Watch: Notre Dame NT Jarron Jones Interception

One of the best plays from Notre Dame’s 39-10 win over Nevada on Saturday was the second quarter interception from big man, nose tackle Jarron Jones.  Notre Dame’s mammoth defensive line made a heck of a play on a a screen play to give Notre Dame a very, very short field when the Irish were still struggling a bit early on.

It’s not common for a nose tackle to make an athletic play like the one Jones made and it’s great to see him making plays after missing most of last season due to injury.


  1. menotti8 3 years ago

    That play was a thing of beauty! Couldn’t have read it better

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  2. Mike "King" Kelly 3 years ago

    my grandpa was King Jackie Gleason! And your grandma was Alice!

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  3. Ron Burgundy 3 years ago

    You’re not really a king are you Michael?

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  4. Mike "King" Kelly 3 years ago

    Jarron getting His Paws up there, the play of the game!

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