Wake Up the Echoes – Redemption Edition

Notre Dame didn’t open its season they way they, or any of us fans, had hoped by dropping an ugly game to South Florida last week, but last is last week.  In about 36 hours Notre Dame will march into the Big House for the first night game in the stadium’s history looking to get back on track.

Notre Dame will be looking for redemption for not only last week’s disappointing performance but also for dropping the last two games against Michigan despote holding fourth quarter leads in both contests.

Notre Dame-Michigan is always a big game, but this year’s showdown took on even more importance for the Irish after they dropped the opener.  With that said, here’s the weekly Friday video post to get you good and fired up and back in the right frame of mind.

We’ll start off with an intro from the 1988 Notre Dame – Michigan game when the Wolverines came into Notre Dame Stadium to play under the lights.

Here’s a quick teaser from adidas that they put together for the unveiling of the retro uniforms that will be worn tomorrow.

Remember when Bo kicked to Rocket?

And remember when Harry Oliver nailed a 51 yarder at the buzzer to knock off Michigan?

“One of the most spectacular runs you are ever going to see. Just watch and enjoy.”

Sadly, this highlight reel shows the last time Notre Dame won a game in Michigan Stadium.

This play may have come in defeat, but it was amazing to see in person and was one of the loudest moments I’ve experienced in Notre Dame Stadium.

The last time Michigan won two in a row against Notre Dame the Irish responded pretty well. Hopefully they do the same this week.

I’ve posted this many times over the years, but it really is a video that shows just how far Notre Dame has fallen. There was a time when 60,000 people could get crowd noise penalties in Notre Dame Stadium.

Wait a minute, Bo isn’t going to kick to him again is he?

I always like closing with the Fight Song whenever possible and thought this one was pretty awesome.


Notre Dame Reportedly Set to Name John McNulty New TE Coach


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  1. joey d 8 years ago

    in the brooks video, collinsworth says ‘corwin brown missed the tackle’….sounds just like how his defense at ND was developed….get well soon Corwin!

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  2. C-Dog 8 years ago

    Goose Bumps

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  3. Guy 8 years ago

    That last video brings a tear to my eye. My friend Tony Dempsey had that played at his funeral this past year. His son Andrew was a walk-on at Notre Dame! This one’s for you my old friend. RIP- GO IRISH!

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  4. Teo 8 years ago

    Thank you for posting this. It made my morning.

    I didn’t go to Notre Dame — honestly, I didn’t have the grades in high school — but I’m a lifelong fan. Every time I hear the fight song I get chills. And then I smile and remember what Notre Dame stands for.

    Get that defense fired up! Go Irish!

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