2012 Blue Gold Game Highlights

Offensive inconsistency plagued the Irish on Saturday as Notre Dame wrapped up Spring Practice for 2012. (Photo - Matt Cashore / USPresswire)

Notre Dame completed spring practice for 2012 over the weekend with the annual Blue-Gold game and while there is plenty to dissect from the game over the next few days and weeks, here are some highlights from the game.

We’ll get more into the impressive performances of Everett Golson, George Atkinson, and others over the next few days.

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    1. bj,

      This is the reason Urban will never coach at ND. This story rings true if you read a lot about the meeting Urban had with ND administration where he wanted to get “a certain type of player into ND”. The administration said no and I applaud them. The SEC will sell it’s sole for football, so much as to turn a blind eye at drug infractions and other things that would get you kicked out of other schools. Nice person to pick Ohio State to clean up your program.

  1. Now Isaac Rochell joins the Irish!! Great addition – and there will be more.

    Look out – here come the Irish!!!

    Is it September yet?

  2. I, like many here, would have named Everett Golson the Starting QB coming out of the spring game if I were the ND head coach.
    Terriffic runner, strong arm, and plays with a smile on his face.

    My only real concern with Golson is his size. Listed at 5’8″ 175 lbs, I fear the number of hits, plus the wear and tear he will take running Kelly’s spread offense over the course of the season, will be too much for him.

    Then I read about the only two FBS starting freshmen running backs to rush for over a 1000 yards last year.

    One was Giovani Bernard (a player ND tried very hard to recruit) from North Carolina who is listed at 5’10” 205 and rushed for 1,253 yards, and the other is Lyle McCombs from UCONN who is listed at 5’8″ 166 and rushed for 1,151 yards.

    That’s pretty impressive stuff for players of that size.

    Perhaps I’m wrong in assuming Golson is too small. Maybe it isn’t the size of the player… just the size of his heart that is most important.

    1. Shaz,

      I think Golson is listed at 6′ not 5’8″. He weights in at 185. He is putting on weight, but my main concern is he has been challenged by
      BK to not only be the best athelete on the field, but also read plays like Tommy. I want to see if this kid grasps the brass ring this year and becomes the total player. I would like him to command the offense to run the Oregon quick pace in order to keep defenses on the field and get them tired. Imagine with the running back talent ND has that a team would not be able to sub and keep players on the field chasing those little fast running backs and receivers around. Not to mention Golson is a threat to take it to the house.

  3. Isaac Rochell committed today. 6-5 260 DE 3 star. I expect that rating to go up. He has offers from just about every SEC school. Kelly has really done well recruiting the south.

    1. Amen JTRAIN,

      Not to mention, BK has ND the #4 Team on scout.

      Ahead of the (like Delta say’s) “Special Ed Conference” boys:

      #5 Georgia
      #6 Florida
      #7 Ohio State
      #8 Alabama
      #9 USC
      #10 Auburn

      If BK can hang on to the recruiting edge. I must admit it will pay off in the future. Fingers crossed!

      Go Irish!

  4. Jc

    As todd said anzalone and hargreaves are two guys he has said he is going to get after. I think it will be anzalone myself just because of position group.

    I think his biggest influence though is going to be just his excitement and enthusiasm about coming to nd. Between him and zaire out there talking up nd and the class i think we will see some top recruits wanting to be part of this thing.

    1. Todd & JTRAIN,

      Key timing on this is great and we surely need all the good news we can get.

      It is difficult not to be excited about potential recruits joining this group.

      Thanks for the input guys. I’ll keep a closer eye on these targeted recruits by Smith.

  5. JC,

    In reference to your question above, I believe Smith is particularly targeting Alex Anzalone (PA) and Vernon Hargreaves (FLA). Both are reported to be outstanding defensive players (Anzalone – LB and Hargreaves – CB). Both are positions of need. I believe Anzalone originally gave OSU a verbal but has since backed off that and is very interested in the Irish.

  6. As the 2013 recruiting class continues to take shape, I am more and more impressed. This class looks to be Kelly’s best yet – and he has already had some really good ones. There is no doubt that Kelly is bringing in the level of talent he needs and building a measure of depth that is essential. I am very, very excited at what I see as significant improvement. Despite an 8-5 record last year, I saw a better football team than the previous few seasons. Turnovers were the difference in an 8-5 record instead of a 10-3 or 11-2 record. Notre Dame is not quite there yet, but they will be very soon. I expect a strong season this year despite an extremely difficult schedule (deemed the toughest in the nation). I can’t wait for September. I think the Irish are going to show improvement again this year and have a strong season. Look out in 2013!! The schedule is a little more manageable and they are going to combine ever-improving talent, with depth and experience at some key positions.

  7. Glancing at the schedule, to me, reveals a perfect measure of where we are at where we need to be.
    In the SHOULD WIN category falls Navy, Purdue, Pitt, BC and Wake. That should be 5 wins and if we lose any of these than my faith in Kelly is crushed.

    LEVEL teams on the schedule, in my mind, are Michigan, Sparty, Stanford, Miami and BYU. (From what I have read BYU is gonna be pretty decent). Right now my honest feelings are we are on the same level as these teams and should win more of these games than we lose. Some of the teams might be a littlebetter or a little worse on paper, but all are likely competitive. So, I will give kelly a pass losing no more than 2 of these.

    Finally, the UPHILL BATTLE teams are USC and Oklahoma. Both have Heisman caliber QBs that will look to exploit our most galring weakness, the secondary. We play both at their stadium. I agree that SC without Barkly may be in the LEVEL group. But with him it will be uphill all the way. I will judge Kelly on how well we compete with these teams. Win both and I will contribute to the statue fund. Win one and I am all for him keeping his job. Keep it close and win the other two groups and I will look forward to next year. If we get blown out….We can start the debate on who the next coach should be as far as I am concerned.

    I know the secondary is bad and a new QB and all that. Maybe I am too harsh or expect too much. But, in short, I want to see yearly advances and better competition. If we are moving forward I can be patient. If we are fumbling around with Navy, losing to Sparty and Meeshigan and getting thumped by the two best on the sched its time for a different plan.


  8. Shaz,

    The one thing people fail to realize is that SC’s depth is very low. They had to play their spring game like a flag football game for fear of injury. ND plays them the last game of the year. The only problem is SC’s schedule is a joke, the PAC 10 South sucks. I agree with you on the point on the defense and maybe Diaco learns from his mistakes, but remember the scores by both Michigan and FSU were short fields set up by turnovers of the offense. That stuff needs to stop in order for this team to win games.

  9. Tough schedule, inexperience at QB, losing one of their best players. Sounds like 2012 right? I’m talking about when ND went 4-0 to end Kelly’s first season. Ranked Utah and USC, Freshman Tommy Rees getting the start at QB, and Dayne Christ lost for the season. Now I’m not saying that ND is going to go undefeated, I’m just saying anything can happen in a season, so why can’t ND have a great year.

    People talk about the 8-5 record last year and we all know the problems with turnovers, but what I don’t hear people talking about is that for the first time in 20 years, ND had a chance to win every single game they played.

    I like the fact that ND is being viewed as having the toughest schedule. I like the “Experts” on ESPN saying ND might only win 6 games. This keeps the players hungry. All you heard before the season last year is BCS or bust. I think that played into the preparation for the season and we all know how the first 2 games played out. Over 1,000 yards of offense and 2 losses. I think Kelly’s record should be 15-10 after 2 years, but it should have probably been 5-7 his first year and 10-3 his second. We overachieved the 1st year and underachieved the 2nd year.

    I think this team is going to surprise a lot of people and why do I think that? Because I’m a fan and I think every year is going to be “The Year”. I like what I’m seeing from Kelly in recruiting, but the only way to keep this class solid is to win. If they can win 9 or 10 games, great things will continue to happen in South Bend.

    Why can’t they, they went 4-0 when most said it couldn’t be done.

    1. Alabama won the national title last year with an inexperienced QB.

      They didn’t ask him to do more than he was capable of.

      He managed their offense and they left it up to a stout defense and excellent running game.
      (And of course, they didn’t beat themselves with turnovers.)

      Sounds simple doesn’t it?

      I love our offensive line and we have made great strides in running the football.
      The defensive line is the best we have had in years even without Lynch.
      Yes, our secondary is inexperienced, but at least they are fast.
      I remember not so long ago when our secondary was inexperienced and NOT fast.
      That’s a tough way to have to try to cover.

      The one thing that I remember about last year is Kelly blowing up on the sidelines early in the first game of the year.

      After that, some of the team members seemed to tighten up to the point where it effected their play in a negitive way. (See Dane Crist)
      (this is just my own opinion)

      Perhaps with exspectations down a bit this year, the guys will play faster and looser, execute better, and build some season long confidence.

      Sometimes that’s all it takes for a college football team to succeed.

      1. Shaz,

        Here is the difference between ND in it’s final four games in 2011 and 2012. They lost Jonas Grey and had to rely on Reese to win ball games. The problem with Reese is every team watched the BC game and figured out he would never run. They blitz and dropped eight on and off and confused Tommy. They also lost Braxton Cave in the Wake game. The line was not the same after that loss and did not run the ball as effectively.

        The defense was not the caliber of defense which you saw with Alabama and LSU. Per ND standards the defense was heads and tails above others, but could not dominate a game.

        ND is at a spot which it is an offensive team first. The ND defense can’t perform like it did in the USC game in 2011 when the offense put them into bad position after bad position. It can’t impose it’s will on the other offense, it’s still is a bend don’t brake. They can still win with that, but will need to have offensive production with no turnovers. Take away the two games in the beginning of the year inwhich the turned the ball over and they only lose to USC and Standford. I personally think that even though they were dominated in the first half of the SC game they would have possibly won if not for the goal line fumble which turned the game around. Further more I think SC is getting over hyped by ESPN. Their defense is average at best and an SEC team would not make it easy for Barkly and SC can’t stop the run. Just my thoughts!

      2. jack,

        Excellent point about Gray.
        (And for that matter, Cave)

        That team was searching for leaders and Gray was clearly one of them. Probably the best of them.
        When he went down, so did a lot of the team leadership.

        I’m hoping Cave, as a 5th year senior, will be the leader of a dominant offensive line this season.

        I believe the defense is at a point where it can impose it’s will on opposing offenses.

        If allowed to do so.

        The first half agianst Florida State supports this view.

        Every time our Defensive co-ordinator calls off the dogs we pay dearly for it!
        (See Michigan & Florida St.)

        I understand you have to be careful with the blitz agianst QB’s like Barkley and Luck.

        Denard Robinson and E.J. Manuel…. not so much!

        USC always gets hyped up by ESPN.

        But remember this… their back-up QB to Barkley just requested a transfer.
        If Barkley should go down and be unable to play, things could get real interesting, real fast.

  10. Jack

    I understand you’re concern and point of view. Both are valid. I usually don’t get this amped about a recruit this early in the process but smith is a big deal. He is already out recruiting other big names on the defensive side of the ball. Really don’t think he is goin anywhere else. The thing is he could be a domino that starts a spree of big time players committing. There are 3 of them on campus now. He is a very in your face outgoing kid that will serve as an arm of this staff. He is also the kind of player we aren’t suppose to be able to get anymore according to some analysts.

    I know anything can happen between now and february but have faith friend this is a very, very good thing.


  11. I refuse to get excited about recruiting. I was excited when the class with Floyd and Crist committed. I will be excited when ND wins 10 games and a BCS bowl. Until that point we could recruit all five stars and it doesn’t mean anything. I also think that ND needs to let this coach continue until the end of his contract. Once that is done than re-evaluate and determine if we need to find another coach. I have stopped even following recruiting until National Signing Day and the LOI is received. Until then they can change their mind and go somewhere else. I hate to become negative but I am sick of winnning recruiting battles and want the Irish to win games.

  12. This is huge JTRAIN,

    Takes the sting of loosing Lynch away like now! Now, if we can just win 10 games this year we may be on our way. I liked Delta’s assessment on how we get to 10 wins a few posts back. I really agree with Steele’s assessment it does not matter who starts at QB. We have enough talent for 10 wins. What about it JTRAIN…..Catholics vs Convicts? The hell with a plan B conference! Independence forever Lucky Charm Puffers! Hahahaha.

    Go Irish!

  13. Eric hanson sbt

    “@hansensouthbend: Bob Wieneke’s updated story on #NotreDame 5-star linebacker commit Jaylon Smith & his plans to help recruit others

    “@KeithArnoldNBC: Jaylon Smith’s commitment to ND is huge. Bigger than Clausen or Lynch. Bigger than Te’o. He’ll have 8 months to recruit for ND.”

  14. Jaylon Smith

    “@JaeeSmiff9ENT: Blessed indeed,,, i feel like workin out, Even though we just had a whole day of camp”

  15. Malik Zaire

    “@TOP_MALIK6: @JaeeSmiff9ENT is officially apart of #IrishMob13 the family getting stronger bigger faster and soon to be national champs #IRISH”

  16. Twitter power hour; jaylon smith to michael hutchings

    “@JaeeSmiff9ENT: @CaliHutch_17 set tht visit up bro its time to get real! Yu replacing Manti inside, With me Outside lets go!”

    “@CaliHutch_17: This man Jaylon Smith just committed to notre dame and he is already working on me”

    Kids already hittin the recruiting trail after 2hrs

  17. C-Dog,

    You may very well be right, there’s no reason to believe your crystal ball is not as good as anyone else’s on this site. Albeit, I find it unimaginable BK will be here after the 5th year not reaching 12 wins. I really don’t have much faith he will experience a zig-zigler arising to advance exitiment among the troops after that date. Let alone this year, however, I will give him two-fingers crossed this year with severe apprehension and a glimmer of hope. To date, BK does not have the Championship driving “mojo-engineering-chemistry” of Ara or Lou. I’m sorry, compared to Ara and Lou he’s very undynamic and poor mannerisms. Yes, I would like him to prove me wrong!

    As to conferences, shock and awe is coming soon with NBC pulling out of ND storyland due to boredom. I’ll have to be content watching the Bass Master Classic. Yep, what about it Ozzie and Harriet? Reruns any one?

    WE ARE ND!

  18. One final thought. Whether this is acceptable to ND fans or not, I don’t think Kelly will get to 11 wins with this team for at least another 3 years if ever.

    Between the attitude in South Bend toward ND and it’s athletes, the school’s attempt at high standards, and just the feeling of being over due and needing to win now, I don’t think ND has or will attract the right kind of football coach. They need someone with the state of the art X’s and O’s knowledge and a 1920’s philosophy on life. Good luck finding that combination.

  19. Some thoughts on college football

    The SEC coaches are coming out of the woodwork pushing for a four team playoff.
    First of all, I don’t consider 4 teams and 2 games a playoff.
    What they are angling for is a post season, SEC, Football-a-palooza extravaganza.

    I didn’t watch but the first half of the national Championship game last year. I mean, we already saw Bama and LSU during the regular season. One game of: “3 running plays and a cloud of dust” was enough for me .. and
    I bet I wasn’t alone on that one!)

    Second, who made what they(The SEC Coaches) say as all important to the health and welfare of all college football?

    This Is “College” football, not NFL , arena, or European football.
    College means you go to school first. Take real college level classes. Attend those classes. Earn real grades and diploma’s, and conduct yourselves as respectable students.

    Do those things “FIRST” and the student athlete will benefit the most… as they should.
    (If the NFL wants a farm system, let them start their own. God knows they have enough money to do so)

    Early season, non-conference games, have become a joke.

    I think, ND as an Independent , should add a couple of “OPEN” dates in its scheduling. This would push the last couple games of the season back a
    week or so to co-inside with all these “League Championship games”
    You know, the team that wins that last regular season, league championship game, always gets the most favorable final season ranking.
    ND should be on TV as well.

    The NCAA will impose penalties on those programs caught cheating.
    That’s Good. But maybe “Rewards” should also be granted to schools who
    consistently display high academic achievement, honesty, fairness, community service and involvement, model student athletes and
    (The business sector in this country has always rewarded fair play, honesty, and outstanding achievement. It works)

    I believe some programs feel cheating is a viable gamble because the monetary payoff is so good. And of course, nobody ever has to pay the money back if they are indeed caught cheating.

    Case in point. Ohio State. Players suspended. Coaches fired. Loss of scholarships. But they kept the money. And what did they do with all those
    Ill-gotten gains? Just get the best new head coach money could buy.

    Oh yeah, you can just bet their fans are crying their little eyes out over what happened to Tressel.

    1. I am watching less and less pro and college sports.

      I watched the ND women’s team and the men’s LAX team. But they are pure student athlete groups and not in money sports.

      I’ve gotten beyond pointing fingers at cheating schools. I just don’t want to pay tribute and watch them anymore. Maybe once in a while, but even the March Madness stinks after the teams with real students get knocked out.

      It’s so corrupt and there is so much cheating or just poor ethics in terms of taking advantage of kids. Does anyone remember when the perspective on sports’ place in life was balanced?

    2. Shaz,

      As someone living deep in SEC country I can tell you the response you will get from SEC fans. They will say the game today has passed by schools like ND. That our academics and morals are great but we cant expect to win football games. Finally, they will say that ND is at the point Princeton, Yale and Harvard was years ago. They opted to keep their education oriented programs and now play in the Ivy league with nonscholarshipped players. And they will say the suggestion that ND form a league of such similar schools is fine with them, just join the Ivy.

      And I know cause i have been catching it lately, they will say we are all talk lately. That ND players get drunk, smoke dope, assualt cops and do all the heinous crap we see nightly on the sports news in SEC towns.

      With that in mind, I offer my humble response. Screw em.

      I am proud to support a university built on honor, academics and morality. proud to cheer for players that go to class, graduate and epitomize student athletes. And the thing I am most proud of is when those book reading head bowing chirch school boys whip the holy hell out of one of those fottball factories. Thus, I dont want to see ND form its own league or join the Ivy. I want to ND to reclaim its former glory as the shining example of academic prominence and football power. Be what we were once. The pklahoma’s alabamas and Miamis have always cheated and always taken players that cant spell football. Once, we beat them. I want to again.

      How do we get there, I dont know. Is kelly the man to lead us back? No clue. But I dont want to see us cave in and admit we cant compete with the cheaters. And i dont want to see us become one. So the only option is to keep trying to do it right and to do it better.

      1. Delta,

        I live in SEC country as well and know all too well the “win at all cost” mentality.

        The only reason they say the game has passed ND by is because ND has been playing it since 1889.
        (can’t say that about SEC schools who didn’t even desegrigate until the mid to late 60’s… and we should take their opinion of college football as law? I don’t think so)

        And in the 123 years since, the University has always put ethics, education, and the well being of its students first.

        There is nothing wrong with Princeton, Yale, Harvard, ND, or the Ive league for that matter.

        These campus’s are the birthplace of college football in it’s purest form.

        I think it would be very interesting to see schools like ND, whom have similar core values, form a league of there own.

        I think it would be very interesting to see what kind of support and intrest a league like that would generate.

        And you can bet that if it took off and did well, that the SEC would be the first ones to stick their nose in it, play the bully, and ruin that too!

    1. Good read Irish ’94,

      A must read for the “Next Year” lucky charm puffers!

      The good news! Irish legends Charity Golf Classic June 25.

      BK will again have a great opportunity to hang out with Ara and Lou hopefully rubbing off the most of them he can!

      To say this BK 3rd year is an exigent matter would be an understatement. BK does need however some REAL breaks to fire up the troops to achieve 10 wins or more.

      For one, I was ok with sideline tirades without a red face. However, where we are today is going to take a tirade and a red face BK style to lite the fire!

      So the politically correct wussys need to stay calm, and cut BK some slack to get it done this year BK style!

      The only guy I know that had a real tirade on our field that really deserved a stiff reprimand was Jim Harbaugh. Throwing things and acting like a dancing baboon is not made for tv. Especially, in college football.

      BK has proven he can recruit talent and coach. Now the 64 dollar question remains: Will BK generate the “mojo chemistry” required to move into the 10 win and up colum?

      We have plenty of talent to get there THIS YEAR! We eliminate the errors and the sky is the limit! With the right blend of motivation this team can do great things THIS YEAR without being SCARED of no one!

      The Ego-Sports-Pundit-Network (espn) can kiss off where the sun don’t shine!

      WE ARE ND!

      1. JC

        What is this intriguing term “Lucky Charm Puffer” ?
        If you text someone is it “LCP” ???

        Is this one of your own wordsmithing creations or does derive from some long forgotten civilization.

        The Incas perhaps?

        I once new a race horse named Lucky Charm Stuffer. The only horse that lost more races than him was Zippy Chippy.

        There used to be a Rapper named Huffy-Puffy? Wasn’t very lucky though.
        Died of lung cancer I think. Inhaled too much gold spray paint.
        Am I getting any warmer?

        As a kid I used to enjoy Lucky Charms cereal.
        Oooo, tasty marshmallows floating in milk. Never tried rolling them up and smoking them though.
        That can’t be it. We all know of course,if you light a marshmallow on fire it turns into goo.

        But if I remember right, there was a Lepricaun on the box. Now there’s something.

        Hmmmm. I guess I’ll keep working on it.

      2. Shaz,

        So you like my new creative zeitgeist lexicon.

        I like your excellent perspicacious viewpoint. Maybe you will figure it out or maybe you won’t? Ha!

    2. I read that. I don’t agree with the story in detail.

      But I do think that Notre Dame is at a true cross roads.

      Frankly I think Notre Dame could lead a rebellion to bring down the NCAA. It’s at a point where a majority of the athletes don’t even belong at most schools.

      I’d like to see Notre Dame take several Universities large and small and create a new association. The athletes would be required to meet minimum national standards, no exceptions, and then be reasonably able to perform while at the university of their choice.

      Prices for tickets would be capped, and TV revenue shared equally.
      Let those developed only for sports or jail go play for the SEC or some other Pro farm/convict league.

      Notre Dame on concept and history could compete and it’s prominence might inspire a new national culture of achievement.

      We love rap music, the music of a failed society in our nation. We salivate of stories of people shooting their own feet while hanging with their “posse” at the club.

      Why don’t we love the milk drinking lifestyle that was promoted while America was growing and improving. America has been on a downward spiral since the 1960’s and finally it’s obvious over the last 20 years that our sports culture has descended with the nation. What will bring us back? Or would everyone like being 2nd class to Russia or China?

  20. Double, Triple Amen Jack,

    ND’s soul has transformed into fashionable marketing of our heritage for profit. The WHO WE ARE irish-blue-collar-bare-knuckle-brawling-attitude-football heritage is long gone! Kaput!

    When’s the last time we have seen a tunnel brawl? When’s the last time we seen players with bloody mouth’s and spitting teeth out on the field and returning the favor? When’s the last time we have seen undeniable fire in the belly to win a game? No, we get accused of quitting against USC??

    Unfortunately, the ND administration demands a delusional image of a Harvard Fencing Team capturing a College Football National Championship?

    Talk about a psychotic identity crisis forced on the football team? Rockne is turning over in his grave as we speak. Not to mention, we have 20 plus years of this madness documented and counting.

    Sure hope all tin foil hat adminstrators wake up soon before the charitable NBC football contract money runs out! What’s next National Glee Club Championships??

  21. Well, one thing is for sure.

    If we don’t get the nasty’s and a win a National Championship SOON! We will make the “NEXT YEAR” lucky charm puffers happy with their six point list requirements. Oh someday, 10 years from now when we have five star players at every position with 5th year starters 3 deep then a title. Hahahahaha! suuuuuuuuuure! Pure Fantasyland!

    News flash, ND will be FORCED to joint a conference with no NBC revenues. If anyone really thinks NBC will be WILLING to pay us to be MEDIOCRE for the next 10 years did’nt make it in the business world. It’s all about preserving and growing the brand (ND!). Where’s the payout for NBC??? This ND facade is NOT going to last forever.

    I’m quite confident NBC can find a better place to spend their advertising dollars if ND does not win a title SOON! But gee golly Walley, we to have to have a plastic conference trophy for these kids to play for! I’m sure NBC will stick around to watch 10 or 12 teams divvy up ND’s OLD TV contract. Fantasyland “NEXT YEAR” lucky charm puffers!

    Wake up NDnation, if you want to be FORCED into a football “nursing home” conference. You will certainly get your football “nursing home” conference size WELFARE CHECK, just like the other MEDIOCRE conference teams get! Woo Hoo Walley we’re in a conference now what?? Gee Walley, we still have to win 10 games or more for a plastic conference trophy and a paper banner. Oh my, too much work and we’re SCARED OF BAMA, 7 wins is enough claim: “THE NEXT YEAR LUCKY CHARM PUFFERS”! Now that’s pathetic and delusional!

    “WE ARE ND!”

    1. JC,

      The problem with ND is there are trying to be to PC. The coaches have to say the right thing and they have to be a ND person in all sense. The funny thing is the last time they won was with a coach that could not get into the institution, a leader on defense that needed help to get in and a QB that had to sit a year. WAKE UP ND AND STOP BEING A BUNCH OF WINE SNOBS. You have made who you are by taking the kids who were border line and making him great. I’m talking about guys like Curly Lambou and others that made this program. It is time to hear speaches like Lou gave before the Miami game. I want people to fight for four quarters, bring and attitude and defend the honor of the program and the University. I hear from players that they are playing for their team mates. I never heard that from people who played under Lou, they played for ND and their team mates. Get an attitude and bring it.

  22. This team needs a little nasty or chip on their shoulder. This can only come from the coach. I would be putting it their heads from day one that no one thinks you are good 8 wins and a loss to SC. I would tell them Baby Kiffin and ESPN think you are a bunch of drunken over rated Prep School punks. I would drill this into their head. I would want hate and fire when they walked on that fiels especially against SC. I am done.

    1. Amen, jack, Amen!

      That’s what a motivator at head coach would do. Let’s see if BK is that or just a bunch of hot air.

  23. As to the low expectation “Next Year” perfection rebuilder crowd (SCARED OF BAMA). I suggest you trout yourself over to http://www.philsteele.com for a more credible view point on the 2012 season than fantasyland Colin. Seems 10 wins are in play coupled with a 21st preseason ranking.

    If BK lives up to Steele’s high expectations, then I have the high expectations culminating with a march to a National Championship in 2013. As predicted by intellectually in sync Mr. Todd Swisher, Thank you Todd!

    Don’t like the word “Championship” around here? Go find another team to root for and take the wimpy excuses with you! BK either lives up to his contract to win a title or he doesn’t….that’s REALVILLE. Still don’t like it? Then take BK with you going out the door if doesn’t win a title….be my guest! Not interested in more mediocre seasons. ND will still be here long after he’s done regardless of the outcome; win or lose.

    I can tell you for a fact a CEO or HC can’t bring a plethora of excuses to the board room or YOUR FIRED! Just ask CW.

    “WE ARE ND!” With Shameless high expectations!!!

    1. Jc

      I forgot, remind me again of why we went out and hired the hottest name coming up the ranks at the time?

      Why was nd nation so excited when said person was hired?

      Look if you can’t win or at least look like we belong in a bcs game in 5 years at a program like nd then chances are you’re not the guy for the job.

      Its a problem if the fan base is scared to play the top teams in the country. Isn’t that one of the reasons we hang onto our independence so desperately?

      Bk has 5yrs…this is year 3

      1. Amen JTRAIN,

        It’s pretty damn bad when 7 wins is still acceptable. I would gladly play Bama today see where we are headed for year five. Not to mention all the other light weights on our schedule this year.
        Woo Hoo I’m SCARED!

        Further, I highly doubt our players are scared of anybody. Lynch found that out the hard way.

        We all know playing better competition brings the A game out of our players. Regardless of the outcome.

        I love these deceptively optimistic lucky charm puffers….just give me 10 years to do it! And stop all this talk about a National Championship? Well then why show up for practice?? What’s the incentive??

        I don’t know about you JTRAIN, but when I was playing sports, all we talked about 24/7 was winning a Championship.

        Rest assurded the lucky charm puffers would not like me doing their annual peformance review. They would not like the view in the unemployment office. Now that would be real ugly.

        “WE ARE ND!”

      2. I agree with that assessment. I think 5 years is a really good barometer of where the program is going. After 5 years of CW it was painfully obvious he wasn’t “the guy”. While I completely agree that 16 wins in 2 years is not good, it feels as if BK is laying the proper foundation of a solid program. I don’t know if it is wishful thinking on my part but I am optimistic.

        It is year 3 and the clock is ticking but I agree that he deserves 5 years before the true evaluation happens.

        Go Irish!

  24. JTRAIN,

    You definately have great insight, I’m in the process of designing a new website for business. I may very well surprise you down the road here for an old schooler. Twitter & Facebook! My daughter will bring me up to snuff in a hurry.

    Amen on the transfers, it comes with excellent competition and should be expected. We need to expect the same of our coaches also. It’s all about competition and if BK gets the job done 2013 or 2014; he definately deserves a new fat contract with all the accolades that go with it! If not, well I’ll let you fill in that blank if you dare. Hahahah.

    Go Irish!

  25. JTRAIN,

    Sounds like a great kid, especially out actively recruiting for ND. Reminds me of Crist’s great attitude. JTRAIN, your absolutely right, the competition will get even more exciting when Zaire gets into the mix.

    Thank you for your knowledgable input and outstanding twitter expertise!

    Go Irish!

    1. Haha jc
      Maybe its time for a new user name…jtweet perhaps?….

      I also would say that we, as fans, should be prepared for transfers if we continue to land high quality qbs every year. (Or any position for that matter) Its going to happen. I realize that it had nothing to do with lynch or shepard but it was why greenberry never showed up.

  26. Jc

    I really like zaire. Not only as an athlete but zaire as a kid. Really seems to have his head screwed on straight. He also has been actively recruiting for ND. Gotta love seeing that. He may be the reason we land jaylon smith. Also seen that smith posted on twitter that he will not choose his school according to how many girls they have on campus and that its an instant turn off when coaches mention it.

    I like taking one of the top qbs every year. If there is an injury we have someone to step in that will be perfectly capable of taking over. Also just the competition factor among qbs on the the team. Nothin will light a fire under a kids ass like knowing that if he doesn’t play like #1 he won’t be #1 and there are 3 other guys itching to be #1.

  27. Today’s top 10
    The top ranked College Football Offensive Lines for 2012

    1. Alabama
    2. LSU
    3. Texas A&M
    4. USC
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Stanford
    7. Texas
    8. Notre Dame
    9. Florida
    10. Michigan

    Probable ND O-Line Starters:
    Braxton Cave 6’3” 304
    Zack Martin 6’4” 304
    Tate Nichols 6’8” 320
    C. Lombard 6’6” 309
    Chris Watt 6’3” 310

    There was a time when ND continually ranked in the top 5 in offensive lines and their on field production.

    But as we all know, Times changed .

    This year, not only is ND back in the top 10 for 2012, but this offensive line actually has some depth as well.

    For the running backs, you would have to be pumped about your chances of having an excellent year running behind that line.

    If you are looking for leadership on offense, look no further than these guys up front.
    (Most are Juniors or Seniors. You need them to be your Leaders. I also really like having 5th year senior Braxton Cave at Center)

    For this group, Kelly has them ranked up there with the best in the nation. ( Honestly, There is some serious talent here.)
    Now the question is, can Kelly and staff light a fire in them and get them to play like it?

    Throw in blocking Tight End Troy Niklas at 6’7” 255 and this could turn out to be the best offensive line in ALL of college football!

    If these guys can stay healthy and play up to their potential, I wouldn’t fear a single team on this year’s schedule!

    1. DEBTH….. on top of a highly ranked offensive line. LOVE IT! This O-line is rubbing shoulders with some good company that’s for sure.

      Plus, BK has added some top end commits to further add to the debth of this line. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Kelly is building a team that will win and he’s doing it the right way. And that’s by aggressively recuiting the offensive and defensive lines.

      These guys will have their hands full this coming fall though.


      These teams are well lead, big, fast, strong along with great coaching. Not to mention they are led by 3 potential Hiesman caliber QB’s. But, this offensive line combined with a run happy O-Cordinator and a great backfield could lead to some great football this fall.

      Go Irish!

      1. Great point about martin. Everybody should go back and look at what martin lead teams did on offense. You will like what you see. Likes to run the rock. I think the offense is in good hands. Biggest question is the qb. (Duh)Everywhere else looks to be solid, maybe not GREAT, but solid.

      2. Amen JTRAIN,

        Speaking of QB’s, what’s your take on Malik Zaire. After watching video on him he really seems like a serious contender down the road as Rob pointed out.

      3. I like the fact that BK is recruiting needs and the offensive and defensive lines. I think that ND last year was in trouble when they had to put the game in their QB’s hands. Hopefully this year the threat of a running and throwing QB doesn’t allow these teams to load up 8 in the box. Plus with the idea of putting all of these running back/receivers and tight ends on the field allows ND to check out of looks based on defensive personnell. All they need is a QB who can recognize the defense and check out. Also, that same QB needs to not turn the ball over.

      4. No worries,

        You must have missed “Todd Swisher’s prediction above on 2013.

        National Championship #12

        Atleast he’s not on a rebuilding adventure cruise permanently! Hahahahahaha!

        Go Irish!

  28. Irish ’94,

    Look, JC is an agent provocateur who likes to test the mettle of the “newbies.” I can’t believe some people here haven’t figured that out by now. He’s a long-time ND fan and contributor to this site, so that affords him certain prerogatives here. (Think of it as kind of what Jim Rome does on his show, by having a list of smack-talk favorites, who Rome gives a certain amount of latitude and authority to.)

    I thank you for clarifying my error on prop 48 players. Having said that, while the likes of Zorich and Watters may not have technically been prop 48 admits at ND, I think it’s well known that Lou had an understanding with the admissions dept. Many very marginally qualified football players came to AND GRADUATED FROM ND (with no ballroom dancing majors among the lot!)during the Holtz era.

    ND football needs to modernize. That doesn’t mean selling out. Allowing JC transfers and the like won’t kill the ND mystique (although plenty will say it does, out of fear that ND will start winning again!). At one time ND didn’t go to bowls or have a training table. Now it does go to bowl games and has a training table. Has ND lost its soul as a result? I don’t think so.


    1. Totally agree about modernizing. I am for jumbo trons, field turf, training tables, loud music at games (albeit no more Crazy Train) and crazy uniforms that the kids like.

      I want wins and want them badly. However, I would like to see it done the ND way otherwise it won’t mean as much when it finally happens. I agree that you have to make a decision either to commit to winning or just being a really good Ivy league team. I do believe BK will get it done at some point and it will be incredibly gratifying when it does happen.

      To all the loyal sons out there (yes JC and bj that means you as well). Go Irish!

    2. Rob,

      Really? “French” agent provocateur? Etymology is alive and well. Hahahahah…….Psychedelic!

      Go Irish!

      1. JC,


        Thought you’d like the word play.

        Keep speaking the truth, bro. Enough of excuses and settling for less. We are (or ay least used to be) ND!

        Honeymoon’s over BK. Strive for perfection and we’ll live with 10 wins (for now). Anything less and BK is coaching for his long-term job security next season.

      2. Amen Rob,

        I’m with ya brother. A few posts up I said I could live with 10 wins this year too! Zero impact with the “next year crowd.”

        But, shhhhhhh! Don’t ever use the word “Championship” around here in any context. Because the “next year crowd” will get their panties in a bunch and reinvent your post to their satifaction.

        Don’t worry Rob, I won’t bend either. I really like the BK cheerleaders doing an irish-jig and puffing lucky charms.

        They can’t help themselves they are suffering from a severe case of acatalepsia when it comes to: “WE ARE ND!”

        Go Irish!

  29. JC,
    I will answer your questions:
    By the way Irish’94, your inept question makes it hard to believe you graduated from ND.

    Where the hell do you think Rudy’s dream began?

    First, what is your beef with me? Just making comments like everybody else on here. (We are all fans or alums of the same team).
    Second, who are you to question where I went to school? Would you like a scanned copy of my diploma?

    My comment was about elite football players, not the average student who wants to go to ND. Sure, if you can’t get in out of high school and really want to go to ND then try the Holy Cross route. But if you are an elite high school athlete and are being recruited by Alabama, Ohio St, Oklahoma etc. and can get into those places without having to go to a ND prep school, for lack of a better term, then that is a tough sell. Unless the kid is a die hard ND lover and only really wants to go to ND but doesn’t have the grades would that option work. We are probably talking about less than 1% of recruits.

    Don’t get me wrong, Rudy is a great story and we all love the hard work and determination, but a roster full of Rudy’s won’t get you many wins. So believe me, I am not trying to downplay the Rudy story.

    I hope that clears up things for you. JC, I’m not sure who appointed you the watchdog of this website and the supreme ND fan but I do hope you lighten up. I don’t know where you went to school and I frankly don’t think it really matters. My assumption, based on your comments is that you are a fellow alum so cheers to you brother. I love the spirited debate on this site and frankly think it would be boring if we all agreed and nodded our head about every comment.

    Go Irish!

    1. Irish ’94,

      All that drama meaning in your original singular sentence, amazing? You must assume I’m a great mind reader. Thank you!

      Please, a little more content next time will certainly clear up your immediate grasp of your obvious.

      Further, I already know plenty of documented ND non-adult alums than I care to mention. I don’t need to add you to the collection.

      Well, atleast I did not call you an idiot and ask you to leave the site as you have done to someone else here. So if you are seeking respect just remember Lou’s golden rules.

      In answer to where’s the BEEF:

      Believe me when I tell you, never assume someone is an idiot just because they don’t fall in your personal range of normality. And I’m being kind.

      I hope this clears it up for you! Thank you very much!

      As always go Irish!

      1. It doesn’t , but thanks. We will agree to disagree and we will all leave it up to you to tell us all where we graduated from. As it relates to the idiot comment towards bj, yes that was wrong. However, I honestly just grew tired of the Kelly, ND bashing from him.

  30. Speaking of Da Bears and stadiums.

    On Nov. 26,1927 The Fighting Irish beat The Southern California Trojans in Soldiers Field 7-6 in front of a packed house of 123,000.

    An all time Collegiate attendance record.

    Had to have been an awesome site!

    Unfortunetly, Soldiers Field has since been down sized to 66,000 for this years match up with Miami.

    I once sat in the front row of the old, on field bleacher seats located behind the endzone at ND stadium. (yes, we are going back a few years)
    While they were terrible for watching the game, it was really cool being on the actual ND field!

    Maybe they should think about bringing those back?

  31. Da bulls eh JC…we need to get d-rose some help pronto!!!!

    Anyways, yea i would like to see nd get some more seats in there. Maybe that can help negate all the picnic crowd that shows up on saturdays.

    1. Yeah JTRAIN,

      Da Bulls must get d-rose some help. However, I don’t see a luxury tax event for the Bulls. One thing I know for sure, 29 is usually the apex for most contact sports; from there it’s all down hill unfortunately. Except Dennis Rodman @ 51? Hahaha!Trade Rip Hamilton?

      On the stadium, if we win a title I can see 100,000 rowdy fans. I can see a new direction for ND. I can see ND starting an all academic conference with your team list Shaz. Proactive is leadership and we need leadership.

      Go Irish, White Sox, da Bulls and da Bears!

  32. Shaz,

    We might get a nose bleed at 100,000 but, I like it. I remember Comisky Park when they rebuild it. In the outfield if you leaned forward in your seat you thought you where going fall doing a 2-1/2 gainer on to the grass.
    Geranamoooooooooooooo! The beer was great!

    Go Irish, Sox, Bulls and da Bears!

  33. Today’s top 10.

    College football’s largest stadiums: (Capacity)

    Michigan 109,900
    Penn St. 106,600
    Tennesee 102,400
    Ohio St. 102,300
    Alabama 101,800
    Texas 100,120
    UCLA 94,400 (Rose Bowl)
    USC 93,600
    Georgia 92,700
    LSU 92,500

    Notre Dame 80,800

    Outside of UCLA and Tennessee (both of whom have hit tough times) that top ten is a pretty impressive group.

    The smallest capacity Stadium on this top 10 list is LSU’s Tiger Stadium at 92,500
    ND stadium is a full 11,700 short of that.

    What does that say about Notre Dame football, if anything?

    I oftened woundered what a ND home game would be like if our Stadium held 100,000!

    ND Stadium is truely a beautiful thing… 100,000 screaming fans is a beautiful thing too!

    1. Would adding 20,000 seats make a difference by creating more electricity and noise for ND football? Or would it invite 20,000 more old, uber-boring people who want to crochet and yell at people who have the audacity to “stand up” during a football game? Just sayin’.

  34. Scav,

    Please, mourning for Kelly won’t get it done. Kelly will either win a title or he won’t. ND hires head football coaches to win National Championships period, not for building foundations. Kelly is certainly not ND’s last shot for a proven Head Football Coach. When did the alum’s money run out?

    Do not sell short the “Super (Pac) Alums.” Better known as the “Runway Guys.” If they decide they want change, then change it is. Why are we paying CW 19 million? Because the “Runway Guys” wanted too. Sorry, it has nothing to do with paying 3 coaches or ten for that matter.

    If ND decides to push the “Super (Pac) Alums.” button as they did with CW; a new head coach will be here pronto. It’s just that simple whether we like it or not or the outcome.

    However, I certainly agree with your assessment that coaching stability is without question the problem. So the sooner ND starts winning National Championships again, the sooner all these mediocre seasons will disappear.
    Otherwise ND will become the Harvard Fencing Club.

    Go Irish!

    1. When Collin talks about dillusional ND fans this is exactly what he’s referring to.

      Why are we talking about Championships like we’re Alambama and missed the Title game because we lost in the SEC Championship?

      We are no where even close to making a title run. In fact I would hate to see ND matched up in a title game against a team like Bama. We would get destroyed! It would be ugly!

      Our focus should be on winning 7 plus games next year. This team is trending to have one hell of a year next year & 2013. I want our 12th title as bad as anyone… but my expectations based on what I can see from this team tells me it’s not gonna happen soon.

      I’ll start to bend on this when

      1. I see a seasoned QB leading us.
      2. Big debth at offensive and Defensive lines.
      3. A defensive backfield that isn’t filled with 1st & 2nd year players.
      4. A deep linebacking corp that starts playing to their potential.
      5. Special teams units who play somewhat special.
      6. A backfield that has NFL caliber athletes.

      As this team sits as of today numbers 6 & 2 are looking fantastic! And there’s plenty of room for optimism among the other areas. This team will compete with the big boys next year but the are not ready to play Bama by a long shot.

      1. Who said anything about playing Bama? Or one game away from a title? Oh, the word “Championship” is only allowed on your litmus watch? And in your context only of course?

        Interesting diatribe rebuke, by interjecting yammering BS that was not mentioned in my post.

        Thank you for the personal insult also. Regards, hope you feel better soon.

      2. Irish Chan,

        People feel that ND like Alabama can turn it around in two years. Remember Alabama is three years from the Shula days or USC through the 80’s and 90’s when they had the talent but shitty coaching. The problem with comparing those schools to ND is those schools can recruit JC transfers, which allows bad recruiting years not to sting as bad. A lot of those schools also grey shirt which ND will never do or take away scholarships to injured players. You are correct in your assessment, it took ND 10 plus years to get here and it will take sometime to dig out. Where I disagree with Colin is the fact that only warm weather teams get great players. If that was the case Miami would dominate college football and hasn’t late. Like I have said time and time again a great coach, good defense and exceptional QB wins championships. I don’t see that yet at ND.

  35. I think ND’s biggest problem in football is not the academic requirements; it is coaching stability.

    ND failed because for so long they didn’t pay top dollar for coaches and settled for Davie, Willingham, and Weis. None of them was a proven winner as a head coach. These men proved that they were not capable of running this kind of program.

    Kelly is here for at least 2 more years because ND is not going to pay 3 head coaches anymore. They will let his contract play out because he is building a foundation and I’m sure they want to clean Weis off the books as well.

    I do not think a “Mega” coach will come here for the same reason a lot of players won’t; it is easier to win at other destinations. I for one, am glad Kelly is here because he might be the last shot at a proven head coach for ND.

    I see progress in a lot of areas and I still feel frustrated by the lack of progress in others. For the last 20 years, ND is averaging 7 wins/season, so being the realist that I am, I’m not thinking someone is going to press a magic button and a National Championship is going to pop out. The program is broken and hopefully, Kelly will fix it. Nine wins this year will seem like a National Championship.

  36. Great point Shaz,

    Great coaching is 90% of it! Top 10 recruiting is not an issue at ND. Only the lazy coaches had difficulty….I won’t name names. Team chemistry comes coupled with great coaching and great coaching enhances player development.

    I have a gut feeling about Kelly being a 12-0 cincy one hit wonder on the positive side. I don’t like his chemistry with the players however I believe he may get lucky and turn the corner. Then again it’s never cast in granite via personal projections.

    If Kelly can’t turn the corner we need to go after Bob Stoops with deep pockets and get it done; 20 or 30 Million whatever it takes. I know this is an adventure cruise for most fans we get there when we get there. Albeit, like Jack mentioned this school is built on National Football Championships not the Harvard Fencing Club. ND will lose it’s minor influence that’s left (if any?), if we don’t win a National Championship soon.

    All these problems stated will then and only then begin to transform into a positive new direction for ND.

    By the way, some stats on Stoops: 1# on 10 win seasons in the nation, #1 on 11 win seasons in the nation. 2000 National Title. I like your pick of the litter if BK can’t get it done.

    Go Irish!

  37. Tale of the tape.

    The top 10, D-1 Football / Acedemic schools:

    Boston College
    Wake Forest

    A number of these schools have done well in basketball, but few have come close to sniffing a National Championship game in football.
    (Stanford seems to be the only one since the dawn of the BCS)

    Lowering the bar (Acedemic standards, conference change, softer schedules) might be an option for some here, but highly doubtful for Fighting Irish Football.

    I think, for ND to win a national Championship in football,as it currently stands, they will have to have Great coaching, top 10 recruiting, outstanding player development, superb team chemistry, and a good bit of luck!

  38. C-Dog,

    Good to hear from you!

    Spot on questions. As ND football fans we need to ask and ponder the possible answers to these questions.

    I, for one, think that it’s increasingly becoming impossible to win by playing by the “rules.” In fact, the “rules” seem to be in favor of the unethical.

    Look at Miami, an upcoming opponent and past rival. How many titles have they won in football since Donna Shalala has become pres there and tightened academic standards? Answer: 0!

    There may well come a time when programs like ND will have to ask whether they want to remain in D1 or whatever they’re going to call the new, major play-off college football landscape.

    I wonder if things got bad enough, if ND would have the clout to start a rival, D1 football championship for schools who are committed to both academic and athletics.

    1. Steelfan and C-Dog,

      I don’t agree that a University should have to cheet to win a championship, but ND needs to review it’s early years under Holtz. Several players from that team would not get into the University now. They need to give kids a shot and if they don’t make it move on. I don’t look at Lynch as a bad thing, he just didn’t fit it. The more important thing is that the University Admin and the AD department need to be on the same page and put together a winning program. ND is recruiting top ten talent each year, but not winning. I don’t think it is a lack of talent but a lack of a solid organization. Also, they need to explore taking JC transfers as other schools do to booster numbers of atheletes.

      1. jack,

        I’ve made the same point repeatedly in the past.

        Chris Zorich, for instance, was a Prop 48 admit. He came from an inner-city public school in Chicago not known for sendig kids to colleges like ND. He had a learning disability of some kind to boot.

        Now, not only did Zorich graduate from ND, make several All-American lists, and play in the NFL, he also later GRADUATED from ND’s law school! This marginally-qualified (to be generous) student-athlete went on to not only play in the NFL but get 2 degrees from ND.

        Chris Zorcih isn’t the only example from back in the day. Tony Rice, Raghib Ismael, Ricky Waters, Jerome Bettis, and others I believe were all Prop 48 admissions. All have done pretty well for themselves on and off the field.

        ND cut these kids no slack. ND demanded that they be real student-athletes. They were mentored and monitored. The end result was not only excellence on the playing field but kids became men and went on to earn (!) degrees from one of this nation’s finest universities.

        Seems like something was working back then, a synergy between all departments and staffs involved that has been missing for almost 20 years.

      2. Jack and Rob,

        Another equitable opportunity might be, utilizing Holy Cross College (a viable extension of the ND family across the street) for 1st year academic probation football students.

        Further, upon successful completion of a newly devised ND approved transfer curriculum. Holy Cross College proposed ND football students would then have an excellent path to enroll at ND year two.

        In my view, Holy Cross College, Notre Dame Indiana should be the 1st choice for academic probation football students seeking an opportunity to attend and play football at ND.

        Keep it all in the ND family!

        Go Irish!

      3. Why would a player willingly give up a year of eligibility when they could just go to any other school and start playing?

      4. Hey if they want to go to XYZ duh college instead of making an academic advancement in their life with a degree from ND. It’s America, duh go for it!

      5. By the way Irish’94, your inept question makes it hard to believe you graduated from ND.

        Where the hell do you think Rudy’s dream began?

      6. Unfortunately, 1986 was the fist and last time ND admitted prop 48 kids. Tony Rice and John Foley are the only 2 in ND football history. Zorich actually had offers from Northwestern among other schools. He actually wasn’t that highly recruited out of high school but obviously blossomed into one of the all time greats.

  39. I go back to some fundamental questions. But now I raise the stakes a bit. Is it possible for Notre Dame to maintain it’s ethical standards, or for that matter desirable ethical standards, and compete in division 1 athletics, specifically football and mens basketball?

    Has the corruption, payola, and lowering of standards gotten so bad that a accredited university is no longer capable of fielding a team of truly eligible student athletes?

  40. Kelly needs to get his act together this year.

    1. Take all the bullets in the media room for his players.

    2. BK must win 10 games or more from here on out.

    3. Win a National Title year 4 or 5.

    4. Maintain an .800 winning percentage

    5. Win a second National Title year 6 or 7.

    There’s your ticket to greatness and a campus statue…are you good enough?

    Go Irish!

    1. Oh, and by the way. There’s good reason why Muffet McGraw is being paid more than all the coaches at ND!

      One National Title and in the Championship finals for the last two years!

      Girls Basketball has been elevated to elite status thanks to Muffet!

  41. Jc

    Agree with you on dayne as person. I wanted him to succeed so badly at ND just because he was such a quality guy. He represented ND very well.

    However I think if dayne would have wanted to return i think kelly would have taken him. The decision that was made was what was best for dayne to advance himself in football.

    I for one will be cheering dayne on at ku. I have endless respect for him and what he did last year. Not easy to swallow your pride and do whats best for the team. There are some student athletes that could take a lesson from what dayne did. I wish him success in life and football because he deserves it. Class act. I will be watching anytime ku is on this year and pulling for our guy dayne.

  42. Our buddy Colin Cowherd just stated that ND fans are the 2nd most delusional fans behind Tebow lovers. He thinks BK is the greatest coach in College football and that ND is just a hard place to recruit. His belief is kids want warm weather schools, with hot chicks and rural Indiana doesn’t have that. He feels that the rigid academics are another reason for kids not wanbting to go to ND. I disagree with him completely.

    If hot chicks and warm climates were the only reason for a winning program, Miami would be off the chart. Since 2001 they have been a mess. Look at most of the ACC schools warm weather, hot chicks and they suck in Football. Boise St. has been a top of the College football world for 6yrs and I don’t think they have girl next door centerfolds at that campus.

    He is the secret to success in winning in college football. Great coach, Administration dedicated to the football program and luck. Great coach is the most important and since Lou left just look at the crap that has paced the sidelines at ND. The previous AD’s sucked too and finally the adminstration is more into looking like Harvard instead of realizing that if it weren’t for this football team they would be a small Catholic School in the middle of nowhere. The last statement I hate saying but it is true ND football made that University and the University and the community needs to realize it.

    As far as kids getting pinched for underage drinking, we all did it but didn’t get caught. Kids drink in college get over it. Make Daniels run some sprints and go to ARD that is what most normal college students do.

    1. Amen Jack,

      Colin Cowherd must be suffering from BK’s personal brand of “unconscious incompentence” BK tagged to Golson. Some of it must have rubbed off on Cowherd promoting BK. Poor Guy! Haha.

      How can you be the greatest coach in College Football with a lame mediocre 8-5 record for the last two years?

      Yeah, of course some improvement over prior lame mediocre staffs so what. Compaired to Lou, only a modicum of improvement.

      I would love for ND to have 20 million to lay on Bob Stoops to come to ND! Whoa, what about it! Gip-it-and-rip-it! True believers!Hahahaha.

      The “Great” coaches take bullets in the media room for their players, not-BK-of- course!

  43. “Dayne Crist is back on campus to graduate.” Zero bitterness and a class act. Any coach in the country would be happy to have Dayne on attitude alone except Brian Kelly. Dayne’s leadership will be sorely missed this year. See video http://www.wsbt.com ND football section.

  44. These guys really need to work on their underage drinking skills. I mean they are just not very good at it.

    1. Amen JTRAIN,

      Yeah, now Daniels? What was he thinking with 29 minors at his house drinking?

      Plus an upgraded charge on Calabrese? Intimidation threating an officer? “My people are going to get you!”

      Mmmmmmm…..not looking good for Calabrese and Rees tomorrow. Seems like Calabrese pizzed-off the wrong people. Especially when they are adding charges after the fact.

      I hope this pandemic of poor judgement is over soon.

      1. I-94,

        Not to sound like I am taking sides, especially since I wasn’t there and don’t know all the facts.

        But what was the main objective of the St. Joeseph county police Department when the complaint of a loud party going on came in?

        To break up the party and keep the peace?
        Ask them to tone it down a bit?

        So How much force is required to do so?

        Guys were running away, the party was breaking up with just their appearence at the front door.

        Sounds like the situation was defusing it’s self.

        Was it really necessary to run Rees down and pepper spray him?

        This isn’t the first time the St, Joeseph county police come off looking like a bunch of Barney Fife’ers!

        At least to me, but then, I’m not a local resident who’s tax dollars go to such things.

      2. Shazam,
        Maybe I’m misreading you but-
        Are you kidding me? Seriously? If the EXACT same situation happened at USC you would be going on and on about how “this is nothing more than typical USC criminals and the coaching staff not caring about their players etc. etc.”. The “main objective” of the police department is to respond to the complaint. They did so and they do it all the time in South Bend / in college towns. The worst that happens (usually) is some citations are given out for underage drinking. Rees did off the field what he does on the field: panicked under pressure and then used his not so fast legs to try to get away. YOU DO NOT RUN FROM THE POLICE, period. I was not there either, but I doubt highly that Tommy Rees got sprayed for complying with police. Most likely, he deserved it. And for Calabrese to utter such overwhelming stupidity: “My people will get you.” What people? ND players? Italian mafia? Ninjas? Who? What an idiot.

        They deserve all the negative publicity they are getting. As I94 said, this team really doesn’t seem to be very good at partying. They seem to lack situational awareness.

        Shazam, you admit you weren’t there but then write: “Guys were running away, the party was breaking up with just their appearence at the front door. Sounds like the situation was defusing it’s self.” Yeah, maybe the situation was “diffusing itself”, at least in regards to the other students. Then the football wonder-tards decided to up the ante, and they payed for it.

        Sorry, but I cannot stand what I see as hypocrisy. If this was Michigan, USC, Miami, FSU etc. etc. the players and program would be judged with impunity. But because it’s ND you are implying very strongly that the officers are/were overzealous, incompetent or both?

        How about placing blame where it is due, with the players who made stupid, illegal decisions, instead of LEOs who were just doing their jobs?

      3. JDH,

        Like is stated, I wasn’t there.

        Most likely, the local police ARE justified in their handling of the situation.

        But to believe that law enforcement doesn’t, in some instances, hold grudges, use excessive force when it isn’t needed, arrest without “Cause” inflate charges, or make mistakes is living in denial, and if nothing else, it bears some level of consideration
        “before” someone is tried and convicted via the media and public opinion.

        I can site numerous examples
        of this very thing, most memorable is the Duke Lacross team.

        An institution with a status and profile very much like that of ND.

        Was law enforcement, the prosecuter, and the media overzealous and incompetent in that case just because those players were viewed as “Wealthy”, “Privileged”
        “White” and “Smart” ?

        History will answer that for you, and it has nothing to do with whom I cheer for on the football field.

        I’m not questioning who is right or who is wrong.

        All I’m saying is lets consider ALL aspects of the situation before passing judgement.

      4. “But to believe that law enforcement doesn’t, in some instances, hold grudges, use excessive force when it isn’t needed, arrest without “Cause” inflate charges, or make mistakes is living in denial, and if nothing else, it bears some level of consideration
        “before” someone is tried and convicted via the media and public opinion.”

        Yes, I completely agree with you here. College towns (students and townies) and the police have a long and tenuous relationship. No doubt police sometimes overstep bounds and abuse power. And they have to deal with the priveleged youths who can sometimes act like the spoiled, overly-entitled douchebags that they sometimes are. (And altough it might make me sound older than I am, I think younger generations are overly-entitled!)

        The Duke lax case is beyond pale though, in that entire institutions (Duke U, the police, the DA office, the media) convicted innocent young men because it was the politically correct and expedient way to go. The truth didn’t matter. Thankfully justice finally prevailed, but not until lives were destroyed or damaged severely.

        I personally don’t think this case is about anything more than 2 ND players making very, very stupid decisions. I could certainly be wrong, but I’m betting if Rees and Calabrese had just stayed put, listened to the officers, they would have been let go with a warning or ticket. Granted, there could have been an officer (or more) that simply had hard-ons to make ND kids lives miserable (which happens I know), but you have to play the odds. You KNOW you are going down if you run from the police. No doubt about it. If you do what they tell you, you most likely will end up getting cooperation from them too.

        I don’t like blame pointed in the police’s direction when it sounds to me like they performed exactly as they should have.

        Either way, I respect your opinion…

  45. Shaz,

    You’ll love this, CW is definately living a charmed life thanks to ND. Get this, are you setting down? CW to date, since being fired has received 8.7 million dollars from ND. Drum roll please, by 2015 it is projected he will receive a total of 19 million.

    Now who was drinking the Kool-Aid?? Haha. Flashing super bowl rings anyone? I want his attorney’s phone number he’s a genious for hitting the lotto!

    Interestingly enough, Kelly is being paid a mere 618 thousand dollar base salary. Mike Brey receives a 617 thousand dollar base salary. Muffet McGraw receives a 732 thousand dollar base salary (Well deserved by the way). Swarbrick receives a 1 million dollar base salary.

    Check-it-out at: http://www.wsbt.com (go to ND football section)

    1. I can tell you why ND football is in it’s current situation, Kevin White. He was the worst AD in the history of AD’s. The only reason he hasn’t screwed up Duke yet is because Coach K tells him to stay away from his basketball program. Nice contract ass hat.

    2. JC,

      I knew Weis was getting paid through 2015.

      I just didn’t know that it was going to be almost 20 mil!

      What kind of person takes money that they didn’t earn?(And never will)

      Yeah, ND offered the contract and he jumped on it, and ND always stands behind their word no matter what.

      But lets not forget that when Weis got here, all he talked about was how he was a student here.

      How the “Loyal Son” has returned.

      What a great Alum he was.

      How ND was his home and he was an ND guy.

      And how much he loved this place.

      The only thing CW ever loved about ND was their friggin money.

      Kevin White and Charlie Weis… with friends like that who needed enemies!

      1. Shaz,

        I have a different perspective. This is a perfect example of inexperienced academic business theoreticians not consulting the right people.

        So in essence ND was not a victum. The bad deal for ND was not CW’s fault, ND approved it!

      2. Yup. 20+ years of mismanagement, bad decisions and arrogance at the helm. ND is reaping what it has sewn…


    Joe Yonto (August 2, 1925 – August 4, 2008) was an American football player and coach, serving most of his career at the University of Notre Dame. He served under three national championship coaches (Ara Parseghian, Dan Devine and Lou Holtz) during his career.

    A native of Orrville, Ohio, Yonto played fullback as sophomore (1945) and guard as junior (1946) under coach Frank Leahy at Notre Dame. As a senior prior to his 1948 graduation, he served as an assistant freshman team coach after a leg injury ended his playing career. He went on to coach high school football for 16 years at numerous schools, including seven years at Notre Dame High School for Boys in Niles, Illinois.

    In 1964 he returned to the University of Notre Dame as defensive line coach under incoming head coach Parseghian, and held that role throughout Parseghian’s 11 seasons, as well as six more (1975–80) under Devine, the last four as defensive coordinator. During that period, he was a part of three Notre Dame national championship staffs (1966, 1973 and 1977) and he coached a dozen All-America defensive linemen. That list included Alan Page, Kevin Hardy, Mike McCoy, Walt Patulski, Mike Kadish, Mike Fanning, Steve Niehaus and Ross Browner—all of whom went on to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. Browner won the Lombardi, Outland and Maxwell Awards, and Patulski also won the Lombardi.

    On 12 occasions, Yonto′s defensive line ranked among the top 10 teams in the country in terms of rushing defense. Eight of those Irish teams gave up less than 100 rushing yards per game, and the 1974 Notre Dame Fighting Irish ranked first nationally in both rushing defense and total defense (195.2 yards per game).

    1. bj,

      Outside of screaming “WHERE IS OUR JOE YONTO” I found your post well written.

      It was well reasearched and very informative.

      It was also loaded with Irish football history and tradition.

      It was an enjoyable read, and sure beats the hell out of the mindless quotes from from the ” We Hate everything about ND / Bleacher Report” crap that you posted last week.

      Keep up the good work!

  47. in home visits, thanks for the info/Head coaches are only allowed a limited number of contacts and only one in home visit./ ouch!

  48. Well said SteelFan. Notre Dame’s most glaring weakness in recent years has been at the quarterback position. They really need a quarterback who obviously has talent and, just as importantly, demonstrates true leadership skills – arguably, they haven’t had that since Brady Quinn. Unfortunately for Quinn, ND just didn’t have the talent, team speed, and depth to compliment his level of play. In recent years The Irish have upgraded their overall talent, team speed, and depth and they are close to being an outstanding team. They just need a talented quarterback who is a leader to take over this team. In my opinion Golson, Hendrix, and Kiel can all fill this role. Who will step up? Rees has forfeited his opportunity.

  49. JC,

    Sorry I’ve been AWOL. But I’ve been keeping track of the always witty and often intelligent comments by “the regulars” and a few of “the newbies” as well. This is the best place for real “Domers” to clash wits with other loyal sons.

    I hope BK can pull his head out of his you know what sooner rather than later. You, JC, and others here have been calling for more decisive leadership on his part, and I couldn’t agree more with you all.

    At this point, BK needs to committ to tryong out Golson and Hendrix. TR, if he returns, is a great 3rd string, emergency option. But that’s it.

    In the next few years, we’ll lose one or two QBs. But we’ll keep the best. I’m OK with recruiting the best and let the chips fall where they may. ND keeps the best and lets the rest walk. In the end, that makes the team deeper and stronger. Survival of the fittest, in the best sense.

    To me Zaire looks like a slighly bigger, stronger, faster version of Golson. If he beats Golson out in the next couple of years and Golson leaves, so be it. Hopefully, he stays and takes over for Golson and starts for 2 years. This all assumes that Gunner Kiel doesn’t win the QB derby at some point. I think Kiel will have to be reckoned with. He’s a stud. I like the competition and depth the Irish have at QB for years to come!

    Now BK has to develop them and make it happen on the field. That’s the bottom line.


  50. What about it SteelFanRob,

    With Malik Zaire coming in next year as you commented in your post. Do you think that may lead to some else starting? Based on BK’s comments he and Golson are not on the same page yet. Not that they won’t or will get there but, it seems Golson is moving too slow thru the play book and winging-it creatively on the field. “A Coaches heartattack waiting to happen.” As BK puts it. In other words, it Golson expendable at this point based on his perceived slow progress? What do you think?

  51. i saw the article, that is why i am upset, lou used to go see them and their mothers, where the hell is the coach? no wonder they quit on him. its an exercise in how not to make them feel important. you dont send assistants to win their hearts and minds. reggie brooks still talks about how lou came to see him and his mother. ditto jerome bettis. this guy just doesnt get it.

    1. Bj,
      Are you actually serious? Do you hear the words coming out of your mouth. Ever heard of this little thing called the NCAA? They are real funny about their rules. Head coaches are only allowed a limited number of contacts and only one in home visit. So don’t worry, when the time comes BK will do the home visit and talk to their momma’s.

  52. Just a few observations. We will continue to see improvement this year from The Irish. I saw noticeable improvement last year despite the 8-5 record and we will see them make strides again this year. Their schedule is a little too tough to win 10 games or more this year (brutal schedule – whoever says The Irish play a soft schedule is completely out of their mind – they play anyone, anywhere and that is proven year in and year out). Looking ahead to 2013 – Notre Dame wins the National Championship! GO IRISH!

    1. “Notre Dame said I could do anything I want.” ?????????

      Whoa! Hold the phone Nelly! Gas up the University Jet and let’s go joy riding to Europe!

      Alright Anzalone, welcome to ND! Definately eases my mind!

      Go Irish!

      PS: Out of context? Nahhhh!

  53. easy domers, we all know weiss was another kevin white disaster, i just like it simple, simple uniforms, guys without chains and tatoos, guys who know what notre dame is and dont decommit or transfer to another school, imagine fighting with a cop, it all seems a never ending nightmare, somewhere you gott draw the line and find someone somehow can win. totally in control and
    frustrated. god be with us.

  54. Chalk Talk

    Choosing a starting QB.

    Currently, there are 2 QB’s on the roster who are best suited to run
    Kelly’s Spread offence. Hendrix & Golson. (Both Duel threat QB’s)

    How do you decide on which should be the starter, or how to get the most
    out of each player? Both show tremendous talent, but lack experience.

    How about we go back in time to the 1920’s to the famous ND offensive formation “The Notre Dame Box”
    A little know variation of this formation has been referred to as the “6 pack”.

    The “six” as they are known, consists of 2 wide receivers, 2 tight ends, and 2 QB’s (yes, 2 Quarterbacks!)

    At first glance, this appears to be a run heavy formation with the two tight ends, and 2 in the backfield.
    And having 2 running QB’s lined up in the same backfield in a type of shotgun / option hybrid alignment, it can
    most certainly favor the option run. (especially with Golson and Hendrix)

    One QB lines up in the shotgun behind center, with the other QB lined up next to him to his immediate right or

    With a simple 2 step shift by both QB’s to the right or left, it is easy to “toggle” between the QB who takes the snap, and can offset any
    Defensive pressure coming off the right or left side edge on the line of scrimmage, while keeping your running and passing options open.

    Having 2 wideouts and 2 excellent receiving tight end’s (4 receivers total) opens up numerous passing opportunities against defenses who
    over commit, or over play the run option.

    I understand it sounds a bit old and unorthodox, but after 20 plus years of not having won a National title, perhaps it’s time to
    think outside the Box, much like the innovated Rockne did when he first devised the ND Box and shift, back in those Glory years of the 1920’s !

      1. Utilize a three QB formation and we could devise wild gaget plays all season long; providing injuries don’t become a factor of course.

        Go Irish!

      2. This one I did see!

        It was in an episode of the Three Stooges.

        Moe, Larry, & Curley were lined up in the back field as QB’s.

        When the ball was snapped the three bunched up in a huddle, then Curly took off with the ball tucked under his Jersey.

        Woo! Woo! Woo! Wooooo!

      3. Shaz,

        Great idea, however, this two QB system is too ultrasophisticated for Kelly at this point. Fun to think out loud though!

        BK’s legendary spread offense has been a train wreck unfolding before our eyes for two years as work-in

        Albeit, there’s a high probability we may see a mild glimse of it this year?

        However, don’t count on Kelly picking fan favorites: i.e., Golson and Hendrix the obvious choices.

        BK only likes BK favorites and right now Gunner is getting the best accolades from BK. Not cast in granite but in-the-lead-lip-service nevertheless. History does leave a trail of direction.

        Like you said: BK did not have a problem starting a 17 year old Rees.

        Will history repeat itself OR the obvious choices?

        Go Irish!

      4. Hahahaha! The Three Stoogies you stoled a page out of my book! Ah-ha now your showing your age again.

        Psychedelic Shaz!

      5. If ND ran a three QB formation I would hope that they would call it the “Stooges” formation.

        Now all we have to decide is which QB is Moe, Which is Larry, and Which is Curley.

        Tommy Rees… he can be Shemp!

      6. JC,

        Thanks for the info!

        I didn’t know Michigan ran this last year.

        I was exspecting to be called a crack pot.

        The underlining theme is to make the most of your roster.

        Maximize your talent.

        Gain an advantage in whatever way possible.

        It aslo seems like a good way to get experience for both QB’s at the same time.

        Kind of bummed Michigan did it first, but if Kelly employed this, I think it would be more effective because I believe our QB’s are better passers.

        Wish I had seen it.
        Sounds like a lot of fun to watch!

  55. Now that we have had an effervescent and reflexive conversation on CW! My $$$ are now on Gunner Kiel to start in Dublin. BK seems go against conventional thinking in selecting a QB. Whoa! Especially with his efficacious smoke and screen well known da-derby! Hahahaha.

    What about it JTRAIN? How about a new dynamic fresh selection committee perspective? Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the best QB of them all (by Fall of course)?

    Go Irish!

  56. Bob Davie, Ty Willingham, and Jerry Faust all had better winning percentages while at ND than Charlie Weis did.

    They all found a way to beat Navy too.

    But Charlie did succeed at one thing….
    Being the highest paid head coach in ND history.

    CW knows “X’s”
    CW knows “O’s”
    CW also knows a little something about “$$$’s” as well!

  57. weird new helmets and the irish flag cleets, is this the woman’s football team???

    imagine pete duranko wearing this footabll lingerie

    1. Seems to work just fine for Oregon. It’s not about what old men like but what 18 year olds think.

      1. I-94

        I saw a picture of the shoes.

        I know they are the colors of the Irish flag, but my first reaction was that it looked like something the Miami Hurricanes would wear.

        (Forgive me Father for I have sinned)

  58. bleacher report

    “That leads me to believe that there’s something occurring behind the closed doors of the program that is steering recruits away. As unfair as it seems, the blame lies solely on Brian Kelly for the seemingly broken culture. That’s not to say that he and his staff aren’t working to repair it, but it’s broken, nonetheless.

    Yes, Notre Dame is a unique school that requires a tremendous commitment in all areas of life, but former head coach Charlie Weis was able to bring in nearly any high school prospect who showed interest in the program. He didn’t deal with the amount of de-commitments and transfers that Kelly has seen.”

    1. Yeah, Charlie Weis didn’t have to deal with the amount of decomitments and transfers that Kelly has seen….

      Just 3 continous years of 6-6!

      Lucky for him he signed a big fat contract that will continue to pay him through 2015!

      What a guy!

      1. Kansas is so lucky. Can you hear my sarcasm on that, haha. You’re right on with that viewpoint Shaz.

        Go Irish

      2. Ahhhh….the rejectionist team here needs to stop yammering about CW.

        Lets talk about next year when he’s recruited half our team. Go IrishKans!

        I kinda like the ring of IrishKans Alums! Don’t you?

        OK Guys, on a serious note, you know you want Jerry Faust back with his ziggy ziggy zow High School cheerleading expertise? Right?

        Or better yet the Bob Davie New Mexico Show! Starring:

        Bob skillfully combing his hair on the sidelines conversing with his old buddy; the one and only Exiled ND VP of football operations.

        What about it Lou!

        Go Irish!

    2. Well if it is in the bleacher report it must be true. Are you honestly longing for the days of CW?

    3. BJ,

      You really are not telling the story on Weis correctly. Lets just go through the lists of D-commits under Weis:

      Justin Trouta (SP)
      Omar Hunter
      Greg Little
      Giovanni forget last name at NC.
      Chris Martin
      Chris Little
      Under Weis Urban Meyer used to pick ND clean of recruits at will. Also, Weis couldn’t recruit any elite defensive front seven talent either. Lets not build up Saint Charlie. He had his fair share of decommits and transfers also.

      1. Great point jack.
        Don’t ask me how but i forgot about meyer moppin ol chuck up on the recruiting trail.
        Funny now that kelly could turning the tables on meyer with huerman and anzelone who decommited due to a sex offender getting access to recruits at osu..yikes

  59. “@NDHardin: GAIII’s time of 10.36 and Josh’s 10.39 are 2nd & 3rd fastest 100m times by ND track runners. Only faster? Rocket Ismail ran 10.34 in ’91.”

    Speed speed speed

  60. Scout has come out with it’s first recruiting ranking of the year and has ND at #5.

    Hopefully the team will put on a good show this year and this class stays together.

    Rumor has it that these kids are forming a tight bond, hope it holds true.

  61. Scav,

    It’s fun to be facetious about epidemics vs the sky is falling or loss of control. However, fact of the matter is we need to worry about our own pendemic backyard of late. 4 decommits, several transfers, 1 alleged rape and now 2 players jailed for misdemeanor violations.

    Definately a disturbing pattern of late. Hopefully this ambiguous pattern of events diminishes soon. Seems a little top heavy for ND.

    1. Either we show what we value or we don’t. It will be interesting what the University does when final legal outcomes occur. I expect high standards to be applied. Frankly, I’m not confident they will be applied if it comes to that.

      1. Amen storespook,

        Considering how McAlarney 2009 was expelled. Ragone and Floyd with different outcomes recently. I hope high stardards prevail.

        However, I don’t like the different paths Basketball vs Football having stark differences. Outcomes should be consistant to all students at ND. Yes, I share the same concerns.

  62. It is becoming an epidemic that is spreading to colleges everywhere:

    Heisman finalist Ball arrested for trespassing

    See what Tommy has started, kids are getting arrested left and right.

    1. Scav,

      Being that I just graduated from college it isn’t a recent epidemic. Most college students party and football players are not different. At the school I attended it was Div II and didn’t drug test until 1996. They didn’t bust most of our team for steriods, it was pot. These kids are high profile and if they play at a Division I college they need to accept the fact that they are not a normal college student and will get caught.

  63. How is it that Oregon can run this offense at the highest level and apparently we don’t have a player with “the head” to run it but each of Hendrix and Golson appear to have all of the physical tools, but? You would think that ND would have the opposite problem!

  64. From all that I have read about Andrew Hendrix, he is a fantastic athlete. Just curious, if he doesn’t win the quarterback battle, is a position change feasible for him? He’s a big, strong kid with good speed. Just throwing it out there – what about linebacker? I understand he may very well be the starting quarterback and realize success at that position, but if he doesn’t he seems too good an athlete not to see the field and he has 3 more years of eligibility remaining.

  65. “No Justice, No Peace, Free Tommy Reese!” Im surprised the “rev” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton arent picketing. I guess the closest thing we Catholics have to that is Fr. Faker down St Sabinas on the South Side. Unlike the Treyvon Martin case i think we should wait until all the facts come out, but the bottom line is TR got locked up. If he indeed attacked a police officer he should be kicked off the team. There is NO excuse for attacking a police officer. None. No second chances. The underage drinking is a status offense that most people are guilty of at one time or another. I say suspend him for now since he got booked, and after the trial then move forward with a dismissal, reinstatement or whatever the policy is at the University. On the surface it would seem maybe he didnt actually attack the poh-leese since from the mug shot theres no sign of getting the wooden shampoo or him earning his PHD (Pumpkin Head Deluxe) courtesy of the arresting officers

  66. Scav,

    You’re right, the sky is not falling. BK stills has three options on the table. Interestingly enough, all three remaining QB’s can run a spread offense. The dynamic has now changed. Two QB’s with zero game time and one with minor game time. Now you can have the pick of the litter with out ND nation being hypercritical. Haha. So the opportunity presents it’s self who’s the most coachable QB for BK? BK has said on more than one occasion: “What I like about Gunner is the kid is real coachable!”

    Under the current circumstances I don’t think Kiel will be red shirted at all and may have a big opportunity to start in Dublin. BK seems to have more positive comments on Kiel’s coachability than the rest. And Bk has said he is in no hurry to name a starter! Why? Could the summer and fall practice really produce a not so obvious starter that BK favors so well? Only the positive test of time will tell.

  67. Before the world thinks that the sky is falling at ND and Kelly has lost control, please read the following headline:

    Clemson’s Sammy Watkins arrested on drug-related charges

    Kids make bad decisions all the time, we just hear about more of them because of technology. Do you really think that when Lou was here, these players towed the line because they were ND football players? No, we just never knew when they got in trouble and the coaches ran them until they got sick.

    Now with camera phones, social media, and the internet, everyone knows everything about everyone.

  68. This unfortunate incident should open things up for Golson but it wont. Contrary to BK stating he is committed to putting the best players on the field and his next man in mantra – bet the house BK goes the opposite direction and Hendrix starts. Just like he started Crist last year and effectively crushed Rees confidence in my opinion, he will almost assuredly goe with what he considers a safe move w/ Hendrix. I truly beleive for the Irish to have any chance at a decent season is to fly by way of Golson. The kid is electric and could definitely be a spark the team needs similar to Denard Robinson. Based on the past two seasons what do we have to lose?

    1. And this is bad why? Isn’t Hendrix suited for Kelly’s offense as well?

      I understand the love for Golson and think he is the guy, but Hendrix has the potential to be really good as well.

      I’m totally fine with Hendrix

    1. 4 too many charges. I think it is reflective of things going on in their worlds (meaning both Rees and Calabrese). I expect more and we can talk about “Ah these boys made some poor choices” or “We all drank in college.” Well, we all didn’t represent a high visibility university either. We talk standards, well, what both of these players are charged with SEEMS to demonstrate low standards being adhered to by these 2. Frankly, I expect more. I won’t convict these gentleman, that’s for a jury to determine (or more likely, PLEA BARGAIN). However, poor decision making seems to be consistent with Mr. Rees both on and now, off the field. But for a guy who is in such a high profile position, the charge of assaulting police officer (being drunk or worse, trying to get away or both)he was not thinking too well.

      Go Irish

      1. Interesting post.

        Especially the “it is reflective of the things going on in their world”
        That statement couldn’t be more true!

        The world I see that TR is in is this:

        Two years back, when Dane Crist went down with a mid-season injury,(Brian Kelly’s first yesr as head coach)
        Kelly thrust Rees into the starting QB spot because he really had no other viable choice.(Which wasn’t really fair to Tommy Rees)

        Rees didn’t have the luxury of being “Groomed” much the way Gunner Kiel will be.

        The weight of ND football was thrust upon him, and his to carry, as well as all the media and message board scrutiny that comes with it.

        He was 17 years old at the time.(anyone know who was the last 17 year old to start at QB for ND?)
        And all he did was help the team finish at 8-5.
        (Not all that bad cosidering the situation.)

        And what did the 17 year old kid get for taking on this immense load??

        We all know the QB soap opera of last year, and the ever increasing public opinion surrounding it.

        We all know what the fans want to see at QB this year, and it clearly doesn’t involve TR.

        It’s kind of a raw deal, but that is the nature of big time college football.

        Regardless, that doesn’t lessen the the stress load for a 19 year old Rees and all he has been through thus far.

        It’s easy for “us” to sit here and say we “exspect more” but in all honesty, what is the “reality” of those exspectations given the current circumstances?

        Is it really any surprise to anyone that these things happen?

        The kid has been through a lot and continues to deal with a full plate on all fronts.

        For that, I am willing to cut the kid some slack.

        This time.

      2. I understand where you’re coming from, Shaz. Yes, it is easy for me to sit here and convey my opinion about “high standards” being advocated. These young adults stepped into that world and in the end, no matter what influences got them there, they made the decision to put themselves in the limelight of major college football. I guess if what misters Rees and Calabrese did was the norm for all college athletes, I would probably normalize it more, but it’s not. Many a young men have been in similar positions and handled it without major criminal incident (but not meaning making no mistakes). Like I posted before, in the end, either 12 people will pass ultimate judgement or a plea deal will result. Cutting him some slack may be the worst thing in the long run for TR, but, who is really to say they know. I’m the first to say I don’t know for sure. Again, Shaz, I don’t necessarily disagree with your overall point, but, I may not quite see completely eye to eye with parts of it. I’m not saying I’m right, just sharing what I think.

        Go Notre Dame

      3. I can dig it.

        I guess I’ve mellowed some.

        Since the felony charge was dropped, I’m more like… “Boys will be Boys”

        The only thing that really bothers me is that there has been significant improvment within the team.
        I really believe this squad is poised to take the next step this upcomming season.
        But with the schedule they will face this year, success means pulling together, working together towards the final goal, staying out of trouble, not letting your team mates down, and staying focused with the task at hand.

        And that didn’t happen here.

        They have a good chance at a great season if they can just cut out the nonsence.

  69. Certainly Tommy Rees is deserving of a fair trial here and that will come in due time. However, irregardless of the results of his criminal trial, he has put himself in a situation where he cannot continue in the Irish football program. There have to be ramifications for his actions here (assaulting a police officer, wow – don’t care if it remains a felony or is reduced to a misdemeanor, this is a serious crime). What a costly mistake. He just threw away the opportunity to play football and, more importantly, earn a degree at a great academic institution.

    Looks like next man up. Golson (1) and Hendrix (2) now.

    Perhaps Kiel when ready.

    1. Yep, unfortunately you are 100% correct!

      Not sure I could have done better Tommy under your circumstances. Lots of stress being QB at ND.

      Best wishes TR.

  70. I can not condemn Rees for drinking under age i to did the same thing. But one thing I did learn was not to punch a cop, that was a dumb move. Also, Calabrese should learn fo shut his mouth. The last thing i would say is I never got caught by a co, that would have never happened.

    1. Hey Jack,

      Guess what, if someone would have taken your suggestion to the QB derby approach; this incident would have probably never happened.

      But never mind we we are dragging this dog and pony QB show out to the very end. What’s next??

  71. Rees made a poor decision and I feel for him because this could cost him a ND education. We can throw blame on Kelly losing control or ND being too strict, but the bottom line is there are consequences for your actions and some are harder than others. This was Rees fault and he is 100% responsible for his situation. He is not old enough to drink and he choose to run.

    I hope he can stay at ND and at least get his education. He isn’t likely to go pro and a ND education will serve him well. I think’s time to groom Golson, Hendrix, and Keil and let Tommy run the scout team if he is allowed to remain with the team. I think it is going to depend on the formal charges.

    1. What do you know about it?

      Same as me… nothing!

      But I will give you credit for knowing something about losing control!

    2. Amen bj,

      The infamous off-campus student housing, Notre Dame Avenue beer-party-hang-out- area should be an obvious audit for football coaches; WHO KNOW WHERE THE PROBLEMS ARE. Like plenty of under age drinking?

      Just walk across the street from the University and see who’s there. Lou always had assistant coaches keeping a close eye on the party area’s.

      Well, with this staff we probably need the FBI, CIA or Secret Service to come in because they are party animals and would enjoy the off-duty pay.

      1. Well, what about the NSA? Probably a better group of individuals since they monitor everything on the internet in the New America!

        Yes, Rees is certainly a 100% wrong at making a bad choice. but I am not going to revel in it and call it “GOOD.”

        Unsuprisingly, Rees may have been carrying around an axe to grind over the 4 QB derby; imagine that?

        Would you be upset if you would have to reapply for your job? The new trend in the New America.

        I forgot, these kids are getting paid just like the NFL and they are 100% on their own without supervision.

        Hey, it’s not my job to baby sit! Who cares?

        Yeah, beer parties in Dublin soon!

        Go Irish!

    3. Lost control? How does a man control the actions of individuals outside of his presence? This is America, not Nazi Germany with secret police and informants. Maybe instead of blaming Kelly, you should blame Rees’ parents – they lost control. Or wait, let’s blame the school. His professor’s lost control, the priests lost control. As a matter of fact, let’s blame the entire human species. We lost control. LOL

      Or better yet, how about we blame the man who committed the crime? The man who made a conscious decision to break the law? Amazing concept, isn’t it?

      The problem is the notion we need to place blame on everyone – but the one who committed the act.

    4. The only thing wrong with ND is that the administration still lives in the past and college football has passed them by.

      Kelly is at least trying to get ND back up to speed.

      This kind of stuff happens all the time, it’s just that with the media available today, everybody knows about it.

    5. Bj
      That is not a fair comment. Let’s not forget the feel good story of Floyd. This kind of thing never happens at LSU or Bama, the two schools you love to talk about how great their D is.

  72. Good – that means I don’t have to hear any more talk of him being the starter this year. Fate works in mysterious ways =)

    1. Bad – This is the kind of incident you hope no young men have to experience….sorry to hear your experiencing so much intellectual discomfort on recent topics here.

      1. Intellectual discomforts? I feel no sympathy for a man who assaults a police officer. He brought this upon himself. If you can assault a police officer, you can face the repercussions of it.

      2. Patrick,

        I was refering to your exclusive discomfort on recent topics: “having to hear any more talk of him being the starter this year!

        NOT assulting an officer but, thank you for twisting it out of context to suit your fancy.

        Really? You can get in trouble for assulting an officer? Duh!

        As I said: I don’t wish this on anyone but apparently you do! Since you think it’s a GOOD thing.

  73. See right side bar front page on this site:

    Notre Dame quarterback, linebacker arrested Thursday morning.

    Rees & Calabrese

    1. Rees was arrested for public intoxication, resisting law enforcement, minor consumption and battery to law enforcement…a felony charge.

      Rees was pepper-sprayed prior to being taken into police custody.

      1. WOW. Rees did not strike me as one we would see something like this from. The quarterback race just cleared up a bit, i imagine. Still, hate to see a good kid involved in something like this. Get you head on straight Tommy. I dont beleive you have a future on the football field, but don’t blow your future ND degree.

        Carlo…you let the QB do the fighting?

        I’ve already caught hell from the SEC fans down here. Best response I have is, maybe they will transfer to LSU.

        What an offseason. The hits just keep on coming.


    2. YIKES!

      “Rees run down and caught from behind by an officer, with a cup of hot coffee in one hand and a jelly doughnut in the other”!

      While it is pretty clear his decision making skills still leave much to be desired, a kick in the balls shows plenty of “Moxie”!

      1. Good thing Calibrese was there to protect his blind side or Paul Blart would have probably burried him!


    1) LSU
    2) USC
    3) Alabama
    4) Oklahoma
    5) Oregon
    6) Arkansas
    7) Georgia
    8) South Carolina
    9) West Virginia
    10) Michigan State
    11) Clemson
    12) Florida State
    13) Michigan
    14) Stanford
    15) Kansas State
    16) Virginia Tech
    17) TCU
    18) Texas
    19) Nebraska
    20) Oklahoma State
    21) Ohio State
    22) Boise State
    23) Notre Dame

  75. Again BK makes his own headaches. Pick a starter and move on. Explain in the press conference that if he doesn’t perform next man in, not the BS you spouted last year.

  76. In most of the interviews I’ve heard with Kelly, he has talked about the mental aspect when it comes to Golson. He knows he is exciting and explosive, but he needs to mature, which will come in time. The problem with most athletes is that they rely on their ability and don’t think they have to put in the time mentally. I believe this whole let’s see who is going to lead this summer was a challenge to Golson. Kelly wants to start him, but knows he is a “heart attack” and needs to make the decision to be the leader of this team.

    Kelly has been put behind the 8 ball because he took over a program that had a lot of problems and no QB’s that fit his system. He has fixed a lot of the problems and the 2 QB’s that are suited to run his offense are a red-shirt Soph and a true Freshman. I think the BCS or bust talk last year hurt this team because the talk was premature because all the pieces were not in place. This year is going to be great for the team because they are going to play good teams week in and week out. If they can some how manage to win 9 games, I believe the corner will have been turned.

    I’m not to concerned if Rees starts or not because they are all running the same offense and I think Kelly will have no problem pulling him if he doesn’t improve. The X factor is Martin, because I think a lot of the problem last year was Molnar. I don’t think he was on the same page with Kelly and Martin is. Because they are on the same page, they will start developing the QB position the way they want. Rees will be able to do it or he won’t. I think we sill see all 3 QB’s next year and I think we will see the offense that we thought Kelly was bringing.

    I’ll say it right now, the coaching of Chuck Martin will be the biggest surprise for the Irish next year. This team will be a potent offense and they will surprise a lot of people.

    1. Scav,

      Your a better politician than BK. BK on the other hand, his oratory skills in the media “SUCK.”

      Especially BK’s ubiquitous characterization of Golson’s football mental acuity when he arrived at ND (in the media) as:

      “unconscious incompetence”

      Sure BK, if your system and play book is an immediate grasp of the obvious we all are in trouble.

      This is ND BK. We don’t talk like than in the media. We would expect to hear that kind of garbage elsewhere.

      BK has created a lot of his problems with his mouth which has had a deleterious effect on team chemistry.

      Yes indeed, he inherited problems to solve. However, that’s why we pay him the big bucks to solve those problems.

      And he has begun to, the defense is certainly moving in the right direction except for recent recruits leaving.

      As far as being behind the 8 ball, He did not help matters by dinking around with Crist or Rees. In my view, he should have bit the bullet and started Golson last year and lived through the growing pains. Everyone would have understood he picked a QB to fit his system. Today after two years we are still at square one due to this misque.

      I hope your right on the coaching changes, we certainly need all the coaches on the same page with BK to move forward.

      Unfortunately, I think your going to be right about Rees starting.

      However, if Rees manages to be the factor we did not win a game. I would definately agree with JTRAIN on the pitch forks coming out and ensusing on South Bend Indiana.

      As always Sav, a very thoughtful post.

      Go Irish!

      1. I just hope that if Kelly does name Rees as the starter he comes out and says he is the most experienced, but if he doesn’t perform it will be next man in.

        In other words, treat him the same way Dayne was treated last year.

      2. Double amen on that Scav,

        Fairness will go a long way to elevate BK’s weak credibility on this issue.

        Further, I am perplexed with Rees knowing full well we were having a 4 QB derby in the spring.

        Why did he fail to walk out on the practice field without a set of well chiseled arms like Theo and Golson? Why?

        Hey a quick release, great stance and great record against inferior competition is not going to carry the day.

        The practice videos and B/G game revealed Rees still under throwing and floating rainbow pickability passes??

        C-Dog got it right on BK having zero patience coaching turnovers or the problem would have been eliminated last year.

        So yes sir, I pray for a fast “next guy in” BK QB policy when we are raining picks and fumbles!

        Go Irish!

  77. Here is another way to look at who should be the starting QB.

    You can put any one of the four QB’s in and all four will fumble and throw some interceptions to some degree, as well as make some great plays.

    One of the stats I look at is sacks allowed.

    ND was tied with Alabama at 26th in the nation in sacks allowed.

    Actually, 26th is not all that bad when you consider how terribly immobile Rees is.

    So who was in the top ten in the country in least number of sacks allowed?
    Boise St., So.Cal, Stanford, Oklahoma Texas AM…
    Not bad company.

    Maybe in college football, more important that projected talent or experience, is escapability, ability to make plays on the run, and play cool under pressure.

    Now which QB on our roster would do that the best?

    1. Golson, Golson, Golson, Golson, Golson, Golson, Golson, Golson, Golson,
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      Golson, Golson, Golson,
      Golson, Golson, Golson,
      Golson, Golson, Golson,
      Golson, Golson, Golson,
      Golson, Golson, Golson?

    2. Shaz,

      Here is my breakdown of what I think is the QB’s weakness.

      Rees: Doesn’t protect the football and can’t run. Teams will rush 3 and drop 8. Still locks onto one receiver.

      Hendrix: Mentally can’t rebound from bad plays. They stick with him to long. Needs to develop thick skin and get more confidence.

      Golson: LEARN the offense. Needs to be in Rees’s back pocket and learn the audibles. Rees knows how to check out of plays into good calls, that is his strength. Also, the football is not a loaf of bread, protect it.

      I think Golson has the best tools out of the three to start. He needs to learn the playbook or BK needs to again tailor the offense rather than unleashing it, but maybe a scaled back offense is better than either Rees or Hendrix at QB.

      1. jack,

        Interesting take on the QB’s.
        I think most head coaches tweek the offense to best utilize the talents of their starting QB’s.

        I can’t help but think back a couple of years when BK was willing to start a 17 year old, non-spread, no experienced, Tommy Rees.(I know he didn’t have much choice with lack of quality depth, and injuries)

        If you look at it that way, Golston seems to be a “No Brainer”.

  78. Amen JTRAIN exactly,

    As I stated above, people will indeed be more forgiving if we make an investment in Golson this year. I know it boils to Superior Talent vs Rees Experience. Yet, Rees looked bad in the B/G game. So I agree, Golson is worth the investment for the future as many others here do.

    By the way, I have your Official NaySayers Membership Card all made out; just let me know when you want it! Hahaha.

    Go Irish!

  79. Haha jc

    You’re on to me.

    I see this this season as a story of two seasons.
    I will use 8-5 as that is what the record has been 2yrs running.
    If we go 8-5 with golson as qb, he’s young probably will make a mistake or 10 but though none of us will be thrilled with 8-5 i think we could all deal with it. Golson will get better and more consistent as he gains experience.

    NOW…if we go 8-5 with rees at the helm….the people torches and pitchforks will be. Marching on south bend. If kelly truly believes that rees gives us the best chance to win i for one will not accept anything less than 10 wins. Period. End of story. Rees is a junior he has had 3 yrs now in the system. No more excuses. We have the best defense we have seen here in quite some time, some WMD’s on offense. Kelly can’t let it go to waste. Which is i really do believe golson will start. If not maybe the naysayer in me will take over….we shall see…should be fun


    1. JTrain,

      I see it a little different than you. If Rees starts and is pulled and Golson comes I see the pitch forks being put away even if they are 8-5. If Rees is your man you are riding through the entire year you better be in a BCS game.

      If Golson is the starter from day one ND fans will be patient because of him being a first year starter.

      However, I have a different take on the whole situation. BK should have not played around last year with Rees and Crist if he didn’t think they would be the face of the program. He should have been grooming a QB, so he wouldn’t be in this situation. That being said he can make mistakes, but if he learns from them I don’t think have a problem with the mishandling of the QB’s in his first two years.

      1. Excellent point also Jack!

        “He should have been grooming a QB, so he wouldn’t be in this situation.

        There can be no doubt,
        even though hind sight is always better.

        BK only has himself blame, He’s the guy supposedly with the superior head coaching experience. If we see it, he definately should see it now.

        Go Irish!

    1. Hey JTRAIN,

      A great article on Jonas, Thank you.

      C-Dog your’e going to like this article. Jonas very happy with his deal at Miami!

      1. Irish 94..
        Thats why i posted it. I like what kelly has done so far despite the nay sayers…we are goin the right way right now..

        GO IRISH

      2. A cryptic agenda JTRAIN?

        Not you too JTRAIN? Shameless, absolutely Shameless. Hahahahah.

        A true believer until BK starts Rees? Hmmmmm?

        Rest assured JTRAIN once BK wins a National Title all of us will be true believers for atleast one year!

        Which is very generous over my normal warranty: 5 feet or 5 seconds whichever comes 1st!

        As always, a proud naysayer and member of the National Naysayers Society. Hahahahahahahahaha.

        If it wasn’t for you true believers, us naysayers would not have any thing to naysay about. We all need each other!

        Go Irish!

  80. glad to see 4 irish players get drafted and jonas gray, tyler dever, and ethan johnson got picked by teams. i also hate how many ND players are on the vikings. living in wisconsin and being a packers fan makes it hard to root for them. my hope is they become the LA Vikings and get out our div.plus ihate seeing our guys in purple, it just isn’t right.

  81. Vikings now have John Sullivan, Kyle Rudolph, John Carlson, Harrison Smith and Robert Blanton. Were these all CW recruits? This has to be the most ND players on a single team in the NFL

    1. Not sure about Sully. As a Bears fan, they are now the enemy though. Good to see two first rounders this year. At least 2 next year as well.

  82. Congrats to Robert Blanton 4th pick in the 5th round #139 overall.
    Did not see any of our guys in round 6 & 7. Still, two 1st rounders and 5th, not bad considering the coaching changes.

    Go Irish!

  83. Another great player commits – Heuerman! The 2013 class is shaping up to be outstanding! Kelly is, once again, bringing in some real quality talent to South Bend. I know he has missed on some with a few decommits/transfers (every program has a few), but I will focus on those who have chosen to stay and are committed to the program. I predict another 8 win season (few too many questions this year – quarterback, secondary, and wide receiver). That being said, they better get The Irish this year, because after that Notre Dame is back in the National Title hunt! It is critically important that Kelly settle on the right quarterback and let them play this year and gain invaluable experience. In my opinion, Golson is the right quarterback (Kiel needs some time) this year. His skill set fits the system perfectly. If Kelly turns him loose, he will be rewarded. Work the play calling around Golson’s strengths and let him play football. The Irish need a dual-threat quarterback to be successful in this system and Golson provides that and more.

  84. I watched the first 15 or so draft selections.
    Long enough to see Floyd go 13th to Arizona.

    Have to say, in that time span, I have never seen so many bad haircuts in all my life!

    It was like watching the movie “Preditor”

  85. Regards ND’s quarterback situation, I agree that it will make or break Kelly. Only in fan opinion. I think the University is going to stick with Brian for a long time. Who know’s maybe he’ll get sick of the place himeself in 5 years and Weis will return after a successful Kansas career. Weis would have to learn to pay tribute to building a defense.

    1. Weis returning to ND???

      Actually, it makes a lot of sence….. since ND will still be paying him through 2015!

  86. FLoyd will be great.

    Smith, I wonder about him. The analysts have always been high on him. I like the kid, but still need to see if he’d shine in a more complete defense. ND was always plugging holes which exposed the safeties.

    When in Jonas Gray going to go? After that incredible season and hearbreaking injury, I’m pulling for him to make it.

    1. C-Dog,

      I’m pulling for Jonas too. However, Jonas ranked #374 in the draft is indeed a tough spot. Fingers crossed though!

      Go Irish!

  87. Alright Congrats Harrison, 29th pick in the 1st round. Well, I guess the CW upperclassmen did get it.

    Finally, vindication from……….I leave that to your imagination eh? Hahahaha.

    Yep, count em up! Two ND guys in the 1st round! Gee the Big-Mouth-USC-Trojans….Superior-to-all-others only two in the 1st round? What gives?

  88. Yeah congrats Michael, 13th in the 1st round. Highest ND player taken in the since 1994.

    Gee only one mighty, mighty Trojan profolactic taken ahead of Michael in the 1st round? What about it guys?

    Well here we go. A new twist, BCS recommends 4-team playoff. Auto qualifying status officially dead starting in 2014. 4-team selection method yet to be determined.

    1. Strangely, only two USC players stand out to me in the NFL. Sanchez and Palmer. How does a college team have it’s player go from dominant to average once they are in the NFL? Answer: because in the NFL, everyone practices all day each day of the week. I am not surprised since the vast majority of USC players haven’t panned out in the NFL. I wonder if any ever went back to get degrees from a real academic institution?

      1. I hate SC with the best of them, but seriously??

        “I am not surprised since the vast majority of USC players haven’t panned out in the NFL.”

        You lose some credibility with that post.

      2. Listen Mr. Irish ’94 credibility, not sure who you are adressing but!

        Telling Bj on a previous post of yours: “You are an idiot and get off the sight!”

        I suggest you get off your self-righteous kvetching and tone it down.

      3. JC,
        Peace and love brother! Tone down the internet muschles, we are all on the same team here. The credibility comment was related to somebody saying that most USC players don’t pan out in the NFL????

        And seriously, have you read what bj says? It’s the same rhetoric over and over.

        I have no idea what kvetching means so I will google it.

      4. Sorry Irish ’94,

        For your information, I am not on the “same team” calling Bj an idiot. Bj & C-Dog are both entitled to their opinions. So lets just leave it at that without the name calling. Thank you very much!

      5. C-Dog,

        Interesting tidbit about a former USC player I thought you might like.

        Remember USC linebacker Chris Gallippo?

        The big mouth, big shot who spouted off after last seasons USC / ND game in South Bend that ND laid down…quit?

        Yeah, that loud mouth.

        Seems today he finally got to sign that glorious free agent tenure with the Colts.

        Ya know, if a douche bag player is going to talk the talk, he should at least be able to walk the walk.

        I’m sure the next time I read his name in the sports page, it will be on the “cut” list!

        Good thing he took that floor moppin class offered at USC.
        Can’t get that cherry job at Mickie D’s without Floor Mopping 101.

    1. Jack,

      Remember not all that long ago, there was a significant number of people(many here on this very blog) who ranted that Michael Floyd didn’t deserve another chance at ND?

      Well, today I’m glad he got that chance.
      I’m glad he made the most of it, and I’m glad ND and Brian Kelly stood with him.

      We all like ND success stories.

      Michael Floyd is now one of them!

      1. Absolutely! Also, was there anyone more maligned over the last few years than Harrison Smith. A lot of people wanted to bury this young man and now he is a 1st round draft choice in the NFL! Good for him!

      2. Shaz,

        I was always in favor of Floyd staying at ND. I was also in favor of several players now gone staying at ND. I hope this opens the eyes of the administration as to giving players second chances.

  89. I read today that Mike Gundy announced his starting QB for next year at the end of Spring Ball. What a unique concept?? The kid they named was even an early enrollee Freshmen. I trust that BK and the coaches know far more than any of us as they are there everyday at practice. However, why can’t BK make a decision? This is 2 years in a row that nobody knows what is happening with the most important position in sports.

    Either we really don’t have THE guy or Kelly already knows and just wants to protect guys from transferring out of the program. In any event, this decision likely makes or breaks the BK regime at ND. He has to get this right.

  90. As Lindsy Nelson used to say on his Sunday Moring rebroadcasts “We now move to further action in the first half”

    For me that means keeping a close eye on the upcoming Michigam vs Alabama game. An opening season, neutral site game for both teams.

    The Wolverines, breaking from their glorious tradition of loading up on cupcakes to open their season, will take on the Tide in Dallas.

    For ND, it has always been a challenge trying to get a good feel for our match up with the Wolverines based on their “scrimages” agianst inferior competition to start the season.

    Now, as much as I dispise Nick Saban and the way he conducts business in college athletics, his results on the field are unquestionable.

    If ever there was a coach who could provide a “Blue Print” on how to beat an opponent, Saban is it.

    Michigan it seems, has always had that advantage of having quality ND game film in preparing for the annual rivalry.

    Perhaps this year, the advantage will be ours!

    1. Outstanding points Shaz!

      If there ever was a year we need an advantage; it is certainly this year!

      Not to mention, please, how about a few balls atleast bouncing our way for a change.

      Like you said recently: “How is it Hoke can come in and turn Michigan around in one year?”

      Why not ND this year? Why not third time is a charm?

      We do have an “it” factor this year (Golson). But will we capitalize on it??

      Go Irish!

      1. Both you guys are talking it up nicely. Got my juices flowing. Have to keep it short so a few bullet points:

        Rees – love the kid and he does have it. Needs to transfer to where a QB coach can get the turn over psychy out of his head. Kelly has no patience.

        Hendrix – a good backup with change of pace if they use him right.

        Team speed and reaction time – slow.

        Atkinson III – stay healthy, with Atkinson and Wood in a two set backfield, or even Riddick, who do you defend.

        Loss of Lynch – devastating. We beat Michigan last year if Lynch is in.

        Defense – It better improve or 2012 will be another 8-5 or 9-4 year for sure.

        I remain hopeful and skeptical. My heart wants the magic. My brain says, they aren’t there yet. Kelly is still a question mark in my book.

    2. Ah, I miss those Sunday replay broadcasts of ND football.

      Alabama will knock the shit out of Michigan.

      Go Fighting Irish

      1. Storespook,

        The following week, Michigan has their home opener agianst Air Force.

        Something ND and their fans know all too well, after a tought game agianst a physical opponent, it is no easy task trying to chase down an option team the following week.

        On paper, most would give the wolverines an automatic win over the Falcons at home.

        But if they come out of the Alabama game battered and bruised, they could really have their hands full!

        Depending on the spread, I might be tempted to take the falcons.

        Also, history shows that the Big Ten has struggled with option teams.
        (See Ohio St vs Navy a couple of years back)

      2. Shaz,
        Very good points you reference in your post. I agree, depending how those little wolverines come out after swimming in crison tide will be interersting. I remember a few years back a FCS team from Appalachian St beat MichU at the big house.

        Go Blue and Gold

  91. Storespook,

    As always it’s good hear your thoughts on the season. I especially like your point on the coaching staff. It may very well be a roll of the dice, we all know how CW’s plan B turned out. I too, am very concerned BK’s plan B came this early. I suspect this was heat from the adminstration to get it in gear and make some changes in the perceived right direction.

    BK’s survivability depends on a new staff, possible new starting QB, new secondary, a new punt returner who can net more than 5 yards for the season, eliminating turnovers and the right team chemistry this year to get it done.

    I truely hope BK’s brand of “unconscious incompetence” is now innocuous and that he fully understands the exigent matter at hand. There are no statues on campus for second place.

    Go Irish!

  92. Hey JC, I’m a good Irish-German Catholic, so, I’ve been to a few midnight masses in my time, haha.

    In regards to the B/G game, heck, I have no further astounding insights that others haven’t already commented on. I liked EG, thought he looked the best of all the QB’s, GA the 3rd looked exceedingly more comfortable running the ball (the loose hands wasn’t the best but it seems like hanging on to the ball isn’t new for this team), Theo definitely has hit the weight room and he ran with more authority/strength (he may have a little chip on his shoulder and frankly maybe he should after last year), Mr. Eifert is probably the best receiver on the team right now and I expect a big season from him. The defense really wasn’t truly tested given the makeup of the scrimmage but secondary may be iffy, at least it seems that way though Josh A may turn out to be a good player. Losing Lynch sucks, no better way to say it, but, I still think the front 7 will be a little better than maybe expected. The biggest question for me will be how this coaching staff either gels or doesn’t. I think that was a bigger issue last year than what was reported. It is the 3rd year of the BK era and it is a well known fact the great ones who have coached here won NC’s in their 3rd year. Unfortunately, I just don’t see that happening with this team this year. I think QB play and how the D secondary pan out will really determine how well (or how awful) this edition will do. I really hope EG wins the starting QB. He is built for this offense with his skillset. I think we saw glimpses of that in the B/G game. That’s my take, JC.

    Go Notre Dame

  93. Hey guys,

    I have visited and contributed a few times to our friend grantlands blog since the spring game and yeah he is still on board with rees. He was complaining how golson throws off his back foot too much and how he has trouble with the signals and checks.

    First off the throws golson made off his back foot in the game are called “athletic plays” I realize that it has been some time since we have seen that around here but they were still happening on other teams. I watched alot of osu games the year troy smith won the heisman and he threw of his back foot alot too. Harder to defend a qb that can make throws from different angles and launching points than a qb that has to set his feet and square his shoulders just to get it where it has to go. Especially if they are rolling out of the pocket.

    Second if kellys biggest complaint was golson not understanding the signals quick enough well it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out how you fix that.

    Third, i don’t care how good rees is at making the check and changing the play. The reason that athletic qbs drive d coordinators crazy is because, no matter how you disguise your coverages or try to fool the offense, once that qb rolls out of that pocket the coverage usually breaks down. The defense has to pay attention to what the qb is doing because if he gets loose its over. All that talk about making checks is an evaluation tool for the nfl. Nfl quarterbacks are limited as far as running the ball because its a good way to get your head taken off. When the threat of the qb is eliminated the importance of making checks becomes much more important than if the qb can hurt you with his legs. Not saying its not important with a mobile qb but its much more important to rees than it it is to golson

    1. JTRAIN,

      Maybe Grantland-X doesn’t understand a technologically sound football mind such as yours, and many others on this board.

      Grantland-X seems more interested in promoting Rees than understanding the real art and science of being a very good QB as you have skillfully noted.

      I think Grantland-X likes the lime-light but, needs to stop playing unrealistic favoritism to be believable.

      Keep-up the great assessments JTRAIN, I really enjoy reading your commentary.

      Go Irish!

      1. Hey storespook,

        Thank you! I bet your the kinda guy I would see at Midnight Mass! What time is it any how? Haha.

        What’s your thoughts the
        B/G game?

  94. Colin Cowherd listen to this on espn. Also, ND I guess decided not to recruit my son so he will play in the SEC instead….

  95. JC,

    I guess that when we didn’t bow down to “Grantland X” and the self-promotion for his blog, he didn’t like to be challenged, and left our discussion board. Too bad. I think he could’ve contributed if had shown a little more balls.

    1. Well even most of his board did not agree with his article also.

      Like you said months ago, what’s the incentive for BK to start Rees?

      Game management? OK, if you want to be 6-6 this year. I saw ZERO improvement with Rees at the B/G game. How about you?

      Couple that with 6 team turnovers still loom large in my mind concerning ball management. Not sure we are really making any improvement in that department.

      Unfortunately, Lynch won’t be replaced with any one we have on the roster. His aggressive style won’t be duplicated anytime soon.

      So BK does indeed have more work to do. I definately agree with him on that for sure! ND-utopia clearly not here yet.

    2. JC, Steelfan,

      Grantland X is missing the main thing that separates a good QB from a great. It is the it factor and ability Golson has both. As a QB you have to be a cool customer. You can not get to high emotionally or two low. I think that Hendrix has a great skill set, but he lets to much stuff bother him. I think Rees has a good attitude and doesn’t let things get to him, but he lacks ability. If Golson can’t understand the offense it is your job as a coach to coach your best player to understand the offense. I was more a Hendrix person than Golson before the Spring game, but I see the light. Grantland X is probably good friends with Rees and is defending him. I like Rees as a person, but the best player needs to be on the field and that is Golson. Coach him up and get him on the field. This season and your job BK are all based on QB play. Good QB play ND is 10-2 or 9-3, bad QB play 6-6, 7-6 or 8-5. If he goes 6-6 goodbye.

      1. Amen Jack,

        Given all the uncertainties with the QB pick and the season; excellent assessment also Jack.

        BK should clearly understand naming Goldson ASAP is in his his best interest for job security. People here would be more forgiving naming Golson with his demonstrated superior talent vs Rees experience. Most people here would agree with you Jack.

  96. Scav,

    So who’s your prediction on punt return? Who’s going catch the punt and move the ball more than 5 yards and not fumble it?

    1. That is an excellent question JC. I’m getting the impression that Theo is going to get another crack at it. He might do OK because it seem that he played with some confidence in the Spring Game.

      Isn’t the freshman Neal supposed to be a special teams hopeful?

      What are your thoughts?

      1. Scav,

        I like your idea of Theo, did he hit the gym with a vengence? or what? He’s running over people!

        I hope your right, he’s looks like all business this year.
        He definately has the tools to be a Tim Brown kinda guy if he can stay injury free.

      2. I noticed Theo’s arms as well. He looks a lot like Julius Jones.

        Logo has definately got these guys hitting the weights.

        Was it me or did the RB’s look like they were breaking tackles? I just seem to remember during the Weis years that our RB’s would get tackled by blade of grass.

      3. I noticed Theo’s arms as well. He reminded me of Julius Jones.

        Looks like Longo has these guys working hard. I also noticed that the running backs seemed to be breaking tackles. It seemed that when Weis was here the RB’s would be tackled by a blade of grass.

      4. Yeah, Theo has some pipes on them arms fer suurreee. Hopefully, we will have punt returns for more than a few yards over the course of the whole season. I would like to see EG get the nod as #1 QB. I guess we will see come fall. The loss of Lynch will have an impact, but,, someone may rise up to do well with an opportunity.

        GO ND

  97. scav,

    It will get even more interesting next year when Malik Zaire comes to ND. He’s a slightly bigger, stronger, faster version of Golson.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I was underwhelmed by whatever combination of front 7 D players were on the field last Sat. I don’t count Manti because he was limited to a few snaps. But I didn’t see a replacement for Aaron Lynch. Tuitt and Co. had some nice moments, but no one came even remotely close to matching what Aaron Lynch did in the same game a year ago.

    I really do think that some here are underestimating how devastating the loss of Lynch is. Tuitt is a different kind of player than Lynch; so is Ishaq Williams. Both kids will hopefully pan out, but they’re not going to make us forget Aaron Lynch. Just my opinion.

  98. I am in agreement that the QB should be Golson followed by Hendrix, then Rees as the 3rd QB in. With a running QB, the potential for injury is great and all 3 of these guys need to be ready.

    Keil on the other hand needs to run the scout team this year and be developed next year. I know with the recent history of Quinn and Clausen, we expect a QB to play for 3-4 years, but in reality, I would prefer the QB’s sitting until their Jr and Sr years. The question is will a QB like Keil be content to sit for the next 3 years.

    Let’s say that Golson does get the job and excels. He has 4 years left to play and is probably not one to go early for the pros. What happens to Keil? I really do not think that Golson is a one year answer and is just filling in until Keil is ready. So, is Keil ready to sit and wait his turn or will he be one to transfer if he is not “in the mix” next year. I really see Rees staying to get his degree and Hendrix is Pre-Med, so he isn’t going anywhere either. But I’m not so sure about Keil because he has a chance to go pro and he is going to want to play sooner then later.

    My only hope is that Keil and Golson push each other and we have a situation like they had at Cincy with Pike and the Colleros kid. I think those two complemented each other and I think Golson and Keil can do the same.

    I guess it’s a nice problem to have because for years ND was one injury away from disaster at the QB position, but It will be interesting to see how the coaching staff holds the kids togehter.

  99. Beyond the obvious, it would behoove BK to ensure the #2 QB will be utilized in games that we have an ample lead. Last year by far, was the worse ‘poor-coaching-game-management of the #2 QB’ I have ever seen at ND.
    Several third and forth quarters were badly missed opportunities for #2.

      1. I agree with Jack. There is no reason to put Kiel in at #2. He isn’t going to bring anything to the table for us this year. IMO, if we see Kiel in a game this year it means that are season was a disaster. Hendrix should be the backup. Golson should be the starter. Rees is #3 with the ability to fill in if we get the injury bug.

    1. BJ,

      There are a lot of things to compar between Golson and Rice. First, both are from South Carolina. Second, both are proven winners and sat out a year of playing. Third and final, just watch that video you linked. I think Golson can’t run as well as Rice but Rice did not throw as well as Golson. He is the player that BK needs to ride with this year. He needs more work with the first unit and running the offenese, but even in a limited knowledge of the playbook his intangibles of leadership and how he carries himself scream starting QB.

  100. I think Kelly will have Rees at top of depth chart in fall, but I really believe he will start Hendrix and have Golson as an option/wildcat type QB. The key to our team in 2012 will be the abilty to control the line of scrimmage with our run game and of course limit tournovers. Our D-line even minus Lynch willhelp take the pressure iof of our younf CB’s

  101. I completely believe Golson should be the starter come September. His touch on the fade routes in the end zone weren’t very good, but there is by far more upside to him than any of the other 3. What’s crazy about RB is that we still have Carlisle as well. So we have 3-4 ligit backs to move around and get the ball in open space. Any of them can make catches out of backfield, as a slot, or carry it on a handoff. Very excited for the season to start.

  102. QBs – Golson clearly looked the most comfortable and had the best day. He should be our starter this fall. This offense is perfect for him. Didn’t realize he had that good of an arm. I was also impressed with him staying in the pocket and passing first before running. Rees looked pretty bad in my opinion. He just doesn’t have the arm to make all the necessary throws. If he tries to make the pass that Hendrix did to Eifert for the TD, I think Rees would have been picked off for six. He poses no run threat whatsoever. If he starts, ND is in some serious trouble this year. I do feel comfortable with him as a backup though. Hendrix didn’t get to throw a whole lot, but he has a strong arm too and can run as well. However, is it just me or is it all a mental thing for this guy? It seems like he has the tools, but it doesn’t look like he is comfortable back there. It seems like he rushes throws sometimes and doesn’t make good reads. His interception was BAD. Kiel is clearly redshirting, but wow, he’s a big kid with a big arm.

    RBs – All I can say is watching this group made me feel a LOT better about our offense this year. This group is clearly going to be utilized a ton with the inexperience at WR and a potential new QB. Atkinson showed ridiculous speed and the ability to make people miss, but needs to hold on to the freakin football. He will be a great player this year. Wood will be Wood…a consistent runner who will do what he did last year. I’ve always felt like Riddick has been the best athlete on the team for the last three years, and he had one heck of a game Saturday. His dual role as a slot receiver and RB is a perfect fit for him and he will clearly be getting the ball a bunch this year.

    WRs – Eifert is clearly our #1 receiver, even if he is a TE. I like how they are lining him up as a receiver on some plays. He is a matchup nightmare for any of those tiny DBs trying to cover him. Freakin beast!! Other than that, I’m really disappointed nobody else is ready besides Roby Toma. Toma catches EVERYTHING, which is exactly what we need out there. Daniels looks like he has the potential to be a threat, with a nice over the shoulder grab on that go route. Hopefully he steps up! Daniel Smith is a big body receiver. I hope he develops into what Maurice Stovall was his senior year, sooner rather than later. Koyack looks pretty legit as our #2 TE. He made a very nice TD catch using his big body to shield the DB off. And last but not least, John freakin Goodman…are you kidding me!? This guy has been the standout receiver through Spring so far?? WTFE!!! I’m not even sure if he had a catch Saturday, couldn’t get open, and doesn’t block AT ALL!!!!!!!! There was one play on that little bubble screen to Riddick where Goodman stood there and looked lost trying to block a DB. Seriously, worst player to come through ND and if he gets any PT, it’s going to be absolutely worthless. I hope he proves me wrong, but did absolutely nothing Saturday as I expected.

    OL – Beasts! Great holes to run through, great protection for the QBs, and blitz pickups were awesome! Very impressed with the #1s in this group.

    I’m an offensive minded guy, but the defense overall looked just ok to me. I think our front 7 and safeties will be alright, but corner kind of scares me. Atkinson did make a tremdendous play on that deep ball to Eifert to knock it away. Maybe he will step up for the D.

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