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Ask Not What UHND Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do for UHND

Hey guys, we just posted an article up on the main site about some changes in the type of ads you will see across UHND.com over the next month or so. Basically, you are going to see some name brand websites and businesses advertising on UHND and if all goes well, these name brand businesses will become long term sponsors of this website.  Whether or not the tests these companies are doing go well will be determined by you guys.

All we’re asking is that if you see an ad for a company you use or are in the market for a service that one of these advertisers serves, please give them a chance for your business.  If you end up using their services or buying their products, even better, but don’t feel obligated to using them.  We do, however, ask that you at least give them a chance to earn your business.  What we don’t ask is that you just click on the ads for the sake of clicking on them – that won’t do much help at all.

If these ads do well and we maintain these advertisers as long term sponsors for UHND it would mean very good things for the future of this site as it will allow us to continue to be an independent website and will allow us to keep improving and investing our time and money into improving the site.  This off-season you will see a number of improvements to UHND, including a new and improved message board system, as well as new features which we are still working on developing.  2007 marks the 10 year anniversary of UHND and it should be a very exciting time for this website.

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