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Gunner Kiel to Enroll at Notre Dame?

Gunner Kiel, the nation's #1 rated quarterback, appears to be set to enroll at Notre Dame on Tuesday. (Photo - John Albright / Icon SMI)

After a few weeks without much positive news on the recruiting front for Notre Dame, the Irish may have pulled off the coup of the recruiting year.  According to multiple reports, Rivals.com’s #1 rated quarterback, Gunner Kiel, is set to enroll at Notre Dame tomorrow after being committed to LSU since December.

Kiel originally committed to Indiana over the summer, but opened up his recruiting in the fall and was thought to be leaning towards Notre Dame as recently as November before selecting the Tigers in December.

All was quiet on the Kiel front until Monday when Twitter and the recruiting blogosphere blew up with reports that Kiel did not report to LSU with the other early enrollees.  Since then, multiple recruiting gurus have reported that Kiel is now set to enroll at Notre Dame tomorrow for the start of the winter semester.

There hasn’t been any definitive confirmation yet, but right now it looks like Notre Dame is set to land the nation’s #1 rated high school quarterback for the second time in five years.

Should Kiel find himself in a Notre Dame classroom tomorrow, the quarterback race for this spring just got a whole lot more interesting.  Notre Dame fans already were excited about the idea of Everett Golson under center for the Irish, but with Kiel, a five star quarterback with good mobility, on the roster as well, there would be another serious contender for the starting quarterback position for 2013.

Here are some highlights of Kiel from his senior season that show why it will be easy for Notre Dame fans to be a little more excited about the quarterback position for the Irish – a position that has raised more questions than it’s answered during the first two seasons under Brian Kelly.

Monday’s developments could be the start of another roller coaster January in recruiting for Notre Dame.  Last year at this time we saw Notre Dame bring back Aaron Lynch and Stephon Tuitt after they had decommitted from Notre Dame and land Ishaq Williams thanks to a now legendary recruiting effort by Bob Diaco.

Rumors also began circulating on Monday that the Irish could end up landing both Arik and Armond Armstead as early as tomorrow as well.  Should Notre Dame lock up both Armsteads and Kiel by tomorrow, the Irish will have received some major recruiting momentum at a time when things looked like they were slowing down for the year.

On a side note, with the looks of busy few weeks leading up to Signing Day, we’ll be making an effort to keep things a bit more updated after a slow few weeks of updates to start the year.


  1. Someone on another board was dissing South bend and saying the weather was what kept Greeberry (a southern california kid) away. I hear that a lot. Too cold and kids wanna paly in good weather. Obviously the people saying that have never had two-a-days in August in South Texas. Have fun running those sprints in 100+ degrees and 98% humidity Deontay.

    According to his coach, he came back from Houston saying it just felt right and he committed to ND only cause Tee did. Interpretation: Can’t hack the academics and doesn’t want to get overshadowed by his cousin. he will have a great career at Houston and have a chance to be the pride of the Cougars. Tee has the chance to be a national legend.

    Go Irish.

  2. My prediction was neither Darby nor Greenbury would contribute much next season at the major college level. Most freshmen don’t make major impacts. I’ll stabd behind that no problem. With good coaching and the right attitude they can make an impact.
    And fair and balance – I’d rather Tee over Darby. Committment & attitude trumps raw speed at the college defensive level. I’ll stand behind that too.

  3. I think we have a solid, not great group of receivers. If they move Atkinson 111 to receiver he could be a home run hitter provided we develop a descent QB. He’s a threat everytime he touches the ball.

  4. Right on, jack! Could’ve used all 3 of them. No doubt.

    Recall, though, that UH is I believe moving to the Big East and will have more national exposure. Plus everyone plays on TV nowadays.

    You know who it would be nice to have back now: Shaq Evans. Good job, fat man, driving the kid out of S. Bend!

  5. joey,

    For once, let’s hold someone accountable for their predictions. You’ve stated outright that neither Darby nor Greenbury will amount to much at the next level. Stick to it! If you’re right, you get bragging rights. If not, then man up to your failed prediction and don’t hide behind the lapse of time.

    I don’t think you’d be saying this about either player if they had signed with ND. Where were the Darby and Greenbury suck comments 2 weeks ago? Why didn’t either joey deadpan these players. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Imagine what it sounds like to ND haters!

    • I don’t understand how you jilt ND for a Conference USA team that will be on TV once or twice. I wish him luck and he is a good player. Darby is also a good player with great speed. He will play well. Both were needed in this class and the lineman they lost to Ohio State.

  6. I like this recruiting class. Top QB. Top CB. Top tier D-Linemen Solid RBs.
    Although highly skilled … neither Darby or greenbury are skilled enough to make major contributions at this level next season.

  7. jack,

    Agreed. Look at the case of Deion Walker. He was supposed to be as good — if not better — than M. Floyd. Not quite! So, yes, recruiting rankings are an imperfect science. But there are also a lot of 4 and 5 star players that play up to their rankings and help their teams win titles. We need to land our fair share of 5 stars in addition to the “right” 3 stars.

    My problem, jack, is that it seems we’re getting jilted quite a bit over the last decade or so. How can we forget that Reggie Bush was supposed to be Irish? Or that the WR Little was also supposed to be an ND man? Plus there have been many notable de-commitments on the D side as well over the last ten years. There is a pattern here. ND needs to break the pattern by simply winning and winning big.

    BTW: FSU should thank Bob Diaco for calling off the dogs in the second half and Tommy Reese for being Tommy Reese. It seems that thanks in part to their bowl victory over ND they just landed perhaps the best recruiting class.

    And, yes, jack. After 2 decades of futility, mediocrity, and dashed hopes, all ND fans should just stop predicting our return to glory and just hope it gets here in our lifetimes. I wonder how many Cubs’ fans have been born, grew up, got old, and died in the last 100 plus years saying the same things I hear people here saying.

    • You sound like a jilted teenager in your last two parapgraphs!

    • Steelfan,

      The two you just mentioned are not good examples of jilting ND at the alter. Bush go SC on probation and Little sat his senior year. That is not the type of player your want at ND. The talent is there to compete and play in a BCS game. It is time for excecution on the field. I will say it again, if this team has a leader on offense next year ND will be a surprise. If they have another year like last year BK will be gone. Also, the administration needs to stop dicking around with requirements. Really a Spanidh course your have got to be kidding me.

      • jack,

        Did these kids have problems before that? I don’t think so since ND wouldn’t have recruited them so hard if they had. And, yes, both were expected to sign with ND. So their problems at USC and UNC wouldn’t have happened at ND. To bring up those issues is Monday-morning quarterbacking.

  8. Come on, let’s not sound like jilted teenagers. We wouldn’t be saying this about Darby if ha had signed with us!

  9. jack,

    I truly hope you’re right. I really am!

    But at some point we have to have our optimism rewarded. If not, then it just sounds delusional to keep on saying the future is bright or we’re about to turn things around. We’ve been saying that for two decades, jack! Enough already with rose-colored fortune telling. This just makes us sound unconnected to reality to the ND haters out there.

    Why not try this. We shut up about the future, stop saying next year will be our year, look at things for what they are (and have been for a long time now), and wait to see what actually happens in the future. I, too, jack, believe that ND football is close. But we’ve had that feeling in the past also. Let’s just let things play out and when (hopefully not if) ND football once again returns to the top, then let’s do our bragging and smack talking.

    Until then, I honestly think it behooves us to just stay quiet.

    • Have a look at the Detroit Lions….

      For 30 years they draft #1 picks at the offensive skill positions.

      THEY SUCKED!!!

      2 years ago they start building a defense up front. BAM..

      I love this class…. Sheldon Day, Jarron Jones, Tee Shepard, C.J. Prosise,

    • Steelfan,

      Not trying to look at it with Rose colored glasses. People put so much into these star ratings and half these kids are busts. The best tell tale is to look at the Rivals class rankings after their college careers. The saftey from Texas reminds me of Zibby a high school QB. Also, the two best corners ND has had in the past seven years one was a soccer player (Walton) and the other Duff was not highly ranked. I am not happy with a sixteen person haul. It is disappointing, but he did address needs at the back of the defense and running back. The decommits happen and ND just had it this year. I do agree however that we need to shut up and let it go until ND is winning and in a BCS game. Until then I would just like to say that we let it play out whether positive or negative.

  10. Gentleman,

    I have been thinking since the last post. The last time recruiting sucked was when both Littles decommitted. The next year ND picked up Manti Teo. Now as a review this class I see one thing that I do like. Later in the season BK went to nickel and dime packages because of the new spread and having players in space. He recruited 4 safties this year all around the size and speed of Slaughter. That is a good thing. This will allow the Irish defense to play these spread speed teams and match up better. I would like to see a little more bump and run coverage to shut down the short routes. Losing Greentray was a shot, but when the Irish lost little the next year they picked up Floyd. It isn’t all doom and gloom. Also, take a recruit like David Bruton, he was a 3 star recruit, but turned into a starter and was drafted. Lets keep our heads up, it has been a rough year but I have a feeling that things will ge sorted out and the future will be bright for the Irish.

    • Thank YOU Jack… yes. yes. yes! I don’t eve care that we lost Greenbury.

      Give me a mountain of depth on the defensive side of the ball. Bama doesn’t win because of an explosive offensive game. They win because they have incredible depth in their front seven on D.

      C.J. Prosise…. I can’t wait to watch this kid develop!

      • Alabama had the #1 WR recruit the year MF came out in Julio Jones. (BTW: Jones was a top ten NFL draft pick!) Plus, I think the Tide has done pretty well recruiting RBs. How quickly we forget or just cherry pick facts.

        I do agree that the D should be real good in the near future. If it isn’t, BK and his staff, esp. Diaco, won’t be around to see them graduate.

        Develop these studs, BK! Do what “Fat” Charlie Weis couldn’t.

      • Certainly Bama has had quality offensive athletes. They produce 1st round draft picks in the basement of their dorms.

        Saban has taken Bama back to their glory days on the backs of his defense over the last (5 years?). Any team facing Bama the last few years has been terrified of that Defense. It takes an all world college athlete to have huge success against them.

        Perhaps this gets back to my love of defensive football. I’m not sure I’ve seen a real defensive effort since 1996.

        We’ve brought in all kinds of offensive tallent to hang our return to glory hats on. Only to end up wiping tears from our faces every fall for 20 years.

        We have talent on the offensive side of the ball. Our O-Line is solid with youngin’s

      • waiting. We have two (one transfer) rb’s who will be very good to add to Wood. We’re a bit thin at receiver… but I don’t believe it’s as bad as some say. Ferguson can play football. We have another young receiver (didn’t play last year (name slips me)) to add to the line up.

        Our offense will click when we get a clear leader and athlete at q.b.

        All in all…. I’m loving the defensive recruiting effort over the last two years.

  11. Last year was put to bed with a bowl win and multiple recruiting coups. This year, off to hibernation with empty dreams. I know other team fans may think we are nuts for not being happy with the number one qb in the country, two top rbs, a top cb, etc. But when ND loses out on it’s top receiver recruit for a midlevel Houston program…something isn’t right with the world. Not disparaging the Cougars. They have had an amazing run in the last couple years. but the coach and record setting qb are gone. They are now in CUSA and moving to a ravaged Big East. The kid’s cousin early enrolled at ND and they said they wanted to play together. No mention by anyone of academic or character issues causing ND to sway. It just doesnt make any sense. I mean, did BK call him up last nite and tell him he likes to piss in the gatorade?

    I guess it’s a sign of the times. Horrible depressing times. it aint easy being green.

    • I agree that loosing Greenbury stung. I thought for sure he was a lock. We needed another playmaker at receiver, especially after loosing MF. that being said we have stud redshirt coming back this fall. I’m not sure I’m willing to hang this class up as a failure because we didn’t land this kid.

      Personally, as I’ve said many times before. I believe that Kelly is building a program with the right blueprint. Have a very close look at the the defensive line recruits. Day & Jones WILL be playmakers that will give Tuit, Lynch, Nix the rest the need throughout the game. This front seven WILL be one of the primier defensive front seven’s in the country. Next year? I just don’t expect freshman to produce like Lynch did this year.

      The defensive backfiield is solid. Sure I would have loved to see a top shelf corner to sit opposite Tee Shepard but that doesn’t look like its in the cards. That being said…. we have some STUD saftey’s in this years class.

      I’m calling it right now…. C.J. Prosise will become one of the best safety’s in the country. He’s just a little 3 star right now. I’ll bet the farm this kid become one of the leaders of this D.

      Back to the blueprint….. Kelly is building depth on the D. Big, strong, fast, explosive depth. Give me a top 25 D next year and a top 15 in 2013.

      Personally…. I absolutely love this class. I’ll be happy when I stop seeing true freshman starting on this ND squad. Freshman starting tells me either he’s an absolute freak… or we are miserably thin at a position.

      One side note…. If Poole decides to go Irish (long shot) this will be one of the great classes of Irish Football in 20 years. I could only hope for a class as strong as this next year. Some of these 3 star guys who signed today should NOT be overlooked.

      That’s my opinion… lol

      Go Irish & GOD bless!

  12. Darby is a Seminole.

  13. Darby to the FSU

  14. The one upside to this mediocre end of the recruiting cycle (assuming we don’t get Darby or Neal, two good assumptions!) is that we should have more available scholarships next recruiting season. Of course, that won’t mean much unless ND proves that it can be a winner once more. Right now, that’s a big “if” for most of these 17 and 18 year olds who don’t care or don’t know much about the legacy of ND football. You can’t live in the past forever, friends!

  15. EspnU keeps talking about Darby then talk Clemson. Maybe they know something we don’t. He is expected to announce any time now.

  16. The problem that I have is Greenberry waited until today to tell everyone that he’s going to Houston. The kid has been committed to ND since May. So all of a sudden, he wakes up this morning and says, “Hey, Houston it is!” I don’t think so. He had to of known prior to this morning. Why didn’t he switch his commitment to Houston yesterday, or last week. Atleast Armstead and Darby were upfront with coach Kelly. These jamokes that wait until today need to grow up.

    • Absolutely, and why Houston of all places?

      • Who cares! I hope he enjoys playing at Tulane and the other big time Conf. USA venues. We definitely got the better of the two cousins in this deal.

        BTW…if you knew that Tommy Rees was the QB, would you sign at ND??

        Darby about to announce he’s going to FSU!

        Call Cwyner back and ask him if he still wants to play next year, there are all kinds of open scholarships at ND.

    • After Kiel enrolled you would figure that our WR commits would be pretty secure.

      I mean, having the top rated passer already enrolled in class has to be pretty pleasing to a WR still trying to decide right?

      All I can tell you about high school kids is that the little head usually tells the big head what to do.

  17. Let’s see how this all pans out at the end of the day before we all go crazy!

  18. Assuming we dont get Darby or Neal…we should have plenty of room for 5th years…who does that most likley mean comes back?

  19. This is the worst signing day ever!! I blame Brian Kelly, he didn’t do what it takes to keep your top commits, or to score on top commits. You can’t have coaches leaving as you’re waiting on kids decision. It shows recruits, that we are unorganized. I wouldn’t sign with us and I am a big Notre Dame fan.

    • Worst ever? I don’t think so. But it’s not last year’s class.

    • The worst ever? We lost Greenbury to Houston…. that equates to worst ever. This is a strong class. We have added some great depth to our defensive front seven. Brought in 5 db’s. A top rateed Q.B. a stud RB transfer from USC. I understand a few flipped to other programs… That’s college football recruiting. As this class sits… I’d say it’s strong.

  20. WOW! This is unbelievable!!! I hope Deion Walker wants to stay another year!!

  21. This is the worst National Signing Day in the past couple of years. Only one corner and the best Wide Receiver is gone. Plus Angelor just committed to USC. Not good.

    • This is what happens when you SUCK on the football field. Plain and simple.

      • Not quite that simple, but, yes, in the long run on-field mediocrity will translate into recruiting mediocrity and the vicious cycle will spiral downward.

        Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this. WIN! Win and ND will get its fair share of top recruits. That’s what BK and his staff are getting paid BIG BUCKS to produce.

        BK: Put a winning team together, darn it!

  22. Nelson Agholor is a Trojan. Damn that sucks. Looks like we are waiting on Darby and that’s it. This class is good but not sure if we got we needed in the cb position.

    • Neal is still out there…but getting him away from DickRod at Arizona (his home state school) and distUrban at tOSU (where he has family) is going to be hard. I think i read he wasn’t gonna do anything until after some visit on the 10th.

  23. Good luck on wednesdays kid…he does know keenum is gone right?

  24. How can we lose a kid to Houston? Especially a California kid at that. Had he picked a PAC school ok but Houston? Wow.

  25. ESPN currently shows him as STILL committed to ND.

  26. Just went to Houston’s site and he isnt listed as a commit….where did you see it ETX?

  27. So upset right now with this coaching staff and recruiting. This class will not help Notre Dame one bit. Watch and see another 8-5 season if not worse. Good job BK hello unemployment line next year.

  28. Nevermind it’s official that’s he signed with Houston. Seriously Houston?

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