Notre Dame vs. USC Trojans — Tailgating for the BCS

Irish fans,

Last year, we had a killer tailgate party at the in the desert for the Fiesta Bowl. During that day, I told the 250+ in attendance that I would again host a tailgate party for this year’s USC game.

It’s finally here.

For the Irish, a win will secure a second consecutive BCS appearance, likely the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

Here are the plans:

*Securing a piece of real estate is nearing the final stages. In either case, it will be a decent piece of lot. We will either be just outside the west side of the stadium. For those who are not familiar with the LA Coliseum, this is the side where the largest portion of the ND seats in the stadium is located (Sections 9-17, also the player’s tunnel). But I may be securing a parking pass over in the general area where they hold College Gameday. We’ll see what happens.

*Last year, I spent a ton of money on dogs, brats, and other food items. Of the 250+ that were in attendance, judging by the amount of food I had left over, only about 30 or so people ate at the tailgate. So this year, the only food items we will have are going to be chips and salsa. There are plenty of food vendors located outside the stadium.

*So, what’s left you ask? K E G S. At the Fiesta Bowl, we cleaned out SIX kegs. The 250+ of you set that standard. How many will we break on the day the Irish roll over Troy?

*How can you contribute? $10.00 per person on the honor system and you can munch on snacks and pound beer, shots, or bottled water all day long until the game.

If you remember were at the Fiesta Bowl, we’ll probalby have a similar toast about 90 minutes prior to kickoff (Jager shots anybody?)…

You want in? Shoot Jeff (aka JACK DANIELS) an email to NDTAILGATE@GMAIL.COM. Please include the total number of people in your party, including yourself. I’ll reply to you and include any new info as it changes.

Thanks and see you in Los Angeles.

NEED TICKETS? Last year at the Fiesta Bowl tailgate, we were able to help out 7 or 8 people who didn’t have tickets. There happened to be 7 or 8 people who had extra tickets and I believe everybody went to the game happy. So on gameday, we’ll make an announcement if there is anybody with extra tickets at the tailgate.

The Official 2006 UHND/IrishEyes Fiesta Bowl Tailgate Party


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  1. lynne denetdeel 13 years ago

    You know the Native Americans are ALL for the FIGHTING IRISH and I am a FEMALE. You can’t keep me a reserved housewife when the IRISH are playing. GO IRISH!!!!!

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  2. RocketMadeFan 13 years ago

    Hey just wanted to say that this site rocks. Im a rocket ismail-made fan and watch the irish religously. Did anybody catch the energy I did when they sang the alma-mater after the UCLA win. Woh, That was goosebump awsome.

    I record every game and make my own highlight films if anyone would be intersted in a dvd. Email me at

    Looking forward to the army game and end to a great season. ONWARD NOTRE DAME!!!!!!………

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  3. NDgrandson 13 years ago

    Who is #3 on the bottom right?

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  4. Tim (Irishfan4life) 13 years ago

    Wow you guys are lucky…im a huge a Notre Dame fan as anyone and would give anything to be with you guys when ND plays USC. SO have a few beers for me and watch USC get the living crap kicked out of them…Ill watch the game here in ALaska safely in my house away from the -30 weather outside…
    GO ND

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