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December 6 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 18 – USC Postgame

We talked a little bit about the USC game, but most of the talk was about Charlie Weis Returning.  Here’s everything we discussed.

  • Jack Swarbrick’s decision to bring Charlie Weis back for another year
  • Can Weis fix Notre Dame next season?
  • A look at the coaching staff and what changes might be made
  • What other changes must be made in order for Notre Dame to get back on track
  • Is Notre Dame still relevant?

November 23 // podcast

Season 2:Episode 17 – Syracuse Postgame

We had a postgame show live from our hotel room room in South Bend after today’s disappointing loss to Syracuse.  We talked about:

  • The state of the Notre Dame program neat the end of the 4th year under Charlie Weis.
  • The struggles by the Irish offense today.
  • Where Jimmy Clausen is at this point in his career.
  • Where Notre Dame goes from here.
  • The reactions of the fans walking out of Notre Dame Stadium today.
  • The snowballs that were being thrown all game long inside the stadium.

November 20 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 17 – Navy Review/Syracuse Preview

Here are the topics Frank and Jeff discussed Wednesday night.

  • The offense and its struggles against Navy.
  • How Navy was able to come back against the Irish and why Notre Dame seems to have such trouble closing out opponents this year.
  • Notre Dame’s big recruiting weekend with Manti T’eo and Tyler Gaffney making official visits.
  • Jeff and Frank’s trip to Baltimore for the Navy game.
  • What kind of offense we should look for out of Notre Dame this weekend with Charlie Weis calling the plays for the second weekend in a row.
  • How the injuries of Brian Smith and more specifically Michael Floyd will impact the team this weekend.
  • Our weekly game picks.

November 13 // podcast

Season 2Episdoe 16: BC Review/Navy Preview

Last night Jeff and Frank reviewed the BC debacle, looked ahead to Navy, and talked about their upcoming trips to the Navy and Syracuse games.  Topics included:

  • What went wrong against BC on offense?
  • The defenses strong effort against BC and what it means for the rest of the season
  • Play calling this season and what Charlie Weis calling plays this weekend might mean for the offense
  • What made Weis’s playcalling not work last year
  • Frank and Jeff’s Navy/Syracuse trips
  • Weekly game picks which Frank is destroyed in

November 12 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 15 – Boston College Preview

Here is last week’s podcast.  Had some difficulties with getting the mp3 this week.

  • Pitt Review – what wrong wrong in the 4 OT loss.
  • Brandon Walker’s breakthrough performance.
  • Boston College Preview – what the Irish should and shouldn’t be able to do against BC.
  • Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Michael Floyd’s ascent up the record books.
  • The struggles sophomore quarterback Jimmy Clausen experienced against Pitt.

October 2 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 14 with Autry Denson

This week’s guest on Spanning the Dome was Notre Dame’s All Time Leading Rusher – Autry Denson.  We spoke with Atury for roughly an hour on topics ranging from the transition form Lou Holtz to Bob Davie to his thoughts on last weekend’s win over Purdue.  Autry is as passionate a Notre Dame fan as you will find and was a lot of fun to talk with.  Here’s a list of topics we discussed.

  • Autry’s thoughts on Notre Dame’s running backs as well as Armando Allen’s breakout performance last week against Purdue.
  • What the transition was like from Lou Holtz to Bob Davie.
  • Autry’s foundation – Run For Your Goal (http://www.runforyourgoal.com)
  • Why Notre Dame is struggling with the screen pass this year after the great success the Irish had running screens in 2005 and 2006.
  • Autry’s game watching rituals.
  • How important it is for running backs to get into a groove and how running back by committee can disrupt that groove.

September 24 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 13 with Ned Bolcar

Tonight we had former two time Notre Dame captain and 1988 national champion Ned Bolcar on the show.  We talked with Ned about a lot of different topics from what he is doing nowadays to his prediction for this weekend’s Notre Dame game.  Ned was a great interview and had some very insightful things to say about the team and playing with emotion.  Here’s a list of the topics we discussed.

  • His speech at the Michigan game pep rally
  • Playing with emotion and how the ’86 Irish might have lacked in that department
  • His thoughts on Charlie Weis and the current Notre Dame staff
  • Whether he would still go to Notre Dame if he was a recruit today
  • How close he came to going somewhere other than Notre Dame when he was recruited
  • Lou Holtz’s first meeting with the team when he became head coach
  • How Lou Holtz changed the attitude of the team from day one as head coach

Tune in next week when we have Notre Dame’s all time leading rusher Autry Denson on the show.  We will be going live at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Wednesday, October 1 and will hopefully be talking with Autry about an irish victory.

September 17 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 12 with Aaron Taylor

Tonight we talked with Aaron Taylor about the current state of the Irish and where he sees them heading this year.  We also reviewed the Michigan game and talked about what the Irish have to do this week to come out of East Lansing with a W.  Apologies for the quality of my audio, my headset mic wasn’t working so I had to use my cell phone to call in.  Below’s a quick review of the show.

  • What Aaron has been up to working for CBS as well as his foundation – Aaron Taylor Impact Fund.
  • Aaron’s thoughts on why the offensive line struggled last year and his thoughts on the current Notre Dmae offense line.
  • Aaron’s expectations for the Irish this season.
  • We also talked to Aaron about the changes Charlie Weis has made and what effects they will have on the Irish the rest of the season.
  • Michigan review – positives and negatives from this past weekend’s 35-17 win over the Wolverines.
  • Michigan State preview – what must Notre Dame do in order to come out of East Lansing victorious.

September 4 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 11 with Rocket Ismail

Tonight we had the distinct pleasure of talking with Notre Dame legend Raghib “The Rocket” Ismail.  We talked with the Rocket about the ’88 Miami Pre-Game Brawl, his thoughts on Notre Dame this year, what might happen next week if the Wolverines were to pull any ’88 Miami-esque shenanigans with a lot of the ’88 team members on campus, and his upcoming appearance at the Irish Legends Autograph show.  We even got Rocket to comment on Lou Holtz’s ESPN colleague, Mark May.

Rocket always gives a great intervew and he did not disappoint.

Note: The interview starts at about the 8:30 mark of the show.

Other topics discussed outside of the Rocket interview:

  • This weekend’s San Diego State game
  • This past weekend’s slate of games.
  • A game which had a striking similarity to the 2002 ND-USC game.
  • This week’s picks after Jeff had a better record than Frank last week.

September 4 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 10 – 5 Questions for the Offense

Sorry, we had some technical issues with the mp3 for this show.

August 26 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 9 – Depth Chart Analysis

Notre Dame released the latest depth chart on Monday so we did a qucik show to discuss a few of the surprises as well as the 8 frehman who have made their way on the two deep.

August 22 // podcast

Episode 8 with Vagas Ferguson

Last night we had one of the better interviews we’ve had since we started this podcast when former Notre Dame running back Vagas Ferguson was on the show.  Vagas talked with us about his playing days at Notre Dame including describing being in the huddle with Joe Montana as he drew up plays in the dirt in some very memorable games.

Here’s a full run down of what we talked about with Vagas:

  • What he’s been up to since his play days ended.
  • What drew him to Notre Dame in the first place.
  • Playing under Dan Devine and what his practices were like playing for a former NFL head coach.
  • His running style and how he developed it.
  • What his thoughts are on the young Notre Dame running backs for the Irish.
  • What it was like playing with Joe Montana and some awesome stories about being in the huddle with Joe in the closing moments of the Chicken Soup game.

This was one of the more enjoyable interviews we’ve done and we’d like to thank Vagas for talking with us last night.

August 20 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 7 – Previewing the ’08 Offense

Jeff and Frank previewed the 2008 offense and gave updates on each of the offensive positions from training camp.  We’ll preview the defense tonight at 9 PM EST.

  • The development of the quarterbacks and where Dayne Crist sits on the depth chart
  • The depth at running back and how that position will likely play out
  • How the overall talent of the team should breed progress in practice.
  • How the impact this year’s freshmen will have differs from past years of the Weis Era.
  • The offensive line and who has been impressive so far along with some shuffling of the first unit.

July 31 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 6 with Reggie Brooks

Tonight we had the distinct pleasure of talking with former Notre Dame running back Reggie Brooks. As everyone remembers, Reggie turned in one of the greatest single seasons any Notre Dame running back has ever recoreded in 1992. We discussed some of the more memorable moments of that season, his NFL career, the current Notre Dame running backs, and his thoughts on the 2008 Irish.

Here’s a few of the specific topics we discussed with Reggie.

  • The 2 point conversion vs. Penn State
  • His amazing touchdown run against Michigan and if he gives current defensive coordinator Corwin Brown a hard time about it.
  • The Boston College game and the fake punt.
  • His one man show he put on against Southern Cal to close the season.
  • Reggie’s NFL career with the Redskins and a memorable game he had against the Eagles during his rookie season.
  • His thoughts on the current Notre Dame running backs and how they will compliment each other including one back he said reminds him of Jerome Bettis.

Reggie was a great guest tonight and had a lot of great stories to share with us. Next week we will have on another former Notre Dame running back – 1977 National Champion Vegas Ferguson.

July 23 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 5 with Wes Pritchett

Tonight’s show featured former Notre Dame linebacker Wes Pritchett.  Pritchett, one of the Three Amigos, talked to us about a bunch of different topics from his time at Notre Dame as well as the current state of the Irish program. Afterwards we talked a little recruiting and about some freshmen who may be making an impact sooner rather than later this fall.

In talking with Wes tonight, it was easy to tell that he is still very much a die hard Notre Dame like the rest of us and lives and dies with the team each weekend which made speaking with him a real pleasure.  Here are a few of the topics we discussed with him:

  • The 1988 National Championship Reunion show at the College HOF being put together by Rob of Irish Locker Room.
  • The Miami brawl and his role.
  • Some of the pranks the Three Amigos played on each other.
  • Wes taking Tim Prister’s cigar in practice and what coach Alvarez’s reaction was.
  • His thoughts as an Atlanta native on what Jon Tenuta can do for the Irish defense.
  • His expectations for the Irish in 2008.

UPDATE: On last night’s show we mentioned we would have Frank Stams on next week.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get Frank on next week, but we will have on former Notre Dame running back Reggie Brooks.

July 19 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 4 with George Streeter

This week we talked with former Notre Dame safety George Streeter and ran through the week of news in the world of Notre Dame sports. On top of our interview with George, we also talked about the loss of Darrin Walls, the commitment of Chris Watt, and Notre Dame’s new athletic director, Jack Swarbrick.

Here are a few of the topics we covered in our interview with George Streeter:

  • What he has been up to since graduating from Notre Dame.
  • How he would have advised the Raiders in relation to the JaMarcus Russell/Brady Quinn draft debate from last year had he been with the team prior to the draft.
  • How we was recruited by Notre Dame and how he almost never even made the trip to South Bend.
  • His relationship with Corwin Brown and how he let his former high school teammate go to Michigan.
  • The 1988 Miami game and pre-game brawl.
  • The 1989 Fiesta Bowl and the Notre Dame defenses pre game goal for a special half time meal.

Next week we will have former Notre Dame linebacker Wes Pritchett and will be broadcasting on our normal night of Wednesday at 9 PM ET.

July 10 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 3 with Michael Stonebreaker

This week’s guest on Spanning the Dome was former two time All American linebacker Michael Stonebreaker. As an inside linebacker for the Irish Stonebreaker was a menace to opposing offenses, and tonight he shared with us some of his memories of his playing days at Notre Dame. He spoke with us about:

  • His latest venture, NOBrew Coffee, a New Orleans Style Coffee company he runs.
  • The 1988 Notre Dame-Miami game, the pre-game brawl, his involvement, and the reaction to Lou Holtz’s classic pep talk before the game.
  • His thoughts on the possibility of a Notre Dame-Miami game as mentioned in the Miami Herald yesterday.
  • His style of play and how he attacked an opponent.
  • Some of the practical jokes that went on between him, Wes Pritchett, and Frank Stams.
  • Any players that he wished he could have had a crack at playing against after his playing days were over.
  • His recruitment to Notre Dame and what ended up pushing him towards South Bend.

We also had a quick run down on the recruiting news of the week with the commitments of Marlon Pollard and Tyler Eifert.

Use the player below to listen to the show through your web browser or the MP3 button to download it. You can also listen to the UHND Podcast through iTunes. Click here to add Spanning the Dome to your iTunes podcast list.

Next week we will be back with another guest from the 1988 Notre Dame defense – safety and co-captain George Streeter. Check back on the UHND Blog early next week for the date and time as we may have to push next week’s to Thursday instead of Wednesday as we have been doing.

July 3 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 2 with Lee Becton

On tonight’s show we had a special guest – former Notre Dame running back Lee Becton. We talked about the Lee’s playing days at Notre Dame as well as his thoughts on this year’s team. Some of the topics we discussed with Lee were:

  • The mood of the team in the locker room after the 1994 Cotton Bowl
  • How he felt as a player towards Michigan and USC
  • His recruiting and why he went to Notre Dame in the first place
  • Practices under Lou Holtz
  • The current Notre Dame running back situation and how the competition will improve all of the backs

We also had Rob from WallofFameSports.com on to discuss the 1988 Reunion Weekend Autograph session which will be held the weekend of the Michigan game.

June 29 // podcast

Season 2: Episode 1

The UHND podcast returned this week with our first show of the year.  Topics discussed included:

  • Lou Holtz’s new statue which will be unveiled prior to the Michigan game.
  • The offensive line and hopes for improvement in 2008.
  • A debate on whether we’d rather have a win over Washington instead of USC if a win over USC meant a loss to Washington.
  • A position by position run down of the team based on comments from a Bill Lewis talk to an alumni club.
  • Further discussions on the offensive line and how the addition of Jon Tenuta could help out the line in ’08.

November 24 // podcast

Stanford Post Game Show

Post game thoughts on Notre Dame’s 35 21-14 win over Stanford to close out the season.  Jeff and Frank talked about the terrible officiating, Robert Hughes great game, Jimmy Clausen’s “development” for this week, and took a few calls from some of the listeners.

Pay attention to the board for information on this week’s podcast.

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