Harrison Smith Getting Snaps at OLB

Corwin Brown mentioned on Tuesday that sophomore safety Harrison Smith is getting some looks at outside linebacker.

From the Observer:

“We’re trying to juggle some things around, put together some different combinations and see if we can get the same play from different spots but also create some depth just in case of injury or maybe a young guy that you plan on doesn’t pan out as well or just trying to get different looks … ” Brown said. “You do that with a number of different combinations and hopefully you strike gold, you hit the jackpot and then you got something special.”

Brown also said he wanted to move Harrison Smith around because he has the ability to make big plays no matter where he is on the field. But Brown jokingly cautioned against giving him such glowing praise.

“If you see certain guys making plays, you kind of want to see how far you can take that, so you try to put them in different positions because you know what you have here … ” Brown said. “He’s a hard-working [player], he’s smart, he’s tough. I don’t want to say too many good things about him, though, because he’ll probably poop in my lunch bucket.”

Brown moved Zibby towards the line at times last year in obvious passing downs so this could be a sign that Brown is liking what he is seeing out of the sophomore safety.  Smith has had a great spring so far and will be fighting for the starting strong safety spot through the rest of the spring and into fall camp.

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