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Initial Impressions – South Florida 23, Notre Dame 20

South Florida Bulls cornerback Kayvon Webster (6) recovers a fumble in the first quarter of play to run back for a touchdown in game action. The Bulls of South Florida defeated the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame by the score of 23-20. (Photo - Robin Alam/Icon SMI)

Yikes.  What an ugly way to start a season that 24 hours ago appeared to have so much potential.  Notre Dame stumbled out of the starting block today with one of the sloppiest performances we’ve seen (outside the 2007 season) in a long time.

I’ll have more on this game – especially at the quarterback position where I was dead wrong all summer apparently – but for now, here are some notes broken out by offense, defense, and special teams.


  • It became crystal clear that the offense moves the ball better with Tommy Rees than Dayne Crist.  Crist looked sharp on the first drive, but after that he was just off.  He started the game 6 of 8 but finished just 7 of 15 including one horrible and costly interception.
  • For as good as Rees looked at times in the second half, he still forced a couple throws and needs to protect the ball better.  The pick coming out of the second weather break just can’t be made.  He had Eifert one on one with a small corner on a wheel route down the sideline, but still forced the ball into double coverage to Floyd.
  • Rees also needs to keep the ball in the field of play and let Floyd go up and get it.  His pass on the 2-point conversion was just a bad pass.  He is very accurate and has good touch so he’ll improve over time on that throw.
  • Overall the offense moved the ball up and down the field but couldn’t score points.  Notre Dame had over 500 yards of offense, but its first three trips into the redzone all resulted in turnovers.
  • Way, way too many dropped passes.  Some of the drops could have been avoided with some improved accuracy or a little more touch from Crist, but at the same time, if a receiver gets both hands on the ball, he’s got to come down with it.
  • My apologies for apparently jinxing Theo Riddick with all my talk of a breakout season.  Riddick had a lot of chances to make plays in the passing game, but just couldn’t come down with catches he has to make.  He’s got 11 games left to make up for today so not all is lost.  Tony Alford is going to need to do a great coaching job with Riddick this week to get his head right as NBC showed him on the sideline several times looking distraught.
  • Note – it is entirely too early to give up on Riddick at WR.  He showed more than a little promise at the position last year and was in a position to make plays today as well – he just didn’t come down with them.
  • TJ Jones had a couple key drops as well – none bigger than his dropped touchdown in the second quarter.  Jones didn’t seem to like the throw too much but it hit him in the check.  He simply has to make that catch.  Jones also had a pass hit him in the head/shoulder inside the 5 yard line which resulted in one of the 5 Notre Dame turnovers just because he ddin’t look for the ball.
  • On the interception that hit Jones in the head, while Kelly was laying into him, Rees tried to take the blame and protect his wide receiver.  In a game with not much to like, that was one thing I did like to see.
  • Cierre Wood was a major bright spot.  He looked fast, elusive, and much more powerful than a year ago.  He topped 100 yards for the first time in his career and that was with Notre Dame abandoning the run in the second half while playing catchup.
  • Notre Dame doesn’t have a short yardage back right now.  If I am Brian Kelly I try a couple linebackers out at tailback for short yardage this week because they don’t have a big back capable of moving a pile on a 3rd and 1.  I noticed both Steve Filer and Carlo Calabrese in the game early as a lead blocker – it might not hurt to give one of them some carries in practice this week.
  • Jonas Gray continues to have ball security issues.  His fumble on the first drive set the tone for the game.  It’s a shame too because some of Gray’s later runs looked pretty good.  At this point though, how much can Kelly rely on him?  It might not be too long before we see Cam McDaniel and/or George Atkinson.
  • Michael Floyd was a beast in the second half.  Even with USF double teaming him, he found ways to get open. He ended up with a career high 12 receptions and scored two touchdowns to add to his school record for receiving touchdowns.  He also moved past Jeff Samardzija into first place in the all-time receptions list.
  • Tyler Eifert had a pretty good game as well and showed why he is on the Mackey Award watch list.  Eifert is a matchup problem for almost any defense and it looks like he is going to be a favorite target for Tommy Rees.  If Eifet holds on to the one drop he had from Crist in the second quarter, there wouldn’t have been anything to really critique from his performance.
  • The offensive line played pretty well.  Both Rees and Crist had time to pass most of the time and there were lanes for the running backs to run through while the Irish were still running the football.


  • Overall, this was a solid performance from the defense, but when Notre Dame needed a big stop in the 4th quarter, they let USF march down the field for a 14 play drive that ate up over 5 minutes of the clock and ended with a touchdown that pushed the USF lead to 16.
  • Defensive line played pretty well, but didn’t get too much pressure on BJ Daniels.
  • Didn’t like any of the delay safety blitzes at all.  By the time Harrison Smith got to the line of scrimmage that ball was already long gone.
  • Speaking of Smith, he didn’t have a very good game.  He looked more like the 2009 version of Harrison Smith – not the end of the 2010 season version.  Not only did he rack up back to back personal fouls at one point, he also tried to deliver a huge hit on a pass he could have easily picked off if he kept his head up and went for the ball instead of the hit.
  • The one unit that scared me a little on the defense was the secondary.  Saw a number of bad angles taken and a whole lot of really loose coverage on key plays.
  • Despite some of the struggles, the defense only gave up one offensive touchdown despite the offense turning the ball over 5 times.
  • Notre Dame failed to seal the edge on a number of zone read runs by Daniels.  With Michigan and Denard Robinson on the schedule next week, that is very concerning.
  • Louis Nix looked very solid on the reps he got and played hard until the very end blowing up a running play on South Florida’s last drive.
  • In a game full of huge mistakes and mental errors, one of the biggest that isn’t being discussed much is Ethan Johnson’s personal foul in the 4th quarter.  That penalty allowed USF to run off two extra plays and an extra minute and a half of game time.

Special Teams

  • Mike Elston is going to be a busy man this week because special teams were down right dreadful most of the game.
  • Ben Turk shanked his firs two punts before rebounding a little later in the game.  Still, he punted five times and had a long of just 41 yards.
  • Theo Riddick never looked comfortable fielding punts out there today.  He muffed one punt and nearly muffed another two.
  • David Ruffer’s miss was really a killer.  Had he connected there, Notre Dame is within 6 points and still has the momentum.  That miss really took a lot of wind out of Notre Dame’s sail and got USF fired up.
  • One bright spot here was kick coverage.  The coverage unit, led by Bennett Jackson, looked very strong.  Kick return unit, however, still looks like a work in progress.


  1. For more than two decades, Notre Dame has neglected its greatest teaching instrument-its football team. At one time the team’s success made Notre Dame unique. You learned that on any give day you could rise to the challenge and beat anything, no matter what the odds. Everyone learned Rudy’s lesson: you never ever give up. You learned about teamwork and that people who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society. The team’s striving for incredible excellence permeated everything at Notre Dame. Every graduate believed that in his life he could take all those lessons and apply them to his career, politics, to public service, to his family life and his faith.

    But two decades of neglect have put all that the University stands for in jeopardy. Who could not watch dumbfounded as the University let one athletic director hire one loser after another. The first an assistant coach- you never ever hire an assistant coach for the toughest coaching job in the nation. He then tried to hire the rambling Irish wreck, who was not even much of a coach, and didn’t even vet him properly. It was a huge embarrassment for the University. To save face he hires another, whose uniqueness as a black head coach makes him initially immune from criticism; but ultimately he is not a great coach. Finally, he tries to buy a big time professional coach, whose waddling across the field is an embarrassment to all great athletes. Even more embarrassing watching him yell at Brady Quinn on national TV. In the end the players gave up on him. The result was the worst football season in a forty years year. Someone was a completely poor judge of men.

    We get a new athletic director who says maybe Notre Dame might win a national championship one day. Hardly a commitment to excellence, when at one time the team fought for the national title every year. Then he hires a new head coach from a second rate football school in ten whole days, hardly an auspicious beginning.

    If you want to be the best, you take time, you prepare, you find the best coach in America. Even then the odds are long.

    It becomes quickly apparent this year there is something wrong. The defensive coordinator the new coach brings allows the opposition 58 points in two games. They are 8-6 under Swarbrick and Kelly. They lose more games in a season than Ara lost in five years. And he humiliates his players by yelling at them on national tv, what a lack of patience and dignity under pressure. Imagine, John Wooten, having ever having done such a thing. If they had been coached and trained properly, there would have been no need to yell. He is clearly over his head.

    Even worse the new athletic director says the new coach is like a great corporate ceo. I am reminded of the JFK quote: “My father always told me that all businessmen were sons of bitches, but I never believed it till now.” The team’s integrity has been sold: a new plush stadium, a TV contract, Notre Dame sports productions, mass marketing of tee shirts, autographs; even a commercial where the sacred fighting Irish leprechaun is used as a prop. Shades of the gecko. Notre Dame football has become a business, not an instrument for learning, self sacrifice, excellence or teamwork.

    Imagine how the players must feel. Every game is a coaching debacle. When I was there you never ever criticized the team. That was gospel. I do not do that now. But, many of the best players in the nation believe Notre Dame has lost its will. And go somewhere else. Jimmy Clausen left early and I heard him say on national TV; he never lost a game until he came to Notre Dame and they went 3-9. And he was a great quarterback.

    Something is terribly wrong. Not just football, but the University’s acceptance of this bumbling toward pathos. Vince Lombardi said it this way: “Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.” This failure, this acceptance of failure, this benign neglect affects all the University does and the way it presents itself to the nation.

    Father Hesburgh once said: “ My belief is and always has been that the University ought to do everything, academics, athletics, you name it in a first rate manner.”

    But, the athletic director, the University’s President, the Board of Trustees and the Fathers have accepted something less.

    Something has to change, now. What set Notre Dame apart and above, Duke, Yale or Harvard or Stanford, was its belief in itself. At one time the University’s team was an inspiration for poor and middle class kids all across the country, and no other school had such a faithful feeder system or a subway alumni. No other school had such a rich legacy. No other school had Notre dame’s true grit, or its indomitable spirit.

    America’s greatest President Franklin Roosevelt knew the value of spirit:

    “It is not enough to clothe and feed the body of the nation, and instruct and inform its mind. For there is the spirit and of the three, the greatest is the spirit. Without the body and mind, as all men know, the nation could not live. But, if the spirit of America were killed … the America we know would have perished.”

    Our spirit, our legacy is at risk.

    I have been hard. Dale Carnegie teaches us that genuine appreciation and seeing things from the other fellow’s point of view are the keys to personal success. All the efforts of every member of the Notre dame family are appreciated and we can see that many of these people did their best and often above their best. But, another coach said it this way: “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

    Its time to regain our legacy of winning and make sure that the spirit of Notre Dame never perishes. We need an athletic director and a coach that know how to win. God protect us all.

  2. That first turn-over was really upsetting. Not because Gray fumbled. He got ganged up on by 3 USF players. Two held him up while the third stripped the ball. Pretty tough situation for any running back.
    That is where at least one other player from the ND offense should have the kid’s back. Get in there and keep defenders off him. Help push the pile. I don’t like when one of our guys gets ganged up on and no one comes to his aid.
    I watched the replay a couple of times. At first, it looked like a “bang-bang” play.(and maybe it was) Then it look like too many guys gave up on the play too early. Whatever the case, lets all hope a lesson was learned and it doesn’t happen agian.

  3. Cannot believe the negativity from some of these comments. Let’s see a guy misses the second FG of his career. 2 fumbles and 3 int’s and a TD called back due to a penalty. Several drops of passes that would have allowed important first downs to keep drives alive. Played a team some are picking to win the Big East (a cupcake conf I hear you say well the Big East teams went 8-0 for the weekend How did the SEC and Big 10 teams do?)All of this “adversity” and we lost by 3 and people want BK fired along with the AD. We want Diaco gone as Def Coord along with T Riddick, J Gray and D Crist. Hey Take a DEEP BREATH people. One game does not a season make. Yes BK needs to learn that you want athletes to understand that mistakes are not acceptable but does anyone really believe that kids like Crist, Gray, Riddick et al go out on a Sat with the express intention of making a mistake that can lose UND the game Of course not. They are 18-21 year olds trying to be the best they can be and like all of us at times the Master Plan has a few bumps in the road. Coaches need to understand that you will gain more from talking to a player “quietly” about a fault/mistake rather then making it into a spectacle for national TV audiences That is more about a persons ego the proper man-management skills. I have coached boys and girls and mens and womens teams for 46 years. I discovered many years ago what a guy like John Wooden seemed to know from the beginning eg Players respect the coach who respects them then the “tyrant” who takes his temper out on them THey will play harder for a coach whose respect they are seeking to earn then for a coach who rules by fear and abuse. It is from adversity I found the real strengths and commitment from the teams I coached. Each individual is unique the truly GREAT coaches learned that early on. Every kid cannot be treated the same. The real challenge is to find what button to push to make a kid MAXIMISE his/her potential. The ‘parts of the whole when pulling together in one direction provides opportunity for success not a team of individuals”. Great coaches like Wooden provided Inspiration in the midst of Adversity. The old adage You need to keep a cool head when all those around you are losing theirs” seems applicable in Coach Kelly’s moments of great stress. I used to keep a small bible in my pocket during games somehow the feel of it in my hand often reminded me to hold my tongue in moments of great stress. Perhaps we need to ask ourselves as coaches if we would want our children to see us acting out our frustrations or in fact would we deal with our own children in the manner some coaches deal with other peoples children. The real legacy of a Notre Dame education should be more then about whether or not the football team won or lost a single game. JW died at 99 and most of his players stilled called him Mister even though many of them were in their 50’s and 60’s. That is an indication of the respect they had for him no only when they played for him but years after. As for winning he seemed to do pretty well for a man who coached with Christian values and spoke to all his boys as if they were his own. Hmm perhaps some food for thought for all of us.

  4. Trying too hard is a tough thing to deal with. The initial fumble was trying to score when he was stood up. Smith’s two facemasks were from closing too fast and trying to grab something. Unfortunately pressure is part of the game and pressure to win is all about playing for Notre Dame. The thing that bothered me most was the absence of leadership on the offense during the first half. Somebody needed to calm the troops and motivate some determination. It did not happen. It can’t come from a wide receiver and it didn’t come from the quarterback. Tommy has leadership. Let him play.
    Two other thoughts: 1. Brian Kelly is no different than any other winning coach. He DEMANDS performance. He is NOT a nice guy. Nice guys do not win in football. 2. Dayne is a nice guy. He will be a successful businessman because he is both nice to deal with and intelligent. Unfortunately, as far as I am concerned, he is now fourth string.

  5. jack swarbrick and brian kelly record, 2 seasons, 8-6, and we have not even begun to play the tuff guys, compare ara parseghian 10 years (1964-1974): 95-17-4 (.836), 1.7 losses per year average, another kevin white disaster. my god where is father jenkins?

  6. I think Lou helped skip with the offensive game plan. Our strength is in the middle of the field – DL < TAO< Hayseed. SFU ran 75% of their plays at the corners runs or passes so our best D players had difficulty getting near the ball. As for our offense – it was anything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Jonas' fumble was a bad call . His foward frogress was stopped and he was being pushed backwards.(very slow whistle).

    Changes for next week – Start Reese, Good back to punt returning (Riddick just couldn't judge where the ball was coming down. If Turk punts like that again he cant play. We need to see what George Atkinson can do. If Michigan attacks the corners give the backups a chance.

    Crist looked like a deer caught in the headlights after that first drive. Even Kyle Rudolph said so at the half. He needed a coach to sett;e him down not one screaming in his face on national TV.

  7. These are the games that make me wish college football had a preseason game or two. I imagine some of the problems we saw yesterday can be cleared up in another game or two. I almost wished ND was unranked starting the season. It’s almost a jinx to start the season ranked. USF is a decent team, but because ND was ranked, everyone talks about what a big upset this was. I thought it was a very winnable game for ND, but at the same time, USF isn’t exactly Little Sisters of the Poor.

    Re: Brian Kelly getting in players faces, I think people forget the Lou Holtz years. He wasn’t exacly touchy feely with his players, unless facemask grabbing and screamint are touchy feely. You’re playing Division I-A football. You are getting a free ride to a top university and a great education. Sorry if the coach gets into their faces when they screw up (In the players defense, they probably would be the last to complain about being yelled at on the field).

    • How come USF, with more replacement parts didn’t have these mistakes? Less penalties and no turnovers. He can T-off on the kids but he may want to look in the mirror. His team was completely unprepared. He better get a grip or 0-3 is a big hole.

  8. First of all, thanks to everyone. I’ve enjoyed your comments, amusing and informative. Hopefully, some of you will share that sentiment about mine. Im gonna work from least to most important(as I see it).

    Personell changes:
    KR: Collinsworth and Bennett. Collinsworth ran as hard as he could into the coming traffic. Riddick is fine, but if he will instantly come off the field for a play afterwards, why even have him out there when there is no trade off. Stress ball security and end that discussion, barring injury.

    PR: Cam McDaniel. Yesterday was obviously very nerve wracking to watch a Punt(which is why some of us were hoping for even a deep pick on 3rd, as much for field position/morale as for not having to worry about Theo). When we heard Kelly’s post game saying that Theo just has to figure it out and we “dont have a waiver wire”, it does have me worried about a certain stubbornness. I initially thought that, it was just a tough one, that people make mistakes(more on that in a second) and THAT was his mistake. But upon reflection last night(what remained of it) and today, Theo just did not seem at all comfortable judging the flight of the ball. He staggered, changed speeds and direction alot, he made everyone nervous around him. Some people are just not centerfielders, they are third basemen. On the positive side, Cam Mcdaniel from his interviews seems to have moxie to come in and play. Watch his youtube. He is a solid punt returner that settles under the punt well, has a decent “shake” to him. A very poor man’s Golden Tate. He will secure the ball like Goodman and have the ability to return it similar to say a Troy Wilson(1986). He wont take it to the house, but he will get you a handful of 20 yard returns.

    Punter: If Brindza can do it, I see no reason why to not try him. We are struggling there. It is in Turk’s head that he will shank.

    FG: Give the kid a break, he missed 3 FGs in his last 20 some odd attempts.

    ILB: Calabrese should see the bulk of time. Better reads, shoots the gap. Has better potential for tackles for a loss. Even on the TD, he was right there. And before we run away from that very TD that pushed it for all intents and purposes out of reach, I have a small complaint there. And no one has mentioned it here, making me feel that I wont be met with agreement, but the PInt call against Gary Gray to me was extremely suspect at best. There wasnt incidental contact there. I feel that that call was made only because it was UNDERTHROWN and b/c GG didnt TURN HIS HEAD(I dont know why it isnt stressed in every HS and college in the land to every CB that the chances of PI being called drop by 85% if you just TURN YOUR HEAD!! Heck, you can hipcheck and run him into the band if your head is turned, to the inside preferrably). So, even though there wasnt advantageous seeking contact, because his head wasnt turned, he looked guilty as charged, your honor.

    NT: Nix was sensational. So much faster than I envisioned. I mean, I know they “know what they are doing”, but that guy need to play. He will soon be occupying two people’s attention.

    QB: It gives me great pain to say this, but I feel that Dayne Crist is not the starter. For all of you coaches or ex coaches out there, at WHATEVER level-youth to pro, there is a certain emotional attachment that is difficult to let go of. He has worked through two injuries, is such a high quality person and not to mentioned talented. And before I give an opinion to start Rees, let me add that we all know Crist didnt play THAT bad for crissakes. Was it his fault that Gray fumbled? That Eifert dropped the 3rd and 11 for a 1st down? That Jones dropped it in the 2nd quarter? And when you talk about the crucial INT, yes, an ill-advised pass, no doubt. But why, Coach Kelly? Because your offense, to its credit, stresses matchup problems horizontally in order to gain one vertically. And while this is great for 80-85 yards of the field, do you think the opposition was all that worried about having a smaller Theo Riddick matched against a taller Lattimore on the 7 yard line on a VERTICIAL SEAM ROUTE? So, while the throw shouldnt have been made, lets not say thatCRist was terrible. Having said this, as a Crist admirer for who he is and what he stands for, we needed to have something go well in the first half and actually score, even if it didnt have his fingerprints on it. The panic set it, and from our sideline we seemed like we down 4 TDs after that INT. Things just dont click well with him. Neither Crist nor Rees is the QB of the future at ND under this coach. Funny thing is, do not be surprised to see Crist on Sundays, as early as next year.

    Coach: Bob, you had some good points and most or all of us respect your service to the country and you have some fabulous accomplishments of note. And the counter arguements of “these are young men, dont coddle them” are compelling also. I personally lean towards the not showing a player up in public. Certainly not for a PHYSICAL mistake. But the reasoning isnt necessarily because of the optics of recruiting prospects, the “image” of Notre Dame(Im a fellow alum, but gimme a break, its why people hate us) or that a kid shouldnt have to listen to that in any venue. As a former Varsity football coach of 6 years and basketball coach of 9, I feel that it is two things: 1) losing your composure which only feeds the sense of panic making it about the coach’s emotions and 2) it is simply just bad business. Meaning, people dont perform well with fear as a backdrop for physical mistakes. I for one, never berated a kid for missing a Free Throw. Or even a layup. Missing a selfish girlfriend-in-the-stands Dunk(especially when you cant even do it in practice) at a critical part of the game, that will get you out of the game accompanied by a cold stare. Ethan Johnson’s PFoul was much more deserving of castigation than Dayne Crist’s INT. Brian Kelly IS in fact a CEO. He does not possess that Lou charm. And if I could dine with either Brian KElly or Gerry Faust, thats a no brainer for me. But for now, its hard to argue that he has brought in significant talent, has the general direction of the program pointed well. A few tweaks here and there, and we’ll be sniffing around the top slot in Novemebers soon enough.

    And BTW, we’re winning this Saturday night. Strong feeling here. And any Michigan people reading this, feel free to write me at cftvideo at yahoo.com Im a black hole at pick em.

  9. Crist is taller… has a stronger arm… he is faster… he has a better looking girlfriend… However Rees wins ballgames period… Rees higher completion percentage equals an offense that is consistent.

  10. Imagine what the rocket or tony rice would have thought of this debacle.

  11. rob is right. if i want to watch a temper tantrum i will hang out in the toy department at walmart. instead i can catch one everytime ND doesn’t score thanks to coach kelly. i will go to my grave saying brian kelly is one of the most overrated coaches in football. ND is not the mac or the big east. he keeps cussing out the players when they come off the field, they will tune him out and we will be looking at a lot worse than 0-3.

  12. Brian Kelly has every right to be mad. The team played as poorly as it could possibly have played. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would be looking for signs that Theo Riddick and/or Dayne Crist were paid to throw the game with how they played. That being said, I have a problem with the way Kelly is shown on the sidelines. Look, I am a teacher of teenagers, and I have coached them/been around them for nearly 10 years. While there are some situations where yelling is unavoidable, you can’t tell me that putting your arm around one of these kids and coaching them up won’t work either. He’s embarassing himself. I was embarassed, as a lifetime ND fan, to see the head coach of my football program continually shown acting like that. Its too much. It started last year, and hasn’t stopped. Tone it down a little coach. You want your players to play better, coach them up instead of ripping them up.

  13. I’m reading a lot of doom and gloom and it may be justified. However, I think this is another reason why ND needs to think about a conference. Oregon got hammered by LSU yesterday and they still have a shot at the BCS because they still have a chance to win their conference. ND loses a game and it’s like the world has come to an end.

    I just saw on ESPN that Oklahoma and Texas are thinking about joining the PAC-12 or what they were calling the Pac 16. Brian Kelly took Cincy to 2 BCS games because he won the conference championship. I love ND being independent, but it really limits them on their bowl options and it doesn’t give the kids a chance to win different types of championships, which is why we are hearing BCS or bust this year.

    As much as I would like to think that ND is still special in college football, it just seems to me they are falling behind.

  14. Its funny how people are ready to throw Crist under the bus and say he looked like a deer in headlights or doesnt have it mentally or his INT was more costly than Rees’ 2. After the INT Crist got the Irish in a makeable 3rd down situation on the next drive and hit Riddick in the hands for the first and he dropped it. Then on the following drive after a penalty Crist makes the throw, sure it was a little behind Eifert, but he has got to make that catch as it would have been another first down. He bounced back and the receivers didn’t do their jobs and now he is branded as mentally weak and is benched after 30 minutes of football. BK completely mismanaged the qb situation, he panicked and now he cannot go back to Crist no matter what. A guy he said would hopefully be the starter for 13 weeks got a half and then yanked when most of the blame should be put on the receivers and special teams.

  15. I never bought into all the hype this off-season that this was a top 25 to start the season. I think this team could maybe go 8-4 this season and be a bit better then last year, that is if they can actually finish a drive off was shocking to see the mistakes they were making in the redzone. Tommy “TOMMYGUN” Rees is the starting QB for this team no doubt Crist has all the talent in the world but hes so hot and cold feel bad for the man with all the injuries and stuff. I would love to see Hendrix get a series or two just to change things up great compliment maybe to Rees. I hope they red shirt Gholston but I guess that all depends on the season. Im not one to call out a player but Dan Fox was really lost out there yseterday , I really like Carlo Calabrese next to Mantai. I dont think they are as bad as they looked but not as good as some were saying in the pre season. Its early im as big a fan of this team as anyone but im a realist too lets see what happens.

  16. another random thought…you kno what else I love about Rees, he throws the ball over the middle… he hits the TE in space and routes inside the hash marks. Crist seems to throw everything to the sideline, long throws for short gains to the sideline. Its nice to see a QB understand our TE is a mismatched against any LB or DB hes too physical and athletic (Which i say year after year no matter who steps in)… just a passing thought

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