2007, A Seaon to Remember… Sort of

Oldie hasn’t had much reason to make videos this year, but he released his 2007 season video this past weekend and despite not having a whole lot of material to work with, he churned out another top notch highlight clip. Enjoy… at least as best you can.

Deon McIntosh Sent Home: Notre Dame Disciplines 4th Player

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  1. bleednd82 10 years ago

    The BoB guy is out of control. There has to be some way to ban him for the site. Darn Bulleted lists why?

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  2. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. for those interested in notre dame football, the annual us army high school football will be played on 1/5/2008 at 1pm est and broadcast by nbc. anyone who wants to see the rosters can find them at rivals.com.

    2. notre dame 2008 commits dominate the rosters for both the east and west teams, with 16 current notre dame 2008 commits on the rosters and no other school even coming close.

    3. there is a very good chance that notre dame will get another key commitment before or during that game from gerrell robinson from arizona on the west roster and perhaps a few others.

    4. obviously, the complete domination of the rosters by notre dame commits is a tribute to all of the hard work put in by charlie and corwin and their staffs and by every member of notre dame’s 2007 team in the face of vicious attacks from notre dame’s enemies and from some people claiming to be notre dame fans.

    5. contending for national championships every season cannot happen without great recruiting and this army game is a great preview of 2008 and the future for all real loyal notre dame fans.

    6. the game is sponsored by the us army and by rivals.com, a subsidiary of yahoo.

    7. the espn/scout.com did try one of its usual power plays by sponsoring a competing under armour all america high school game, which will be broadcast on abc one hour later on the same day. there are several 2008 notre dame commits on the roster for that game, with a very good chance of notre dame landing one or more additional 2008 commits before, during or after that game.

    8. 74 of the 84 high school players invited to the army all american game chose that game over the espn game.

    9. however, with 2 tvs, any real loyal notre dame fan can watch both games and get a preview of the future of notre dame football.

    10. on the crooked ref front, the yahoo sports investigation of dishonest refs did provoke a response from the conferences and from the ncaa which is reported in the 12/20 edition of usa today and elsewhere in an article entitled “NCAA, football powers seek better officiating.”

    11. according to the article, the conferences and the ncaa have formed a supervisory committee to be composed of 15 people, whose names have not been released, with one exception.

    12. the head of this committee will be david parry, who has theoretically been in charge of football ref and tech review quality control for 19 years.

    13. those of us who have been gathering evidence in the area of dishonest officiating are quite familiar with david parry.

    14. we 1st heard his name mentioned by charlie weis during his press conference after what looked like an ugly loss by notre dame to michigan in 2006. as always, charlie and his staff had done a thorough film analysis of the refs conduct during that game and turned up quite a few atrocities against notre dame and in favor of michigan. charlie fowarded the film to david parry, who refused to give any explanation whatsoever.

    15. it was that experience which led charlie and notre dame to terminate notre dame’s long term arrangement with the big 10 to use big 10 ref crews for notre dame away games and to change to big east crews for 2007 and future seasons.

    16. the head big 10 ref at that 2006 nd/michigan game, dennis lipski, was also the head ref at notre dame’s 2006 game at usc, during which lipski and his crew made quite a few dishonest calls and non calls of penalties, all in favor of usc and against notre dame, one of which involved dirty hits on brady quinn by several usc thugs. no penalties were called by lipski and his crew and brady did suffer a serious injury. brady did not complain, but played through the injury at the sugar bowl against lsu, despiter the fact that his ability to perform were seriously adversely affected.

    17. dennis lipski has a long history of dishonest reffing and complaints against him by many big 10 schools, but david parry has always protected lipski and other dishonest refs in the big 10, including the crew that officiated the 2007 buckeye/illinois game, which was the focus of the 1st article in the yahoo sports investigation of dishonest college football reffing.

    18. this theoretical ref reform by the conferences and tom jernstetd of the ncaa is just another scam on the public, designed to make the public think that there are going to be some real changes, when the real purpose is to keep the ref system as crooked as it is now.

    19. those of us who are not inclined to see notre dame’s football players robbed of any more wins by crooked refs are not falling for this scam.

    20. we are al shareholders in the publicly traded companies which put up the money for the salaries of the ncaa and conference officials abnd refs and we will use our expertise in economic violence in the civil courts to bring about real change.

    21. we also doubt that the fine reporters at yahoo sports are going to halt their ongoing investigation any more than they have let up on the reggie bush investigation.

    22. obviously, these dishonest ref matters take precedence over other civil litigations for 2008. however, we will get to them all.

    we wish you and your staff a very happy new year,

    bob gilleran

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  3. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. now, let’s get back to the simple and deadly legal problems that you and your friends have created for yourselves in the civil courts, just in this one internet thread( there have many others).

    2. frank did a film review of notre dame’s 2007 season,keepping things as positive as possible.

    3. we were the 1st to post a comment. we congratulated frank and gave our opinions about notre dame’s 2007 football season and the jobs done by charlie weis and corwin and their staffs.

    4. aside from attacking the current crooked ref system, we made no mention of you or your friends at all.

    5.after all, this is supposed to be a notre dame fan site, not a forum for your illegal personal attacks on anyone, including my friends and me.

    6. if you disagreed with any of our statements or opinions, you could have expressed your disagreements in a polite and civilized manner, without violating the civil or legal of anyone and without exposing yourselves to any liabilities. you could even have accused me of being a jerk and an idiot and quite a few other things without incurring any legal liabilities.

    7. you could have simply done nothing at all. after all, there was nothing at all offensive to notre dame or notre dame’s football program in our post.

    8. but no, there is something extremely vicious and evil in you and your friends.

    9. depite numerous warnings in previous threads by us and plenty of opportunities to consult a competent attorney about what libel per se is, you all did it all again, falsely accusing me of being insane and mentally unstable and being unethical, immoral, and dishonest- statements which are, for good reason, not protected fee speech, but actionable libel per se.

    10. those are the issues that you will all be facing in front of juries in 2008 and your only defenses are to prove that your statements were true at the time you made them, something that we all know that you cannot do and that you each knew when you put your posts in writing and posted them on the internet.

    11. we understand that you are getting nervous about being hauled into the civil courts and put on the witness stand. based on your posts, for whatever reasons, you appear to be accustomed to violating the civil and legal rights of others and not being forced to pay the economic price in the civil courts.

    12. however, you each made your choices of your own free wills and it is simply too late now to change the economic consequences for yourselves.

    13. being irish catholics and people who follow strict ethical and moral codes and never take any actions in the civil courts without giving everyone every chance to inform themselves and correct their misconduct, we are not going to make any of your innocent wives and children suffer economically in the civil courts because of your misconduct.

    14. yes, these will be extremely unpleasant experiences for each of you in the civil courts. however, it will not be the end of your lives. you will learn something and you will not engage in this type of illegal conduct in the future against innocent people who do not have the knowledge and expertise to defend themselves.

    15. protecting your future and past victims is much more important to us than taking your money and assets in the civil courts. that is the case with everything which we do.

    16.now, if you want to print out everything and semd it all to the beaurocrats at the ca state bar thinking that they are going to help you, we encourage you to try.

    17. there is simply nothing that they can do to help you, even if any of them had the ability to do anything in a real legal court system in which there are real hearings and trial before real juries and real judges, not predetermined outcomes based solely on their baseless and knowingly false accusations, not on any real facts or evidence.

    18. the jerks at the ca state bar were even afraid to have any hearings or trials in their phony illegal state bar court, even though the outcomes were predetermined.

    19. when i told them that i did not care about the outcomes being predetermined since i was going to bring in the media and expose their entire illegal operation, they were terrified and dispensed with all hearings and trials, something which was illegal even under the rules of their phony court.

    20. by the way, if any of you had bothered to check with a competent attorney, you would have found out that, by engaging in such misconduct on the internet, you subjected yourselves to the jurisdiction and venue of the ca state courts, where i am a local cult hero with the honest judges and the public for having taken on and defeated the crooks at the ca state bar and other corrupt and powerful interest groups which would otherwise ruin the lives of many innocent people who cannot defend themselves.

    again, we look foward to seeing you in the civil courts in 2008,

    bob gilleran

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  4. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. you will have your days in court in front of a jury. try ordering a judge and a jury to follow your directives and orders. it should be great material for saturday night live.

    2. if you want to try a cross complaint, go for it and lose, like everyone else.

    3. it is not by accident that i am undefeated in jury trials in over 30 years. i choose my cases very carefully and i always know the lawsv and the evidence better than the opposition.

    4. do you claim to be an attorney7 if so, let us know something about your background and your track record, instead of hiding behind phony internet ids.

    5. you have all of the detailed information that i gave you on the situation with the crooks at the state bar of ca.

    5. the ca supreme court has ruled in a number of published decisions( remember, i offered you the citations to those cases,but you were too consumed in your hate campaign directed at me to care. now, you can find the cases on your own) that the phony state bar court to which you have referred was not a legal court at all the time they targeted me and a lot of the other best plaintiffs’ and defense attorneys in the state of california, that the judge referred to in the article that you posted the link to were not real judges, that none of the findings of this phony court were admissible in any civil or legal proceedings or entitled to any credibility whatsover.

    6. essentially, the big insurance companies and other special interset groups purchased certain dishonest people in the ca state bar beaurocracy and illegally attempted to use a completely phony court to attack the best plaintiffs’ attorneys and defense attorneys in the state of california.

    7. out of disgust for the blatant illegal conduct of the ca state bar and the illegal ca state bar court, gov wilson of the state of ca and the ca state legislature personnally stepped in and cut off the funding for the ca state bar and for the illegal state bar court, based on documents and information provided to them by me and others.

    8. the net result is that no legal court in the state of california or anywhere else has ever found that i ever did anything unethical, illegal, or immoral.

    9. what remains of the a state bar after gov wilson and the ca state legislature got through with them is not much and what is left will not be around much longer since all of those functions will soon be taken over, pursuant to bipartisan legislation soon to be introduced in the us congress, by the american bar association, of which i am a member in good standing.

    10. in the meantime, there is still technically in existence a 3 line order rubber stamped by some unidentified person at the ca supreme court stating that i have been disbarred, but not stating that i did anything wrong at all.

    11. the members of the ca supreme court know that that order is null and void and so does everyone else with any knowledge of the laws, with the exception of certain crooks at the ca state bar who are desperately trying to save their jobs.

    12. until the mess is cleaned up by the us congress, that is the way things will rest.

    13. its existence does not interfere at all with my personal or professional life at all since i represent only myself in courts in the us, including in causes of action and judgments which i acquire from 3rd parties

    14.while i would have no difficulty getting that 3 line order officially expunged and becoming a member of the ca state bar again, for moral and ethical reasons, i am not about to join the ca state bar, an organization which i know to be operating in violation of the us civil rico statutes and numerous other federal and state laws.

    15. no, my friends and i will wait for the bipartisan federal legislation, one of the projects on which my friends and i have been working, to eliminate the ca state bar and the other crooked state bars, expunge all of the illegal acts of these crooked organizations and put the american bar association in charge of all such matters, with all of the protections of due process of law to which every us citizen is entitled.

    16. as one member of the ca supreme court put it in one of those published rulings which you and your friends refused to read, under the current system, hairdressers have more rights to due process of law than attorneys in the state of ca. none of the 3 line orders relating to attorney discipline rubber stamped by someone at the ca supreme court since 1991, without giving the attorneys accused by some beaurocrat any hearings or trials in any real court which meet the minimal requirements of due process of law, have any legal effect whatsoever.

    again, we look foward to seeing you in the civil courts in 2008,

    bob gilleran

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  5. Chris 10 years ago

    You definitely will not be seeing me in civil courts. You have absolutely nothing from posts on this website that constitute libel. In fact as much law is based on what a reasonable person would do or react to, it is you who are jeopardizing your legal position. First of all do you deny that you are at this current time disbarred in the state of California? Also can you produce a specific statement and explain with a legal reference that we all can check that constitutes libel? I think not. More than one person in this chat romm area has politely asked that you modify your rude behavior. More than one person has asked you to write cohernent sentences. More than one person has asked you to reduce your lists of comments. You have not done so, but instead have launched what a reasonable person could easily describe as a paranoid frantic attacks against all of us. If you see what is regarded as reasonable behavior in a chat room environement, it is you who is close to violating and if you knew your law you’d be aware of this.
    No you will not see any of us in civil courts. You have no legitamate claim or reason to seek damages because none have been committed by any of us upon you. There are no damages and you have no case. To see us in civil courts would have meant you violated our privacy which would bring suit against you and this website. Do you want Frank and this website to be closed down on account of you?

    No, Bob, you definitely will not be seeing us in civil courts. But what you will do is drive everyone away from this website with your singular and completely out of perspective comments concerning Notre Dame football, and your apparent psychological nned to threaten everyone you come in contact with a lawsuit if they remind you of your disbarment, or dare to disagree with you.
    For everyone else, sorry about this guy. Since there really isn’t anything worth talking about until the first game next year, I’ve got better things to do than mix it up with an unreasonable person with nothing better to do than to live some dillusion about their connections and their importance.

    Bob, my final word to you is to quit pretending. If you could and were doing half of what you say you can do, you wouldn’t be on this website. With every post and list and idle threat, you confirm that you are powerless. That is a sad dillusion, Bob.

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  6. bleednd82 10 years ago

    Whoa sorry everyone about my odd comments the other night. I had some wine with my girlfriend and it didnt transpire well into text. I appologize to everyone but the Bulleted List Man.

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  7. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. we most defintely will be seeing you in the civil courts.

    2. the laws, not you, determine what are actionable civil offenses and you and your 2 friends( unless you are really one person hiding behind multiple phony internet ids without the guts to use your real names) have exposed yourselves to many causes of action in the civil courts.

    3. unlike any of you, we have over 30 years of extremely successful civil litigation experience and we know the laws quite well.

    4. you had ample opportunities to consult with competent attorneys and correct your misconduct.

    5. your hubris led you to believe that you could violate the civil and legal rights of others, as you obviously have been doing to others in your own personal and business lives.

    6. therefore, you will pay the economic prices in the civil courts. it is that simple.

    7. my friends and i are fully aware that notre dame is not a jesuit school. however, the fathers of the holy cross
    have based the educational system at notre dame on the educational system used by the jesuits.

    8. my friends and i do not engage in physical violence except in self defense.

    9. therefore, you need not be concerned about any physical violence from my friends or me.

    10. with respect to you false statements about my sanity and mental stability, such statements are libel per se and your only defense at trial, if you get that far, would be to prove that, when you made those statements, you had written information from a professional who had examined me in person and reached such conclusions before you made any such statements.

    11. since we all know that you did not have any such professional reports and cannot get any, you have no defenses and you will simply lose.

    12. with respect to your statements that i am unethical, immoral, or dishonest, those statements are also libel per se.

    13. i gave you more than adequate information on the corruption at the california state bar ansd even offerred you citations to the ca supreme court decisions which ruled that the state bar court referred to in the article in the ca state bar journal that you keep posting links to was never a legal court, that the judges of that phony court, including the clown mentioned in the article, were not real judges, and that none of the so called proceedings, findings of fact, or so called judgments of that phony court were admissible in any civil or criminal proceeding and were not entitled to any credibility whatsoever.

    14.i also even gave you the names of the 2 crooked ca judges involved in that ca state bar atrocity who had pled guilty to federal felonies and been led off to federal prisons in chains.

    15. i have no criminal record at all. i did not pay out one cent in connection with the proceedings of the phony ca state bar court.

    16. in over 30 years of practising law, i was named in a legal malpractice lawsuit once, in 1977, shortly after i moved to los angeles, by some incompetent attorneys. the outcome of that lawsuit was that the plaintiffs and their attorneys executed a settlement agreement admitting that there was never any basis whatsoever for naming me as a defendant and paid me damages for agreeing not to sue them. naturally, i made the dishonest attorneys pay a lot more than the plaintiffs.

    17. since the article from the ca state bar journal is not admissible in any court, any more than any of the proceeddings of the phony state bar court, your only defense at trial would be to prove that your statements about my honesty and integrity were true when you made them.

    18. since we all know that you cannot do so, you will lose on that cause of action also.

    19. you are correct that football is a game. however, at notre dame, football is also a business which contributes large quantities of funds to notre dame every year to make so many other things possible.

    20. when frank came up with the immortal words and article” the good, the bad, and the espn” before the 2005 notre dame/pitt game, he was referring to the fact that certain people at espn, ivan maisel being just one, had been illegally and intentionnally using disney corporate funds( espn is a disney subsidiary) to convey to the public and, more importantly, to recruits fraudulent negative information about the notre dame football program and the programs of a few other schools which play the game with integrity and to convey fraudulent positive information about usc.

    21. in simple terms, these crooks within espn and within certain other media outlets were out to destroy the notre dame football program and to get the recruits to choose usc over notre dame.

    22. for a while there, those people and certain other dishonest people in the media were suceeeding and not dame came very close to dropping college football, until charlie weis took the head coaching job.

    23. the damage done by these media pimps is readily verifiable by the results on the field in notre dame’s 2007 season. the seam that kevin white referred to in his exclusive interview with the chicago tribune( not with the old sbt for obvoious reasons) to dispel those rumours created by the media hacks at the sbt and elsewhere that charlie and his staff were in danger of being fired, was the huge gap in notre dame’s 2004 and 2005 recruiting classes.

    24. in the face of all of the negativity, including the vicious articles in the old sbt and really vicious posts by some fair weather only notre dame fans, charlie and corwin, and their staffs have assembled and kept together the no 1 2008 recruiting class in this nation with honesty and integrity and there are more key commits for 2008 still coming.

    25. charlie and corwin and their staffs cannot speak about any of notre dame 2008 commits until loi day per ncaa rules.

    26. however, they have basically recreated the notre dame recruiting network for 2008 and future years and saved the notre dame football program and all of the things that the notre dame football does for notre dame.

    27. there are things that needed to be done, such as exposing the jerks at the sbt that charlie and corwin and their staffs could not do( although charlie did throw a few of the worst offenders rrom the sbt out of press conferences and drastically curtailed their access to notre dame football players) that we, as real loyal notre dame fans, can do, and will continue to do, in the civil courts using our expertise in economic violence in the civil courts.

    27. after engaging in all of these vicious and illegal activities directed at me and after many opportunties to correct your conduct, now, sensing that you really are in economic danger in the civil courts, you want me to lighten up?

    28. we have seen that type of reaction before from people with characters similar to yours.

    29. the answer is no. you will see us in the civil courts and it will cost you everything you have. we will make certain that your illegal conduct does not ruin the lives of your innocent wives or children since we are irish catholics, who, unlike you, know what being so really means, with very strict moral and ethical codes of conduct.

    30. if you think that persuading frank and his associates to ban me from this website with your lies and other misconduct is going to save you now, you are, again, tragically mistaken.that would only make things worse for you.

    31. when you were all engaging in your vicious diatribes against me, did i go crying to frank and his associates to try to get you banned from his website?

    32. no, when you attacked, we simply responded in great detail and carefully printed out every single one of your posts as evidence.

    33. we gave you more than ample opportunties and information to coreect your misconduct, but you are still committing the same civil offenses.

    34. what do your vicious and illegal attacks on me have to do with notre dame football or notre dame? absolutely nothing.

    35. do your vicious and illegal attacks on me, notre dame’s coaches( including charlie’s 13 year old son), players, and recruits help notre dame? no, they severely damage notre dame and notre dame’s football program.

    36. based on your posts, we will not be at all surprised to find out that you are somehow connected with those sbt hacks or that you are not really notre dame fans at all, like the us spy, who used the phony internet id DD on frank’s website.

    37. otherwise, you would not be so afraid to use your real names, instead of phony internet ids.

    38. people like you have done more damage to the notre dame football program and to notre dame than ivan maisel and those other media hacks who did their best to destroy the notre dame football program, but have been defeated, no thanks to people like you.

    we look foward to seeing you all in the civil courts,

    bob gilleran

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  8. Chris 10 years ago

    By the way, Notre Dame is still headed up by the Congregation of the Holy Cross, not the Jesuits. Nice try but you got it wrong.

    Why don’t you get one of your illustrius and coherent friends on this blog. You could have them point out any specific items that you have deemed in whatever paranoid dillusion to have come from any of us. Please refer to any specific statement by me concerning Weis or his staff that could be considered hateful. But be specific and be coherent. I’m sorry, please get one of your friends or one of your coherent multiple personalities to come out and post on the blog. You have serious threatened several of us and I for one would like you to point out specific evidence, by quote, that which you say gives you cause to sue any of us.

    Sorry, Frank, This is probably killing your blog and support from your sponsors, but you keep letting a disbarred, psychotic, and possibly dangerous person threaten several of us on your site. Can’t let this go until he backs off or you send his posts elsewhere.

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  9. JimmyIrish 10 years ago

    1. Bob is crazy.

    2. Crazy is Bob.

    3. Oh precious my precious, gollum, gollum

    4. Small white puppies

    5. We are Bob.

    6. Bob is us.

    7. Soft pillows in Dallas

    8. We will sue anyone because of football.

    9. Football is life and so you must sue people

    10. We is Bob, Bob is us.

    11. Rose pedals in my straight jacket

    12. Dribbling in my Cheerios

    13. Father Sorin was not a loyal Notre Dame fan

    14. All of us are Bob. Bob is all of us.

    15. We will be sueing Knute Rockne posthumusly for disloyalty for premature death. It has been shown by all the Jesuit priests we know, Pete Wilson, Ronald Reagan, the Pope, and our good friend, Father Quido Sarducci.

    We’re happy to have ruined your blog, Frank. Tell your sponsors we have driven everyone away for disloyalty.

    Happy Festivus

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  10. Chris 10 years ago

    You will never see any of us in the civil courts because no civil offense has been levied upon you in this chat forum environment. You simply have no case and no one cares about your empty threats.
    I did graduate from Notre Dame as did several family members. No I do not claim “ownership” of Notre Dame as you claim. I simply do not wish Notre Dame to be embarrassed by someone such as yourself who posts all over the internet. And makes all kinds of wild claims.
    Bob, read your posts. Lists of incoherent ramblings. This stuff looks like it comes a psychotic.
    How can you equate criticisms of a football coach to “attacks” and “enemies” Notre Dame. It’s football for God’s sake, Bob. It’s a backyard school boy’s game. For Notre Dame it’s great press for the real good things that Notre Dame students and alum do. Get a grip on yourself Bob. It’s only football.
    Notre Dame’s own Tom Dooley did much more than any football player or coach. Ever hear of him Bob?
    Was your Yale buddy disbarred too, Bob?
    Can you answer who the “we” is Bob? Is it a real we or a schizophrenic we?
    Bob, I like your idea about starting your own blog. I don’t want to be welcome on it, but if it keeps you out of this one, that would be great.

    I hope you are enjoying your rubber room.

    Have a nice day.

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  11. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. getting back to notre dame football matters and the misconduct of certain employees at rivals.com of trying to gain an advantage over notre dame in the recruiting wars by reducing, for no objective reason, the number of stars previously awarded to notre dame 2008 commit robert blanton from 4 to 3, we are pleased to report that the owners of yahoo, which owns rivals.com, have traced down the culprits and fired them.

    2. if you look at the current rivals 2008 recruit rankings, you will find that the gap between notre dame’s no 1 recruiting class and the no 2 class is back where it should be.

    3. the interim solution was to reduce the number of stars awarded to a few other commits from other schools. the final solution will be to restore to robert blanton the 4 stars he deserves.

    4. we are also pleased to report that, despite the vicious attacks on notre dame 2008 commit omar hunter and his character by certain idiots at the sbt, matt carroll and bob w, and a few other so called notre dame fan sites, omar hunter remains a solid commit to notre dame.

    5. long before any of the recruiting services located omar and awarded their stars and long before omar had his outstanding senior year, charlie, and corwin, and their staffs saw film of omar, visited omar and his high school coaches( at the same high school from which darius walker graduated) and family, and offerred him a scholarship to notre dame when he was leaning heavily towards michigan.

    6.as has been the case with every other notre dame 2008 commit, during the season, charlie and corwin and their staffs kept in close contact with omar and with his coaches and family.

    7. we believe that omar is a man of his word and will keep his word to charlie and corwin, and their staffs.

    8. however, if omar should change his mind, we know who to blame- certain idiots at the old sbt, who spent the entire season trying to create the false impression that charlie or members of his staff were going to be fired and, more recently, attacking omar’s integirity and character simply because omar refuses to return their telephone calls, with very good reason.

    9. quite frankly, if we were omar and his family, we would be extremely angry about these baseless attacks on omar’s integrity and character and we might just conclude that notre dame was not the place for us.

    10. fortunately, the old sbt and its staff will not be around next season creating the false impression that they somehow speak for real loyal notre dame fans and that they have the power to get nd coaches fired.

    11. there are 3 deadly weapons that charlie and corwin and their staffs run into in the recruiting wars. the 1st is the false impression that there is instabilty on the nd coaching staff. the 2nd are attacks on current notre dame football players if they make mistakes during games or off the field, especially when those attacks come from people claiming to be real loyal notre dame fans. the 3rd are baseless character attacks on notre dame commits for 2008 and future years, especially when those attacks come from people claiming to be real, loyal notre dame fans.

    frank, we do wish you and your associates a very happy and prosperous new year. you have kept things positive during a very ugly season on the field and made the future of notre dame football possible,

    bob gilleran

    you came up with the immortal words” the good, the bad, and the espn” in 2005 before the nd/pitt game, when a lot of fair weather only notre dame fans, had given up on notre dame football.

    as you may have noticed that, while there is still a lot of garbage to be cleaned out at the espn, the espn is not nearly as atrocious as it was in 2005. we do have good friends on the disney board of directors, including a jesuit priest, who is a notre dame fan, and a good friend of mine from yale law school, who graduated from stanford college.

    for the 2007 season, we are going to adjust your immortal words to” the good, the bad, and the fair weather only notre dame fans”

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  12. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago

    bleednd82,chris, and smilinirish,

    1. the fact that you 3, unless you are one person using 3 phony internet ids, do not understand very simple things does not surprise us at all since you, based on your posts, are real idiots, in addition to being liars, jerks, and cowards.

    2. we have printed out every single of of your posts and members of juries will have no difficulty determining that you initiated the hostilities and kept them going, in manners which violate the civil and legal rights of others.

    3. your motives are not difficult to figure out. for some reason, you think that every notre dame fan has to agree with you and follow your orders, declarations, and directives.

    4. as we all know, you have no authority or legal right to issue such orders, declarations, and directives, any more than my friends and i do.

    5. when people like us do not simply sit back and let themselves be attacked, ordered around, and have their civil and legal rights violated, you become enraged and you launch your baseless character attacks and you expose yourselves to severe economic damages in the civil courts.

    6. not once has any of you showed any evidence that you have done anything at all for notre dame or the notre dame football program. in fact, your posts have either been damaging to notre dame and notre dame football or consumed by your illegal and baseless and false attacks on my sanity and character.

    7. you will each, if there really are 3 of you hiding behing phony internet identities, have opportunities to explain your conduct and posts in front of juries during 2008.

    8. these will be extremely unpleasant and very expensive experiences for each of you, but you certainly have earned those extremely unpleasant experiences.

    9. if you disagree with someone, you have had the options and many opportunties to correct your conduct, to express those disagreements in a civilzed manner without exposing yourselves to serious economic liabilities in the civil courts.

    10. while cleaning the crooked refs out of college football and athletics, completing the acquistion of and fixing the south bend tribune before those sportwriters do any more dame to notre dame, and a few other matters come before you, you wlll not have to engage in your speculations about what my freinds and i look like or how good we are in the civil courts much longer since you will be seeing us in the civil courts.

    11. we have had vast experience with people like you and it has always been the case that people like you who violate the civil and legal rights one one or more people have engaged in similar patterens of conduct in their business and personal lives.

    12.in most cases, people like you come from privileged backgrounds which insulate you from paying for the economic consequences of your misconduct.

    13. just as an example, we will give you the case of ber oberfeld, the former owner of the bank of beverly hills. he had vast wealth, a big house in beverly hills, and a fairly sizeable bank.

    14. he was not satisfied with that. he had to go out and violate the rights of other people.

    15. when i sued him and his bank in the civil courts, he laughed and went out and hired some big law firm and an attorney, who had not only graduated from usc law school, but taught, and still teaches, complex civil litigation at usc law school.

    16. ber and his hot shot usc attorney had many opportunties to settle the case before trial, but they were so full of themselves that they refused to settle.

    17. well, i took them to trial in front of a jury and they lost big time by a vote of 11 to 1, with their only vote coming from one juror who had lied on his juror questionnare about his connections with usc.

    18. sure, they filed an appeal
    from the judgement against them and engaged in even more illegal conduct during the appeals process.

    19. ber and his bank and his hot shot attorney ended up having to pay off the judgment in full, with interest.

    20. during the trial, a lot of information about other dishonest and illegal activities of ber and his bank came out. as usual, the instance of illegal conduct over which i sued them was just the tip of the iceberg.

    21. not long after ber and his bank and his hot shot usc attorney( the attorney had committed legal malpractice before, during, and after the trial), the superintendent of banks of the state of california shut down ber’s bank and ber lost his bank, his big house, and all of his material possessions.

    22.today, ber is wiser, but significantly poorer in terms of material possesions.

    23. he no longer violates the leal rights of others. whether that is because he saw the light or just because he no longer has the tools to engage in such conduct, we really do not know.

    24. however, we do know that he is not out there ruining the lives of innocent people any more and, for that reason alone, the collection of the large monetary judgment taking a distant second place, we are happy that we made the world a better place.

    25. we continue to do the same type of projects and succeed.

    26.we will find your other victims and acquire their causes of action against you as well.

    27. what really bothers people like you is when you violate the civil and legal rights of other people and they actually respond and expose your lies and misconduct, as my friends and i have done on this website, and will do in the civil courts.

    28. it is always a tragedy to watch people ruin their lives by engaging in such conduct, especially when they have had plenty of warnings and oportunities to seek the advice of competent attorneys. as you have.

    29. when a process server delivers the civil complainst against you, you will have to retain and pay attorneys.

    30. if the attorneys are competent and honest, instead of being interested in bleeding you with legal fees, as ber’s hot shot attorney from usc was in ber’s case, the attorneys will advise you to settle and apologize.

    31. to the extent that you have exposed innocent members of your families to the economic consequences of your misconduct, we will, as always, seriously consider any settlement which protects the innocent people in your families on the condition that each of you agrres in writing to cease and desist from repeating such misconduct in the future.

    we look foward to seeing you in the civil courts,

    bob gilleran

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  13. bleednd82 10 years ago

    I feel for you guys. Bob just keeps on spewing out verbal garbage. I stated about two weeks ago I was not going ot respond from his rediculous accusations. Nothing will get that man to stop. I dont even understand half the stuff he is talking about. He is probably one of those really really big fat dudes that sit and play World of Warcraft all day and at night trys to ruin this website for us ND fans who actually are fans of ND. I stated I wasnt going to speak to BoB and I am not but I am saying that you guys should hang in there and he will just go away. He is a Nut Job and none of us are qualified to diagnose him other than all of us and I do mean all of us think this man (BoB) is Nutzo. Im still thinking 7 wins seems very doable this year. 9 is cutting it kinda high. Really high actually.

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  14. smilinirish 10 years ago


    I was hoping that maybe someone would buy you a new keyboard with a “Shift” key on it. Maybe next year.

    You (singular or plural) are calling someone else’s posts ridiculous?

    I haven’t read any others with threats and crazy conspiracy theories.

    Anyway, I have decided the best way to deal with you is to ignore your craziness. Others on here must have figured it out sooner, but the best way to deal with you is to not respond anymore. Keep using this forum for your wack-job lists. I’m not playing along anymore.

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  15. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago

    smilinirish and chris,

    1. we did have a very merry christmas.

    2. taking some time out to compose a few emails certainly did not interfere with our christmas. in fact, the posts have input from many family members and good friends.

    3. in fact, quite a few members of our family got a real kick out of reading the idiotic posts of the 2 of you.

    4. their comments were that you 2 must be real jerks and liars and cowards for not having the guts to come out from behind your phony internet ids.

    5. everyone who read the posts of you 2 had the same reaction. if these people are really notre dame fans, notre dame does not need any more enemies.

    6. we all look foward to seeing you 2 in the civil courts during 2008.

    7. obviously, the acquisition of the old sbt and matters relating to dishonest refs take precedence over people like you.

    8. however, you 2 definitely will see us in the civil courts during 2008.

    9. your posts are so ridiculous that everyone at our christmas dinner found them and their authors to be very entertaining, in addition to being vcry bsd for notre dame.

    we will see you 2 in the civil courts,

    bob gilleran

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  16. smilinirish 10 years ago


    Since you refer to yourself in the plural as “we”, I would have hoped that you could have spent your Christmas like the rest of us, celebrating and enjoying the day with family and friends. Instead, you spent your Christmas composing and posting four times throughout the day to a college football blog and threatening people Please get a life.

    Happy New Year to all! May 2008 bring happiness (and at least nine victories) to all of us.

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  17. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. just so that you know that there is more to all of this project to clean the crooks and corruption out of college fotball and sports, than a series of very profitable business transactions which also greatly benefit notre dame, we will give you a personal side.

    2. for generations, the members our family have entrusted the educations of our children in grammar schools to dominican nuns, in high school and college to the jesuits, and in professional and graduate schools to the no 1 academic school in the us in those fields, such as yale law school in my case.

    2. we happen to be blessed with the dna that puts everyone in our family in the 160 iq category and we also work very hard in school and do extremely well.

    3. we are also blessed with excellent athletic talents.

    4. since notre dame’s educational system is based on that of the jesuits and since we have heard wonderful things about notre dame from our distant cousin ruth riley, who excelled in basketball and academics at notre dame and was key to bringing its only national championship in womens’ basketball, while we are sticking with the jesuits for high school, we are seriously considering notre dame for college for our next generation, one of whom is my 13 year old son.

    5. if you are really a notre dame graduate, we certainly want to make certain that oiur children do not encounter jerks and liars like you at notre dame.

    6. we know that notre dame has greatly improved its academic and character standards so that people like you would no longer qualify for admission.

    7. we are always the equivalent of 5 star recruits on the academic side and on the athletic side as well.

    8. however, since we have done extremely well financially, none of our children will be accepting any scholarships from notre dame so that those funds are saved for those talented applicants who need the financial assistance.

    9. you claim to have been involved in “censuring” paul hornung. were you also involved in that vicious and despicable firing of tyrone, when that gentleman was perfectly willing to resign if he had been asked in a civilized and catholic manner?

    10.that shameful action is costing notre dame millions every year and still hurts notre dame in the recuiting wars.

    11.since tyrone was fired, instead of being permitted to resign with dignity, notre dame is stuck paying the bulk of his salary while he coaches at washington.

    12. no doubt, you think that you have the power to block our children from attending notre dame for college.

    12. well, with their academic and athletic qualifications, we do not believe that you have that type of influence at notre dame or any influence whatsoever. why should we believe any of your claims?

    13. you still insist on hiding behind various phony internet identities , which we can easily pierce through the civil courts.

    14. you have also failed to provide even one example of the posts that you have accused me of placing on usc websites because, as you well know, there are no such posts.

    bob gilleran

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  18. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. one of my roommates at yale law school graduated maxima cum laude from notre dame in 1968.

    2. he was the 1st notre dame graduate to qualfy for admission to yale law school and is a truly fine example of everything that notre dame should be.

    3. while he enjoyed his experience and education at notre dame, he did warn me that i would encounter some real ignorant, obnoxious jerks who graduated from notre dame and who thought that they owned notre dame just because members of their families had long histories at notre dame.

    4. you certainly qualify as one of those jerks, if you really did graduate from notre dame. by the way, in what year do you claim to have graduated from notre dame? did you graduate with honors? in what subject did you major?

    5. having consulted with my friends, we are pleased to notify you that you have risen to no 1 on our list for termination, with extreme economic prejudice, in the civil courts.

    6. we have printed out every single one of your posts and found a pattern of intentional civil racketeering activity under the civil rico act.

    7. we gave you, as we do everyone, many opportunities to change and apologize.

    8.however, under the misguided impression that you have some authority to write and act on behalf of notre dame and notre dame fans, you just insist on digging your own economic grave even deeper.

    9. based on your posts, you are a despicable liar and a jerk and you certainly merit the economic punishment of being stripped of all of your material possessions in the civil courts and of being put on the witness stand in front of a jury and confronted with your fraudulent posts. a jury will get a real kick out of watching you try to wiggle out of the traps that you have created for yourself.

    10. since people like you always treat other people in a similar manner in your personal and business lives, there are certainly other victims of your illegal conduct who want and deserve economic compensation.

    11. we will find them all and purchase their causes of action against you, we will also find every loan or mortgage you may have and acquire those also.

    12. you will never know when, or in what jurisdiction, you will be sued until a process server serves you with one or more lawsuits.

    13. this will be an extremely unpleasant experience for you. however, you have certainly earned that extremely unpleasant experience.

    since you can no longer avoid the economic consequences of your misconduct, there is no need for you to worry about anything,

    bob gilleran

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  19. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. with respect at aaron taylor, we had some communications with at about the adverse effects that some of his nd coach bashing statements on his public website were having on notre dame recruiting and suggested that such criticisms were better kept in house.

    2. unlike you, at did some research and found out that we were correct and he changed his policies because, unlike you, he really does love notre dame and everything that notre dame stands for, as he, so eloquently, demonstrated in his speech at the 2007 football banquet, one of the best statements about what notre dame really stands for that we have ever heard.

    3.we would not be at all surprised if at and a few other legends of south bend were added to the notre dame coaching staff, if that has not already happened.

    4. to the extent that tom pagna still engages in any nd coach, player, or recruit bashing on a website open to the public, recruits, and notre dame enemies in the recruiting wars, then tom pagna is giving aid and comfort to notre dame’s enemies which statements have been, and are being used, against notre dame in the recruiting wars.

    4. with respect to certain so called sports writers at the old sbt, fortunately, charlie and corwin and their staffs have cut them off from their former special relationship with notre dame and warned notre dame recruits not to take anything they write as an expression of the true feelings of any real loyal notre dame fan.

    5. i am an irish catholic with many priests and nuns in the family and i do not need or accept any of your directives about what being an irish catholic means.

    it is not at all unusual for someone like me, educated by dominican nuns at grammar school, by the jesuits at high school and college, and then at yale law and graduate school to know more about what being an irish catholic means and what notre dame stands for than someone like you, who claims to have attended notre dame.

    one of the things that makes notre dame so special is that notre dame’s real loyal fan base has always extended far beyond the people who went to school at notre dame.

    that is one of the key areas in which no other school can compete with notre dame.

    6. we have, and will continue, to do our best, to let real loyal notre dame fans know exactly how nd coach, player, and recruit basing statements made on so called notre dame fan sites are used against notre dame in the recruiting wars and the transfer wars.

    7. the people who really love notre dame, including frank, have gotten the messsage.

    8. some people like you and some of the reporters at the old sbt( by the way, are you one of them?) have not gotten the message, but you could not have missed the point that, by engaging in such activities, you are hurting notre dame.

    9. whenever we take on a project, whether the project is exposing and punishing, with severe economic prejudice, in the civil courts people in large banks or companies who have engaged in dishonest conduct which has damaged the public, exposing and bringing to justice dishonest and crooked judges or prosecutors, or cleaning the dishonesty and corruption out of college football and college sports, we learn a great deal about the businesees or activities in that area of human endeavor.

    10. in our sports project, we have learned a great deal about the recruiting process and we have a very good understanding of the wars that charlie and corwin, and their staffs are constantly fighting and of the dishonest, dirty tactics used by certain coaches, such as pete carroll of usc and urban meyer of florida.

    11. unlike you, we have a very ggod understanding of just how difficult it is for charlie and corwin and their staffs to secure and keep those commitments when they are playing the game with honesty and integrity and the opposition is, like you,with your vague references to posts allegedly made by me on usc websites, which we both know simply do not exist, simply making up lies.

    12. again, if there are any such posts, produce evidence of them and, if anyone has used my name, without my permission, we will make them pay in the civil courts.

    13.if your family really does have such a long history with notre dame and members of your family really have done things for notre dame, then you are, in addition to being a liar and a jerk, a disgrace to every such member of your family and to notre dame.

    14. based on your posts, your only real interest seems to be in attacking my friends and me with frauduent statements and information.

    we do not wish you a merry christmas or a happy new year,

    bob gilleran

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  20. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. as you well know, there are no such posts on usc websites by me, unless someone, perhaps you or some of your friends, has used my name without my permission, an offense known as identity theft.

    2. your failure to produce even one example of the posts you claim to be referring to simply exposes you and your very small group of friends as the liars and jerks that you are.

    3. i have a higher standard of ethics and morals that you and your friends could ever imagine.

    4. if you really did graduate from notre dame, then you are a tragic waste of what should have been a fine education.

    5. i work on projects, including the dishonesty in sports project, with a number of good friends. that is why i use the term we.

    6. we do not need your permission to say anything or to do anything.

    7. you and your pitiful group of friends have no right or authority to declare me or anyone else anti notre dame. it is curious that you should use the church of scientology term for excommunication( which is to declare someone).

    8. i never proof read or spell check emails and, obviously, neither do you or your friends. i save proofreading and spellchecking for important things, such as civil complaints and motions and court briefs.

    9. again, what is your real name and what have you done for notre dame.

    10. we do not like you any more than you like us. however, you are entitled to your opinions, however erroneous they may be. under our system of laws, you are not entitled to make many of the statements that you have made, using various aliases, without paying the economic consequences in the civil courts.

    11.again, people like you and your very few friends, who hurl their insults, directives, and declarations at other people from behind phony internet identities simply do not merit any real credibility.

    12. why do you not come out in the open and tell us your real name and your qualifications and tell us who gave you the power to excommunicate anyone from being a notre dame fan?

    13. we have been big fans of frank and his website ever since he 1st came up with that magical story entitled” the good, the bad, and the espn” in 2005 before the nd/pittsburgh game.

    14. frank has picked up the point. notre dame’s enemies do use posts from so called notre dame websites in the recruiting wars. you can be certain that urban meyer and his staff at florida celebrated when matt carroll published his latest article bashing omar hunter personnally.

    15. we have personnally seen the same tactics used by notre dame enemies with 2008 recruits whom we know.

    16. the question posed by notre dame’s enemies is very simple. why would you want to choose a school like notre dame when publications supposedly representing the opinions of real loyal notre dame fans state that you are expendible to notre dame and that notre dame does not really need you? why would you choose a school like notre dame when people claiming to be notre dame fans are viciously attacking notre dame coaches and players already at notre dame?

    17. for that reason, when you look at the front page of frank’s website, you will find only positive articles, not nd coach or player or recruit bashing articles.

    18. we will find out in the courts who you really are and expose you as the liar and jerk that you are. quite frankly, based on the content of your posts, we simply do not believe that you graduated for notre dame or that you ever do anything for the benefit of notre dame.

    19. if your lies should persuade frank to change his policies for his website, we will simply start our own website and people like you will not be welcome.

    we do not wish you a merry christmas or a happy new year since you are a lioar and a jerk,

    bob gilleran

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  21. Chris 10 years ago

    You talk about “we” often. Is that you and someone else or another personality that you share within your brain. Psychologically it’s abnormal to use “we” to refer to oneself, in place of “I”.
    I have been a Notre Dame fan since I can remember, I actually attended the University and have had family members who have taught at the Unversity since the time of Knute Rockne, Father Walsh and Father Cavanaugh. As Roman Catholics, and real Notre Dame supporters I know my family members and “I” do not wish the good name of Notre Dame to be tarnished by the likes of lawyers with questionable ethics and who fail to understand the true nature of the Catholic church. That means people who try to stifle open critique. It also means people who play both sides of the coin. At Notre Dame talk of football is ONLY pertinent if it’s understood that it is part of n overall CATHOLIC education experience and advances other causes of this CATHOLIC University.
    So Bob, being a fan isn’t enough. Even Paul Hornung has been censured for ill advised behavior. And Bob, your posts on USC fan sites speak for themselves. Can you answer the question about why your lists are so poorly worded? Does the “we” inside you interfere with a rational train of thought? You also never answered the question about Tom Pagna. How do you square with his, and Aaron Taylor’s criticisms of the coaching staff this year? They are loyal Notre Dame fans. So by your own definition YOU cannot be loyal because you either have to criticize them or Weis and anyone who criticizes anyone connected with Notre Dame according to you is disloyal. In fact by threatening any of us who are alumni, you are anti Notre Dame, Bob! So unless YOU or the other YOU in “WE” is willing to retract your statements ( albeit incoherent list format ), that anyone criticizing any coach or person connected with Notre Dame is disloyal, you yourself are declared to be anti Notre Dame.

    Merry Christmas Bob(s)!

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  22. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. while there are many former notre dame football players having great seasons in the nfl, there are 3, in particular, who deserve a special christmas cheer from all real,loyal notre dame fans.

    2. the first is rb ryan grant, who was not even drafted when he graduated from notre dame, but who perservered and, with some help from notre dame’s current coaching staff, got his shot this year with the green bay packers. young ryan is having a banner year at rb and is a fine character model for all of our children and grandchildren, far better than that crook from usc, reggie bush.

    3. chinedum ndukwe was drafted in the late rounds by cincinnati, with the nd bashing press claiming that he was not fast enough for the nfl. well, he has been starting and excelling all season long at safety. in sunday’s game, he had 2 picks and 2 pds. he won the game. the not so great carson palmer, the spoiled dumb jock from usc, for whom certain people connected with usc bought the heisman trophy, was simply not up to doing anything to contribute to that win, as has been true all season long.

    4.the 3rd is darius walker, who was bashed by certain nd haters in the press for not being fast enough or big enough or tough enough for the nfl and was not drafted last year by the nfl. now, he is the strarting rb for houston and doing very well.

    4. notre dame provides a fine academic education and fine preparation for the nfl, now that charlie and corwin and their staffs are at nd, with their nfl connections.

    5. notre dame also provides an education in character and tenacity, something which no other school offers.

    6. by the way, omar hunter attends the same high school from which darius walker graduated.

    7. real loyal notre dame fans follow the careers of notre dame graduates after they leave notre dame and let them know that they still have the support of every real loyal notre dame fan as long as they are playing and in their lives after athletics.

    8. unlike other schools, notre dame is a win win proposition for any real student athlete willing and able to take on the academic burdens. coming out of high school, no one is a sure thing for the nfl.

    9. if the nfl turns out not to be possible, student athletes from notre dame have real educations to fall back on.

    10. as aaron taylor so eloquently put it at notre dame’s 2007 football dinner. even if you do make it to the nfl, you are going to be a real person in the business world much longer than you arte going to be playing football. without a real education, you will crash and burn in your life after the nfl or after college football.

    11. every student athlete who chooses notre dame gets a full education. the same is true of the service academies, stanford, boston college, and a very few other schools.

    12. the football factories want full time athletes and, by pushing them away from courses with any real academic content, that is what they get and the student athletes who fall for their fraudulent presentations are in nfl or bust traps.

    merry christmas,

    bob gilleran

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  23. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. getting back to another issue that is of concern to all real loyal notre dame fans, take a look at the latest 2008 class rankings at rivals.com

    2. you will find that, while notre dame is still listed no 1, the gap has closed with no 2. with a little research of the printed records, anyone can find the reason. notre dame’s enemies in the recruiting wars are having a real tough time with notre dame listed, by every recruiting service, as having the no 1 recruiting class for 2008.

    3. the reason for the ranking and point change is that someone on the rivals.com staff has changed the ranking of notre dame 2008 commit robert blanton from 4 stars to 3 stars.

    4. since robert had an outstanding year on the football field and in the classroom, is there any legitimate reason for this change or is it just another nd bashing tactic by someone on the rivals staff?

    5. based on experience in many areas vof human endeavor, we expect that the change was made for no objective reason, but to bash nd and help out some of the football factories in the recruiting wars.

    6. we also expect more of the same.

    7. rather than sit back and wait, we will take action now.

    8. while yahoo sports has purchased rivals.com, they have not yet cleaned out the staff, but they are going to.

    9. we will get the real information and report it right here before it becomes another pattern of racketeerring activities against notre dame.

    10. these are the type of things that real loyal notre dame fans, like us, do for notre dame that notre dame and her coaches cannot do.

    again, we wish a very merry christmas and a happy new year to every real loyal loyal notre dame fan in the world,

    bob gilleran

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  24. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. now, getting back to notre dame and notre dame football, the season on the field is over, but the recruiting wars for 2008, 2009, and future years are still being fought all over the us, with everyone in the universe trying every sleazy and dishonest tactic to pry loose the verbal commitments of every member of notre dame’s no 1 2008 recruiting class.

    2. now, we know where charlie,corwin, and their staffs are. they are visiting high school coaching staffs and recruits and their families all over the us and recruiting with honesty and integrity.

    3. there has not been one decommit from notre dame’s 2008 recruiting class, despite every sleazy dishonest tactic from pete carroll and urban meyer, among others and there are more 2008 commits coming.

    4. now, where are pete carroll and urban meyer getting some of their key support? just take a look at the online edition of the old south bend tribune and at matt carroll’s latest nd bashing article “If recruit wants out, let him go.”

    5. matt’s latest attempt to damage notre dame recruiting is focused on one key notre dame 2008 solid verbal commit, dt omar hunter.

    6. matt deliberately distorts some story in some other newspaper, supposedly coming from omar’s high school coach, about omar’s reconsidering his commitment to notre dame in favor of urban meyer at florida and pete carroll at usc, who, along with many other coaches, have been using every dirty trick in the book to dislodge omar and notre dame’s other 2008 commits.

    7. we have seen such dishonest tactics work before. last year, urban meyer and some members of his staff at florida, one of whom was previously an assistant coach at notre dame before charlie arrived arrived at the house of de justin trattou and used fraudulent information to persuade justin to pick florida over notre dame, there were 3 other similar cases, one invloving butch lewis, now at north carolina, but of miami infamy and another involving ron zook of illinois.

    8. it is for these reasons that charlie and corwin and their staffs spent the thousands of hours that they did recreating the notre dame recruiting network and reinventing college football recruiting for the 21st century.

    9. how does matt carroll deal with this situation? he tries to order charlie to take away omar’s scholarship. he goes on to note that omar is expendible to notre dame and to praise florida’s academic reputation.

    10. the key factor that matt deliberately and intentionally fails to mention is that while a real student can get a fine education at florida, usc, michigan, ohio state, and many other state schools, once the student athletes get to those schools, they get pushed into courses with no real academic content, as jim harbaugh, who coaches at stanford now, but who played football at michigan freely admitted, this is exactly what happened to him at michigan.

    11.by the way, matt also appears to be upset that omar hunter did not return his telephone calls. given the history of matt and the other reporters at the old sbt, why would omar or anyone else ever return any of their telephone calls.

    12.after all, omar just recently gave an interview to blue and gold.com and reaffirmed his commitment to notre dame. he gave his word and intends to honor his word, just as every other notre dame 2008 commit does.

    13. are there exceptions to this rule at the floridas, uscs, and michigans of this world? of course, there are a few.

    14. however, the vast majority of the student athletes who fall for these fraudulent pitches from coaches at florida, usc, michigan, and the other football factories end up getting no real educations and do not even grauduate.

    15. the graduation rates of student athletes at every college are a matter of public record. leading the pack are navy, notre dame, stanford, duke, and a few other schools at over 95%, none of which offer bogus courses in ballroom dancing, watching movies, or phony private study courses with no real academic content or obligations.

    16. where do the floridas, uscs, michigan’s, florida states, and the other football factories rank in the graduation area? look it up. in their best years, they break the 50% barrier.

    17. a wideranging academic cheating scandal has just surfaced at florida state. you will find the investigative reporting at yahoo sports, not at the old sbt. the immediate result is that 38 florida student athletes will not be able to play in florida state’s bowl game this season.

    18. people at these football factories do not like having their scams exposed. that is why my friends and i and the fine reporters at yahoo sports are constantly the targets of such vicious attacks and always will be

    19. by the way, all real loyal notre dame fans are still invited to the4 auction of the assets of the old sbt and its local tv station on march 17,2008 since the old sbt has become a cancer posing as a member of the notre dame community and needs to be cut out.

    20. naturally, chris, smilinirish and their small group of friends, who try to pose as real loyal notre dame fans, but whose posts betray them, do not qualify as real loyal notre dame fans.

    we wish all real loyal notre dame fans all over the world a merry christmas and a happy new year,

    bob gilleran

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  25. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago

    chris and your few friends,

    1. no, i have never posted anything on any usc site as a fan of usc. in fact, those dishonest elements within the usc community who are involved with the dishonest usc football program correctly consider my friends and me to be their worst enemies.

    2.anyone simply has to put the name reggie bush in their search engines and open the file reggie bush investigation and you will find a lot of the detailed evidence collected and published online by some courageous professional journalists at yahoo sports who have, and will continue to get leads and evidence from my friends and me.

    3.by the way, the leads for the current yahoo sports investigation of dishonest big 10 refs also came from us and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

    4. our objective is to make certain that, in the future, notre dame football players and other notre dame student athletes do not get robbed of victories by crooked refs, such as the all pac 10 ref crew which stole notre dame’s 2005 victory over usc at south bend from the fine notre dame student athletes who put their bodies, hearts, and spirits into winning that game, only to be robbed at the end by crooked refs.

    5. without us and those courageous journalists at yahoo sports, usc’s coverup of bush, carroll,garrett, and usc football gate would have worked by now, but the investigation is alive and well and the dishonest usc football program will suffer the consequences.

    6. why do you think that usc and pete carroll are having such a tough time recruiting in 2008 and 2009 while charlie and corwin and their staffs continue to excel.

    7.the only posts i ever put on usc websites are posts attacking the integrity and honesty of their football program and i use my real name.

    8. we have been loyal fans of notre dame for many years, in my case, since i was 3 years old, and we have actually done, and are doing, a great deal to help notre dame.

    9. what have you and your friends who hide behind phony internet identities ever done for notre dame or notre dame football?

    10. as for your directives and orders, why should we or anyone else take you seriously, even if you had the guts to use your real names in your posts?

    11. why do you not produce some real evidence of the pro usc posts you claim to refer to? if any exist, they were not put there by me. i certainly will find out who, if anyone, is illegally using my name( probably you and your friends) and make them pay dearly in the civil courts.

    12.in the meantime, those of us who are real loyal notre dame fans, will have to consider you and your few friends as the liars that you are and have been.

    13. what have you and your few friends done for notre dame recently or ever? give us some concrete examples. examples. why are you afraid to use your real names in your posts?

    14. we would wish you a merry christmas and a nice day. however, we do not.

    bob gilleran

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  26. Chris 10 years ago

    Don’t you also post on the USC websites as a fan of the Trojans? How do you square your supposed quest against USC and your SUPPOSED support for Notre Dame when you also support USC? I have something to say for Notre Dame, it’s football program and it’s fans. We want real fans who know Notre Dame, it’s history, it’s reason for existing, and its reason for having a unique football program in this country. Bob, please don’t fake being a fan, even if it is for some psychological need to harass people. The material on you is clear as are your constant references to being someone important. Obviously if you spent time like the rest of us on this website you are just an average joe. Important people don’t spend inordinate hours on sports blog sites. So Bob, try to write coherent paragraphs on Notre Dame football, please quit the conspiracy theories, and please quit pretending you are important in some way. IF you were, we’d know about it someplace other than a sports blog. Here’s a better suggestion, stick to being a USC fan like you are, ( which is excludes you from being a true Irish fan ), and write your incoherent lists of random ideas on their blog sites. While you are at it, go look for aliens out in area 51 with all the other freaks.

    Have a nice day, Bob!

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  27. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. i know more about honesty and integrity than you ever will.

    2. for your information, the ca supreme court later ruled that the state bar court referred to in this article was not a legal court at all, that the judge referred to in the article was not a real judge at all, and that none of the findings of this phony court were admissible in any criminal or civil proceeding and not entitled to any credibility whatsoever.

    3. after the ca supreme court issued those rulings, it was the legal obligation of the car state bar journal and the ca state bar to expunge this story, for which there is no legal basis at all.

    4. in 1998, gov wilson of ca was so horrified with what certain dishonest judges were doing with this phony state bar court that gov weilson vetoed the entire budget for the ca state bar, forcing them to see the bulk of their assets and to lay off 95% of their employees.

    5. 2 of the crooked ca judges who were involved in this atrocity later pled guilty to numerous felonies in the us district court and were led off crying to federal prisons.

    6.there names are george trammell and anthony kline and there are more headed down the same path.

    7. i made certain that i was there at their sentencings to watch the 2 ex judges cry and beg for mercy.

    8. on my side, i sent copies of all of the materials from this phony state bar court to dan lundgren, the ca ag at that time and reminded him that if there was any truth whatsover to any of these false allegations. it was his duty to prosecute me in the criminal courts.

    9. dan lundgren decided that there was no basis in fact or in truth for any of these accusations and did his job by taking no action against me.

    10. that raises an interesting problem for you, by posting this link, you have exposed yourself to a lawsuit for libel per se, among many other causes of action.

    11. your only defense in such a civil action would be to prove that each and every fact set forth in the article is true.

    12.since neither the article of any of the so called findings o0f the ca state bar court are admissible in any court proceedings, just how are you going to defend yourself?

    13. so, you have a choice, educate yourself and apologize or suffer the economic consequences in the civil courts.

    14. if you need the citations to the ca supreme court cases in question, let me know and i will put them online for you.

    15. for your information, the ca state bar’s failed attempt to trash me and all of the best plaintiffs’ and criminal defense attorneys in the state of california were financed illegally financed by the big insurance companies, banks and large corporations, who were tired of getting hit by all of the big jury verdicts against them.

    16.they bvought the vstate bar beaurocracy and quite a few dishonest judges.

    17. i ran into several of those dishonest judges in a dishonest ca courthouse in pomona when a good friend of mine got hit with a completely bogus lawsuit by a bookeeper who had stolen over $100,000 from him and his securities brokerage firm.

    18. when i refused to desert my client and friend, they threatened to use their influence at the ca state bar to cause trouble for me. one of them was even stupid enough to put his threats in writing in a sworn declaration which was not supposed to be filed, but which an honest clerk at that courthouse filed anyway.

    19. naturally, i have numerous certified copies of this declaration, which refers to this crooked judges brother who worked in the ca state bar beaurocracy.

    20. i did not desert my friend and client and i actually won that case.

    21. in the maentime , the ca administrative office of the courts went over to the pomona courts and transferred out of there evey single judge, including the crook who wrote the declaration, soon after that same crooked judge thought he had been elected to a 4 year term as he chief judge at that courthouse, along with all of the payoffs which had been a bonus for that position at that courthouse for over 15 years.

    22. it took a lot of integrity and honesty and courage to stand up to those crooked judges and the crooks at the ca state bar.

    23. i have received congratulations for the stand i have taken against corruption and dishonesty in the ca legal system from prominent attorneys and judges all over the us, including several members of the us supreme court.

    24. my personal and professional lives are thriving.

    25. so, do your due diligence, hire a competent attorney and apologize while you still have that option.

    26. we do not have any difficulty piercing your phony internet identity and the fact that you are afraid to use your real name speaks volumes about your attempted character assassination.

    27. remember, this is a notre dame fan site. it is not a forum for people like you to launch fraudulent and baseless character attacks.

    28. your economic fate is in your hands.

    29. if you were expecting to be able to seek indemnity from the ca state bar or the ca state bar journal, i am afraid thet they do not have much left after gov wilson, myself, and some others took away the bulk of their assets and the bulk of their budget.

    30. ever after the ca legislature, in 2000, passed laws radicallly restructuring the ca state bar court and making it a real administrative court for the period 2000 and foward, not retroactively to any matters, including mine(1997), during the peroid 1988 through 2000, there is simply not much left of the ca state bar right now and what remains will be eliminated by legislation now pending in the us congress, on a bipartisan basis.

    31. if it turns out that you are one of those people who has engaged in this type of conduct in the past on several occasions, then you have engaged in a pattern of civil rico activities. we sincerely hope that this is not the case with you.

    32.now, do you have anything to say about notre dame or nore dame football or did you just appear on this website to attack me personnally?

    good luck with your decisions,

    bob gilleran

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  28. smilinirish 10 years ago

    Honesty? Integrity? What do you know about those qualities?


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  29. robert t. gilleran 10 years ago


    1. we really enjoyed the 2007 season. sure, no one likes to lose, but the seam in recruiting in 2004 and 2005, before charlie and corwin arrived, made several such seasons likely.

    as it turned out, there was only one seam season-2007.

    2. every member of the notre dame 2007 team showed great courage and a never throw in the towel attitude that, along with other things, really impressed notre dame’s no 1 2008 recruiting class.

    3. 2007 was also the year that separated the real loyal notre dame fans from the fair weather only fans.

    4. among the things that we fans can do during the offseason is to replace the current ref and tech review system.

    5. some of our material on the big 10 refs and tech reviewers got through to some real sportswriters at yahoo sports in a series of front page articles,entitled ” Official Misconduct”, with pictures and other detailed evidence, at yahoo sports and at rivals.com, now owned by yahoo sports, about dishonest refs in the big 10.

    6. the articles by josh peter, dan wetzel, and and mike huguenin are detailed and deadly for the big 10.

    7. based on the hard evidence that we have collected over the past 2 years, there is not one conference that runs an honest ref or tech review system and the conferences have no legimate role to play in the ref business.

    8. sure, my friends and i, with plenty of assistance from coaches, players, and fans from every single conference, are using economic violence in the civil courts to force an honest ncaa ref and tech review system down the throats of the conferences and the ncaa with the public having full access to the backgrounds, financial statements, and complaint histories of every ref and tech reviewer.

    9. however, the help provided by some real professional and honest investigative reporters at yahoo sports and at a few other places, not including the reporters at the old south bend tribune, sure does make our task easier.

    10. we are not going to tolerate another season of dishonest refs and tech reviewers.

    11. we have every confidence in charlie, corwin, and their staffs and notre dame’s current and future student athletes in every sport.

    12. the very least that we can contribute, in an area in which what charlie, corwin, and their staffs and anyone officially connected with notre dame can do is severely limited by current ncaa rules, is to make certain that the games are officiated by honest refs and tech reviewers.

    13. starting with nthe 2008 academic year, there will never be another win stolen from notre dame or from any other school that plays sports with honesty and integrity, with the 2005 notre dame/usc game being just one example of such an atrocity committed by a dishonest all pac 10 ref crew.

    14. we thank you for the highlight film from 2007 and for your positive attitudes.

    keep up the great work,

    bob gilleran

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