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National Championships

Notre Dame’s 1973 National Championship

Tom Clements - Notre Dame QB

1972 had ended dismally. USC had thrashed our Fighting Irish 45-23. Anthony Davis, the first player who appeared in a Nike ad, scored six touchdowns to key the victory of the McKayMen. The salt-rubbing-in-wound LA Times ran a repetitive headline on its front page. Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, Davis, Davis Well, at least it couldn’t get any worse! Wrong! The Irish accepted an Orange Bowl bid to play Nebraska and Heisman Winner Johnny Rodgers. Rodgers ran wild and Nebraska won 40-6. In the final two games, the Irish had been outscored by an average of 42-14, an ominous defeat margin ...

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Notre Dame’s 1988 National Championship

Here we celebrate the Silver Anniversary team, Holtz’ champions of the 1988 season. 1987-Pre-Championship year Deja vu 1987 had ended with the taste of ashes. Stirring victories over Michigan, SC and Alabama raised hopes that were dashed in annoying season ending losses to Penn Stae in the cold of State College, to the Miami Hurricanes by shutout in the sunny Orange Bowl, and then to Texas A&M in the cloudy Cotton Bowl. In the 80’s the irish had made bowl heroes out of the previously undistinguished Buck Belue of Georgia and Bucky Richardson of the Aggies. A New Offensive Line ...

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Notre Dame’s 1977 National Championship

Joe Montana - Notre Dame #3

“All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” George Orwell, Animal Farm Well at Notre Dame, all national championships are different but some are more different than others. Dan Devine Notre Dame’s most under-appreciated coach, but a fine one. Al McGuire used to talk about the futility of following a legend, and posited that the UCLA coaches who followed the nonpareil John Wooden would struggle, not with X’s and O’s but with nostalgic fans and the leadership vacuum. But Devine, as tough as nails, was not daunted by following Ara. And there’s one thing to remember about ...

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Notre Dame’s 1947 National Championship – Its Best Ever?

Notre Dame's 1947 National Championship Team

We continue our summer trip down memory lane by looking back at Notre Dame’s 1947 National Championship – the third won under the guidance of Frank Leahy and the program’s seven overall. Notre Dame’s Loaded Roster in 1947 Lujack was back for his inevitable run for the Heisman. Creighton Miller had graduated, but Terry Brennan and Red Sitko were slated to be the primary ball carriers. The line was one of the greatest in the grand and glorious history of college football. It included fiver future Hall of Famers: Ziggy Czarobski, George Connor, Bill Fischer, Jim Martin and Leon Hart. ...

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Notre Dame’s 1946 National Championship

Notre Dame's 1946 National Championship

1946 was morning in America. After making Japanese rubble bounce with a Fat Man and a Little Boy, victory was assured. Japan had followed Italy and Germany to defeat. Frank Leahy was, after having been promoted to Lieutenant in the Navy, a civilian, and back behind his desk as Head Coach of Notre Dame. Mckeever and Devore had gone a “respectable” 15-4-1 while Leahy was in the Navy.  Frank Leahy was interested in a destination well North of “respectable.” The Greatest Recruiting Class of All-Time Lou Holtz talked about one of his coaching visits to play in Annapolis against Navy ...

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Notre Dame’s 1930 National Championship

Notre Dame 1930 National Championship Team

The Irish had won it all in ’29, and unlike ’24, there were many key veterans returning for the 1930 campaign. All-Americas Carideo and Schwartz were returning, joined in the backfield by Jumpin’ Joe Savoldi, with Marty Brill rounding out the best backfield quartet since the Four Horsemen. Rock was determined to increase offensive production in ’30, to christen the new stadium, and when Rock wanted to motivate players, there was no one better Rock’s smile was most aptly capsulized by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s description of Gatsby’s smile: “He smiled understandingly-much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare ...

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Notre Dame’s 1929 National Championship

Knute Rockne coached Notre Dame to a national championship in 1929.

As the never-ending off-season finally draws close to ending, we continue to look back at great moments in Notre Dame football history to get everyone through the final few weeks until the Irish kick off the 2013 season.  Last week we took a look back at the famed Four Horsemen of Notre Dame.  Today, we take a look back on Notre Dame’s 1929 National Championship. Win one for the Gipper – ’28 and the Gipper game Knute Rockne’s Irish had finished the ’28 season with a 5-4 record. But that season was not without its moments. Rock had enjoyed the trip ...

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