Top 5 Notre Dame Spring Practice Storylines: Defense

Nyles Morgan - Notre Dame LB
Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Part one of this series broke down the top five offensive storylines heading into the 2016 version of spring football, today the focus is on the defense. While the Notre Dame offense loses seven starters from last seasons unit, the defense retains seven starters, which is the good news for Brian VanGorder’s unit. The bad news, of course, is they lose two of the best players on the team in Jaylon Smith and Sheldon Day, along with three year starter KeiVarae Russell, and captains Matthias Farley and Joe Schmidt. Many fans would say that worst news is no matter who is tasked to replace Smith and Day, they will still be lead by the polarizing VanGorder, who is easily the most divisive character within the Notre Dame football program.

Needless to say, this is a huge spring for a number of position groups and players who are going to be tasked to play major roles, players who spent most of 2015 on the sideline. Here are the top five storylines to follow when spring ball 2016 kicks off March 16th.

1. Can Nyles Morgan be the Man in the Middle?

The saying is very familiar, “be careful what you wish for”, and such could be the case for Morgan at middle linebacker. Fans called for the former five star, sophomore linebacker to enter the lineup in place of senior Joe Schmidt throughout last season, all the while the defensive coaches showed little interest in giving Morgan a role beyond special teams. Schmidt saw close to every snap, goal line work was given to the younger Tevon Coney, and when Smith and Coney went down in the Fiesta Bowl, coaches turned to fellow middle linebacker Jarrett Grace to fill in. With all of Morgan’s physical talent, clearly the coaches did not feel as though he could be counted on as a meaningful player on defense for Notre Dame.

With the departure of Schmidt, Morgan takes the reigns as the signal caller of a defense that Schmidt himself said could leave a player “paralyzed in thought”. Is Morgan ready for the responsibility? This is a player that has struggled to fill his own responsibility, it would seem the task of being in charge of the entire defense would be far too daunting. The good news for Morgan is he is of immense physical talent and, despite his struggles, Brian VanGorder has stated he expects Morgan to start in the middle. Should he succeed, Notre Dame will have a huge upgrade athletically in the middle of their defense, which would go a long way towards improving the achilles heal of the Notre Dame football team.

2. The Battle at Left Cornerback

Cole Luke returns for his senior season at right corner and KeiVarae Russell is off to the NFL and he takes with him 30+ career starts at left corner for the Fighting Irish defense. Fortunately, there are a number of good players that will battle it out for the starting spot, with the “loser” of the battle likely to see the field in nickel situations. In theory, two starters could emerge from this position group.

It’s difficult to name a favorite among the three players most likely to win the job in senior Devin Butler, junior Nick Watkins and redshirt freshman Shaun Crawford. All three bring something different to the table as far as skill set and experience. Butler is the veteran, who has started a few games at corner for Notre Dame and has notched an interception during his time on the field. He is thought to be the most physically limited of the three, brought in with Bob Diaco’s soft cover two scheme in mind. He has struggled some in the man and cover three schemes Brian VanGorder has employed. Expect to hear more speculation of Butler moving to safety, especially should he lose this corner battle.

Watkins may best fit the bill physically (6-1, 200), and he held up nicely against the size and speed of the Ohio State receivers in his first career start in the Fiesta Bowl. The word on him is he not the best practice player who may have struggled mentally adjusting to his backup role last season. He has now shown himself on a big stage against a big time team, the expectation is he will compete very highly this spring.

Crawford had the starting nickel spot in his grasp last fall before tearing his ACL in practice and losing his freshman season to injury. Crawford doesn’t have the size of Watkins, but he is a more explosive athlete who tore it up on offense for his state championship football team in Ohio. Given his pedigree, it’s hard to imagine Crawford won’t have a role somewhere on the 2016 defense, either at corner or in the nickel position.

3. How Are the Early Enrollees Adjusting?

Four of the five early entries from the 2016 recruiting class are on the defensive side of the ball: defensive end/linebacker Daelin Hayes, defensive end Khalid Kareem, safeties Spencer Perry and Devin Studstill. There is an excellent chance all four see the field in some capacity next season, even if it just as special teams players. However, each has the opportunity to state the case for much bigger roles on the Notre Dame defense next season, and they happen to be at positions of particular need for the Irish.

Many consider Hayes the prize of the 2016 class because of his athletic ability and skill set. Watching him on film, one can’t help but be reminded of a young Von Miller. Hayes has got the size, power and speed to come off the edge and get after the quarterback while also possessing the athletic ability to make plays in pass coverage. He’s had a troublesome shoulder that could limit him some in spring drills, but if he shows the ability to pick up the defensive schemes that might be good enough to give a path to the playing field due to his physical ability.

Kareem is probably a little undersized to play defensive end right away, but his skill level is what could make it hard for the coaches to not give him a shot in the fall. His ability is likened to that of current senior Isaac Rochell, who incidentally saw time as a freshman. It’ll be interesting to watch if he can hold up physically at this early stage because this is the lightest he’ll at any point in his Notre Dame career. If he can hang in there with the big boys now, no reason to think he can’t come the fall.

I’d bet dollars to donuts that Studstill and Perry both play special teams for Notre Dame next season. Studstill is an incredibly instinctual player who always finds himself around the ball, which lends itself to special teams prowess. Perry is 6’2 225, and pretty much just loves to hit people. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Perry move to linebacker at some point, if not as early as this spring due to the depth at linebacker being depleted because of injury. Yet, as is the case with Studstill at safety, the loss of Elijah Shumate leaves strong safety vacated, with no clear leader to fill the void with Drue Tranquill still recovering from his ACL tear. If either of the two players can stand out in spring ball it could lead to a direct line to a starting position at safety.

4. Who Draws the Buzz on the Defensive Line?

Notre Dame currently has 15 scholarship players on the defensive line, but only five that the staff could play with any kind of confidence. However, with those kinds of numbers someone outside of the Rochell, Jones, Trumbetti, Cage and Tillery group is going to do something that gets people excited. So who is it going to be?

The staff would most probably like for it to come from the Jay Hayes, Grant Blankenship duo, as the situation at defensive end behind Rochell and Trumbetti is a bit troublesome/alarming. If anything happens to one of the veterans, the defensive line is in a really bad spot, especially when it comes to generating a pass rush around the edge. There just isn’t anyone who is proven or has even played meaningful downs at all.

Hayes came with a lot of fanfare, but he created the wrong kind of buzz last season with some tweets that seemed to be aimed at the coaching staff and didn’t have to do with what a great job he thought they were doing. He was a transfer rumor for a lot of the year, but he’s still around and has a chance to live up to the potential everyone saw in him.

Blankenship was pressed into duty, like Hayes, way before he was physically ready to contribute as a freshman and the idea is now that he has had two years to fill out his body, he’ll be good to go.

I wrote an earlier column about the possibility of an emergence from the 2015 defensive line class, which would provide needed depth on the inside with the injury prone Jones and just the overall well being of a position group that often needs a steady rotation to keep players fresh. Luckily, coach Keith Gilmore is thought to be one of the very best defensive line coaches in the nation, so at least the group is in capable hands.

5. Who Emerges as the Leaders?

Notre Dame went with five captains last season, four of which came from the defense and none of which will be playing football for Notre Dame in 2016. So whoever is selected to be captain of this unit has some large shoes to fill to say the least. Regardless of who is actually named captain, there always needs to be a leader at each level of the defense; some levels are obvious, others not so much.

Isaac Rochell figures to be a pretty easy choice on the defensive line; he’s started a ton of games, is a senior and figures to be a steady player for the defensive line group. Not sure how vocal he is, but Sheldon Day wasn’t so vocal going into last season, and that turned out ok.

It’s hard to say who takes over the leadership role for the linebackers, but the most obvious choice is James Onwualu, who is entering his senior season as the starter at the SAM position. The issue with that is he might be supplanted at some point during the year, and it’s hard to lead from the bench. He also figures to be the one subbed out when Notre Dame goes nickel. Could the jack of all trades, Greer Martini fill this role?

Neither Cole Luke or Max Redfield screams out leader to anyone, especially Redfield who has had a tumultuous career to say the least. He was spotted without sleeves in the snowy, early morning hours of Camp Kelly, so there is something to be said for no sleeves in the snow, am I right? This should be an interesting plot to follow as Notre Dame moves through the month of spring ball that will tell us a lot about what to expect from this new but talented defensive group.


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  2. Congrats Subway Alum, It seems you have cracked the Ron Burgundy enigma. I also had an issue with him last year.As you previously stated, Ron NEVER discusses real football issues. He makes snide comments to aggravate true Irish fans. A U.S.C. troll makes perfect sense. I also agree that this is a make, or break year for Van Gorder. The D is young, but talented. TIME for Max Redfield to live up to his 5 STAR rating. THE key for the d will be THE play of the secondary.

  3. @ Ron Burgundy (aka Dr Kenneth Noisewater)…just happened on your “not a movie buff”comment under your Ron Burgundy pseudonym of Dr Kenneth Noisewater. You must have really loved those movies. I personally didn’t appreciate WF’s movies until Step Brothers, then Talladega Nights. Not much else, really. Could be because of the pairing with JR, dunno? Definitely not a fan of his 2 “Anchorman” movies.

    In the Anchorman movies he was an obnoxious twit. Apparently that characterization struck a chord with you, so you’ve kept it alive here with your snide one-liners. BTW, who else on these pages are you? Do any of your alter-egos have anything pertinent to say about ND football?

    …and, I still think you’re trolling…

  4. Southside is incapable of adding anything beyond “go team go” or “oh well, can’t win ’em all.” Keep it coming though, buddy. You’re in a zone right now.

  5. To the Debbie Downers on here—- “May a weird Holy Man chew on your towel rack.” To the Debbie Downers on here —- “May a diseased Yak “……. well , I won’t go there. God bless you. Go Irish.

  6. Don’t worry. We only need to replace seven starters on defense, and I’m sure the needlessly complicated defensive scheme will be conducive to that inexperience.

  7. They made a 100 million on the under armour deal and they can’t find s great defensive coach with instincts and experience to give us some credibility on defense. . Right now it’s a joke.

  8. Subway,

    If BVG screws up this year he will be gone and maybe BJ’s wet dream of Kelly getting fired. Better yet if we are going with Fairy Tales maybe Urban the cheat realizes that he can win at ND leaves Ohio State. BJ would be soooo Happy.

  9. The top storyline on defense is, can BVG ‘s defense work? I would not get three years to prove my worth. Last year’s stats tell it all. ( and please do not bring up the injury excuse). Either BVG makes it work this year, or he will be Brian Van GONE.
    Happy Easter.

  10. George , you got me laughing. I really went to a strange place–trying to make point. We all don’t have to agree on status of ND football—but good to see we can have some fun–and not take things too serious. Like take BJ’s “Fire BVG” non-stop. I have no doubt , he’s going for 690 “Fire BVG” posts—the amount of points BVG’s D has given up. Maybe , I shouldn’t have said that.

  11. “previously thought the “burgundy” alias, came from your love of the grape”

    -apparently “Subway Alum” is not a movie buff

  12. Debbie Downers at it again. The Horror of it all. That’s okay , God bless them—for they know not what they do.——- Seriously , they really don’t. Drive them out lads—like the Brits in Belfast. Tip ‘o few tomorrow on St. Patrick’s Day will ya now for the boys—fight’in for the green hills of the Emerald Isle and in South Bend , Indiana.

  13. We will find out how good (or bad) our defense will be on the first Texas Longhorn offensive series come September. In the meantime, I wish U guys would lighten up a bit on your commentary regarding the players and coaches and take it easy on each other. We’re all here for the team, I believe. Trash talking and juvenile attitudes has no place in any online discussion. I mean this is Notre Dame after all, right? . . .

  14. @ Jack…thanks for the reminder. But, MoNo (moniker compromise) apparently is unteachable. Besides, VanNo is No teacher (among the many ‘no’s’ i attribute to him). We all should be offering novenas for our defense. Short of a new DC, at least another ‘on-hand replacement’.

    It’s 8:30am in CA, do you think Ron SuC’s (small revision) is up?

  15. @ George, sorry, but it was originally gonna be MoMo, more name appropriate but too unkind. He can’t help being confused…grey matter deficiency and VanNo D. Bad combination.

    I suggest you tape our games so you can go back and witness his g-m deficiency in slow motion…it’s telling. Fortunately even VanNo spotted it, i just spotted it long before he did. Hey “Ron SuCks” when did i first post it? You know you could be useful sometimes.

  16. Ron, let’s see, you posted at 7:57pm, I’m guessing it was your time 4:57pm…in CA.

    Previously thought the “burgundy” alias, came from your love of the grape. But now, I’m thinking…hmmm,… CA, burgundy…this guy is a USC troll on the ND site.

    Let’s examine the evidence…your comments are smug (yeah CA-like), you never have anything to say that relates to ND football (yeah not an Irish fan), you lay in wait for something to ‘snipe’ at (yeah typical SC response), lastly, you’re a loser…like your team (since your “cheating HC” abandoned you…boo-hoo). You probably started trolling our site when BK er, Brian Kelly (fyi) began stealing your better recruits.

    How’s this look you TROLL…Ron SuCks Burgundy.

  17. If you’re going to go with VanNO, then you can’t use NoNo as well. We need to see a little more effort on that one.

  18. I will say this about your analysis Sub Alum, there was a player several years ago that made bone headed plays, wasn’t disciplined and couldn’t pick up the defense. Going into his Junior year he was looked at as a liability and when given a starting job everyone went nuts. His name was Harrison Smith and he went on to be a first round pick and an All Pro. These kids mature at different rates and you can’t sell them short.

    I’m not going to predict anything, but the two players on defense that if they play to their potential the defense will be good this year. One being Morgan and the other being Redfield. If those players show up and mature ND’s defense will be better.

  19. Talking about filling position slots in the defense is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The ship is sinking. The hole beneath the surface (VanNo) has to be repaired or replaced. His ability to “teach” his “system” sucks.

    Nyles NoNo is just not capable of learning how to “captain” the defense from so vital a spot as MLB. He’s even a liability on special teams. I forget what game it was, but Sanders took a KO or PR in for a TD (late season), which was his only highlight all year, but when I played it back to enjoy it again, there was NoNo putting a very obvious block-in-the-back on some guy (who btw, was no where near the play), which for some unknown reason wasn’t called. I guess it wasn’t called because it was just barely on the playing field. I mean it was clear as day. There’s a serious lack of grey matter.

    I predicted that Kelly would bring in another “pair of eyes” to help support VanNo in game time defense. I’m a little disappointed it hasn’t happened yet. It would be so perfect, someone who goes through Spring and Summer ball, through the season and is around for recruiting purposes. Then if VanNo again makes it apparent that he’s just not ND quality in 2016, fire him, man #2 takes over and establishes a smooth transition into 2017 for recruits and established players.

    Somebody alert Kelly.

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