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Report: Bob Diaco to Be Named UConn Head Coach

Bob Diaco

(Photo: Steve Mitchell / USA TODAY Sports)

According to CBS’s Bruce Feldman, Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco is about to be named head coach at UConn after agreeing to a 5 year deal worth $1.5 million/year.  The news has yet to be confirmed by either UConn or Notre Dame at this time.

After experiencing no turnover in the staff last year, it looks like Brian Kelly will now be tasked with replacing both of his coordinators with Diaco headed to UConn and Chuck Martin being named the head coach at Miami (Ohio) University last week.

If this news had broke two weeks ago, Kelly would have had an obvious internal replacement available to him in Martin but with Martin now in charge of his own program, Kelly could have to go outside the program for at least one of the open coordinator positions on his staff for 2014 without any internal candidates with coordinator experience on the defensive side of the ball.

Diaco has done a marvelous job in turning around a Notre Dame defense that was a laughing stock just a few years ago into one of the most dominant units to ever play for the Fighting Irish last year.  Performance fell off slightly for the defense this year, but even with a rash of injuries at critical positions, Diaco was able to put a patchwork defense together that kept Notre Dame in every game despite being put in some tough positions from time to time.

The most immediate concern for Kelly outside of hiring two new coaches is going to be recruiting this weekend.  Notre Dame is set to host two key defensive recruits – Nile Sykes and Kolin Hill.  Both were thought to be possible commitments for the Irish but today’s news could throw a wrench in those plans.

Then there are all of the current commitments whom Diaco played a large role in recruiting.  Kelly and the rest of the defensive staff will have to put in some extra time keeping all of them on board as well while Notre Dame looks for a replacement.  In interim expect the negative recruiting from Irish foes to pick up big time with other programs looking to poach away while Notre Dame looks for a replacement.

The other immediate concern for Kelly is junior defensive end Stephon Tuitt.  The biggest recruit on the board this year for the Irish is their elite defensive end whom many project to be a potential first round pick if he leaves early for the NFL.  At this point it is unclear how Diaco’s departure will impact his decision.

We’ll have more on this situation as it unfolds.


  1. Thanks irisheye62. But, no, irish, we both have this site. Our styles are contrasts but nicely complement each other. Funny how we seem to say the same things differently. While great minds may think alike, we don’t need to say things the same way.

    Yes, irisheye62, crush Rutgers. Ask no quarter, give no quarter.

  2. ESPN typically sloppy. Aaron Lynch and Deontay Greenberry are NOT old friends. Never have been. They are not even in the same class, and come from different coasts.

    It was Tee Shepard who made multiple visits to Notre Dame. Greenberry just redeyed in for the 2011 USC game, and never returned to Notre Dame.
    He most probably shook Lynch’s hand and said “HI” but the recruiting staff, even before Spradlin, is rigorous in their agenda. It was a jumble of kids in that weekend (Shaq Thompson, the receivers, others) So they did not have the time to become “old friends.”e

    ESPN never lets the facts get in the way of a good tagline.

    If you want to understand football then watch football and use your eyes and your brain.

    If you want mushbrain, watch the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.
    Entertainment is their first name.

    • Duranko

      It was T. Sheppard and D. Greenberry who are good friends. Both from Fresno, Ca. and may even be related. IMO I think when Sheppard Enrolled early and got a taste of how hard it can be in the classroom that caused Greenberry to get scared and flip to Houston. Tee Sheppard just finished his year at Holmes CC in either Miss or Louisiana. He is expected to choose between Miss st. or Ole Miss. He is the #8 rated Juco recruit. It wouldve been nice to have both those kids but it wasnt to be.

  3. This has NOTHING to do with the story–but
    Florida State’s man has just won the Heisman Trophy.
    This makes me wonder -if history will repeat itself in two ways-

    Heisman winner’s team does NOT win the National Championship–
    and —-
    the SEC wins again—( with incredible talent all over that conference)
    ( Still I had to laugh WITH Steel Fan Rob above–Special Ed. Conference- SEC lol)
    I think Auburn has a chance —and if Bama was there–it would be another Crimson Tide Story–as they really have had the more difficult path than Florida State–still the best team that night is debatable–but Bama mistakes ( rare for sure) puts Auburn in–and I would LOVE to see Auburn win it to go from rags to riches in one year!
    SEC may be special ed. —
    but they DON’T CARE in the SEC –they win!
    ( not saying it’s right–but they win)

    Interesting year–to some degree.
    Here’s hoping for a REAL offensive unit at ND for 2014.

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