Spring Update 4/2/07: Notes from Monday’s Press Conference

  • Weis’ main concern with the quarterback situation right now is finding the guy who can run the offense efficiently in terms of getting the play from the sidelines and getting the offense lined up properly. His second concern is with getting his quarterbacks familiar with progression reads vs. coverage reads. Third is the accuracy with which each quarterback is delivering the ball.
  • The difference between James Aldridge this spring vs. last spring is like “night and day.” Weis mentioned he is a different back this spring because he is healthy.
  • Weis described Aldridge’s speed as “sneaky” and said he’s got a second gear that a lot of running backs don’t have.
  • Blocking by the wide receivers was stressed by Weis with him stating he won’t play receivers who can’t block. He also mentioned that the size of the receiver doesn’t determine if they can block or not.
  • There is “very little thats set” along the offensive line. Weis mentioned John Sullivan and Sam Young as “set”, but other than them, nothing else is set in stone.
  • The goal along the offensive line is to create position flexibility so that they have some interchangable parts along the line.
  • There’s several guys along the defensive line that have shown “encouraging signs” to Weis. He also mentioned that they need to find some more linemen that they have confidence in.
  • Chris Stewart spent most of practice on the bike again and Weis said he is going through the progression of converting to defensive line but did say that he is one of the few guys with the body type to play in the middle of the defensive line in the 3-4.
  • Will Yeatman is keeping up with the rest of the tight ends despite the time he’s missed playing lacrosse this spring. Weis seemed encouraged with Yeatman in his remarks.
  • Of George West, Weis said he’s been getting off the line well, catching the ball, and being a “willing blocker.”
  • Weis expects Kallen Wade to get a lot bigger than he is right now which is around 245 after reporting to Notre Dame at 208. He said he expects John Ryan to max out around where he is at right now, but expects Wade to get bigger and that is why Wade is listed as a defensive end and Ryan is at outside linebacker.
  • The 11th player on offense will be interchangeable between being a full back, second tight end, or third wide receiver.
  • Asaph Schwapp has shaken off a lot of the rust from being hurt last year and was described as a tough and physical lead blocker.
  • If someone else emerges at kick returner, Weis won’t put a starter on offense back there such as Grimes or West. He said they are trying a bunch of different guys at returner including Armando Allen.
  • Weis has been “very encouraged” by Armando Allen and he has not “looked like a freshman.”
  • Junior Jabbie has also encouraged Weis at the tailback spot so far.
  • Weis is content with where his team is in regards to the installation of the new defense and the offense with all of the new faces on that side of the ball.
  • Overall there has been very good competition this spring.
  • Weis “wants the best guy” under center regardless of who may be the fastest or who has the strongest arm. He said he will mold the offense around what his starter does the best.
  • Weis said he will always tell his players the truth, regardless of the consequences. He let everyone know that he will be completely honest with his quarterbacks regardless of what happens – implying he will do so even it were to result in a transfer at some point.

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