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This page automatically aggregates Notre Dame football, recruiting, and basketball news from around the web throughout the day.  If you know of a source that has a Notre Dame specific RSS feed that should be included here and isn’t please let us know via our contact form

  • Notre Dame Haiku: Miami Week
    This isn’t the Notre Dame Haiku we deserve, but it is the Notre Dame haiku that we need. If you are a lover of the Japanese form of poetry known as haiku (or a really bad version of it), than perhaps you have been missing the Notre Dame Haiku ... read more
    Source: One Foot DownPublished on 2016-10-28
  • Game Preview: Notre Dame vs. Miami
    One Foot Down previews the Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. the Miami Hurricanes The bye week is over, everyone. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are officially coming down the home stretch, hosting the Miami Hurricanes tomorrow in a battle of disappointing teams with much higher ceilings than their current records ... read more
    Source: One Foot DownPublished on 2016-10-28
  • ISD Intel
    Fridays here at Irish Sports Daily mean ISD Intel, our weekly peek behind the scenes of Notre Dame Football and Irish recruiting efforts. With sons on opposing sidelines, Saturday’s game between Notre Dame and Miami will put Richard McIntosh in a tough positon, but one he’s looking forward to. We ... read more
    Source: Irish Sports DailyPublished on 2016-10-28
  • The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Miami
    Notre Dame football... something, something... Catholics VS Convicts... something, something... Mark Richt has complete control. No one thought the Notre Dame Fighting Irish would be in this bad of shape after their first seven games. No one. Not even the biggest hater alive would have suggested that Notre Dame ... read more
    Source: One Foot DownPublished on 2016-10-28
  • Five Changes Notre Dame Could Make To Improve The Program, But Never Will
    Notre Dame football could make some changes... but nah. Why should they? This two week stretch between games for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish has me feeling a little crazy. I thought the break was good- until Tuesday, and now I am just itching for the Irish to show me ... read more
    Source: One Foot DownPublished on 2016-10-28
  • Notebook: Notre Dame’s potential for growing pains didn’t blindside Brian Kelly
    Irish coach believed team could transcend early imperfections ... read more
    Source: SBTPublished on 2016-10-27
  • Recruiting Week In Review
    Notre Dame’s defensive backfield may be the youngest in college football.  A number of true freshmen have seen considerable playing time and look to see even more as the rest of the season unfolds. Playing such young players is both a curse and a blessing.  These young players are inevitably ... read more
    Source: Irish Sports DailyPublished on 2016-10-27
  • Remembering ‘Catholics vs. Convicts:’ A conversation with Notre Dame’s Pat Terrell
    With Notre Dame and Miami playing an on-campus game for the first time in 26 years this Saturday in South Bend, CSNChicago.com talked at length ... read more
    Source: CSN ChicagoPublished on 2016-10-27
  • McKinley Suffers Injury in Practice
    As we reported earlier on Thursday, a Notre Dame  spokesman confirmed that freshman wide receiver Javon McKinley suffered a broken left fibula during practice on Wednesday. McKinley is expected to have surgery early next week. The 6-foot-2, 210-pounder had primarily been on special teams this fall. He did receive a ... read more
    Source: Irish Sports DailyPublished on 2016-10-27
  • Kelly thinks simplicity might aid offensive production
    Back to the basics. If there’s a refrain we’ve heard—or one that’s made its way through the echo chamber these past few weeks—it’s that Brian Kelly and his coaching staff are drilling down, looking for any way to pull this team out of their slump. We saw the changes defensively, a gigantic ... read more
    Source: Inside the IrishPublished on 2016-10-27
  • Folston on Sticking with What Works
    NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Tarean Folston, senior running back from Florida, showed full confidence in his team on Wednesday evening. After practice he spoke about how the break was just the relaxation he needed to come out against the Miami Hurricanes. After playing in a real hurricane and losing to ... read more
    Source: Irish Sports DailyPublished on 2016-10-27
  • Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Miami Week Visitors
    The crappy season for Notre Dame only proves that recruiting matters. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are in need of more talent. Heck- who doesn’t need more talent? Alabama doesn’t count. After having two huge recruiting weekends already in their pocket, Notre Dame has a much smaller group coming in ... read more
    Source: One Foot DownPublished on 2016-10-27
  • Notre Dame Football: Brian Kelly’s Doesn’t Make As Much You’d Think
    As the head coach of a traditional power like Notre Dame, you would think Brian Kelly would be one of the highest paid coaches. On Wednesday USA Today released the list of salaries of all Division I college football caoches. As you can imagine names like Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban, ... read more
    Source: One Foot DownPublished on 2016-10-27
  • Nicco Fertitta: Small but Mighty
    NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Stepping into the safety role for the first time this season, sophomore Nicco Fertitta is one of the smallest on the field, but carries no reservation. “I remember when I first committed here, people were saying how I was only going to be a special teams ... read more
    Source: Irish Sports DailyPublished on 2016-10-27
  • Behind the Irish: Leaders eat last
    Leaders eat last. As the 2016 season continues to be a struggle for the Irish, holding firm to leadership mottos like the above is more than just lip service or an empty slogan. In our latest Behind the Irish feature, several Notre Dame players talk about this season’s slogan and ... read more
    Source: Inside the IrishPublished on 2016-10-27
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  1. @TonLynn – Don’t know for sure re:Corey, but I speak from experience. I suffered severe brain damage in a “car incident” @ ND in 1985. (between ND & SMC; hit-n-run is NOT an “accident”) Corey is being wicked-smart (I am from Boston) by stepping-away from football, which I THINK is an answer to your question. God gives you one brain and brains don’t recover like broken bones. Once brain (like spine – the CNS) cells are dead, they stay dead. So let us congratulate Corey for deciding NOT to endanger his brain further.

  2. He d
    ecided to play basketball

  3. Where is Corey Robinson? Did he graduate? I thought he had another year of eligibility. Thank you Tom Lynn

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