Notre Dame to Play UMass in 2015?

UMass and former Notre Dame offensive coordinator Charley Molnar will reportedly be coming to Notre Dame for a one game series in 2015. (Photo - Stew Milne / US PRESSWIRE)

According to a report from the Daily Hampshire Gazzette, Notre Dame and UMass will play each other in 2015 at Notre Dame Stadium as part of a one game contract bringing former offensive coordinator Charley Molnar, UMass’s new head coach, back into town.

Starting in 2012, UMass will be joining Division 1A in 2012 as a member of the MAC conference – replacing Temple after the Owls accepted an invitation to join the Big East fot football.   They will be doing so with a familiar face for Notre Dame fans.  Charley Molnar spent the past two seasons as Brian Kelly’s offensive coordinator before accepting the head coaching position with the Minutemen in December.

Molnar had coached under Brian Kelly since 2006 at Central Michigan before following him to Cincinnati as the wide receivers coach and eventually following him to Notre Dame where he was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.  Molnar was replaced this off-season by Chuck Martin as the offensive coordinator and QB coach.

Notre Dame already had 12 opponents on their unofficial schedule for 2015 so for UMass to officially be added to the schedule meaning someone is likely going to be removed.  The current slate had USC, Michigan, Texas, Purdue, Navy, Army, Temple, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Syracuse, and Wake Forest.


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  1. kevhurls 6 years ago

    Yo Mike – VERY CLASSY! I know that compliment seems a little ironic coming from me, after having crapped all over BC. (who deserves it!) I’ve not looked at the blog you listed, neither,but I’m sure it is tasteful. Thank you for being a classy BayStater!

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  2. Mike 6 years ago

    On behalf of all Minutemen fans I’d like to say we look forward to coming with coach Molnar on his return to South Bend to face one of college football’s most iconic programs. For more insight into the Umass program check out my blog:

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  3. kevhurls 6 years ago

    – and relating this to UMass, (I forgot to make my point) we could help the Minutemen and their program while simultaneously keeping the brats dreaming. And envious.

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  4. kevhurls 6 years ago

    I’m in suburban-Boston. An ND-alumnus, I tolerate BC and their delusions of competitiveness with much patience. ND should just teach those bratty little BRATS that they need to remember who we are – and who they aren’t.

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  5. George 6 years ago

    These are the teams ND should be playing anyway… at least until they can beat Navy on a consistent basis. Last year’s record was actually pretty good considering we EASILY could have lost to Pitt, Wake, and BC

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  6. JC 6 years ago

    My pick would be remove temple but seems like a wash?

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  7. Brad 6 years ago

    You have Wake Forest listed twice

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