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Wake Up the Echoes – I Still Hate David Gordon Edition

It’s been 19 years since Notre Dame was last 9-0 to start a season.  That means it’s also been 19 years since Boston College kicker David Gordon’s kick sailed through the uprights at Notre Dame Stadium to ruin Notre Dame’s perfect season and crush the dreams of an 11 year old who had fallen in love with Notre Dame football.

Even though I was just a wee lad at the time, I will never forget that kick.  I’ll never forget how it felt to watch Notre Dame’s title hopes get kicked away.  I’ll never forget my mom asking me why I was so upset since it was “just one game” and couldn’t figure out what the big deal was.  Chicks, huh?

Well 19 years later the Irish are finally undefeated into November again as the Irish head into Chestnut Hill this weekend to take on those same Boston College Eagles who ruined their title hopes in 1993 and then again in 2002 and yes, I am still bitter, and yes I still hate David Gordon. Should I be more a bit more mature as a 30 year old now?  Probably.  That doesn’t mean I will be though.

So… without further ado, here is this week’s Wake Up the Echoes.

The ABC promo for the game ought to get you going. NBC, please take some notes.

Last time Notre Dame traveled to Chestnut Hill…

The last time Notre Dame was 9-0 this was the intro for the game… a game that ended with Notre Dame improving to 10-0.

And the last time these two teams faced off overall..

Speaking of the last time these two teams played. In last year’s contest Jonas Gray’s breakout season was completely derailed by a tough injury that has slowed the start of his NFL career. Here’s a touching video of Gray from the locker room after last year’s game.

One of the few bright moments from this series during the Davie/Willingham eras.

Highlights from last week’s win over PIttsburgh.

Notre Dame needs to forget what it did against Pitt and remember what it did to the last ACC opponent they had faced prior to last week.

I would love to see Notre Dame show no mercy tomorrow – kinda like Captain Insaneo.

And I would love for this to be all Brian Kelly says to the team before taking the field.

And then have Manti Te’o reenact this scene at the end of the game staring out into an emptied out Alumni Stadium.

Considering the history of this series though, I will just be very thankful to escape Boston with a W – no matter how ugly.


  1. I hate David Gordon, I hate Boston College, I hate USC and Lane Kiffin and Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush and Matt Leinhart, I hate Michigan and every player that played there, I strongly dislike Michigan St. I don’t care for Stanford, did I mention I hate Michigan?

  2. Well Shaz,

    You damn well betch-ya, it is realistic and dead on with your FACTS and CRITICAL ANALYSIS! I remember many on this site agreeing 10 wins as the the 1st acceptable threshold endorsing BK’s effort for a successful year and program!! Well, we are definately 10 wins and Oh no!! Now it is no less than 11 or 12 wins! BS!!! Just keep your damn word, BK and the team deserve credit no matter what from here on out! Integrity is all a man has!

    You got to be blind dumb and stupid to continue nick-picking-the-shoe-laces
    off this team and BK. It is without question, time to rally around this team and BK! Thank you for your REALISTIC HISTORICAL FACTS, take a bow!

    Now that we have crossed the 10 win threshold, people will understand me better when they know I’m a big believer in RESULTS TALK and the BS WALKS! I give credit when credit is due whether we agree or disagree that is the real sane thing to do! Make no mistake ND NATION we are witnessing a new horizon in ND Football, get on the train ride!

    Here come the Irish!

  3. ND has played the 23rd most difficult schedule this year.
    That’s higher than Alabama, Kansas St, & Oregon.
    Year in and year out Notre Dame plays ONLY division 1 teams.
    So far they have defeated 4 teams ranked in the top 25.
    In 125 years of playing organized college football, only 15 of thos teams
    have ever reached 10 wins or better. (not counting this years team)

    Stare and compare: (National Champions)

    1924 / Rockne / 10-0
    1929 / Rockne / 9-0
    1930 / Rockne / 10-0
    1943 / Leahy / 9-1
    1946 / Leahy /8-0-1
    1947 / Leahy /9-0
    1949 / Leahy / 10-0
    1966 / Parsegian /9-0-1
    1973 / Parsegian / 11-0
    1977 / Devine / 11-1
    1988 / Holtz / 12-0

    Brian Kelly’s 2012 Team currently sits at 10-0 with 2 games in hand.

    History doesn’t lie.
    10-0 in 1924 is still 10-0 in 2012.

    What’s your ranking of this years team to date?

    Is it:

    Or just plain uneducated?

  4. BCS is out, no surprise we are 3. But here is a quote:

    “Notre Dame is not going to jump (Oregon and Kansas State) without their help,” Palm said. “They’re way too far behind in the polls. The voters are not on board with Notre Dame.”

    KSU may lose, I can’t imagine Oregon losing. But, I didn’t think Bama would lose or that we would go to 3 OTs with Pgh.

    • I actually do think Oregon and/or KState will lose one. There is certainly some wishful thinking on my part, but this has been a weeeeird year. If ND beats Wake and USC, I believe we’ll find a way to get to the title game. I can see Oregon having a bad game against Stanford or Oregon State and KState dropping one against Texas.

      GO IRISH!

      • JDH,

        I don’t think there’s anything weird about it. Stanford is a tough, physical team. We’ll see how Oregon responds to that. The Civil War is at Oregon St. this year. The Beavers happen to be pretty good this season. So, no, I don’t think it would be much of an upset to see the Ducks lose one of those games. And Texas is beginning to get hot. Plus KSU didn’t looked much better than ND did last week. So, again, I don’t think it’s weird to believe UT can knock off KSU.

  5. Thanks, storespook, you’re one of our sanest!

    I agree with you on all points. I don’t see how anything you said is unreasonable. I think we don’t have a STs coach. BK has been doing that. That’s what I think is the case but I may be wrong. Regardless of who’s handling STs, they need to go or if it’s BK he needs to relinquish that role.

    Go Irsih! Beat, no destroy, Wake!!!

  6. Lots of strong opinions being expressed. At least there is some fire amongst the fans because the flames seems to be dying down a little with the boys of Blue & Gold (at least since the OU game). I think for most of us here who contribute to this site blog, if we were asked at the start of the season if ND would win at least 10 straight to start the year, I believe most of us (including myself) would have said probably unlikely. I think in BK’s 3rd year, we are pointed in the right direction. Absolutely the ST’s and O need better production (and probably a coaching change on ST’s)to be able to compete with the big dogs of CF for championships on a consistent basis. I’m happy as a fan with 10-0 start this season and a big thanks to the ND D which really dictated this up to this point. However, we still need improvement and that is always going to be on-going no matter what. From a comparitive point of view, this team compared to the last 15 or 16 teams fielded by ND,is definitely more fun to watch. Rockne, Leahy, Ara, Dan,& Lou all won NC’s in their 3rd year. Whether BK attains that only time will tell at the end of this season, though it is “probably unlikely” (and I would love to be wrong). I really enjoy this site and the many different points of view that are expressed (Frank,JC, Steelfanrob, FXM,Sad Warrior, Shazamrock, Spiceyirish and all of the others who who are on here). I hail an Irish salute to you.

    It is the Demon Deacons who need to go down next.
    Irish tsunami is building, it’s coming, wah away Wake

    Go Irishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. bC,

    I don’t know about 50 but there’s no reason ND shouldn’t score consistently in the 30s. Just think about how different the feel of the BC finish is if the final score is 31-6, which is nothing given BC’s D weakness.

    I don’t think BK wasn’t to go full speed on O. It seems like he prefers ground and pound, methodical drives. That’s great so long as you get TDs in the end.

    bC, did you hear that stat at the beginning of the game that ND was something like #114 (out of 119 or 120) on TD redzone efficiency?

    We just need to continue to see development on O and STs this season and next.

    • Yea I know what you mean I never felt this game BC was a threat like pitt was but I don’t feel comfort until I see a 3 Td lead which isn’t too much to ask in games like these but I don’t see 4+ mill in my bank account every year and my last name isn’t Kelly. But I do feel they are improving I feel like they have a desire and will to win which is more than I can say about the last 4 or 5 years . No I missed that stat but I would not doubt that at all.
      Here is a rankings table they gained a few spots yesterday LOL


      • Thanks for the stats, bC!

        This team is definitely improving. BK is doing an even better job than fat CW in recruiting and he’s actually developing that talent.

        Now we need to take the next step and become a dominant team, not just good, but great!

        That’s what we all want even if we disagree how to get there and when we shoul get there.

        GO ND!

  8. Frank,

    Happy, Happy, Happy and Happy, Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey good-bye BC and Bama!
    I don’t have amnesia on my 10 win threshold for success this year! Nor did I decide to make the 1st goal a continuous upward threshold target! Kelly & Co. deserve full credit right now for turning the corner on this program, TODAY! Further, we are not done and that is obvious now!

    After living through 4 National Championships with serious winning tradition I can recognize real progress when I see it, without any assistance whatsoever, and that is where we are now. Perfect? Hahahaha far from it. Nonetheless, I can say ND is definately now in the BCS conversation per Mr. Swarbrick’s definition and that is all that matters! Herbie and Brent made sure of that! From here on out 11, 12 or 13 wins Kelly deserves full additional credit for each win period, no matter where we end up. The future is bright on achieved results, 10-0 cannot be rebuked or twisted into preferred theory. The sourpusses need to smile today, I was definately not the only one who defined 10 wins as an acceptable winning season based on our schedule. Painful as it was, we are here now. Will Kelly turn into an elite coach? Well the opportunity seems more likely than not.

    Here come the Irish!

  9. Yeah, Let’s not? Mr. Perfection 15 NC’s by tommorrow? Hahahahahaha, besides your never happy about anything! Or allow any else to be happy. Sad, you are sad, truthism you just can’t deal with. How’s that for freely expressing my sincere opinion! Good night chief arm twister see you tommorrow hahahaha XOXO!

    Here come the Irish!

  10. JC,

    I’m not demanding anything of you or anyone else. Just freely expressing my personal opinion. So you know you are trying to manipulte the wrong person!

    Please don’t threaten me by saying I’m treading on thin ice. You know I’m certainly not afraid of you or anybody else here. You’re not going to silence me anymore than you’ve silenced Shaz or fxm or anybody else. Sorry!

    However, I know your MO, so I’m not going to engage in a never-ending pissing contest with you. If you feel so belittled you need the last vulgar or threatening word go ahead. I hope not given our years of mutual respect and appreciation. But I leave it up to you to demonstrate your level of maturity here.

    Go Irish!

  11. That’s right, JC, but let’s hold off on the bonuses until the end, when they’re truly earned!

    Let’s beat WF, USC, and whomever we play in the bowl game. I’ll give BK credit when he develops an O that looks like it’s BCS level. When he hires a real STs coach. When he beats the likes of BC like they sould be beaten, not by 15.

    So let’s hold off on accolades, bonuses, and credit until they’re earned!

    Here come the Irish, and let’s hope they come through!

    • Rob,

      You know your trying to manipulate the wrong person. Be happy with your assessment and leave it at that.

      I stand by mine because 10 wins was without question the threshold this year for me to be happy with progress. Believe me, I am now happy, satisfied, no of course not.

      So let’s hold off on your personal litmus arrows. I don’t need to be force fed on what I like or intend to give credit to.

      You need to realize you are demanding acceptance. Sorry you are not going to asphyxiate me on what I like. You are definately treading on thin ice here.

      Here come the Irish!

  12. Rob,

    I already know what we need, I have seen it with Ara. Like I said, it’s time to give credit when credit is due period. As an employer, I pay bonuses for reaching milestones……not wishful thinking.

    Here come the Irish!

  13. Sorry, JC, but as of today Bama has 2 NCs in the past 3 years! Don’t be surprised if they don’t play for another in the next season or two.

    That’s where we want to get to, JC. No settling for less, whether we achieve it or not, that’s the goal, to win NCs. We want to get to the point that people compare us to NFL teams! Bama has achieved that level of greatness, regardless of their loss today.

    I’ll change places with Bama today any day if that means we’re the defending NCs and had won another titles recently as well.

  14. JC,

    We need to see improvement over the last 3 games. Bottom line. Like fxm says we need to get our regulars some rest and our young guys some playing time for experience next season.

    Do we need to apologize for the win? No. Should we rejoice. Not me at least. This team looks like its regressing on O and STs (if that’s possible!).

    Let’s not worry about the BCS NC game. ND is not getting there if it loses to USC. Even if it beats SC it will need a lot of help.

    So focus on ND. See if this team improves over the next 3 games (including the bowl game). Enjoy the wins but realize that our ultimate goal from here on out should be to be a powerhouse like Bama and expect to win games, esp. against the likes of BC, by blow outs.

    NC has to become the goal now and for the forseeable future!

  15. I like our gut-wrenching 10 win milestone! 1st line in the sand we were looking for this season and we did it! 15 points is good enough for me vs 3 OT’s to get it done. Not going to berate the team how we got here. We are still learning to walk before we can run, especially with EG. There is absolutely no way we are going to roll over and play dead the rest of the way. This team will not start winning pretty until next year and we already know it! Not guaranteed, just the likely opportunity to do so.

    Looking forward to 11-0. Further, EG and BK were bonding which we must have the rest of the way, both looked obviously comfortable with each other. I have not witnessed that all season!!! I never felt like BC was going to climb back in the game to move ahead. EG’s legs are invaluable, he froze guys long enough to pick their pocket. Not to mention a bomb to a wide open Goodman in the end zone. Chris, your favorite guy did it for the 2nd time this year! Hahahaha. Goodman has been perfect two times!!! Michigan State the other.

    Mistakes yeah, plenty! Catastrophic today? No. We already know we are not perfect and neither is Bama. ND’s defense is indeed the #1 Red Zone Defense in the country say’s good old Herbie! 2 field goals attest to it whether we like it or not!? It’s OK guy’s we are good at something, go ahead and repack your hemroids for the next game! Hahahaha. I do like Rob’s idea get the check book out and hire a real ST Coach! Especially in time for USC we will definately need it. Ideally better yet for Wake!
    Happy Trails Laurel & Hardy! Hahaha you guys need your high blood pressure meds! At this rate you’ll both be dead after Wake? Relax and enjoy the bonus wins! This is a whole lot better than 8-5 and it’s time to start giving credit no matter how damn ugly we are from here on out. Besides, I never worry about winning the popular vote, I have no problem being on an island all by myself. Actually I like better that way. So as of today, Bama is not better than ND! No one is invincible!

    Here come the Irish!

  16. At least there’s one Kelly who knows how to coach O in the FBS.

    Oh, btw, the Oregon QB is a true freshman.

    • Nahh he is redshirt frosh so is johnny football both very low rated QBs tho just proves what rivals and espnu knows

      • bC,

        Thanks for the correction.

        Besides the imperfect science of recruiting, it also proves the power of good coaching and player development.

        ND consistently outrecruits Oregon but their players on O are miles ahead of ours.

      • I totally agree no reason our o cant put up 50 to 60 on the likes of pitt and BC , EG Is the same ageish as these QBS and I think has more potential but they are leaps and bounds ahead … No reason for it … A “flat” O seems like the norm since Oklahoma

  17. So long as Alabama doesn’t win the NC and ND finishes in the top 10, I’ll be OK. ND needs to beat WF convincingly in S. Bend. Then just find a way to beat either USC or win their bowl game to finish in the top 10. However, beat both USC and whomever they play in whatever bowl game they play and a top 3 finish is likely.

    ND is shaping to have a top 5 recruiting class.

    So the future is bright.

    But they need to start beating the BCs of the world convincingly or we’ll get screwed perhaps even in a 4 team PO system.

  18. I’m not concerned with computers or style points.

    What I am concerned about is a team that isn’t improving on O or STs. I’m concerned about a team that doesn’t look like it can score against anybody on a regular basis. I’m not concerned about the NC since we’re not playing like a NC team in 2 of the 3 phases of the game.

    I’m seeing Oregon have a “bad” half on O and still score 24 points against a Cal team that is much better than BC. That’s a real scoring machine.

  19. Screw the style points right now. Treat all the games like the NCAA Tournament. Win and move on to the next round.

    • At this point in time it is not like the hoops tourney. It is like gymnastics, style matters. So don’t get angry when we are on the outside looking in. Another thing, when all of your games are a nail biter, guys like Teo can’t have a rest and young guys can’t get any work. There is lot more to this than style .

      • I agree that Notre Dame is not doing much in the style category. I think Brian Kelly is managing the Pittsburgh and Boston College games not to lose, instead of winning the game. Maybe he thinks ND will be one of two undefeated teams at the end of the season

        I think even if Notre Dame won the Pittsburgh and BC games convincingly, they would still be at #3 in the BCS. Oregon and KSU are winning the human polls and that is what will put them over the top in the end. Yet better victories means the gap between ND and the #2 team would be closer.

        If there are three undefeated teams, it will be hard to believe that ND will make the title game, even with convincing victories down the stretch.

      • spicey,

        Forget about the BCS rankings for a moment. The problem is that this team is simply not very good on O or STs. Bottom line.

        I’d rather be # 3 but seeing improvement on O and STs and dominating teams we should be dominating than # 3 looking like absolute garbage on O and STs.

        I mean BC is horrendous. Its D is especially bad. They played most of the game without their best D player.

        Shaz shared with us the stats about how putrid BC is.

        If not for the D this could’ve been bad!

  20. I would love to talk about the win, but first I’m very upset with the latest bowl projections. If the three teams stay undefeated (Oregon, K-State and ND) then Oregon vs K-State for the title, then the #3 team Notre Dame will play the #15 team Nebraska in the Rose Bowl. If ND goes undefeated and doesn’t get into the title game, then ND should be invited to play in the Sugar Bowl against #4 Alabama or Georgia. How could ND prove their #3 ranking by playing a #15 team? Playing a #4 team would mean a lot more for ND.

  21. Well, a win but very unimpressive. Again, struggling against a team to score offensive points that is sub-par to ND. ND has to learn how to put away teams like this caliber team BC has this year. Instead, poor penalties and 2 fumbles that most likely erased some type of further scoring led to low offensive production. Unless KSU & Oregon lose, they will be playing in a BCS NC game even if ND wins out and a performance tonight against BC which was a clearly inferior foe only validates a further reason to keep out ND. Time to focus on Wake for next week. BK better keep them focused on that and not be thinking Los Angeles.

    Go Irish

  22. supposedly scores dont matter with computers

    relax man….we’re 10-and 0

    enjoy it!!

    • Computers are a piece, not the whole. We are ranked 2 by the computers. I am worried that the team that I have seen the last two weeks can not beat SC. Unless, you think they will just turn it on when called for when they stroll into the Coliseum.

      • Someone please explain to jonny computers alone don’t determine the BCS.

        But it doesn’t matter since ND will not be playing for the NC unless Oregon and or KSU lose. Besides ND won’t beat USC playing like this on O.

        Let’s enjoy winning NCs not BS games against BS teams!

      • SFR : i’m not concerned with computers, and rankings, and the bcs, and how much we win by……..

        we’re UNDEFEATED

        we’re in rarified air now (as in, the last 20 years)

        i dont care about anything else, other than being undefeated half way thru november

        as far as everything else is concerned…let the chips fall where they may

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