, poor STs, blown TOs, etc., then our standards of greatness have greatly diminished at ND!

    One should not confuse valid criticism with complaining. IF ND were winning big regularly, esp. against weaker teams, then I assure you you would read a lot less criticism from even the most critical among us.

    As for ND dropping a game, sure it will happen. Some people however seem to settle for 9 game winning streaks and take that as a measure of greatness. Why not expect 20+ winning streaks?! Then if we lose and complain, you’d have a point. But I guess some people are OK with settling for the minimum when it comes to ND football. I guess recent experience has beaten the expectations of greatness for ND football out of them.

    Some of us here will continue not to settle for being moral champions and second place trophies.

  7. I also agree about the “fanbase”, but I’ll define that as what I see in the stadium. We’ve talked about it for years- the “down in front/you’re being too loud” retirement community that is/was ND Stadium. I really don’t care if they pump AC/DC into the stadium- SOMETHING to get some excitement in there on behalf of our team! Now we have fans who give up easily. The BYU and PITT games are cases in point. Not winning easily? Ok then Kelly is a moron and we’ll sulk about it. I don’t know if this hurts the team, but it sure as hell doesn’t help.

  8. I’m probably just as guilty as many of us – thought I was going to throw the television out the window more than once during the Pitt game. This year’s Irish have the heart of a Champion and play more like a real TEAM. I couldn’t be happier with Brian Kelly and how he has finally turned things around. It’s still “us against the world” as ND fans because the doubters will never give our team the credit it deserves. Coach Kelly is right – winning is the only thing that will change the landscape. For the record – our NC drought is still not as long as all of the “true powers” in College Football:

    Alabama – ’92 – ’09 (17 years)
    USC – ’79 – ’04 (25 years)
    OK – ’74 – 2000 (26 years)
    LSU – ’58 – ’03 (45 years)
    UGA – ’81 – ????
    FL – First ever – 1996 / 2nd – 2006
    Michigan – ’48 – ’97 (48 years)
    Ohio State – ’68 – ’02 (34 years)

    Our drought of ’88 – now is our longest ever but 24 years is pretty normal in comparison.

  9. SFR,

    What do you care what I believe in?

    I’m not out to try to change your mind.
    Believe in whatever you want.

    I’m just enjoying the season.

    Is that OK with you or should I have sought your approval first?

    You believe in not making excuses, but your post sounds an alot like one to me.

    Your opinions might not mesh with mine. And mine might not mesh with yours.

    It doesn’t make them right, and it doesn’t make them wrong.

    It just makes them different.

    “Greatness” Greatness, much like beauty… is in the eye of the beholder.

    You have your view, and I have mine.

    And they just happen to be different. That’s all.

  10. “I will never root for him [Kelly] again,” one fan opined. Another agreed, acknowledging that though the Irish had prevailed, Kelly proved against Pitt he’s not an elite coach.

    That comment is absolutely absurd. BK is without a doubt a top 10 coach, with a great staff that is bringing in a developing talent. Look at the culture change in the program over a short period of time. I can be critical of his decisions at times but if you cannot appreciate what he has done (and is building towards), please find a new team.

    Then we will roll that time in the near future.

  11. SFR,
    With all due respect, I also don’t understand your post. Who is settling for “9-game winning streaks”? They are 9-0 and most likely soon to be 11-0. The PITT game was a letdown and definite bump in the road. I think this is a great team. A top 3 defense and pretty good offense that is building.

    Is being happy with the significant progress = settling for mediocrity? Are we supposed to be inconsolable about not dominating PITT?

  12. Really tough hard fought game def a huge let down game afetr there biggest win on the road in years. Enjoy the ride people who really thought we would even be in this place at the start of the season with this brutal schedule EG played his best game a couple years ago this team would have gotten blown out but they gutted there way back into the game that shows a lot. Embrace the HATE!!! beeat BC only team I hate more the SC

  13. I thought the game was a work of art by Golson bailing out the closer for a change! Yet, no surprise with some of the amnesia “holier-than-thou” fans, running around claiming to be the perfect advocate or reality for BK. Imagine that! After 48 years of ND football definately “Old News!

    I’m all for giving credit when credit is due. Funny thing though, the BK fan boys love to rub facts in your face “after the fact!” Further, they don’t like it if you give uneuphoric reasonable credit. They demand you become a totally commited BK cheerleader as the above suggests. And if you do, then they won’t allow you invade their sacred turf by mocking you continuouly for high expectations. Definately a win win situation with the 1% kooks.

    Here’s a dose of “after-the-fact!”

    I like the FACT that BK has stopped practicing in 60 mile an hour winds. I like the FACT that BK has stopped calling out players in the media.
    I like the FACT that BK has stopped the player name calling in the media.
    I like the FACT that BK has transformed himself “back into” a player’s coach this year as promised, the results are obvious.
    I like the FACT that BK that is finally giving credit to his players and defending them in the media as past great iconic coaches do!
    I like the Fact that we are 9-0 for the season.
    I like the probability we will be 13-0 for the season.
    I will give proper credit to BK when we win a National Championship and not before.

    Finally, I don’t worship BK nor do I hate him, I just want to win the ND way! It seems we are now heading in the right direction. Sorry though, no statues just yet for the record and over-zealous fans are just that!

    Here come the Irish!

  14. The future of ND Football is BRIGHT with BK running the program. I havent always agreed with some of the decisions that BK has made this season such as Cierre Wood no longer being the premier back as well as some of the QB decisions but its hard to argue with 9-0 and BCS Title game talk. We fans havent been in this position in a long time. Recruits are getting excited about ND football again which is going to be huge in the near future. Future is Bright

  15. The funniest thing about all this is that ND was supposed be struggle just to win 6 or 7 games this year. Never in my wildest dreams did I think ND would be 9-0 at this point. Let that sink in. 9-0. If you told people at the beginning of the season you think they would start 9-0, they’d ask what weed you were smoking.

    Pitt was ugly. Yes, ND made mistakes, yes they came out flat. But you know what, for the last 10 seasons, that game would have been a loss. They would have given up. One thing above all else that gives me hope is they fight to the end. If they are going to lose, it’s going to be kicking and screaming to the finish line. The toughness is back. Next year, with some experience and some key players on the field, this teaam is going to be scary.

  16. Greatness is easy to define. It’s not subjective, no matter what some here want us to believe. ND football was great. No one debated that, even if many resented it. Greatness at ND was defined by wins, epic victories in epic contests, long winning streaks, National Championships, Heisman Trophy winners. These are not subjective categories of greatness! These defined ND football as great for decades, and barring for settling for anything less, will, I believe, come to once again define ND football.

    Until we return to that, ND football will not be great. Like many here I believe we’re getting there. I trust and hope that feeling is right. But until such a time as 10 plus wins a season and NC hunts and Heisman Trophy winners once again become the norm at ND, don’t talk to me about ND being great at football. ND may be a great school, with high moral and academic standards, but by the objective standards of historic ND football greatness outlined above, this program is not great now and hasn’t been for many, many years.

    Unless I missed it, ND hasn’t won a NC since 1988. Hasn’t gone undefeated at home in almost as long (I think ND has gone undefeated at home only once in the NBC era!). Hasn’t won a Heisman since Tim Brown. That speaks to decades of mediocrity.

    As for this team , any one calling it great has no shred of football common decency. This team is very good on D. Average to slightly below average on O. And downright dreadful on STs. All these statements can be backed up by facts and figures. This is greatness! The Irish have gotten extremely lucky on more than one occasion and had to escape Pitt at home (who lost to Youngstown State at Heinz Field!) because a kicker missed a 30 yard FG and the officials didn’t realize ND broke the rules on the play. If that makes for a great team, then you have no sense of what real greatness is. If you think this team is great you must never have grown up watching truly great ND teams. I feel sorry for that, I really do. But some of us here now what ND football greatness looks like. We’ve seen it first hand.

    God forbid our standards of greatness for ND football take us to become Pitt or BC!

  17. Thank You LEO! Living in Columbus I’m reminded that “it is not 1988 anymore” *Well since 1988 we have seen: 1. Lou-incredible Uncle Lou -2. Bob Bland Vanilla Davie hired by the wrong man at the wrong time for the wrong University,
    3. Willingham-smoke and mirrors 4.The hiring and firing of O’Leary for lying – and then 5.the Charlie years and now 6.Kelly.
    Think of all of the games with ALL of these coaches–memories for sure. When I see a Lou coached team on tape and when I see Kelly’s teams they find ways to win. They CAN ( could) win. When compared to the other coaches above, I see games we could have won and lost momentum several times and coughed it up because the heart was not there in addition to inadequate coaching or consistent bad play calling at key moments.
    The Heart and will IS here this year. Clutch wins over Purdue, Stanford, BYU and Pitt are not bad things. Can we do better? Sure! Did we lose them? NO! Will these guys with heart find ways to win and analyze the let downs and how to stay focused for success? YES. Why? Kelly and company and M-Teo! This team has spirit. Winners are built not on automatic assumptions but overcoming adversity time and again. It isn’t luck. It’s a good team–with room for improvement AND they know it. BUT they are fun to watch, the fans heart rate is high and they are winning the big games with great defense. Backs to the wall or dominating, this team has thus far provided the entire Nation with surprises, talent and the will to win. I can count only four teams in ALL of College Football with that same infectious spirit.
    I would rather reflect on a 29-26 WIN than a 29-26 loss. I’m GLAD Pitt didn’t lay down and die for us. * The field goal miss in the second OT was a gift
    ( Gipper’s Ghost? Maybe?) Collective sigh everyone–we are still —unbeaten. We still have room to grow and get better. The best is yet to come. Look at the potential. I personally have been waiting for this since the LOU era. I have not seen it since 1993. Boston will not play like third graders. This is their bowl. Wake has upset many early and late. USC speaks for itself. I’m not talking title–I’m talking the set up for the future by doing all we have done this year and NOW! Let us not forget that! AS IRISH FANS WE ALL WANT THAT! We are Ripe to make some history! Pretty or not, enjoy the VICTORY! WE ARE ND! A Crescendo is mounting and could be in our favor. I BELIEVE IN THE POSSIBILITY OF IT!

  18. The comment about the wind is a little below the belt.

  19. Shaz,

    With due respects, you sound like a moral relativist. What’s right for you might not be right for me. What’s beautiful for you might not be beautiful for me. Live and let live.

    I absolutely agree with you that you are entitled to your opinions. However, don’t tell me that defining football greatness at ND is an exercise in relativism. It aint!

    This team is not great. A great team would’ve obliterated BYU and Pitt at home. A great team wouldn’t be ranked 89th in redzone efficiency. A great team would have more than whatever scant yards we have in punt and kickoff returns. A truly great team would leave no doubts about its greatness, and even the haters what have to admit that.

    Some one may like Mozart more than Bach, or the Vienna Symphony more than the London Philharmonic. But no one in their right mind would say that my compositions for my high school concert band are equally as good as a Bach piece performed by the London Philharmonic!

    Right now Bama is the Vienna Symphony performing a Mozart concerto. ND is more like my HS concert band.

    I want ND to become the London Philharmonic playing great pieces before the largest audiences in the most important venues. Perhaps you’re OK with it just being the local HS band.

    If you want to respond then do so with facts that make your case as to how this team is truly great, not just undefeated but great. I can be convinced by facts.

  20. Jesse: Culture Change indeed. You are right. Somebody near me said “He is too harsh on these boys. He is just too mean.” I turned around and said ” Sir, this isn’t mid-tied High School Football. He expects the best and finding ways to win. If that disgruntled look does it, so be it. They are big boys, they can take it. If not, the door is that way.” Expectations are higher, the culture–as you noted, IS at a higher standard and I believe we have the potential to be better than the best in the future. Pitt came to play—all teams do when they come to Notre Dame. Good for them. Good for us as we dodged a bullet with some luck and SKILL and plays that would have NEVER been called by the three previous coaches. Your insight is keen Jesse. That “fan” near you should not expect 50-0 every week!Maybe looking at the half ass coaching of Davie will refresh his (her) attitude. GO IRISH!

  21. We are 9-0, have beaten 4 ranked teams, two in the top 10 and now are sitting at #4 in the country. We ARE a great team. What else do you want!?!??

  22. I feel for SFR, so angry when there is much to be thankful for. Try to enjoy the wins. Only 4 teams in all of college football have a better record than ND over the past 19 games.

    Winning is hard. After all the heart ache and awful football over the years you speak of just take 9-0 for what it’s worth. Enjoy it, embrace it, get on board. The constant whining and moaning about days gone by and the standards of ND is so old. I get it, we all do, that’s why we care. But the old days are gone. Lets just try to get a 10 year window where we are in the discussion for a NC. I’m not trying to tell you or all of us to settle. It is just the reality of the situation.

    This team has a great chance to run the table. This may be it during our lifetime. Sad to say but reality. ND has started a season 9-0 exactly 15 times. They’ve been playing ball over there a pretty long time. Lou and Ara did it 3 times a piece. The odds say this doesn’t happen very often.

    You are entitled to your opinion but so is everybody else and constantly hearing you whine about those of “us” who are on board has grown old. Expecting greatness to the point of absurdity will only lead to disappointment. Give your heart a break and just enjoy being 9-0 and having a chance at a NC. At the end of the day it is all you can ask for.

    Are we perfect, absolutely not. The flaws you point out are valid, but there are no stories on the wall next to the records of the iconic teams above the PLACT sign. All those teams up there did something average, but at the end of the day the W’s is what matters. If they go 13-0 then you can add another spot on the wall and all the fair catching and TO’s we call won’t matter.

    There I said it. Can’t wait to get blasted back by yourself and I’m guessing JC but the negativity is overwhelming on here. Lets moan and groan in March when there is nothing to talk about.

    Go Irish. Beat BC. Don’t care how, just do it.

  23. ChrisJ,

    2 of those teams are no longer or barely ranked. The other we needed OT to beat at home. The OU victory was indeed great.

    True greatness would be looking like the team that played the 4th quarter in Norman for a whole season, not like the team that played the first 3 quarters at home against Pitt.

    I want the 4th quarter at Norman team, but I guess you’re OK with just being the team that barely beat Pitt at home.

    I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times, with so-called fans like this who needs the haters!

    Go Cubs!… Oops, I mean Irish!

  24. The 2008 UF national championship team lost at home to unranked Ole Miss. Was that team not great?

    No one cares or remembers. They won the ring.

  25. I’m not angry, my friend. I’m enjoying the season as much if not more than you. But unlike you I’m not delusional or have my head up my ass.

    If you don’t wan to get into pissing contests, that’s easy: don’t start one! You wanted to call me out by calling me “angry”. Here I am.

    You don’t know me. Plus I haven’t heard much from you over the years, but if you want to talk about facts and reality, I’m here willing and able to have a sane and respectful discussion that’s considerate of both our positions.

    Unlike my friend JC, I’d rather not engage in drag out fights. I much prefer to discuss reasonably and have more than once apologized for my incivility. But realize you started this by taking a cheap shot at someone you don’t know.

    For the record I’m never angry at anyone here unless of course they go out of their way to offend me personally. And also for the record I love being 9-0. But finally for the record that’s not enough for me. I want to get to the point where being 9-0, 10-0, 11-0, 12-0 are a given and taken for granted.

    I’m sorry for those of you who are willing to settle for less!

  26. Are you going on record and predicting this team will be like that UF team and win a NC?!

    Go for it! You made the comparison. Stand by it like a man and tell us how this team will be just like a legendary UF team that won multiple titles under Meyer. Go ahead.

    Any way, you miss the point and in fact only make my case for me. That team WON a NC! That’s what made them great! Not that they were 9-0 or on their way to building something. They were already there!

    My God, man, take a class in elementary logic and you’ll see that rather than contradict me you in fact made my case for me!

    From ND Southy’s to God’s ear: ND will win multiple NCs just like Teebow’s great UF squads! Guess what, Southy, when they do, yeah, then they’ll be great again. My point exactly!

  27. Ok, so you are not angry. However, you just said I am delusional and have my head up my ass and am engaging in a pissing contest all while taking a cheap shot at you. Your right, I don’t know you and I can’t imagine watching a game with you.

    I’m glad you love being 9-0. It’s the first positive thing you’ve said. In order to be 9, 10, 11 – 0 consistently we have to first get there. I’m just saying to enjoy the process. Nobody is trying to settle for less as you always seem to claim. I’m glad you have high standards, but if the only thing that pleases you is going 13-0 you will live a life of disappointment with respect to ND football. It just isn’t going to happen very often.

  28. I will look into that elementary logic class you speak of, sounds interesting.

    Sorry if the point was not clear but in your post you asked if we were ok with a team that barely beat Pitt at home. I was just making a point that even great teams lose occassionally. If you were a UF fan what would you have said that day?? You would have been killing Meyer, Tebow etc.

    My point is that it is hard to win every game and there have been many great teams over the years that have lost or played badly in games.

    Will we win the NC this year, I don’t know I’m not Nostradamus. I do know that we have chance. Believe me, its much easier to rail on this team for this deficiency or that issue because the odds say the won’t go undefeated and win a NC. I hope they do, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    Serious question for you though. A lot of hypotheticals here but here it goes: Let’s say they win out and win the NC. In doing so they need some OT games and a few calls and bounces. Bama gets upset along the way and we beat Oregon or KSU in an ugly game. Do you then retract every statement you have made all year long and say they are a great team???

  29. Southy,

    Like I said you started this by calling me angry and now want to deny that. Revisionism may work in academic history or in politics but not with a post that’s a few minutes old.

    But rather than go along with the pissing contest let’s move forward. Read my past posts carefully and you’ll see that I was among the first here last season to go on record and defend BK. I’ve made many positive assemsments of BK and his teams. Saying that ND’s redzone or STs play is atrocious is not a negative statement. It is what it is. There is a categorical difference between being negative and being critical. Like I said to someone else earlier that’s basic logic. One can be critical by pointing out both the good and the bad.

    You once again want to take a cheap shot. Perhaps it’s I who couldn’t stand watching a game with you! More realistically we’d probably enjoy watching a game together and high-fiving the good plays while dissecting the bad ones. I’ve watched games with all kinds of ND fans and never once had a bad experience, even as disagreements happened. (This is unlike my experience with Stillers’ games! But that’s another story.)

    But you just made my case for me: Why can’t we expect to win big regularly? You make it sound that being a true ND fan is being happy with whatever scarps come our way. Sorry, but that’s not acceptable of ND’s football heritage. I expect ND football to be consistently great. You should too as a ND fan. If you think it’s too much to ask for from ND football to be consistently great, then perhaps it’s time to become a BC fan.

    BTW: People sat Stillers’ fans are critical and demanding. Sure. But we also have 6 SB titles. Cubs’ fans are uncritical. They haven’t won anything in over 100 years! Demand a winner and you’ll eventually get one. Settle for mediocrity and that’s what you’ll get as a fan.

  30. Fair enough, agree to disagree. I did call you angry and have not denied it. Hard to get points across on a blog so perhaps we are both making good points but can’t get them across.

    From my handle you can infer that I am from Boston. I will be at the game Sat night going crazy with my boys from Charlestown hoping to see a big Irish win. One more thing, my Pats are coming for you!

  31. Southy,

    Good hypotheticals! Unfortunately they are just that, namely, hypotheticals.

    Here are facts instead of hypotheticals: Bama has already won a NC recently and they are on their way again (although I hope they lose!).

    If we win a NC then I have nothing to retract since they’ll have to play great football to do so and that’s all I’m asking for. BTW: I’m not even asking for a NC this season. Would love it, but could settle for 12-1 and a top 5 finish so long as the loss is against SC or in the bowl game and not to BC or Wake.

    If and when ND wins a NC, Southy, I’ll be proven right because you’ll be seeing first hand what I’ve been advocating for for years.

    Now, if ND looks like Bama on D and Oregon like O for years to come and we’re winning easy and often, one title after another, and if you hear me complaining, then call me out.

  32. Awesome, Southy! Go give them heck for me!!!

    As a Boston fan, then you know what it’s like to go a long time without a title. Lo and behold when the Sox got tired of losing and settling, they won. When the Celtics decided to get stars to win they won. When the Bruins got the right people in charge and they got their guys in, guess what, they won.

    Needless to say, as much as I hate the Pats, their coach, and their QB, guess what, Southy, those are balls to wall, take no prisoners, win as big as you can, as often as you can guys. I can assure you that the (shall remain nameless) coach of the NE Patriots and their QB would agree with me that you go out to gut your rivals.

  33. I want the Irish to be the Pats or Stillers of college football. Perhaps now Southy gets what I’m saying. I’m sure Southy now (I don’t know 15 years ago) would settle for less with the Pats. If you’re not going to settle for less with the Pats, Southy, don’t do so with your hopefully equally beloved Irish. You expect the Pats to beat the Stillers and win the SB. GOOD! Now take that same bad ass, hard as nails, balls to the wall, win or else attitude and apply to ND.

    Guess what, Southy, do that and you and me will be twins!

  34. A great team is not a one year phenomena. The Alabama team is great because of its recent body of work. We are very good, not great. Great clobbers Purdue, Michigan, and especially Pitt. Most importantly, Great doesn’t shoot itself in the foot. I am always amazed how our guys who are smart enough to get into ND and remain in ND don’t have anywhere near the discipline, not skill, but discipline that Bama has. No stupid special teams gaffs, retarded false starts at home, etc. BK is progressing, but this team is not great. And, if we finish undefeated, I will have no complaint about not being in the title game.

  35. Of course, I meant Southy “would not” settle for less with the Pats. No offense, Southy, my bad!

    Get as bad ass with the Irish as you are bout the Pats, Southy. That’s all I’m saying.

    BTW: I’m sure you’re critical about some aspects of the Patriots’ play this season. Aren’t you?

  36. fxm,

    Discipline is about coaching. For too many years our coaches since Lou have been soft and/or undisciplined. BK’s hopefully changing that culture. But it’s happening way too slowly for me. After all, BK’s finishing his 3rd season.

  37. BruceB,

    I respect your years of loyalty to ND football.

    I haven’t been watching ND football for 60 years. But have been doing so close to 40. So please don’t insult me or any other loyal sons of ND by claiming we’re negative. Being critical of errors isn’t being negative. How do you think this team will improve without valid criticism?

    Do you have children? If so, did you let them do whatever they wanted, when they wanted, how they wanted? Did you not want the best for them?

    How do you get the best out of people? By constantly praising them even when you and they know the praise is unearned?


    Praise has to be earned. As someone who has been following ND for so long you should know that. When ND is great it doesn’t need anyone making excuses or apologies for it. It wins, wins big, and wins often. It does so because the players, coaches, staff, university administration, students, alumni, and fans all demand the best. And being the best sometimes means being critical of obvious errors that need correction.

    I honor my elders, Bruce, so please don’t take any of this personally.

    Go Irish!
    Go Irish!

  38. Some good banter on the boards these days. Thanks guys (SFR, JC, Southy)Needed something to cheer me up after last night.

    BTW: I’ve heard about guys from Charlestown. I want Southy on my side!

    Go Irish!

  39. The fact of being 9-0 is excellent to start, I must say that this team has overcome many challenges that have come over the past few weeks. I want to say this to you all, if it weren’t for the heart and the feelings given, this team would have fell last week. But some teams are different, this one for one is it. It doesn’t take miracles to win, it takes heart. And if I were all of you out there, this team has come together tremendously in the last few weeks to make a run under one special coach who cares for his team and the players that make this team who they are. I can only hope these players play with passion, and pride, and glory these next three weeks to already have shocked the world but nonetheless, win it all. I hope therefor, you all understand these boys are doing their best along with the coaches included to make us proud, and the world as well. One game at a time, its within our reach.

  40. Weird how the article mentions the Ohio State vs UAB game, as opposed to OSU vs Purdue. But the point of the article is duly noted…. some ND fans weren’t happy about it taking 3 OTs to beat a team that lost to Youngstown State. Thanks. But in all honesty, Pitt has an elite RB and really isn’t THAT bad. This is college football. You’re not going to crush every opponent. But either way, if we struggle vs BC, or especially vs Wake, then I’ll be happy not to play in the NC game (God willing)

  41. I certainly don’t mean to insult anyone – I just think it’s a little sad that a bunch of adults think beating up on a 17-year 0ld freshman QB for throwing interceptions is only “demanding the best”. I’m sure Tommy’s parents appreciate the help with his character development.

  42. Steel,

    Way to be the poster boy for Frank’s post! It’s fans like you that make the haters hate ND. The next time you want to “validly criticize” ND for beating top 25 teams regularly, look in the mirror and direct your criticism where it belongs. YOU are the problem with ND, not the team.

  43. menotti,

    The problem with ND football for 20 years has been mediocrity, embodied in mediocre fans like yourself.

    You want to see a hater: easy, look in the mirror, tough guy. You embody hating ND. You hate to see us doing well. You’d prefer to see us waddle in mediocrity forever.

    Go cheer for BC or Pitt or wake Forest. That’s what your level of support merits!

    No one is impressed by your internet pseudo-tough guy talk either asswhipe!

    You guy ahead and retort with whatever juvenile offense you want. Don’t bother to come back with an actual thought, that’s beyond you.

    Go piss on some other fire hydrant!

  44. Who’s actually “beating up” TR?!

    Everyone knows perfectly well what comes with the territory when they accept a football scholarship at ND, Bruce. You’re too seasoned and smart not to know that. These aren’t pussies, at least, let’s hope they’re not. But I’ll tell you what treating them like pansies won’t help the team.

    BTW: I’m personally glad from what I’ve seen of BK that he’s not afraid to demand more and better from his 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 year olds. But then again he’s only the coach at ND and I guess Bruce and others here know those players better than BK.


  45. 3 OTs, a missed chip-shot FG, and a blown call from the refs on the missed FG. Other than that, a dominant Irish win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, oops, I meant Panthers.

  46. Oklahoma won NC’s in 75 and 85, that strtch was shorter than 26 years

  47. Next game up, BC. One game at a time. Don’t give a crap what Wake or SC is doing or not doing, they come later. Focus on this game. Learn from last week’s game and apply it to this week’s gameplan with BC. Strive for consistency and efficiency. Go boys in the Blue & Gold. Snuff the eagles.

    Go Irishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  48. SFR,

    Thank you for your endearing remarks.
    I’m sure they mean a lot to all of us.

    Thank you for telling me that I am entitled to my opinions, then telling me that I am not.
    Nothing like a good batch of double talk to get things going!

    And thank you agian for directing me on the proper way to resond.

    How silly were we to believe that we have a right on this blog to dispute pressured oppression, question an imposed level of censorship, and exercise our freedom of expression, open mindedness, and individuality.

    Your absolutly correct. None of those things has anything place with Notre Dame, Notre Dame football, or it’s fans, and I was way out of line in my formed responce in thinking so.

    It will never happen agian.

    Are you good with that?

  49. Remember, ND is 9-0. 9-0 for the first time since 1993. I don’t think anyone is really delusional. Happy, yes. Did they get lucky at times, yes. Are they there yet. No. Of course not. ND still has a long way to go. Our defense is one of the best in the nation. But even BK will tell you they are not there yet. The offense needs more time, but the pieces are there. Special teams do need a lot of work.

    But again, BYU and Pitt would have been losses last year and probably for most of the last 10 seasons. One thing this team has that has been lacking for more than a decade at ND is fight. They are not going to lie down. That is what gives me hope for the rest of this year on to next year. They won’t quit and they fear no one.

  50. Thank you, Captain Obvious.
    All I said was that Pitt has a LEGIT running back. The Steelers would kill for a Ray Graham right about now.

  51. I dont mind a coach being knocked when people stick to the facts. Remember
    they make millions. When you have the ball on the 3 and run your smallest
    running back up the gut 3 times for a loss it is a proper complaint. When
    he starts Reece in the 2nd half and quits on Golson it is a proper complaint. He just shouldt be the offensive cooridator. Other than that
    he has been fantastic. Other than his play calling.

  52. George,

    Stick to women’s field hockey!

    I guess some facts are even too obvious for you so I will keep on reminding you of them so your selective amnesia doesn’t get in the way.

    As for the Stillers, they have 2 different backs that have rushed for over 100 yards the last 3 games in a row! Last week Isaac Redman ran for almost 150 yards and a TD against the Giants in the New Meadowlands. You know the Giants, the defending SB champs. May be not.

    I guess you really don’t know much about either college or pro football

  53. Right on, Jerry, right on. Go back to my past posts and see that I’ve been saying the same things. He needs to turn over play-calling to an OC and find the best possible STs coach in the country.

    But watch out now, Jerry, by making the points you just made, even though all were true, people will say that you’re not a real ND man. That you’re being too critical of poor (millionaire) head ND coach BK and his SCHOLARSHIP athletes.

    Everyone knows what they’re getting into as an ND football player or coach. They know the pressures that come with ND football. The real greats take that pressure and forge diamonds. The excuse-makers take that pressure and make mud pies from their excrement after shitting their pants. Give me the former over the latter, the ones who don’t care about valid criticism because they’re more critical of themselves than anyone else can possibly be. The former type, that used to be the ND man. We’ve been settling for the other type for too long.

  54. Shaz,

    Believe me when I say this, no double talk, that I have long respected you and your opinions. In fact, if you recall, I have sided with you against our friend JC on more than one occasion. I have also favorably commented about your past posts.

    So I’m somewhat taken aback by your condescension. I’ve always respected your opinions and that’s not double talk.

    I challenge your sense of fairness to go back and see that what I’m saying is true.

    However, if anyone here has a valid complaint about being bullied it’s me. If I make a perfectly valid observation some here resort to name-calling and personal attacks. They start the pissing contests that I ten end up apologizing for because I don’t like getting caught in them. Go back and read some past posts and see if anybody has ever apologized to me. See how many times I’ve said I’m sorry to others. I respect all opinions whether or not I agree. I try to be as agreeable as possible unless of course I’m attacked personally

    Rather than take the opportunity to engage me, you opted for what…. Irony?!

    I respect you too much Shaz to respond in kind thus the genuine nature of my response to you latest post to me.

    I trust that we can have good natured disagreements.

    After all I have no doubts of your loyalty to ND. I hope you return the favor.


    Go Irish!

  55. Also, Shaz, please do me the courtesy of re-reading my post. What I was saying is that football greatness is not subjective. Everyone knows it when they see it! Me making a case for the concrete nature of sporting excellence has nothing at all to do with me censoring you. I just don’t know where you got the impression that I was trying to silence your opinion. Yes, I was challenging your point that somehow great football is like beauty, something that’s in the eye of the beholder. (Go back and read your own posts and see that that’s exactly your argument.) It’s that relativistic, subjective argument that I objected to and not your right to freedom of expression. Frankly, Shaz, you know that’s a red herring you sent me back. I have too much respect for you and your smarts to not call you out on that.

    Don’t confuse me challenging you with me censoring you. Just like I wouldn’t claim you were trying to stifle me by challenging something I said. If we fall into that trap, then we might as well shut down this site since no one will want to say anything for fear of being called a censor.

    I do look forward to your next ND football related post, Shaz.

  56. You’re impressed with 270 rushing yards through 8 games. Good for you.

  57. What I’m impressed with, George, is that despite the top 3 RBs playing with injuries and playing with 3 backups on the O line, Dwyer and Redman have each racked up 100 yards + three games in a row. This is so impressive that guys who have actually played in the NFL, unlike you!, have said on radio, TV, and in print that the Stillers might have the deepest stable of RBs in the NFL. Pretty impressive!

  58. Rob,

    First, please don’t take this reply as lecturing or being condensending. It is not intended as such.
    It is given in the spirit of mutual respect.

    The theme of this story by Scott Janessen is about “ND Fans”

    The term “Fans” derrives from the word “fanatical”

    The definition of FANATICAL:

    -Motivated or characterized by an extreme enthusiasm or zeal as in Religion, Politics, or Sports.
    -An intense devotion to a cause or idea.

    That us.
    All of us.

    The only difference is we each express ourselves in our own way.
    (which we should try to respect, but is often easier said than done)

    This intense devotion and variation of expression sometimes causes conflict, anamosity, pain, and occasionally, regret.

    Most of which, all of us have experienced at some time.
    (I know I have.)

    On the flip side, what would life be without a little spice? A little humor. A little history. A little conflict, A little future speculation?

    This web site can be a lot of things, but it is never boring.

    You can find, history, humor, freindship, Knowledge, enlightenment, sadness, fullfillment and more.
    It takes all kinds.

    As far as you and I go…
    At the end of the day I know one thing for certain, that you are ND Gold and Blue through and Through.

    We are ND!

  59. You can’t go from rebuilding to being a national contender without some hiccups along the way. ND fans should take more stock in a 9-0 record, plus quality wins over MSU, Michigan, Stanford and Oklahoma, than they should in squeaking past Pitt.

    Sure, I expected them to trounce Pitt too, and so it is a little concerning that they didn’t, but 1) a win is still a win and 2) it’s nowhere near time to cry that the sky is falling!

    Look at this game for what it is: an underperformance that might have exposed some weaknesses and areas to improve upon, but still a win, and still a chapter in a so far remarkable season.

  60. Shaz,

    Amen, my brother, Amen!

    Thoughts on this week’s game?

    I think ND will win convincingly. Last week was a wake up call. I fear bad weather, though. Bad weather could level the playing field.

    Southy, what’s the weather like in NE? I’ve read it’s bad.

  61. Redman is 35th in the league in rushing and regarded by nobody as being even above average. But I see what you’re getting at with the Steelers making something out of nothing. And that’s fine. I’ve seen Dwyer’s fat azz plow through some people, yes. But don’t come at me like we’re talking about superstars here. Again, I was just talking about Ray Graham, as I thought this was an ND board.

  62. Irish ’94,

    Southy IS on our side!

    He’s an ND man who will be at the game this week giving the Eagles fans hell.

  63. George,

    This is an ND board that doesn’t censor so we can occasionally make allusions to other teams and sports. After all you brought up the Steelers and their running game. I didn’t! BTW: I never said that Dwyer or Redman were superstars and I also didn’t come at you, you came after me. Let’s get that straight.

    Ray Graham may one day run for 100 yards in the NFL. I think he will be a good NFL back. But Dwyer and Redman have already done so in the NFL.

    BTW: What’s your NFL team? After all, if you’re going to talk smack about the Stillers you should have the cojones to tell us who you root for on Sundays. As far as I’m concerned only 49ers, Packers, Cowboys, and Giants fans have at least 4 SBs and can hang with the Stillers 6. Plus I’ll give Southy his due by saying he can talk smack given the Pats success against the yinzers from the Burgh over the last decade. So, George, unless you root for one of these teams I’d pretty much keep my mouth shut about the Stillers!

  64. SFR,

    BC is not very good running the ball

    Here are a few of their rushing totals
    21 carries / 25 yrds
    28 carries / 51 yrds
    32 carries / 96 yrds
    16 carries / 32 yrds
    27 carries / 8 yrds

    Since they have to pass a lot they give up sacks. 19 sacks / 143 yrds for the season.

    Rushing defense?
    Army ran 79 times for 517 yrds.

    Like you say, last week was a wake up call.

  65. Shaz,

    That’s for the stats. In this case, if weather is bad that should theoretically help the Irish. We should be able to line up and ground and pound the Eagles. Whereas they should not be able to run on us and have to rely on the air game in tough passing conditions. Again, in theory, that should play in favor of the Irish.

    If ND gets its redzone issues solved at least for this week I see them putting up between 30 and 38 points. I don’t see the Irish, barring STs or D scores against it, giving the eagles more than 10-13 points.

    Should be a blowout along the lines of 31 to 13.

  66. Meant thanks for the stats!

  67. Mid 30’s right now but it is supposed to be the 40’s for game time Sat night. Storm is pretty much over.

  68. Thanks, Southy. What about it? You still planning on giving our old friend “Angry Eagle” an earful at the stadium?!

    Whatever happened to old “Anus Eagle” I wonder. Seems that when ND started beating up BC regularly he just disappeared into the blogosphere netherworld.

    BTW, Southy, much props to the NE area sports teams. Hearts of champions! That’s all I want for the Irish. I’m sure you agree with me on that.

    Go Irish!

  69. Didn’t ND win a NC in 1977 and again in 1988? We could do this all day. Alabama won 2 in 3 years and is looking to get a 3rd this year. The point is that other teams that are doing great now have had decades of doing nothing special but those same fan bases don’t seem to remember that. In their minds, AL, LSU, or whoever they root for is the best football team ever and has never gone through a slump. I think the main reason for the hate is because ND has been able to maintain it’s independence and still gets to go to some decent bowls without winning a conference and goes to a BCS bowl if they finish in the top 8 and can go if they finish top 14 so they can lose 2 games and possibly 3 and make a BCS game and then there is our TV contract that makes them all green with envy and they wish their schools were smart enough and had the clout to negotiate a contract like that. And ND is a brand that will always be known even when they are not winning NC and they can recruit with anyone in the country and take the TX, CA, FL, and GA recruits from the southern teams.

  70. JDH,

    I appreciate the opportunity to clarify myself.

    Of course we should be happy with the progress we’ve seen. But we should also recognize that we’re no where close to where we need to be. We should come to expect 9-0 as a given again.

    Like I told Southy, we need to realize that this is a nice beginning. But it’s only a beginning. I sometimes get the impression that some here think we’ve arrived. NO! We’re not there yet. Let’s not settle for anything less than ND returning to the place where we are expected to compete every year for the NC. Southy seems to think that’s too much to ask of the Irish. Why? He doesn’t seem to think it’s too much to expect his Pats to win the SB this or any other year. Why not want the Irish to be to college football what the Pats are to the NFL? Lowering expectations over and over leads to lowering of results. (BTW: the Pats are relative newcomers to the sporting elite in this country. ND was a founder of that prestigious club along with the Yankees. And, yes, Southy, I hate the Yanks as much as you do!)

    JDH: Question? I understand many here are advocating enjoying the process. I’m not saying that’s you. But I want your opinion regardless. How long does the process last? How long do we enjoy the road trip rather than the destination? Let’s say for the sake of argument ND doesn’t win the NC this year. Should we be a bit more demanding next season. The season after that. My point is at some point the process has to come to fruition and we see dominating results.

  71. I totally agree with you, Scott. You make some very excellent points. Well written article!

  72. Rob,

    Tough Love doesn’t sell with most of these kid/fans! Especially those who never ever have been exposed to real winning tradition! They were not even a twinkle in their daddy’s eye when Ara, Devine and Lou were around!

    We are too old, angry and hypercritical in their eyes of the only limited sense of winning they know! They in turn need to understand mediocre in our eyes translates into: “a good loser is a loser for life!”

    Like I said above, I don’t worship BK or hate him! However, all must remember when a statue indeed goes up again, whoever that may be? That’s the appropriate time to hyper-reflect on accomplishment however you want to describe the winning way of ND.

    I’m OK with enjoying the season, but stop the “never-ending-BK-pander-rama-I-told-you-so!” BK has only started and he has to finish under his own coaching expertise like the rest of our legends. Yet, make no mistake ND nation, we don’t hire HC’s to run the glee club! National Championships are the only expectation the ND way! ND has a winning tradition like no other! We certainly expect it without exception every year, that’s how ND operates period! Without question, that’s the goal like or not! Ask any alum who sends a check!

    Here come the Irish!

  73. Rob,

    My measuring stick is that ND needs to be in dicussion every year for the NC. ND could go undefeated this year and not be in the NC game. Is that the fault of ND, No. This is how College football works today. The SEC is the reason for this, if a conference is deemed to be the best and you win it you are automatically in the NC game.

    Do I think ND is a top five team this year, NO, but they are a top 15 team and BK is building the team right with stout offensive and defensive lines. I think that EG and his receivers being so young is why they are not a top 5 team. Also, the special teams are horrible which leads to the defense carrying this team. BK has acknowledged that he doesn’t have the depth he wants but it’s getting better.

  74. Jack,

    Would you consider adoption? I’ll buy the beers! Hahahaha.

  75. That’s right, Jack. So long as we’re in the discussion year in and year out and win it a few of those years, ND will be great again.

    I do think ND is a marginal top 5 team. I think Bama and Oregon are consensus top 2, but I look at KSU above us and those below us and think that ND can beat them. Of course, the Irish would have to look like the 4th quarter team that beat OU in Norman and not the zombies that played for the first 3 quarters against Pitt to do that.

  76. JC,

    Sometimes I get the feeling people just want to misinterpret what I’m saying. Like you and the others here I’m pumped about this season. You can’t get better than 9-0 thus far! But what I’m saying is that we need to be a better team if we ever want to become a dominant team. We have too many holes on O and absolutely no STs play whatsoever. We need to get much better in both areas if we ever want to be truly a NC contender and a great team. That’s it; that’s all I’m saying. Nothing here you or others haven’t also pointed out.

    All I want is for ND to be great again, not just relevant, but truly great. This is a process. I realize that. But that process must culminate sometime. It can’t go on forever.

  77. I really think we’ll get there. Kelly has had a hell of a mountain to climb with a 20 year culture of losing. It’s not easy to change a culture and it appears he’s doing it. I honestly believe the Golson has the talent to be a Heisman contender, if he continues to develop. Recruiting should be fantastic because of this year’s results.

    I have no answers for special teams but I believe the ST coaches should be fired. 2 + years of no results.

  78. Rob,

    For the uninitiated ND Championship Football Fans, all I can say is, You and I have lived through winning tradition and know what it takes to get there by witness.
    This is not a personal talent contest of Head Coaches!!! They either have the skills to win it all or they don’t.

    Once fans live through it maybe they will understand our endless passion for ND Championship Football.

    I unequivocally agree it is easy to be misinterpreted with exclusive wordsmithing.

    People tend to understand better with face-to-face communication because we are simply human, not computers!

    Further, because how we engage each other on this site, we have put the fear of God in the trolls!

    I remember 5 years ago, the trolls were an everyday event! Not now! Hahahaha.

    So in the end, no worries, ND Champsionship Football will return. As soon as, the team exhibits the disipline you and I have seen in past champions. Time table? I have no idea.

    Here come the Irish!

  79. Right on, JC, right on.

    I have to admit I was somewhat taken aback by my recent spat with Shaz, whom I have a great deal of respect for and have always found him to be very reasonable. Sure, we haven’t always agreed but I certainly wouldn’t put him in the camp of rose-colored lenses wearing idealists. He’s been around long enough to know where we all stand and has always struck me as one of the more diplomatic among us. I certainly apologize if I gave him the impression I was trying to censor him. God forbid!

    Yes, I think one of the positives of our at times aggressive commentaries has been to ward off the trolls. Where are you “Angry Eagle”? Regardless of our disagreements, we need to always close ranks and drive off the trolls. Give them absolutely no quarter!

    Go back and compare Southy’s comments and bravado when talking about his Pats and compare them with his almost apologetic approach the Irish. Why is that? Because he expects the Pats to win. Southy and others seem to almost expect to have to settle for less when it comes to ND football. Only when Southy comes to feel as cocky about the Irish as he does about the Pats, after many winning seasons and titles, will he and other know what ND football greatness is all bout.

  80. True enough, but then how do we explain BruceB, who has stated he’s been watching ND football for 60 years?! He feels we’re too hard on poor TR and BK. Now it seems to be that to be watching ND football for 60 years makes you of a far sturdier generation than the recent ones. When I was growing up there were no awards for participating. Only winners and runner-ups got medals and trophies. You did or behaved badly in school, our parents weren’t siding with us; no sir they were siding with our teachers and giving us a good beating when we got home. This coddling and entitlement is out of hand.

    Everyone who takes a coaching job or scholarship at ND to be a part of the football team knows what they’re getting into.

    This is ND!!!

  81. JC,

    I am always up for adoption if the beer is free, but I owe you two beers.

  82. Rob,

    I agree they are not back until they are being talked about each year. I also believe they should be at least a 10 win team for a couple of years. This year is a start.

  83. Rob,

    Only BruceB can explain BruceB. Today, we can line-up 100 people and it is definately a miracle if two of the 100 people agree 50% of the time.

    We are now a divided nation on top of that by design. So today, I believe a classically simple monistic perceived shared goal, does not automatically translate into one ubiquitous path for all.

    However, no matter how ambiguous each blazing trail is, we all should know once we get there hopefully. Hahaha, hopefully!!!

    Here come the Irish!

  84. Rob & Jack,

    Dead on, “in the BCS conversation!” Jack Swarbrick’s mantra! So much so it cost CW his job.

    This is not entertainment exclusively for the light hearted, this is serious National and International business branding for the University of Notre Dame.

    Here come the Irish!

  85. its not an insult that you’re negative sfr , its just a fact. bruce b. sounds like a man of integrity and intelligence. maybe you need to re-check the rulebook. in order to own a “W” you have to have 1 more point than the opposition. winning a game by 30 or 40 only means you’re playing lesser competition. its easy to win games big against lesser competition. it takes alot more heart and gamesmanship to win a close game against tough competition EVERY week. thats all you haters know how to do is complain,whine and hate ! i never batted an eye during pitt game. even when we were down by two scores late. i believe in coach kelly and these players. i know you NEVER give up on Notre Dame. you haters panic and give up and start hating if you’re down in the 2nd qtr. grow up,enjoy this team and quit whining. you have no clue what it takes to run a major football program so just relax , theres people in place that do.

  86. so glad you think ND is in right direction big man. after all this football program only exists for you. make sure you let them know what else they need to do mr. braniac,and if its done to your satisfaction. thats all everybody cares about is your satisfaction.

  87. maybe you should just take heed to the majority here. doesnt that tell you something ? did somebody say this was a great team ? all try to be great,but very very few can be there. this team is 10-0 and thats damn good and i’m enjoying it. if you want to whine and wallow in your self pity and insecurities , thats fine by me,i could care less about you and people like you.misery loves company,but this is not a miserable bunch here…as much as you are trying to make it.

  88. southy its no use. this is just one of those haters that like to rile everybody up , talk in circles,then close his computer and feel good about himself. to each his own. no matter what you put in front of him , he’ll twist it and spit it back out entirely different. its what he does and he’s good at it. i guess its all he knows spinning and circle talking haha !

  89. Sorry it took me so long to reply SFR- I didn’t see your post. “The Process” never ends. Kelly has done alot in 2.5 years. I think as fans we are always going to “demand” improvement and being in the conversation of the BCS as some have put it.

    But if you’re not enjoying the progress (not process) along the way, I’m not sure when you’re going to be happy (happy not satisfied). And I’m not saying that’s you, that’s anyone who is going to be pissed, negative, give no credit UNLESS there is a national championship ring. Regardless of how amazing ND’s “process” is and how much improvement is made, there is too much parity and competition to expect ND to win a title every year. It will not happen. Repeat for 2 championships someday? Maybe- that would be awesome. But from where we’ve been for 20 years to where we are now- I’m enjoying it.

  90. JDH,

    Believe me, I’m enjoying the season too!

    My point was simply that potential has to at some point stop being just potential and become a reality. We can’t talk about a perpetual process of rebuilding. At some point rebuilding has to stop because the structure is complete and the results become tangible. I do think we’re getting close to seeing a finished product, especially on D.

    Of course, the process of development never ends. You’re spot on about that. And I appreciate the clarification you made about happy versus satisfied.

    Again, JDH, I’m happy just not satisfied yet. I’m sure you’re not fully satisfied either. I’m sure we both spot areas that need vast improvement on this team.

    So, in the end, I think we’re pretty much saying the same thing even if we express it differently. The future looks bright, especially if you factor in the recruiting class BK’s about to land.

    Thanks for the response, brother.


    Go Irish!

  91. Interesting, a very skillful backlog poster! Tough guy!

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