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Final Review: Michigan

September 19, 2006Comments (0)

Michigan Wanted it More The Michigan players played this game with a fire that the Irish player’s were lacking. Whether it was the business like approach or whether it was the fact that the Irish were playing their 3rd tough game in row, the bottom line was Michigan simply played with more passion. It’s hard […]

Post Game Report Card: Michigan

September 18, 2006Comments (0)

Quarterback This was one of the worst performances in Brady Quinn’s career at Notre Dame despite decent stats. He managed to complete 24 of 48 passes for 234 yards for three touchdowns, but threw three interceptions and turned the ball over a fourth time on a fumble. Quinn looked shell shocked at times. Michigan got […]

‘Just Another Game’

September 17, 2006Comments (0)

(UHND.com) – All week long Charlie Weis preached that this weekend’s bout with Michigan was just another game for the Irish. Just one of twelve regular season games in a long season. Unfortunately, no one told Michigan it was just another game. The Wolverines came out with a chip on the shoulder and played with […]

Frank’s Michigan Preview

September 15, 2006Comments (0)

(UHND.com) – With my true feelings for Michigan out in the air, it’s time for an objective look at this weekend’s huge matchup in South Bend. With both team’s at 2-0 and both having national championship aspirations, the hype is in full swing and if history is any indication, we are in for a good […]

Michigan – Rival or Enemy?

September 14, 2006Comments (1)

(UHND.com) – Dictionary.com defines the term rival as “a person who is competing for the same object or goal as another, or who tries to equal or outdo another; competitor,” while they define the term enemy as “a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another.”  If […]

Michigan vs. Notre Dame: The Tables Have Turned

September 14, 2006Comments (0)

We all know that when Michigan and Notre Dame plays it’s always a great game regardless of ranking. However, in the past few years it seems like every day going into Michigan week we are talking about being underdogs, and “how on earth are we going to beat this team.” Not this week Irish fans. […]

South Bend Hasn’t Been Kind to Carr

September 13, 2006Comments (0)

(UHND.com) – Since taking over as the head coach at Michigan in 1995, Lloyd Carr has traveled to South Bend three times. Each time Carr has entered the game with the higher ranked team, and each time he has left South Bend with a loss. Carr’s fortunes at home against the Irish have been quite […]

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