Notre Dame DC Brian Vangorder Fired!

Photo: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Wow.  Talk about an about face.  Less than 24 hours after stating that coaching wasn’t a problem and that he was not concerned at all about the defensive coaching leadership of his team, Brian Kelly has announced that he has fired Brian Vangorder as the defensive coordinator for Notre Dame.  In an official press release, Kelly also said defensive analyst Greg Hudson will assume Vangorder’s responsibilities.

“This is a difficult decision,” said Kelly. “I have the utmost respect for Brian as both a person and football coach, but our defense simply isn’t it where it should be and I believe this change is necessary for the best interest of our program and our student-athletes.

“It’s never easy to make a change on your staff, but I’m confident in Greg’s ability to lead our defense. As a former player at Notre Dame and an experienced defensive coordinator, he not only understands the expectations necessary to compete at the highest level, but he’ll bring a fresh perspective to our sideline, practice field and meeting rooms.”

Wow.  Last night Kelly almost defiantly stated that coaching wasn’t an issue while placing the blame on the shoulder of his players  Since then, Kelly has changed his tune and now Brian Vangorder is officially a former Notre Dame defensive coordinator.

We will have plenty more on this sudden change in direction from Brian Kelly later today after he meets with the media.  For now though, this is the first bit of good news Notre Dame fans have received in some time.


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  1. Brad 3 years ago

    ND grad for DC? Nah, just find the best guy. We hired an ND guy in Todd Lyght and he doesn’t seem to be a very good DB coach.

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  2. USAF Irish 3 years ago

    I wasn’t ROTC – I joined after ND to pay for medical school! 22 years though, and it was great!

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  3. Marc 3 years ago

    GOT to have an ND grad.

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  4. Brad 3 years ago

    Best thing that could’ve happened for ND might’ve been LSU firing Les Miles. Maybe ND can take a shot at a young, dynamic DC like Dave Aranda.

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  5. USAF Irish 3 years ago

    I definitely agree with the if, but really, we have the defensive personnel to be very good and if we pump them up and let them play, I think we can be average very rapidly. Our offense is very good and is affected by the defensive ineptitude.

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    1. Bruce G. Curme 3 years ago

      USAF Irish,
      The defense is confused, lacks basic techniques, and maybe is a little hesitant or gun shy in the front seven area.
      But it was the defense that bailed the offense out of its follies against Nevada. And they got no credit for it.
      I understand why the defense is inept – they don’t know what they are doing out there, or at least, they don’t know how to do what they want to do out there.
      But why does the offense falter so frequently? They know exactly what they are doing, nobody can match up with them when they are on their game (at least nobody we’ve played so far), and they know the defense needs help! If this team is going to have any chance at success – it’s the offense that is going to have to step it up, and right away. Just do your jobs. Just execute our offense.
      Unless that happens, as it should, a turn around of 6 or 7 wins is a pipe dream.
      Anyway, the coaching changes we’ve seen are proof that BK hasn’t given up on this season, if nothing else. That’s nice – it’s something you’d expect to see in December, going into a bowl. Obviously, he is practicing what he recently preached – Urgency.
      Bruce Curme 77′ 82′

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    2. Bruce G. Curme 3 years ago

      Hey USAF Irish,
      I should have asked you in my last blurb, but were you ND ROTC? If so, what class?
      Bruce Curme

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  6. Bruce G. Curme 3 years ago

    USAF Irish,
    That’s a big “if” and a projection of a lightning quick turnaround.
    I doubt it is possible, based on direct observations of the team, such as it is.
    Frankly, I would just be happy at this point if we outscore Syracuse, eliminate the fumbles, remember to occasionally give their QB something to worry about with some penetration, and get some “real” contributions out of special teams (other than CJ).
    Oh yes – and not regress back to penalties and other self-inflicted wounds.
    It would be a start.
    Bruce Curme
    La Crosse, Indiana

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