2011 Freshmen Numbers Assigned

This year’s freshmen have received their numbers that they will start their Notre Dame careers with.  Here’s a quick look at who will be wearing what numbers and a little background on the numbers themselves.

Ishaq Williams and the other early enrollees received their numbers in the spring. The rest of the freshman class received theirs this week. (Photo – Icon SMI)
  • George Atkinson #4 (RB/WR) – Number 4 is also worn by starting cornerback Gary Gray (reminder, players can wear the same numbers but cannot be on the field at the same time if they do).  At running back, Ryan Grant and Lee Becton recently wore #4.  Grant started his career off with #25 but later switched to #4.
  • Josh Atkinson #43 (CB) – Rashon Powers-Neal started his career with #43 recently, but the most famous #43 at Notre Dame was All American linebacker Bob Crable.
  • Kyle Brindza #27 (P/K) – Recent standout safety David Bruton wore #27 throughout his career, a number that has been worn by three All Americans in Notre Dame history – most recently defensive back Mike Townsend in 1973.
  • Jalen Brown #21 (CB) – Maurice Stovall sported #21 at wide receiver for his entire career, but the only All American to wear #21 for the Irish was former cornerback Bobby Taylor.  Hopefully Brown is able to recapture some of the magic Taylor had at corner.
  • Brad Carrico #56 (OG) – Kerry Neal wore #56 the last four years and classmate Anthony Rabasa will wear it a well.  Carrico has history on his side with two former All Americans along the offensive line having worn #56 – Larry Dinardo (1969-70) and Dave Huffman (1978)
  • Ben Councell #30 (OLB) – The #30 has been worn at a wide range of positions for Notre Dame.  Of the four All Americans to wear #30, all were at different positions – Frank Stams (DE ’88), George Melinkovich (FB ’32), Tom Conley (E ’30), and Paul Castner (HB ’30).  More recently, Mike Richardson wore #30 at cornerback and former fullback great Marc Edwards started his career with #30 before switching to #44.
  • Davaris Daniels #16 (WR) – Powers-Neal ended his career wearing #16 and Notre Dame has had one All American wear the number – halfback Don Miller (one of the 4 Horsemen) in 1930.
  • Matthias Farley #41 (WR) – If #41 looks odd for a wide receiver, it is because it is odd.  Farley picked #41 in honor of one of his old coaches, former NFL safety Eugene Robinson.
  • Everett Golson #5 (QB) – The number 5 has been a popular number on the offensive side of the ball lately for Notre Dame with Rhema McKnight and Armando Allen wearing it the last nine seasons.  Historically, quarterbacks have good success wearing #5 at Notre Dame as evidenced by Terry Hanrattay and Paul Hornung. #5 is also currently worn by All American candidate Manti Te’o.
  • Jarrett Grace #59 (MLB) – Chris Stewart wore #59 for the Irish the past five season.  Notre Dame has never had an All American at linebacker wear #59, but two offensive linemen earned All American honors with it – Dick Swatland (1968) and Jim McGoldrick (1938).  Ironically, #59 was worn by Florida State assistant Greg Hudson while he was at Notre Dame.  Hudson was one of the primary recruiters of Aaron Lynch for the Seminoles.
  • Conor Hanratty #65 (OG) – Hanrattay will wear a number that has been held by three different All American offensive linemen – Lindsay Knapp (1992), Eric Hughes (1977), and Bob Lehmann (1963)
  • Eilar Hardy #34 (S) – #34 is a traditional number for running backs such as Ray Zellars, but it has also been worn by a number of defensive players over the years including Vontez Duff, Ronnie Nicks, and Wes Pritchett.
  • Matt Hegarty #77 (OL) – In recent years, Michael Turkovich wore #77 along the offensive line and Greg Pauly wore in along the defensive side of the ball.  Two All Americans have previously worn the number – Dusty Zeigler (1995) and Mike McCoy (1969)
  • Chase Hounshell #50 (DL) – A few offensive linemen such as Dan Santucci have worn the number recently and two former linebacker were All Americans wearing #50 – Greg Collins (1974) and George Pergine (1967).  The most famous Irish player to wear #50, however, is former standout nose guard Chris Zorich.
  • Ben Koyack #18 (TE) – Koyack gets a bit of an odd number for a tight end with #18.  In fact, I couldn’t find any other tight ends in Notre Dame history to ever wear #18.  The number was worn recently by Chinedum N’dukwe and not so recently was worn by fan favorite Joey Getherall.  Jim Crowley, another member of the 4 Horsemen, also wore #18.
  • Aaron Lynch #19 (DL) – The #19 has not been a common number for Notre Dame players in the past, but it was worn recently by Glen Earl – one of the most underrated players to pass through Notre Dame over the last 20 years.
  • Nick Martin #72 (OL) – Many an offensive lineman has worn #72 for Notre Dame over the years, three of which have earned All American status – Gerry Dinardo (1972), Bill Fischer (1947-48), and John Lautar (1936).
  • Cam McDaniel #33 (RB) – Robert Hughes wore #33 for Notre Dame the last four years and has been traditionally been worn more by big backs and full backs like Hughes and Jamie Spencer.  Former All American linebacker Courtney Watson, a converted high school running back, also wore #33.
  • Troy Niklas #58 (OL/DL) – Linebacker Brian Smith wore #58 the last four seasons for the Fighting Irish.  Offensive linemen have primarily worn the number over the years though perhaps indicating that Niklas may start on that side of the ball.
  • Anthony Rabasa #56 (OLB) – See the comments for Brad Carrico who is also wearing #56.
  • Tony Springmann #69 (OL/DL) – Another number worn almost exclusively by offensive linemen such as Mike Gandy.  Like Niklas this could be an indication that Springmann ends up on the offensive line.
  • Stephon Tuitt #7 (DE) – Tuitt gets an odd number for a defensive end similarly to how Ethan Johnson started his career with #9 before switching over to #90 this past season.  Sophomore receiver TJ Jones also wears #7 – a number normally reserved for quarterbacks such as Jimmy Clausen, Joe Theismann, and John Huarte.  Jones’s father, the late Andre Jones, also wore #7 along the defensive line for the Irish.
  • Ishaq Williams #1 (OLB) – Notre Dame has had some very good players wear #1 like Derrick Mayes and Todd Lyght.  Senior wide receiver Deion Walker also currently wears #1.
Ian Book Returning to Notre Dame for Unfinished Business

For those of you keeping track at home, Notre Dame now has 7 numbers occupied by multiple players.

  • #1 – Ishaq Williams and Deion Walker
  • #4 – George Atkinson and Gary Gray
  • #5 – Everett Golson and Manti Te’o
  • #7 – Stephon Tuitt and TJ Jones
  • #9 – Louis Nix and Roby Toma
  • #12 – Andrew Hendrix and Robert Blanton
  • #56 – Brad Carrio and Anthony Rabasa


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    How many scholarships are available for this class?

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