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UHND Needs Your Help!

Hello UHND Community Members!

This year, UHND.com will be entering its 10th season of Notre Dame football coverage. For those who have been around awhile, you know there have been quite a few changes over the years. We plan to continue making improvements to the site this season based on user feedback that we’ve received. We have some new features coming to the site that we think you’ll all enjoy.

With that in mind, we would like to ask you all for your help in the coming month! Web based advertising fuels this site and helps to keep our free community going. This March, we will be trying to land several national-level sponsors through the sports advertising network (SportsWar) that we are a part of. We joined this network over a year and a half ago to allow us to attract these types of national-level sponsors, without having to join a sports network similar to Rivals or Scout.

This March, you will be seeing some of these new sponsors present on the site. If the month goes well, they will likely see UHND.com as a community worthy of advertising on, and commit to sponsor us on a long term basis.

Our request of you is simple. If you see a service provided by one of our sponsors that is of use to you, give them the first shot at your business. If Circuit City should become one of our sponsors, we’d greatly appreciate if you’d do as much of your consumer electronic shopping through them (via our site) as possible, as opposed to going to one of their competitors. Your help is not only greatly appreciated, but it comes back to you through improvements on the UHND.com site.

The maintenance of a site, as you may know, requires a considerable amount of funding, not only to continue what is already present, but to grow and improve. We feel the new ads we run on the site are far superior to the intrusive pop ups and invasive real media ads we used to put up. Help us continue with our new model by supporting our site sponsors whenever possible. March is going to be a really important time for us, so the more help you can provide, the better!

Thanks and Go Irish!

-The UHND.com Team

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