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Louis Nix Commits to Notre Dame

Notre Dame received some great recruiting news on Tuesday that no one could have seen coming. Four star defensive tackle recruit Louis Nix verbally committed to Notre Dame just over 24 hours after Notre Dame fired head coach Charlie Weis.

In a fairly unprecedented move, Nix committed to Notre Dame without a head coach currently in place. Running backs coach Tony Alford visited with Nix on Tuesday and collected the commitment during his visit.

Nix told Irish Sports Daily:

“He told me about the situation with the coaches, and he said if he wasn’t going to be there, he thought I should still go there, and that Notre Dame was the best school for me,” Nix explained. “For someone to tell me that, who possibly wouldn’t be coaching me, that’s something worth listening to.”

Nix will immediately become a fan favorite amongst Irish fans for committing to Notre Dame without knowing who his head coach would be. It is extremely rare for a recruit to show this sort of faith in a university during a fairly turbulent time like Notre Dame is currently experiencing; and it says a lot about Nix’s priorities and character that he’d commit to Notre Dame at this time.

Alford, already a fan favorite for his tough attitude, will only cement his placement as one of the most popular assistant coaches on this year’s coaching staff. I wrote yesterday that Alford would be at the top of my list of coaches to retain for the next staff and Tuesday’s news makes me believe even more in that statement.

As for what Nix brings to Notre Dame on the football field, the Irish will be getting an elite defensive tackle prospect that has the potential to be a game changing force in the middle of a defensive line. Rivals, Scout, and ESPN all rate Nix as a four start prospect with both Rivals and ESPN ranking him as one of the top 100 national recruits regardless of position.

Originally a Miami commitment, Nix became enamored with Notre Dame during three separate visits since the summer. He also held scholarship offers from the likes of Florida, Florida State, and Miami.

As the highlight clip below shows, Nix is a very disruptive force. He’ll have to work on his pass rushing moves on the next level since he can just simply over power the competition he faces in high school, but Nix is a defensive tackle with a ton of upside.

Hats off to Nix for pulling the trigger on his commitment now and the assistant coaches still in place, Tony Alford especially, for continuing to hit the recruiting trail hard and sell recruits on Notre Dame as a university and a program.

Chris Martin Decommits

Not all the recruiting news on Tuesday was good for the Irish. Five star defensive end Chris Martin made it official on Tuesday and decommitted from Notre Dame and will look at Cal, Florida, Oklahoma, and USC. Some reports have suggested that Martin would consider the Irish again depending on the head coach that gets hired, but there hasn’t been a consensus.

Martin has long been wavering on his commitment once it became apparent that Charlie Weis would be fired. In fact, Martin’s commitment was considered shaky by most since the summer.

Martin continues a recent Notre Dame tradition of five star defensive linemen committing to the Irish in the spring, only to decommit in December or January. Both Justin Trattou and Omar Hunter were at one time Notre Dame commitments who ended up decommitting and signing with Florida.


  1. Wish Clausen well … can we kick Weis in the pants?

    “Coach Weis told me whether he was going to be here or not be here, it was time for me to go. He thought I’ve improved so much since I came to Notre Dame. So, I’m taking his advice, and I’m going to head out.”

  2. Let Brian Kelly sign an extension in Cincy. He’s not the coach that the Irish need. Bob Stoops is the coach. Fly him into South Bend, slide a piece of paper across the table with a huge number on it, and hope to heck he signs it! Then let him and his staff hit the recruiting trail!

  3. by the way, i see you guys discussing clausen…he’s long gone fellas, long gone…lest hope tate doesnt go with him…

  4. shazam, leave willie martinez in the heap…uga’s defense may be the only top tier programs that is worse than ours…cant cover, cant tackle, cant rush passer..sound familiar? lets hope kelly takes job and finds a good coordinator somewhere (not cincy) or if stoops comes on board he can handle a defense. weis’s downfall was tenuda’s failure, plain and simple.

  5. On a more serious note. The Georgia Bulldogs just fired their defensive coordinator and 2 assistants. I think their D-Coordinator had been there for 8 years. Their defense finished the season ranked 31st nationally. Clearly not good enough for Georgia.
    Is one man’s trash, another man’s treasure?


    MISSISSIPPI: Notre Dame Head Football Coach candidate DeltaIrish today put an end to the rampant internet speculation that he would be the next coach of the Irish. “I like coaching my son’s pee wee team, the administration of the pee wee team is awesome and the Weevils organization is headed for great things.” said DeltaIrish. “I fully intend to coach the Weevils next year.” added the Coach. With these heartfelt and unquestionable denials of interest in the job by DeltaIrish, there can be no question that Notre Dame has lost its appeal. The only way the Irish will find a coach now is if they re-animate the corpse of Knute Rockne. Ivan Maisel reporting for ESPN.

    • Sorry…but its got just about that stupid. If there was another real choice i’d boycott ESPN.

    • I bet coach Delta is just Useing the Irish job to get that contract extension. I hear that they sweetened his deal by throwing in all the cupcakes and hotdogs you can eat on game day.
      How can we compete with that?

    • If I was Clausen I’d look at one or two things right now.

      1. Regardless of Tate, will the rest of the receiving corps be there? ( Tate needs another year by the way ).

      2. Will the offensive line keep him from getting the snot kicked out of him and will it help the running game, giving him time to pick apart defenses.

      One other thing to look at is which teams will go for a QB this year verus next.

      If I was him, I also wouldn’t pick an agent until the last minute. With the coaching change he needs to know who is coming in.

      I’m never in favor of these kids coming out early.

      • It would be great if he came back again, but he’d be coming back as a grad student as he enrolled early and now only has five classes left to get his undergraduate degree. His family sold the house they had in South Bend and he is a top first round draft pick.

        Or he could stick around beautiful South Bend and perhaps get sucker punched again.

        Easy decision, even for someone in the College of Arts and Letters there.

  7. Bryant Young is still cutting his teeth as a coach…..start fresh on both sides of the ball. GO IRISH!

  8. power run the ball

    Nix seems like he has a good head on his shoulders to realize he is receiving good advice.

    Good for Alford for being a high character guy as well.

    Kelly brought his staff to cincy hopefully he does the same but keeps guys like alford- b- young and others that are worth there salt.

  9. Swapping Nix for Martin is an upgrade for a ND defense in need of size – It’s a pickup that might also allow Ethan Johnson to move to his more natural position of DE.

  10. I don’t think anyone knows what the hell is going on with the head coach for next year at Notre Dame! Give Kelly a chance to play the big east championship and then we will know his true motives.. Think if you were a head football coach and you were 11-0, would you not want to jeopardize your team that you have worked so hard with getting to that point. Kelly is a great coach and no matter what he does I will respect the guy, but he won’t say anything until after this game. Look at Johnny Damon when he played for the Red Sox, he said he would never play for the Yankees and anyone who has ever put on a Red Sox uni should feel the same, but when the dollar bills were staring at him in the face, what did he do??? Took the money and ran… Look for Kelly to do the same…
    I talk about similar things on my blog- loganweeks.com/wordpress

  11. Aint nothing written in stone with these kids anyways until spring. Some will still leave as is typical. I think we all know now 3-4-5 stars behind a recruit dont mean a whole lotta nothing. That is one of the reasons the focus on this board is on coaching. A good coach and recruiter looks for kids to fit his system not how many stars are behind his name. Been through this too many times to get excited about any commits. I am more interested in who is going to get this program going again.

  12. Two things:

    1. I cannot believe that just worked.

    2. Frank, you’re absolutely right. I’m utterly stunned by this kid. I think calling him a fan favorite may end up being an understatement. He pretty well just B!+<#slapped every single reporter saying:
    A) ND can’t recruit
    B) Smart kids don’t play on the D-line
    C) None of today’s youth cares about the tradition that is ND
    D) ND is irrelevant

    • He’ll be good, but they better ease him in. Two good things will happen with a new regime for defense. The so called lack of speed will be put to rest because the players will react quicker and will be in position. And youngsters won’t be frustrated. Actually Teo will be in noticable better condition next year. Why? Because he’ll be reworked. His frustration level showed the last few games. Quietly but it was there. The kid wants to be in position. With more guys like Nix coming into the mix and with better all around defensive coaching, he specifically will be more comfortable. Anyone remember Stonebreaker? Put Stoney’s eyes and quick reads in Teo’s body and ND will get in trouble for having a WMD.

  13. Agreed Frank, but not knowing who is the coach is killing this board. We want to know the coach to know the direction of the program and keep recruits. It is crucial that we do not go through the horrible class we got in 2004. Nix is a great pick up and I hope all don’t leave. Martin doesn’t bother me because he was already gone.

  14. Guys, how about we take a break from over analyzing every bit of information from websites that will post anything they hear, cut out the arguing, and spend a little time discussing what an impressive commitment Notre Dame just got.

    We just landed an outstanding defensive tackle (an area we always struggle at) without a head coach and 90% of the comments are about the coaching search. Take a deep breath and relax.

    • Frank,
      You are killing my suggestion. I suggest Notre Dame create a few true branch campuses and just hire a bunch of guys on the list. Spread the wealth so to speak.

      I actually heard Tiger Woods is now a candidate and that George O’leary cheated on his wife while running into fire hydrants. Wait was that the Science section of the Inquirer that had that?

  15. You guys sound like the demoncrats picking the republican presidential candidate in 08…..Swarbricks comment does not mean he has found a candidate. Scav you are reading way too much into these things. Go back to the recent “recent” interview w/ Brian Kelly and listen to it. There is nothing at all in it from his own lips that indicate he has closed the door on ND – just the opposite if you ask me. I heard two weeks ago feelers put out to Kelly through folks in the sports dept at the university indicate he remains receptive to discussions and would commit publically prior to their bowl game if offered the position at ND in attempt to stem recruits from jettisoning the program. I also heard in the same conversation an announcement regarding Weis being let go would come pretty much immediately after the Stanford game which it did prior to the so called year end meeting w/ Swarbrick on the Tuesday following the game. So far so good…I would look to see an announcement on Kelly on Sunday or Monday following the Pitt game. That’s all I got to say bout that….

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