Spring Game Format Different for ’08

The annual Blue-Gold game will be a little bit different this year.  Here is a quick overview of how the game will be played.

Gameplay: There will be two 30 minute halves with a running clock.  Only injuries or timeouts will stop the clock other than in the final two minutes of each half.  In the final minute, normal clock rules apply.

Timeouts: Each team gets 3 timeouts per half.

Halftime: 20 minutes

Coin Toss: Jersey color, sidelines, and lock rooms will be determined by a coin toss on Wednesday, April 16.  There will also be a ceremonial

Other Rules:

  • Everyone will be live for tackling except players in red (presumably only QBs) who will be ruled down after they are touched by a defender with two hands.
  • No kickoff or punt returns – each possession will start at the 35 yard line.

Scoring System:

  • 1st Down 1 point
  • Explosive Play
  • (10-yard rush/20-yard pass) 2 points
  • Field Goal 3 points
  • Touchdown 6 points
  • Extra Point 1 point
  • 2-point Conversion 2 points
  • Blocked Punt 3 points
  • Defensive Stop 2 points
  • Sack 2 points
  • 3 and Out 3 points
  • Missed Field Goal 3 points
  • Turnover 6 points
  • Turnover for Touchdown 10 points
  • Missed Extra Point 1 point
  • Missed 2-point Conversion 2 points
  • Blocked Field Goal 3 points

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