Dayne Crist Ahead of Schedule

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Quarterback Dayne Crist (#10) is helped off the field after injuring his knee against Washington State at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Tx. (Photo - IconSMI)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Quarterback Dayne Crist (#10) is helped off the field after injuring his knee against Washington State at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Tx. (Photo - IconSMI)

Dayne Crist patiently waited for his turn as the starting quarterback at Notre Dame behind NFL bound Jimmy Clausen for the past two seasons. It looks like the former five start recruit is getting tired of waiting, however, as the junior to be is ahead of schedule in his recovery from an ACL injury suffered Halloween night in the Alamodome.

Brian Kelly told the South Bend Tribune on Thursday that junior quarterback Dayne Crist is ahead of schedule as he recovers from his ACL injury. Kelly even went so far as to say that Crist would be participating in everything except contact drills.

As far as Crist is concerned, Kelly said he is so far ahead of schedule, he’ll likely be cleared to do everything in spring practice except have contact.

“Nobody will get in his zip code,” Kelly said. “But you’re going to see a lot of him in the spring.”

Having Crist able to run the offense – albeit without being able to get hit – would be a huge boost to the offense for 2010. Learning a new offensive system in one off-season is tough enough for a quarterback, but it is even tougher if you miss spring practice as most speculated Crist would.

Notre Dame will also have freshman early enrollee Tommy Rees in spring practice learning the offense and could tap former high school quarterback and current Irish wide receiver John Goodman for some snaps if necessary. Considering how well Crist and Goodman looked working together in the Washington State game prior to Crist’s injury though, Kelly will most likely want to give Goodman as many reps at wide receiver as he can with Crist under center.

And just in case you have forgotten about the Crist to Goodman bomb in the Alamodome, here is a video of it – it’s a thing of beauty.


In other injury news, the same report stated that Theo Riddick and Brandon Walker were the only players currently unable to work out with the rest of the team due to injuries. Walker has had a lingering back injury since the season while Riddick has a shoulder injury keeping him out of work outs.

Notre Dame Appears to Have Dodged a Bullet with Kyle Hamilton Injury

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  1. anybody out there really know Notre Dame’s Dayne Christ , or is his name
    spelled Dayne Crist ..I have seen several way to spell it several newspapers?

  2. Hey Doug, How about the basketball team? Proving me wrong, winning down the stretch, without Gody? It must be the good D.

  3. The men’s b-ball team isn’t good and will be worse next year, unless the two incoming freshmen play big minutes at guard. Which is never good in the big east.(look at rutgers with Rosario) Will be happy to see jackson leave, he never got better. Gody plays no defense, and Brey does not play enough people. Look at Scott giving quality minutes now that Gody is hurt, especially on defense. Scott did not sniff the floor until two weeks ago. And how does Abro not play a minute last year, and have a great year this year? He should of had minutes last year. Brey sucks, his teams play no D.

    1. Wow that was perfect. I couldn’t agree more with all of those statements Dave. It makes you wonder where this team could’ve gone the last few years if he would’ve given these guys minutes and his starters a break. Gody and defense don’t even belong in the same sentence lol

  4. IC,
    Reggie Bush, OJ Mayo, Joe McKnight.(top players each)
    OJ Mayo played Basketball at USC for money an other “comp’s”. That Program is already doomed. Bush and his family recieved cars and housing from a sports agent while playing football at USC. McKnight was given driving privliges of a SUV while playing football. In their defense, the coaching staff (one of the sharpest in the country I might add)say that they had no idea what was going on. These guy’s were so smart, so modern, so cutting edge,that they won national titles, Pac 10 titles, & recruiting wars by way
    of modern technology such as text messaging, facebook and tweeter.
    But when it comes to cheating, all of a sudden they didn’t know what was going on? Stop insulting our intellegents!
    Floyd, the basketball coach got fired, Mayo immediatly jumped to the NBA, Bush clammed up for as long as he could (4 years now). McKnight jumped to the NFL draft. Slippery Pete skipped town for a NFL coaching gig.
    The only one who would take the head coaching job was the biggest liar of them all… Lame Kiffin. The whole thing stinks. They are all guilty as hell. Can they buy their way out of this? I guess we will see.

    1. Unfortunately, I beleive it will come down to the NCAA’s market assessment of USC as a product. If USC has become oversaturated as a marketing concept, and other schools in the West market are on the rise ( marketing wise ), then the NCAA will purge to create the appearance of incorruptability. If on the otherehand, USC is still seen as a highly marketable product that requires at least the shell of playing by the rules, the NCAA will wash it all under the rug.

      Notice this has nothing to do with amateur student athletics and collegiate sports? It certainly doesn’t appear to me that USC’s sports teams have anything but the loosest connection to the University. Only to bring in donations and revenue.

      This thing has plodded along so slowly, I feel Pete Carroll’s moving to the NFL was THE concession. Just Like Michael Jordon’s leaving the NBA until the betting scandal diffused itself.

      Where’s the integrity?

      1. Where indeed.

        You might find hope in the infractions Committee:

        Paul Dee, U of Miami

        Dennis Thomas, Mid Eastern Athletic conf.

        Britton Banowski, Conf. USA

        Mellissa Conboy, U of Notre Dame

        James O’Fallon, U of Oregon

        Elenor Myers, Temple U.

        Rodney Uphoff, Big 12 Conf.

        Throw in 3 lawyers and that’s your committee.

        From what I’ve read, there is little dispute from USC that violations DID OCCUR, but rather, the coaching staff knew nothing of it.
        Now even though USC AD Mike Garrett LOOKS as dumb as a box of rocks, that shouldn’t absolve him of his duty. It’s his and his coaches jobs, to know whats going on within their programs.
        Not having a understanding of the rules doesn’t cut it in traffic court and shouldn’t be accepted here.

      2. I’d put USC on probation just for allowing Matt Leinert to play while not being a full time student. Once that was let out and nothing happened, USC decided marketability trumps rules and integrity.

        What sickens me the most is that when you browse the blogs, too many fans just say, “well everyone cheats and if USC draws fans and sells trinkets, then let them cheat.” there seems to be a lack of regard for the fact that they are supposed to be a university educating students. All their students.

      3. Special rules apply for USC.
        That’s because L.A. no longer has a NFL franchise. When it comes to LA and their football fans, USC is the only game in town.
        They are it.

        What sickens me the most is the excuse by the USC coaches
        that they didn’t know what was going on. These guys were some of the top minds in college football. Nobody fools them. Nobody out smarts them. Lie and play dumb.
        It’s a insult to the rest of us.

  5. Am the only one who is craving some fresh reading about ND? I can’t find any new articles anywhere on the net about the Irish, it’s drivin’ me crazy.

    1. IC,
      Over at “Irisheyes” there is a story titled “Kelly adds another honor.”
      Quite immressive.
      Seems he won the 2009 Ohio College coach of the year award, beating out Ohio States’ Jim Tressel… so he that going for him.

  6. More from ESPN and NFL draft expert Mel Kiper.
    He has Jimmy Clausen on the move. Now up to number #4 (Washington Redskins) citing the following attributes: “Ability to make all the throws, intelligence, competitiveness, toughness, experience under center, while playing mistake free football.”
    While the offensive line, or defense, or special teams, may not have progressed at the rate or level many of us would have liked, you can’t deny
    that Charlie Weis could develope QB’s.
    Last I heard, Dane Christ was on pace to surpass both, Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen, while under Charlie’s guidence.
    I believe BK is going to be pleasantly surprised when he see’s DC at full speed.

    1. @Shaz Thanks for the update. I’ve been dying for some news. I’ve also been avoiding ESPN.

      /begin rant
      I’m really pissed at ESPN’s website management. Quite literally Graham Watson refuses to accept that she’s responsible for covering ND. There’s 6 other reporters for the BCS conferences. ND isn’t in any of them. She’s in charge of covering the rest. She refers to the rest as the Non-AQ (non Automatic Qualifiers) because she can then sit there and say “well ND has an automatic qualifier”. It’s hit quite a level of frustration for me when they rank position battles and whatnot, and she absolutely refuses to mention anything with anything to do with ND.

      /end rant

      1. Yeah, unfortunetly they are just about the only game in town. I don’t know who is worst, her or that Jacobson skank.
        With a new and interesting head coach, and a team that is going in a new direction and is going to win, we can sit back and enjoy watching them eat crow this fall.
        Most of them would like to put Bradford ahead of Clausen in this years draft, but everyone on the planet knows who the better QB is.
        I noticed that they started their spring preview with ND.
        Now that we are out of the way they are clear to spend the next 2 months drooling over the SEC. Of course with Tebow gone they will have to find someone else to orgas over.
        /end rant

      2. On a side note. Today is the day that USC is to face the NCAA infactions committee. What’s it been…6yrs?
        (Good luck finding that story at ESPN.)
        Talks are taking place in Tempe Arizona. Not exactly a “neutral site”.
        We all know that USC is guilty as sin.
        They continue to thump their nose at the NCAA with the hiring of Kiffin.
        As far as I’m concerned, the NCAA is on center stage as well.
        Right now all I can think about is what happened to Bobby Bowden and Florida St.
        Maybe if the NCAA can delay one more day, their decision will be over shadowed by the Tiger Wood’s press conference due out tomorrow.

      3. Shazamrock`

        Are you referring to the Reggie Bush story that surfaced about a “car” that may have been bought for him? Are there other infractions that I may not have seen around the news as well?

      4. Bill,

        Thanks for the great information. I found it great reading and very amusing.
        I like the Sept.2005 entry.
        You know, where these sports agents visit Bush in the USC locker room after a game. 1 of at least 2 visits.
        The USC coaching staff insists that they had no idea of what was going on. I guess things are pretty relaxed out there in SoCal where they have an open door policy for the USC locker room where people can come and go at their own leasure.
        Then there was was the April 3rd entry where a eviction notice was served to the Bush family who was living in the Micheals house, having never paid a dime in rent. Followed by the Yahoo Sports reporters who show up at the house on April 20th for a interview and are turned away,then the next day (April 21st) the Bush’s move out taking 12k worth of furnishings. That shit is just priceless, and funny as hell.
        This LaMar Griffin looks like Don King with a hair cut.
        Operates a lot like Don King as well.
        As the old saying goes… If you lay down with Dogs, you wake up with flea’s.

  7. A couple of interesting articals in ESPN today on the 2010 Irish.
    One side story was on some of the tougher games on the schedule.
    I really hate contemplating an upcomong schedule. You never really know what you are going to get. Way too much “Shoulda, woulda, coulda”.
    I will say this. Outside of Matt Barkley at USC, there isn’t a QB out there that really stands out or scares me. Take that for what it’s worth.
    And too bad Jimmy and Golden decided to leave. I would have liked to see them in Kelly’s spread.

  8. Gator charged with hitting a women at a party. The headlines are so frequent, it’s not even news anymore. On another note, it looks like the rules committee is going to uphold a rule that would enforce taunting penalties before a player runs into the endzone at the spot of the foul, thus removing the points and enforcing the 15 yard penalty at the spot. Really??? College football is heading in the wrong direction when it comes to officiating football games, mainly because they give the officials too much discretion. Please go to the nfl challenge system, I am sick of having a bazillion plays reviewed each game, and this new penalty is only going to allow arbitrary calls determine the outcome of the game.

    1. i have mixed feelings about this. i like seeing players celebrate after the score as long as there is no taunting and it doesn’t last 5 minutes, but there is no need to do cartwheels, flips, high stepping, etc. on the way to the endzone. for as much as i like golden and the shark, they didn’t need to do some of the stuff they were doing on the way to a score. what they do after they score is fine. does anyone remember deshaun jackson in the army aa game trying to do a flip from the 10 yard line and having an epic fail? how about the purdue wide receiver doing his fist pumping from the 50 yard line all the way in against nd? how about the shark waving at the stanford(i think) kid? no need for any of that to me, but whatever. i do agree that this will lead to some iffy calls by the refs. like i have said many times, the ncaa needs their own refs and train them accordingly so there is consistancy. no more conference refs that call a game the way they interpret the rules.

      1. i don’t necessarily like the ‘taunting’ either, but there are better ways to deter it. i think the best option would be a post-game review of the play, followed by a possible suspension. if you want to get the players attention, hit them where it hurts, playing time. i think these in game penalties take away from the integrity of the game…who wins or loses should not be decided by an extra-curricular act that did not risk someone’s safety. even though a later suspension would also affect the outcome of a game, the teams know it going into the next game and can prepare accordingly, thus serving a dual purpose of diminishing the effect on any particular game and on the team while increasing the deterrent effect on the individual.

        and yes, please get rid of conference refs.

  9. jack,

    As my screen name suggests, I’m a die-hard Steelers fan. The key to the 34 is the NT. Both the “Ratbirds” (aka. Ravens) and Steelers have dominant NTs. “Bigsnack” Casey Hampton made his 5th Pro Bowl this year for the Stillers. I just don’t know if we have that type of DL on this ND squad, jack. Perhaps L. Nix can be that next season (after a year to bulk up and get used to his gap assignments in the 34). I agree we have a solid LB corps to run the 34, with a bunch of “tweeners” (hybrid DE-OLB types). Like you said, let’s see how much development the new staff can accomplish between now and the season kickoff. GO IRISH!

    1. SteelfanRob,

      I agree with your analysis, but I think the key to this defense working is four guys:
      Williams, Newman, Stockton, H.Williams. These kids need to step up. Coming out of High school they were all close to 300lbs and were four stars. Also if you look at the 34 in college you need a house like Alabama has. I am from Baltimore and the thing I missed was Ray Lewis in the middle. Maybe Teo can be that sideline to sideline LB that we need. I don’t think Brian Smith can do it. I also didn’t like last year that Tenuta held him back. There is a lot of talent on that side of the ball according to the recruiting services.

  10. Out of the LB core I think you need to find the players that fit the schemes and are able to execute. The atheletes are there it is up to them to show up and take the starting job. I am also excited to see what happens with the LB core under the new conditioning program.

  11. Where do you guys see Brian Smith playing in the 3-4? personally id like him on the outside along with fleming and then have teo and someone else in the middle. i guess u could put brian smith in the middle with teo and put neal on the outside as well tho but idk yet. hopefully walls returns to his old self before last year. I have confidence in gary gray and hopefully blanton returns to his old self. I think slaughter was just young and he looked decent and should improve.

      1. To be honest, it’s hard for me to place a ceiling on any of the players on the roster. How do we know for sure that Smith was provided the tools to succeed while under CW’s watch? I can’t for certain say that CW’s schemes, coaching, coaching staff, and training programs elevated anyone other than JC and the skilled positions on the offensive side of the ball.

        Between BK, his coaches and training staff any one of these players (including athletes that have underachieved, ie. Brian Smith) could have tremendous upside with proper coaching, schemes and development.

        I’m holding off on giving predictions that players who played poorly over the last few years cannot become excellent athletes under Kelly’s watch.

        Hell, may be I’m drinkin’ the BK coolaid and haven’t realized it yet. But BK’s former tearms show me that he has everything that it takes to elevate programs, winning season, players, intensity, fight, and the ability to finish games and seasons strong.

        I guess we’ll see, too bad it’s going to take so long to see this kids suit up again…I can’t wait!

        GO IRISH!!!

    1. I don’t see him playing if he can’t learn to tackle. He was out of position way too many times last year, but that could have been due to Tenuta’s schemes.

      I like that everyone is on a clean slate and Kelly will play the people that earn the job.

      I keep hearing about this Filer kid, yet we haven’t seen too much of him yet. Also need to get Fleming on the field, he is a stud.

    2. The last image I have of Brian Smith was him being eaten alive by Stanford’s lead blocker for Gerhart.
      I always thought of him as a pretty good player. That had to be the the toughest game of his career. Man was it painfull to watch.
      Unless the D-line improves significantly, it’s going to be another long year for the linebackers and secondary.

      1. Well, the 34 defense isn’t known for ability to stop that run between the guards easily. The 34 defense requires a much better defensive lineman than the 43 defense to be effective playing the inside run game.

        A 34 DT MUST be able to get a great push, be HUGE, and garner a double team to free up the middle backers for inside run support. We may have found our DT in Nix but it’s starting to sound like he may be red shirted.

        I’m a big…big fan of the 34 d, and believe that ND has the personal to run it. But the Defensive Line is going to need to get much bigger, stronger, and get better penetration to free up those backers to punish a team like Standford, who can run it right up the middle.

      2. We have large d-lineman that supposively had a great spring camp last year like Brandon Newman, Tyler Stockton and Hafis Williams. I want to see how these guys develop under the current coaching staff. The Ravens and Steelers both run the 34 defense and both were ranked in the top 5. Now the Ravens have the huge NT from Oregeon (Nota I believe that is his name), but the LB core is solid for both teams. The LB’s need to be able to move and attack the line of scrimmage on both runs and pass. They also need to get offenses in obvious passing situations in order to bring the heat with the OLB’s

      3. You said it right Jack! “I want to see how these guys develop under the current coaching staff”

        I couldn’t agree more with that statement. There has been a lot of talk on this board about Smith and several others how they have given up on them. I haven’t yet, because I really feel like CW spent all his time behind a chess board and working with his skilled positons on the offensive side of ball.

        I really believe that BK and his coaches will be able to develop these kids into animals. If he can take the Bearcats as far as he did what will he be able to do here?!

        I was looking at his D-lineman at Cinci and he had some pretty big boys playin’ the line. He brought his d-ends over from the offensive tackle positon. One of his D-Ends was around 300 pounds.

        Were gonna need some big bodies up front to play the 34 the ways it’s supposed to be played.

        I’m really excited to see what he’s gonna do with this defensive unit…

  12. Scav,

    Excellent points, I just have one thing to add. Our defense will be better. First, I think a lot of bad tackling was fundamentals and conditioning. Second, we already have the personnell to run a 3-4 defense becuase Corwin ran it the year before. We have an LB core which I though last year was not suited to run the 4-3 because a lot of d-ends were really outside LB’s in a 3-4 system. I think the front seven will suprise a lot of people. If we can get a pass rush I think our defensive backs will show improvement. There is talent in the backfield.

  13. I really believe that Kelly will restore ND’s tradition as being one of college footballs elite teams. Who has ND hired that has his resume? This guys has a system that has proven to be successful everywhere he has been. He now has more talent, more resources, and more support than he has ever had. Why would his system fail now?

    He bring 3 things that I beleive have been missing at ND since Holtz…Experience, Emotion, and Endurance.

    Since Holtz, we have not hired an experienced head coach with a successful track record. Davie was a career assistant in college, Willingham was not that successful and wasn’t our first choice, and Weis was a career assistant in the pros. Kelly has been a head coach in college for 19 years and has had a winning record in 18 of those years. If you doubt his recruiting abilities, just look at the weekend before signing day. He had 7 recruits visit and he signed 6 of them. He must have put on a pretty good show. I think he will be able to land some 5 stars as well once he can develop relationships with them.

    College football is an emotional game and ND has been lacking emotion since Holtz left. I feel Kelly will have his players loose and they will enjoy the experience of being a college football player. Kelly and his staff get it when it comes to the college game. I don’t think Weis did and that’s OK because Charlie belongs in the pros.

    Finally, this team has lacked endurance. How many times did we see this team start off strong only to fizzle in the second half. Kelly’s teams have a history of finishing strong and they win a very high % when leading in the second half. I’ve read many times that Longo may be the most important person ND has picked up because he gets what it takes to get college kids at their peak physical level. I’m pretty sure we are going to be amazed when we see these kids again in September.

    Kelly will win at ND and he will win big. If he can compete for a BCS at Cincy, he will definatley be able to compete for BCS’s at ND. The big difference is Weis didn’t leave the cupboard bear like Willingham did. Therefore, we should not experience a big drop off like we did from 2006 to 2007.

    The 2010 season can’t get here soon enough.

    1. I totally agree with your comments!!! NO emotion since Holtz gone. I think ND fans will be shocked when we see some of the same kids we saw last year on the field in 2010. I’m not talking about incoming freshman. I think these kids will finally be coached and INSPIRED!!! I think we will find us watching them this September and say “Who is that kid and where has that talent been?”

    2. scav,
      Might I add one more point on coach Kelly.
      He is a great public speaker.
      Something soarly missing from the past administrations.
      He represents ND the way the Head Football coach should in the year 2010.
      He is open and accessable.
      He is well dressed, and well spoken. His posture and sincerity speaks volumes in terms of Pride and success.
      They say a team takes on the charactaristics of it’s head coach. If that is true, gone are the days of a ill prepared,overconfedent, over-relaxed, unkempt, ragtag group of under-acheivers.
      I look forward to a team that looks sharp, is well prepared, and confedent. A team that plays with exuberance, toughness, and determination. They talk of past glory and wakeing up the echo’s. It all starts with the basics, hard work, and core values.
      I believe Coach Kelly understands this and will fullfill his oath to the ND nation.
      There are people out there who understand what ND is all about. Coach Brian Kelly is one of them. We are lucky to have him.

  14. Great point, I have been waiting for someone to make the observation that Brian Kelly now has better talent, he will be able to do even more. Just wait until he has the time to recruit by developing relationships with kids and high school coaches.
    He will be the next Urban Meyer, but without the questionable decisions and ethics. This might be pre-mature, but I feel Brian Kelly will be to college football what Coach K is to college basketball.

  15. As we prepare for the spring, I have read a lot about Kelly’s spread offense. It has made me wonder if his knowledge of running the spread will help the defense defend against it. Weis ran a pro style offense and I think USC was the only program they played against that ran one as well.

    We saw Weis try the spread for about a quarter with Jones and then it was back to the pro style with Sharpley and Clausen. I feel the defense will be better prepared because of the college-minded coaches. Weis was not prepared to defend the college game, but I think this ND team will.

    Kelly has never had this kind of talent to work with, so if his system is as good as his record indicates, this will be one pretty good team.

    I can’t wait to find out.

  16. Lemme guess, Theo Riddick busted up his shoulder on the same turf that claimed Aldridge, Floyd, and Rudolph’s shoulders.

    Well maybe not, but something has to be done about the field. Looking like it’s 1935 is all well and good until it starts hurting more players than opposing linebackers.

  17. Crist played in a more competetive California High School league than both Clausen and Barkley. Give him time, he will be just fine. Stay healthy!

    1. ehhh actually he played in a more competitive league than clausen, but as for barkley,not so much. When Crist was still at ND (high school), the trinity league, which barkley played in, was better than the serra league, which Crist played in. But both did play in the Pac-5 division which is considered on of the toughest if not THE toughest division/section in the ENTIRE COUNTRY,

  18. I learned a lot over the past 5 years. I learned that there is a difference between a coordinator and a coach. Charlie Weis was a good Coordinator. The only position he coached was QB. He did an outstanding job with Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, and Dane Crist. But He new little of coaching O-Line men or running backs, and it showed.
    Tenuda new every scheme, every blitz, every stunt out there, but his players weren’t coached up to the point to be effective. If you have well coached players, a coordinator can call anything he wants, and the players will make it work.
    Here are a few other things I learned. I don’t care how great your QB is or how many great wide receivers you may have, ND must have a quality running game in order to be effective.(ND just isn’t ND, without great running game)
    The 3-4 or the 4-3 defense. Doesn’t matter if you can’t stop the run or pressure the QB.
    Conditioning is extremly important. The past two seasons our team ran out of gas heading into the last month of the season. A time that seperates the men from the boys. A time when bowl bids are on the line.
    There once was a time when ND always won at home. For a visiting team to come to ND and win was nearly impossiable. ND had most teams beat before they even got off the bus. You know… teams like Navy, and UConn.
    College football is always more interesting and more fun when ND is in the mix. Whether they bring out the best in fans or the worst, the fact remains that they bring out fans.
    It is my hope that BK can get ND back to playing ND football. A physical team that can run. That can run on 3rd and two and pick up four. A swarming defense that penetrates, pressures, and causes turn-overs.
    A team that fearcely defends it’s home field. A team that is still standing at the end of the year.

    1. That’s a very insightful post. I’m feeling more and more confortable with BK, I truely believe that he will bring the best out of his players.

    2. You’re hitting the right buttons there, S-rock.

      I don’t think I’ve seen authentic “fiercely defending home field” since Chris Zorich rained Hell on anyone unlucky enough to be on our home schedule in the late 1980’s.

      1. AE,

        Here’s another sad observation.
        Watching the Superbowl last Sunday, it occured to me that there were no players on the rosters of the Colts or the Saints that were from ND.
        Three years ago when the Colts player the Bears, the punter for the Colts was Hunter Smith. He has since been released from the Colts.
        Even suckass Michigan had suckass Mike Hart get in the game.
        Sad. Very sad indeed.

  19. i will be excited to see an upper classmen earn his starting role instead of it being handed to him because he was a top recruit. So I wish him luck. he does hold himself as a classier person then the former ND QB.

  20. John Goodman has outstanding speed and arm strength. In Kelly’s offense, John could possibly thrive as the #2 Quarterback. Maybe, even better given the chance. With John’s game experience at WR and a boat load of incoming QB’s he might surprise some people. In my view, this would be a great opportunity for him to resurface in the hunt for QB. I know his high school coach would love it.

  21. Don’t worry, 2 years ago Kelly played 5 different quarterbacks and went 12-1. Crist might make a few mistakes early, but once he gets used to the speed and the system he will be fine. He has a stronger arm and way more mobile than JC. Also he is a great leader, he helped keep the recruiting class together when ND went 3-9.

  22. Indeed the O-line needs help. Imagine if Sam Young would have played to half his potential! I believe 2010 will be a year similar to Holtz’ first year. I believe regardless of record, fans will agree on one thing namely that this team is going in the right direction.

    I most like BK’s style of letting his coaches coach w/ focus of all being on the same page. Davie could never quite extract himself from the defensive side and overstepped Mattison on numerous occasions during his coaching reign. Willingham – well never quite sure what WIllingham did as all i remember was his pensive posture on the sideline w/ finger to lip. Weis was equally domineering…ya wonder why he went through so many defensive coaches.Contrast that with Lou’s relationship w/ his coaches. I remember reading an article here about a player recalling how the venerable one Joe Moore was “coaching” a couple players one afternoon separately from the rest of the offensive line. The players were beyond exhaustion as Joe was trying to get the point across that no matter how beat down you get – there is always one more thing you can do. At a certain point of this focus training, the players see Lou tooling up in the golf cart and immediately sense deliverence. Lou asks Joe whats going on – Joe responds he is providing some individual training, Lous says basically carry on and leaves. The best part of the story is while these players werent exactly cozy w/ Moore at the time, they recalled this training session with great admiration later in life.

    BK is right on point – find good coaches and let them coach while maintaining focus on committment and execution. BK is not afraid to interject and question some calls on the defensive side of the ball – but he leaves it in the coaches corner. I really believe he is the right guy at the right time. These kids will play with desire and toughness this year and dare say there will be fight in them Irish again and I think that
    will be a welcome sight for many ND fans. GO IRISH!

    1. Thanks for bringing that up. It was Aaron Taylor who was recounting that story. From Taylor, Moore was as old school as old school got, tough and demanding. But look at the All-Americans he produced who went on to have pro careers. If anything, ND was known as the school for its OLine, and I hope we get back to that soon.

  23. Hold on guys that was wash. St..But the only place to go is up. Dayne is a talented athlete and we have all these QBs coming in so there will be competition

  24. Undeniably, we have another opportunity to showcase our offense. We are deep in offensive talent, experience and have several “impact players”. On the defensive side of the ball, we will need all of the resourcefulness, player development and coaching-up the new coaching staff can muster up for a strong showing in 2010. Hopefully, Coach Kelly’s winning moxie will instill the right amount of passion to reach new horizons in ND football.

    1. I would agree that we are deep at the skilled postions on offense, however our o-line is going to be fairly young. I haven’t looked at the o-line in awhile, so I could be wrong, but if there are some that are saying that Matt James could play as a true freshman….I would say our O-line needs a lot of help.

  25. That was a freaking bullet he threw to Goodman. I know he didn’t look great in the few plays he was in that game, but as you so eloquently put it, that throw was a thing of beauty!

    That’d be awesome if Goodman was a go-to-guy this next year. He separated from that cornerback the second the ball hit his hands! Crazy speed!

  26. great news! i believe he has more upside than clausen since he has a stronger arm and is bigger. he is also more mobile and i believe is a perfect fit to run the spread. :)

    1. i love that he can run, but i don’t want him to. look what happened last time. such a freak injury. nobody hit him. could it have been the turf at the alamo dome????

      1. Sitting the bench, you tend to be a little stiffer and your pre-game stretches are not of value at that point in the game. I know he was already playing so he shoulda been loosened up, but right circumstances at the wrong time, and anything can happen.

      2. It was just a freak accident, look at Wes Welker for the Patriots this year, he tore his ACL making a cut without any contact. Stuff just happens sometimes.

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